1. Industry profile: India is one of hot spots for iron ore extraction and for the past three years has been the largest producer of sponge iron (SI) in the world. Sponge iron also known as direct reduced iron is extracted from iron and is used in the making of steel with the global demand for steel over the past few years the sponge iron industry has also seen a boom. To facilitate growth of the steel industry, in 1985 the government has relicensed the iron and steel industry and removed it from the list of industries reserved for the public sector. Over the years pricing and distribution of steel have also been deregulated. To support availability of adequate finance, 100percent foreign direct investment is permitted in this sector under automatic route. Custom duty on raw material has been progressively reduced to meet the requirement of the industry as also to reduce the cost of production of steel. These subsidies and de-licensing have heightened the growth of the iron industry in India. On the hand steel giants of the world like Pasco, mittal and domestic dominants of steel market Tata , jindal have already routed huge investments (in crores) in sponge iron and steel industry. On the other hand, 60% of the sponge iron units are actually small scale industries. “Some of these are unreported fly by night companies. Hence, it is quite impossible to ascertain the total number”! Evolution of the sponge iron industry

Though the industrial application of sponge iron started early in the 1950s, it could not fulfill industry expectations at that time being used as a supplementary material for feed / alternative to blast furnaces. The main reasons were-

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The gas based sponge iron plants could operate only were cheap (subsidized) natural gas was made available. Sponge iron furnaces could not be developed into a single entity to produce liquid metals Increased scrap availability that was being traded world wide As a furnace raw material.

DEVELOPMENT OF COAL BASED SPONGE IRON PROCESSES WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE INDIA A coal based sponge iron plant was first built in 1980 at a place called paloncha in Andhra Pradesh which had a capacity of just 0.03 million tons per annum. In a span of 20 years the industry has grown rapidly and the present estimated capacity is nearly 4.5 million tones the industry has become well developed and is presently operating in eight different states of India. For a direct reduction in the inclined rotary kiln, ore and coal will normally pass through the inclined kiln in counter current direction to the oxidizing flue gases in the freeboard. After material heating, ore reduction and carbon gasification take place in close association with each other. The volatile constituents of the coal and carbon monoxide from the bed material are burnt, over the entire length of the kiln with controlled amount of air, thereby providing the necessary heat required for the metallization process. The rotary kiln discharge is cooled in a rotary cooler connected to the kiln, screened and subjected to magnetic separation in order to remove the non magnetic from the sponge iron.

The sponge iron has of late come up as a major input material for steel making through electric furnace route –both electric Arc Furnace and Induction

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Furnace. Due to long gestation period, huge investments, dependence for coke on foreign suppliers, etc. the steel industry is slowly diverting itself from blast furnace route to electric furnace route and the requirement of sponge Iron is increasing very fast. Another major reason is the global shortage of scrap. The steel making furnaces in the eastern region use average 70% Sponge Iron in the feed material for steel making. The future for the Sponge Iron is therefore quite bright. ROLE OF DRI (DIRECT REDUCTION IRON) IN ECONOMY The steel is today considered as the back bone of Indian economy. The growth of economy has a direct relation with demand of steel. With the present steel India China

Year 1952 Year 2005-06

1.5 43

1.5 340

intensity index, considering the (GPD) projection by the government. Of India, growth of steel demand will be around 11% annually. PRODUCTION OF STEEL: (figures in MT)

It is universally accepted that Indian economy is growing at very high rate presently and demand for the steel is also showing an upward trend. Number of

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the requirement of sponge iron as metallic will tons. chattisgarh. India is largest producer of sponge iron in the world: in the year 2006 India produced Venezuela Iran Mexico 13. Jharkhand. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 4 .9 million ton 6. ➢ Projection for metallic requirement: Route Electric route Melting scrap furnace 14 million DRI 18 million Year 2010-11 But availability of scrap is not likely to reach 11 million.7 million ton is coal based.3 million ton 4.5 million ton ➢ As per the national steel policy issued the ministry of the steel –India will produce 110 million tons of steel by 2020.9 million tons of sponge iron. out of which 4. tamilnadu. west Bengal. Andhra Pradesh Gujarat and goa.2 million ton 4. ➢ Today India produce 13.HOTHUR STEELS units in operation – India 283 now DIR units have spread over state of Orissa. Karnataka.2 million ton is gas based and remaining 9.

