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OBJECTIVE: Senior RF Engineer, RF Engineer
EDUCATION Jun 1999 – Oct 2003 King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Bangkok, Thailand Master of Engineering in Telecom Engineering (Thesis: RF front-end for WCDMA Base Station Receiver) G.P.A: 3.83 King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Bangkok, Thailand Bachelor of Engineering in Telecom Engineering (Senior year project: UHF Transceiver) G.P.A: 3.25 (Second Class Honors)

Jun 1995 – Apr 1999

WORK EXPERIENCES Jan 2008 – Present Nov 2000 – Dec 2007 Senior RF Engineer : Anunda Technology RF Engineer : Anunda Technology Anunda Technology is a company which develops RF-based devices and wireless telecommunication products for local and international markets. - Design and development of various high power amplifiers (10 W to 300 W) in the 400MHz to 3500 MHz frequency range (Class AB, Balanced, Doherty, High linearity etc). - Competent in various forms of filter designs (lumped element, planar, combline, cavity etc) using modern CAD software and have hands-on experience with filter tuning in the lab. - Design of low-cost RF modules based on SMT technology operating in 70 to 2500 MHz which include: LNA, frequency synthesizer, mixer and VCO. - Design of Wi-Fi booster system for Wireless LAN application (802.11b g). - Design of Frequency Shifting Repeater (FSR) and Tower Mounted Booster (TMB) for 2.5G/3G (850/900/1800/2100 MHz) cellular networks. - Design of ICS Repeter for 3G UMTs Repeater. Researcher : NECTEC - A Development of 3rd generation telecommunication systems (WCDMA) (associated with the Thai Wireless Consortium, funded by NSTDA/NECTEC). - Design and develop low-cost RF modules for FDD base station application. Student Trainee : NECTEC - National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Lab.

Sep 1999 – Sep 2005

Apr 1998 – May 1998

PRACTICAL TRAINING: Sep 27-29, 1999 May 13, 1998 CDMA Overview & Testing : Hewlett Packard EMC Precompliance & Diagnostics : Hewlett Packard



Familiarity of wireless standards and a background in the design of wireless products and circuitry including CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, and LTE receivers, transmitters, and synthesizers. Good proficiency in circuit designs including RF layout on printed circuit boards, prepared PCB manufacturing and assembly package (Gerber and drill files, assembly drawing, BOM) Reworked circuit boards in surface mount technology and tested prototypes. RF laboratory skills: Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, VSAs and RF measurement techniques. RF/microwave CAD designs tools: AWR Microwave Office (MWO), Advance Design System (ADS) and Altium.



D. Pulsub and T. Vanisri, “Balanced Low Noise Amplifier for WCDMA Base Station,” 24th Electrical Engineering Conference (EECON-24), Bangkok, 22-23 November 2001. D. Pulsub and T. Vanisri, “2 GHz Doubly Balanced Diode Star Mixers for WCDMA,” 24th Electrical Engineering Conference (EECON-24), Bangkok, 22-23 November 2001. D. Pulsub and T. Vanisri, “1.575 GHz Low Noise Amplifier for GPS Receiver,” 23th Electrical Engineering Conference (EECON-23), Chiang Mai University, 23-24 November 2000. ---------------------------------