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Initialization : triggered when the report is loaded in memory.

At selection-screen output : triggered when the selection screen is loaded in memory before being displayed. At selection-screen / <field> : before leaving the selection screen. start-of-selection : the first event for displaying the report. end-of-selection : after the start-of-selection is completed. classiscal report events. top-of-page : every time a new page is started in the list. end-of-page : every time the list data reaches the footer region of the page. interactive report events. top of page during line selection : top of page event for secondary list. at line-selection : evey time user dbl-clicks(F2) on the list data. at pF<key> : function key from F5 to F12 to perform interactive action on the list.
EBAN - Purchase Requisition EBKN - Purchase Requisition Account Assignment EBUB - Index for Stock Transport Requisitions for Materi EINA - Purchasing Info Record: General Data EINE - Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization D EIPA - Order Price History: Info Record EKAB - Release Documentation EKAN - Vendor Address: Purchasing Document EKBE - History per Purchasing Document EKBEH - Removed PO History Records EKBZ - History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs EKBZH - History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs EKEH - Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation EKEK - Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases EKES - Vendor Confirmations EKET - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines EKETH - Scheduling Agreement Schedules: History Tables EKKI - Purchasing Condition Index EKKN - Account Assignment in Purchasing Document

Function Authorizations: Purchase Order T160E .Description of Selection Parameters T160V .Description for Default Values for Purchasing Ope T160X .Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet: Descrip T161 .Scope of Purchasing Lists T160M ."Material Provided" Item in Purchasing Document EKPO .Release Codes T161F .Purchasing Source List EQUK .Release Prerequisite.Certificate Categories T069Q .Release Point Assignment for Purchase Requisition T161G .SAP Transaction Control.Quota File: Item T024 .SAP Transaction Control. Purchasing T160B .Purchasing Organizations T027A .EKKO .Message Control: Purchasing (System Messages) T160O .Codes for Compliance with Shipping Instructions T027D .Function Authorizations: Purchasing: Descriptions T160I . for Purch.Valid Purchasing Organizations for Plant T024Z .Texts: Shipping Instructions T027C .Selection Parameters for Purchasing Lists T160T .Purchasing Groups T024E . Purchasin T160C . D EKRS .Purchasing Document Types T161A .Routines for Buyer's Negotiation Sheet T160S .Text Table for Intrastat Reports T160L .Default Business Transaction Type for Import T161E . Type to Purchasing Do T161B . Purchase Requisition .Partner Roles in Purchasing EKPB .Certificate Categories: Text Description T160 . List Displays.SAP Transaction Control for List Displays in CALL T160D .Entities Table Routines T160Q .ERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to b EKUB .Shipping Instructions.Linkage of Requisition Doc.Purchasing Organizations T024W .Purchasing Document Item EKPV .Compliance with Shipping Instructions: Texts T069 .Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet: Routine T160R .Description of Scope of List T160P . Purchasing T027B .Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet T160Y .Purchasing Document Header EKPA .Quota File: Header EQUP .Control of Intrastat Reports T160J .Index for Stock Transport Orders for Material EORD .Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr.Control Data for Source Determination and Checkin T069T .Default Values for Purchasing T160W .

Header Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts T166P .Confirmation Categories: Descriptions T163G .Release Creation Profile T163S .Copying Options: Item texts T166A .Description of Field Groups from T162/T162K T162Y .Order Types for Stock Transfer T161Z .Change Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts T166U .Check Item Category/Account Assignment Category T163B .Fine-Tuned Control: Message Types T161N .Texts for Account Assignment Categories T163K .Supplement Text in Purchasing Document Printouts T166C .Number Range Management for Purchasing Master Dat T167T .Texts for Release Indicator T161V .Release Indicator.Confirmation Control Keys T163M .Assignment of Tax Indicator to Account Assignment T163L . Document Category. Item C T161R . Account Assignment Fields.Groups: Field Selection T163 .Description of Field Selection Reference Key T162X .Description for Release Creation Profile T163X . Purchasing .Confirmation Control Keys: Description T163P .Shipping-Specific Data for Stock Tfr. T161W .Field Selection. Purchasing Document T162K .Assignment Internal/External Confirmation Categor T163E .Message Determination Schemas: Assignment T161P .Headings in Purchasing Document Printout T167 .Confirmation Control T163I . for Purch.T161H .Copying Options: Header Texts T165P .Texts for Item Categories T165K .Item Categories in Purchasing Document T163A . Purchase Requisitio T161I .Texts for Purchasing Document Types T161U .REORG Control.Additional Checks for Outline Agreements on Reorg T162 .Print-Relevant Purchasing Document Changes T166K .Field Selection.Transaction Description T168 .Fields for Release Procedure.Determination of Release Strategy T161M .Account Assignment Categories in Purchasing Docum T163KS . Purch T162T .Function Codes. Purchasing T161S .Confirmation Categories T163F .Item Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts T166T . Purchase Requisition T161T .Check of Document Type. Purchasing T168F .Texts for Purchase Order History Categories T163D .Screen Control.Purchase Order History Categories T163C ."Zombie" T163X T163Y .

Descriptions of Release Indicators: Purchasing Do .Description of Release Codes .Release Statuses .Release Codes .Release Strategies .Release Groups .Descriptions of Release Groups .Screen Titles .Release Indicators: Purchasing Document .T168T T16FB T16FC T16FD T16FE T16FG T16FH T16FK T16FS .