Today the international price for scrap is around US$390. ➢ ➢ With resources available in India –Sponge Iron –Electric Furnace Route is the most viable option for steel making. ➢ That means the scrap price will go up and availability will be a problem. ➢ India has sufficient non-cocking coal through of high ash low fixed carbon grade. ➢ As per MARRAKESH Round Table –the bond rate of import duty will go down further. over domestic market. Coal is used as a reducing for sponge iron making in the furnace. ➢ Local supply of scrap is diminishing as generation of scrap in India due to improvement of technology is getting continuously minimized.00. another 440 million ton of high grade iron ore which will be established. ➢ As per World Steel Dynamics (WSD) –the Global shortage of scrap will reach 68 million tons in the year 2010. ➢ We must produce steel at a cheaper cost to remain competitive and control ➢ DRI besed steel making is therefore the only answer. India has total 9992 million ton of iron ore reserves (as per IBM report of 1995). ➢ And foreign countries are likely to invade Indian market. 2 COMPANY PROFILE: A. Due to soaring price of iron ore and coke.HOTHUR STEELS ➢ India has a proven reserve of 410 million ton of high grade iron ore. BACKGROUND & INCEPCTION OF THE COMPANY RK Inst of mgt and computer science 5 . blast furnace is being set up in the countries were iron ore or coking coal is available. ➢ The availability of scrap of required quantum is unlikely and therefore scraps needs to be replaced more and more by DRI.

000MTPA and having thought to enhance to double the capacity in couple of months. Hothur Traders site situated at Sandur and Kariganur Mineral Mining Industries site at Kariganur. Blessed with richest and largest deposits of best iron ore with Hothur steel’s sisters concerns. HOTHUR STEELS was incorporated in 2004.Mohammed Tauseef gifted with vision and uncommon talents of officials and workers. HOTHUR STEELS is one of the struggles. a raw material feeding system. LOCATION RK Inst of mgt and computer science 6 . Today HOTHUR STEELS stands for quality and trustworthiness. a rotary cooler to cool the Kiln discharge material. adventure and achievement a human chronicle of one determined man Mr. to separate the products from by products and waste gas handling system to treat the Kiln flew gases and to maintain positive pressure in Kiln and cooler system. product separation system. The plant to accomplish the task of solid reductant based DR consists of a Rotary Kiln which is the main process vessel. Launching a sponge iron plant was an obvious choice and a stepping –stone for setting up an integrated steel plant. The company has set up for production of SPONGE IRON based on Direct Reduction of Iron (DRI) Technology. Mohammed Asif and Mr. Hothur Group established a record in export of iron ore.Darvesh Ahmed who is building a powerful and unique business along with two sons Mr. air fans mounted on the shell and also on the ground to supply of oxygen required to the system. The plan was initially designed for 30.HOTHUR STEELS The birth of Hothur steels was a long cherished dream came in the wake of being in the iron ore mining business for over three decades.

TM. diversified in the field of steel (Sponge division) and successfully established 100 TPD plant at Halkundi Village Bellary district in the name of HOTHUR STEELS with his foresightedness.000mt per annum. Late Sri. MBT. TMC range from 1 lake per month 20 tons per annum. Soon after education. Hydraulic excavators. compressors Heavy Earthmovers Machines etc. Nearest Railway station and port at Goa are 8 and 320 Km away respectively. joined business of his father. After gaining vast experience in mining. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 7 . The production of Mines namely H. He has vast experience in the field of Mining using the latest Machines such as HM Front –end loaders. During the year 20032004. The plant covers an area of 20 acres and another 200 acres is acquired for further expansion of Blast Furnace and sinter plant.288/289 Halkundi Village on Bangalore – Bellary national highway Road.HOTHUR STEELS The plant located 10Km away from Bellary city. who is the founder of MBT group of Companies. CAPACITY HOTHUR STEELS has 100X3TPD Kilns and manufacture 90. we hope HOTHUR STEELS will grow enrolment in H.T. the city of steel making in survey no. KMMI. H.MOHAMMED ASIF (PARTNER) From Left Graduated from Veerasiva Collage in the field of BBM.DURVESH AHAMED Graduated from Siddaganga Institution of Technology in Mechanical Engineering by securing distinction.Hussian Peera.H.

USE OF SPONGE IRON Sponge iron is a part –substitute for steel scrap in the manufacture of steel scrap in the manufacture of steel by electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces (i. B.The final product after such direct reduction contains a large percentage of metallic iron with revels of metallization up to 90% and the balance being some amount of reduced iron oxide and the gangue in the ore. without the material going into the liquid phase as is the case in the blast furnace. Steel melting scrap is primarily required for using as a feed material in all mini steel plants.e..MOHAMMED TAUSEEF (PARTNER) From Right Who has gone to Australia for his Masters degree in Business Management.e. which is the conventional route for converting iron ore into iron). This product was used initially in Induction furnace as a reducing agent for reducing Carbon in the scrap. Sponge iron is a metallic product is produced by direct reduction of iron ore or pellets in the solid state (i. the secondary sector).HOTHUR STEELS H. The Sponge Iron has a highly porous structure when viewed under the microscope and hence this product is called “Sponge Iron”. which also use scrap for melting in electric arc furnaces/induction furnaces for manufacturing steel. It is also known as Direct Reduction Iron (DIR). Due to acute a shortage RK Inst of mgt and computer science 8 .NATURE OF THE BUSINESS CARRIE HOTHUR STEELS was established in September 2004 to produce high quality sponge iron.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS Iron ore and non coking coal are the prime raw material for the production of sponge iron. resembles a honeycomb structure looking spongy in texture. Coal plays a dual role in the process by acting as a reductant as well as a fuel for providing heat to maintain the requisite temperature inside the kiln at 950-1050c. The process sponge iron making aims to remove oxygen from iron ore. sponge iron has become the only alternative feedback for secondary steel making and hence its demand is growing day by day. during which iron ore is optimally reduced and discharged to a rotary cooler for cooling below 120 degree Celsius before coming out into into the finished product circuit. the departing oxygen causes micro pores in the ore body making it porous. When that accurse. The crucial factor in this reduction process is controlled combustion of coal and its conversion to carbon monoxide to remove oxygen from iron ore. The overall process requires duration of ten twelve hours inside the kiln.HOTHUR STEELS of scrap worldwide. The reduction process in solid state. hence the name sponge iron. These are charged into a rotary kiln in requisite proportion along with some dolomite. The final product. when observed under microscope. PLANT RK Inst of mgt and computer science 9 .

VISION AND MISSION & QUALITY POLICY VISION To set up an integrated steel plant of international standards and offer best steel to the global market and stand ahead among the steel manufacturers.HOTHUR STEELS 3. HOTHER RK Inst of mgt and computer science 10 .

and safeguarding the environment by adopting latest technology in manufacturing. excavation. in-house grading. transportation of raw material by their own means. investing in research & development to establish global standards.HOTHUR STEELS STEELS are in pursuit of this goal from day one and are well on the way of achieving pinnacle of glory. PRODUCT/SERVICE PROFILE RK Inst of mgt and computer science 11 . offering employment to the youth of the region. Aspiration to be the best in the business and believing in their innate strength to face the challenges to bring out the best. Planning to establish a co gen power project from the wasteful emission of gas. HOTHUR STEELS iron ore and sponge iron are accepted by clients across the globe go to prove our commitment to quality. screening and grading at site. in them combined with the urge to serve the society. purification and sorting out the produce all set to global standards to be the best in the business. are the valuable and cherish able qualities of the promoters of the Hothur steels. an endeavor to maintain the ecological balance is our mission statement. maintaining business ethics and nurturing the talents of the work force by providing the right ambience and amenities. HOTHUR STEELS strive to stand at peak by maintaining high standards from blasting of ore. QUALITY POLICY In a fiercely competitive iron ore trade in the world. It would be their constant Endeavour as they move ahead to improve their standers to meet customer expectation by adopting innovative methods by keeping a constant vigil on the global market demands MISSION Setting out to offer quality product to the global market by exercising control over every step of the process.

272 3.373 Sponge iron is a metallic is produced by direct reduction of iron ore or pellets in the solid state (it without the material going into the liquid phase as is the case in the blast furnace.888 1.927 4.310 Positive Section Weight 0.959 1.773 – 3.598 – 0.850 4. It also knows as direct reduced iron (DRI).247 – 6. The final product after such direct reduction contains a large percentage of metallic iron with levels of metallization up to 90% and the balance being some amount of reduced iron oxide and the gangue in the ore.3 78.817 1. which is the conventional route for converting iron ore into iron).668 4.158 5.878 6.2 314.617 0.915 1.6 Negativ e Section Weight 0.519 3.0568 0.830 6.216 6.421 – 2.58 2.427 0.3 491.444 5.454 2.470 3. The sponge iron has a highly porous structure when viewed under the microscope and hence this product is called “sponge iron” RK Inst of mgt and computer science 12 .542 4.861 – 0.1 616 804.612 2.383 – 0.363 .805 Standard Section Weight 0.666 0.395 0.782 – 4.407 0.815 BMM TMT 0.1 201.706 2.6 113.636 0.548 – 1.HOTHUR STEELS PRODUCT RANGE PRODUCT RANGE AND NOMINAL WEIGHT: Size of Bar (mm) 8 10 12 16 20 25 28 32 Cross sectional Area (mm2) 50.

the iron ore used in hematite with an Fe content of 6266% having low decrepitating characteristic. AND LIMESTONE. In the initial days the iron size was kept at 5-20mm and was washed in a scrub but presently it has become a standard norm to use 5-18mm ore as feed for a large kiln without scrubbing and /or washing. This has resulted in reducing the cost of iron ore fed to the kiln. the gangue content of iron ore cannot be separated as a slag. tumbler. Unlike in the conventional steel melting process. The consumption of iron ore has also decreased from about 1600kg per tons of sponge iron to 1500kg levels mainly due to better understanding of the process. IRON ORE In sponge iron making iron ore is reduced in solid state. improvements of the equipment and increased level of automation. COAL. becomes imperative to select an ore with a high Fe content and a low gangue content to optimize yield during steel making. Therefore. reducibility etc. and abrasion indices.HOTHUR STEELS The main raw material required for the proposed iron plant are: IRON ORE. shatter. Apart from this to ensure a better kiln campaign life and output. the iron ore is made to undergo a series of other tests viz. coal RK Inst of mgt and computer science 13 .

removing sulphur from the feed mix during the reduction process. The initial specification for dolomite was 1-4mm. volatile matter.HOTHUR STEELS Important factors determining coal quality are: Chemical properties such as fixed carbon. shale picking belts and coal washing plants. later it was found that 4-8mm dolomite was far more suitable by which the consumption can be reduced by 50% this was mainly due to the fact that lot of dolomite fines were being lost to waste gases and with 4-8mm fraction this loss was minimized. The industry has successfully adopt measures to utilize C and G grade coals through better process control. in India the availability of these coals is very low due to government monopoly even though Abundant resources of non cooking coal are available. Dolomite is mainly used as a desulphurisenr agent to prevent the pickup of sulphur released by the burning of coal inside the furnace. only B grade coals were being consumed whose availability has now become scarce. With these measures the coals cost has been reduced by nearly20-30% when compared with the usage B of grade coal. reactivity. reactivity and ash fusion temperature. Non. installing raw material heating system. ash content. DOLOMITE Dolomite acts in process as a desulphuriser. ash softening temperature. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 14 .cooking coal is being used having certain important parameters considered necessary for the direct reduction of iron ore viz. caking and swelling indices and sulpher content. It is mixed in small proportion along with other raw material before charging into the kiln. Initially. etc physical properties viz. etc.

HOTHUR STEELS Proportion of sponge iron constituent A chemical Fe.05 max percentage PROPORTION OF GOOD GRADE SPONGE IRON RK Inst of mgt and computer science 15 . total Fe metallic Metallization Sulphur Phosphorous 90-92 81-84 90 0.03 max 0.

HOTHUR STEELS carbon Gangue content B physical Size lump fines Bulk density Inherent density 6-8 +3 mm -3 mm 1. There is no existence of any branches.0 MT/m3 3.6-2. pipes.OWNERSHIP PATTERN RK Inst of mgt and computer science 16 .10 max FEATURES OF SPONGE IRON ➢ High iron content and high degree of metallization ➢ Uniform and consistent quality ➢ Lower sulphur and phosphorous content ➢ Negligible tramp element ➢ Minimum dust generation during material handling ➢ Good flow ability in bins.5MT/m3(approx) 0.AREA OF OPERATION HOTHUR STEELS operates regionally since its head office is located at Bellary. F. and conveyors for continuous and trouble free charging ➢ Superior technical support to induction furnace operators E .

Bellary. The contribution of partners to the firm is in equal ratio and it was 50 employees in 2004. G. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 17 . Hospet road.3. COMPETITORS INFORMATION ➢ HOTHUR ISPATH Location: velivelipuram. Mohammed Tauseef with an initial investment of Rs.HOTHUR STEELS HOTHUR STEELS is a partnership firm carried by H. Total output: 200 tons per day. Bellary. Bellary Total output:200 tons per day ➢ JANAKI STEELS Location: near sidiginamola Bellary Total output:600 tons per day ➢ BENKEKA STEELS Location: Belegal village.Mohammed Asif and H. Total output: 200 tons per day ➢ EMBITEE (MBT) Location: veniveerapur.43 crores.

The water is used for to bring down the temperature of Iron ore which is heated in the kiln. The requirement of raw material to every ton of sponge iron production is more than 3 well will be put to draw water from the ground. The recharge of the ground water is also very good keeping in view the hilly area of Bellary.HOTHUR STEELS H. There is amble land available for the unite including sponge of iron ore & coal further land is also available for future expansion for power plant or induction furnace with rolling mill. WATER The underground water level is very good .INFRUSRACTURE FACILITIES Infrastructure facilities mean the basic requirements that the company should look after in order to ensure free flow of activities LAND The land is located on the main road. It is here that the situation of land is very important & it should be very near to raw materials sourcing. meaning for every 3 tons of raw material 1 tons of sponge is produced hence transportation cost of raw materials takes an important role. it is well connection by road & it is very near to iron ore availability. POWER AND FULE RK Inst of mgt and computer science 18 . The water will be recycled every time and the loss of water is only due to evaporation.

All safety measures are taken to avoid fire and other accident. TRNASPORTATION FACILITY Transport facilities are provided to the employees.However a D G set will be procured locally.LDO will be used for initially heating . SAFETY At the work place to avoid the accidents the workers are provided with gloves.Harmful chemicals mixed water is passed through a canal then it is filtered more than six times. which also be procured locally . CANTEEN FACILITIES Canteen facilities are made available to the employees inside the premises.HOTHUR STEELS GESCOM will be approached and there should not be any problem in obtaining power from the government . helmets and eyeglasses . HEALTH CARE CENTER RK Inst of mgt and computer science 19 .

HOTHUR STEELS Health care center is maintained inside the premises so as to ensure immediate treatment for some accidents and the employees can go for treatment if they are ill at the working hours. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 20 . LIGHTING AND VENTILATION Proper lighting and ventilation are provided at the work place to ensure the smooth flow of activities. superior quality of product. strong brand. ➢ CRISIL the rating agency has rated HOTHER STEEL as “SME-3” ➢ HOTHER STEELS received ISO 9000-2001 certificate ➢ Market leader in southern India.

3.HOTHUR STEELS ➢ Forward integration by expansion in steel melting shop would make used of in-house power and result in higher value added products with better margins ➢ Ensuring better utilization of capital by following the principles of liquidity.generation integrated steel plant. which is presently let in the atmosphere. rolling mills are likely to come up in the near future. FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTUS Plans are afoot up a power generation unite from the waste gas produced in the sponge iron manufacturing process. To create a marketing team in Hyderabad and Bangalore and steels office in Bangalore. The co. K. Giving due weight age to the development of HR available in the organization and to set up an integrated steel plant with latest technologies. profitability and safety. establish leadership. STRUCTURE STRATEGY SYSTEMS RK Inst of mgt and computer science 21 SKILLS SHARED VALUES STYLE . MCKENSY`S 7S FRAME WORK WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ORGANITION UNDER STUDY. To produce best quality iron and steel product as per domestic and international market and to achieve and practice in every field. and contribution to national wealth and ultimate to become one of the past integrated steel plants in India.

The 7-S diagram illustrates the multiply. Shared value: The interconnecting centre of Mckinsey's model is shared values. central beliefs and attitudes. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 22 . The 7-S model is a framework for analyzing the organization and their effectiveness as a whole. Framework of Mckinsey's 7 .S model 1. interconnectedness of the elements that design an organizations ability to change.S consultant Me Kinsey's and the company developed holistic approach towards the end of 1970 for diagnosing the cause of the organizational problems and formulate the project for the improvement of the physical and fiscal health of the company. The 7-S model is a tool for managerial analysis and action that provides a structure with which the whole of the organization can be considered so that the organizational problems can be diagnosed and a strategy may be developed and implemented. What does the organization stands for and what it believes in. The theory helps to change the managerial thinking about how the companies can be improved.STAFF HOTHUR STEELS The famous U.

Structure: The way the organization's units relate to each other. etc. Style: cultural style of the organization and how key managers behave in achieving the organization's goals. 5. 7. Strategy: Plans for the allocation of firm's scarce resources. over time. Promoters of the company and the qualities of the key staff. customers. 6. Skill: distinctive capabilities of personnel or of the organizations as a whole. network. competition.HOTHUR STEELS 2. Centralized. to reach identified goals. STURCTURE Organizational structure refers to the basic hierarchical procedure in which the organizational carries out their business and accompanying baggage that shows whose tasks are divided and integrated. Pascale and Athos in their book “The Art of Japanese Management” says that “Organistional structure emphasis that the quality of management depends on the goodness of which amongst all those key managerial dimensions” RK Inst of mgt and computer science 23 . holding. Staff: Numbers and types of personnel within the organization. functional division (top down). Environment. 4. matrix. 3. System: The procedures and processes that characterize how important work is to be done. decentralized.

PARTNERS Mr. Mohammed Tauseef (partner) Mr. Mohammed Asif (Managing Partner) GENERAL MANAGER Mr. Anand Raman DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGERS Mr. Sheikh (Sponge Iron Division) Mr. Palguna Rao (Rolling Mill) Mr. Krishna Mohan (Power Plant) OTHER KEY EMPLOYEES Mr. Feroz (process Manager) Mr. Durgappa (Quality Manager)

Mr. Vira Muthu (Electrical Manager) Mr. Ismail (Mechanical manager) Mr. Sajid Pattankar (Purchase manager) Mr. shaik (finanace Manager) They are seven departments in the organization structure : • Process department • Quality department

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• Electrical department • Mechanical department • Purchase department • Marketing department • Finance department • Human resource department

4. FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT PROCESSING DEPARTMENT Here I can say that processing department is the heart of the industry. In this department the employees have been working on the processing of the production. In sponge iron industry maintaining quality is very important. In getting quality output the procedure of processing takes a vital part like in what proportion the raw materials are to be used; in what time it is to be released etc.


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The two main functions of quality department are: To check the quality of raw materials i.e., Iron are, Coal, Dolomite used in the production of sponge iron. To check the quality of the sponge iron used in the production of steel. Iron ore Specification Fe (T) Contamination Hardness of ore 62% - 65% maximum 10% above 80%

Coal specification: Factors determining coal quality are: Chemical properties such as fixed carbon, ash content, volatile matter, etc. The quantity depends upon the quality of coal Dolomite: Dolomite is used to reduce sulphur in coal. The content of Loss On Ignition in Dolomite must be 40%. To check the quality of sponge iron to ckect the quality of the sponge iron produced by the HOTHUR STEELS

ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT This department deals with electrical aspects of the company. They have been working on wiring, checking the motors which are very important in running the plant, checking the power fluctuations in the plant etc.

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wherever applicable • Follow-up of materials being purchased from local market by buyers RK Inst of mgt and computer science 27 . • Preparation of comparative statements • Analysis of offers and preparing purchase proposals • Approval of purchase proposals • Generation of purchase order • Approval of purchase order from competent authority • Issue of purchase order to the vendors • Preparation of cheques for advance payments • Preparation of L/C incase of foreign purchases. Their role is considerable in this industry.HOTHUR STEELS MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT This department deals with mechanical function of the company. maintenance of the plant etc. Some of their works are erection. PURCHASEDEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS • Approval of MRP and market selection • Selection of vendors • Flooting of inquiries • Study of offers and seeking techno-commercial clarification from the supplier/user.

Ideally marketing should result in customer who is ready to buy.HOTHUR STEELS MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtained what they need and want through creating. All that should be needed then in to make the product or service available. refractory inclusion No piping and blow holes Superior Surface finish without defects Consistent properties thought the length RK Inst of mgt and computer science 28 . QUALITIES OF THE BILLETS: • • • • No impurities VIZ. AIM OF MARKETING To know and understand the customer so well that the product or service first him and sells itself. offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others. slag inclusion.

HOTHUR STEELS HKT TMT Rebar’s RK Inst of mgt and computer science 29 .

BMM TMT bars ensures a high elongation value of 16-22% rendering them more safe when used in construction. Then each billet is discharged into the Rolling Mill Stand. we manufacture high strength TMT steel garbs for concrete reinforcement. we have the ability to clear to customers around the globe. The use of BMM TMT ensures reduction in steel consumption by a minimum of 15-25% with a definite saving in cost by 10-18%. PLANT INFORMATION BMM ISPAT LTD.. Using the latest technology and maintaining international standards. we have adopted the latest and highly recommended TMT (QST) technology and testing facilities to give our esteemed customers the best. TMT TECHNOLOGY The steel of BMM TMT is made through a superior process: Sponge Iron from quality iron ore is melted in an Induction Furnace and cast into Billets by Concast machine.. TMT WITH QST PROCESS.. To this end.HOTHUR STEELS BMM ISPAT LTD. The Billets are further heated in reheating furnace for better recrystallization to ensure uniformity of mechanical properties. After finishing the last stand. the bar RK Inst of mgt and computer science 30 . Has installed a modern Rolling Mill plant with precision equipment to produce BMM TMT bars. Our intention is to provide internationally competitive high strength bars with improved ductility which ensures safety of structures in the Indian Construction Industry. AT BMM ISPAT LTD.

• Receiving order acceptance.HOTHUR STEELS enters a Water Quenching system where bar receives sudden and intensive cooling. MARKETING MIX OF THE HOTHUR STEELS PRODUCT QUALITY BRANDING PACKING COLOR Sponge iron High quality HOTHUR STEELS PVT LTD Not required Ash RK Inst of mgt and computer science 31 . • Orders are always taken on first cum first basis and credit sales are negotiated only after knowing buyers credibility and prior approved of management. • Branch officials & Agents should always be in touch with customer. The resultant bar has a FUNCTIONS • Keep a watch on the market conditions. combination of high strength and high ductility. • Receiving & solving customer problems. BMM TMT bars have all desired mechanical properties for better reinforcement and do not require the addition of costly of alloying elements. This reduces the temperature and results in hardening of the surface layer into a martensitic structure. The core dissipates head and the center becomes a fine grained ferrite-Pearlite structure.

It is useful to Maintain good and healthy relation with the Competitor. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 32 . CREDIT PERIOD 10 to 15 days PLACE CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION MODE OF By truck only direct selling and commission agents. CASH DISCOUNT it is left to the company whether to discount Or not if it is paid from cash.HOTHUR STEELS After sales service Good PRICE CASH TRANSACTION as price is fixed by the sponge iron association it can’t be change.


HOTHUR STEELS Supplying finished goods to customers through agents Prince 45 steels Meenakshi bright steels Maharishi alloys ltd JBA steels Sharma steels pvt ltd Kannur. Kerala Bangalore Bangalore pondicherry Hyderabad Supplying finished goods directly to customers Sri Hari mataliks Ralco iron SicunderabaRoshan traders Mangal iron pvt ltd Aurangabad Silvasa sunder ISPAT ltd Bellary Goa RK Inst of mgt and computer science 34 .

HOTHUR STEELS FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance department is the blood of any business organization to survive. Any organization handicapped by finance will never complete and ultimately results in failure and a burden to economy. FUNCTIONS • Finance department is looking after funds inflows and outflows of the company. The finance department of HOTHUR STEELS is contributing towards the effective functioning of the department. • On import of coal the company is opening letter of credit to make the RK Inst of mgt and computer science 35 . & drafts. Mainly the inflow of funds is coming through by letter of credit. Finance department is concerned with planning and controlling of company financial resources. cheques.

HOTHUR STEELS payments to seller or exporter.03. MIS HOTHUR SHEETS BELLARY TRADING & PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDING 1.07 Dr Cr PARTICULARS To Opening Stock Amount ( In Lakhs) 113.15 PARTICULARS By Sales of Sponge Amount ( In Lakhs 4590 RK Inst of mgt and computer science 36 . • AUDITING PARTMENT HOTHUR STEELS has appointed internal auditors to verify the accounts frequently on quarterly basis. • CREDIT DURATION Normally the credit duration is 7 to 10 days for specific customers for making huge turnover in academic year and who has maintained good relationship with company by making prompt payments • COSTING This is the major head where the company is going to reduce cost of production by consuming iron ore and coal and at the same time the department will plan to get the material at best price where the cost can be saved. Finally a financial account is certified by chartered accountant (CA).

8 3 453.94 Other Receipts Int Received ITom Bank 42.HOTHUR STEELS Iron To Raw Material Consumption To spares Lubricants Repairs Wages Bonus Fringe charges etc To Gross Profit cld . 4610 Financial Charges ( Bank Charges. Commission Charges) Office Maintenances 23.64 ( FD ) & other Receipt 37. Letter of credit.49 888.83 3154.20 By Gross Profit bid 4610 888.53 By Closing Stock 20 RK Inst of mgt and computer science 37 .72 Professional Charges Plant and Machinery Maintenances 8.34 102.

03 70.01 19.03 926.75 437.HOTHUR STEELS Rates and Taxes Traveling and Miscellaneous Expenses Administrative and Operating Expenses Vehicle Maintenances & Salaries Net Profit(transferred to partner's capital) 926.30 33.78 M/S HOTHUR SHEETS RK Inst of mgt and computer science 38 .55 187.

59 VEHICAL LOANS M/s Sundaram Finance. Bellary 948.52 Tauseef 194.88 Loans : 1853.55 RK Inst of mgt and computer science 39 .03 Loands Ing Vysya Bank Term 2052.29 SBI : 199. Budihal Assets as per Dep Schedule 1958.03.HOTHUR STEELS BELLARY BALANCE SHEET AS ON 31.52 Halkundi Land at T.15 Asif : 25.2007 LABITES PARTERS CAPITAL Amount (In Lakhs) Assets FIXED ASSETS IN MOVABLE PROPERTY Factory land at Amount (In Lakhs A/c Ahmed : 2005.03 CAPITAL WORK IN PROGREES 1054.51 2457.90 CURRENT ASSETS DEPOSITE Bank Deposits 863.

90 CURRENT ASSETS DEPOSITE Bank Deposits OTHER CURRENT ASSETS CENVAT Advance’s against 551.47 Closing Stock Cash in Hand Cash @ Bank 1420 5.HOTHUR STEELS CURRENT LAIBITIES Sundry Creditors 948.03 RK Inst of mgt and computer science 40 .60 Supply of Materials Receivable Service Tax Receivable Sundry debtors Income Tax EXPENSES PAYABLE 49.12 863.20 61.43 630.40 6103.

• Control of effluents. FUNCTIONS WORKING ENVIORNMENT • Maintaining safety and cleanliness measures. • ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES It makes sure that HRJ\.1 is not a standalone department but rather a means to assist the organization with its primary objective.HOTHUR STEELS HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT OBJECTIVES OF HRM • Social objectives • Organizational objectives • ]Functional objectives • Personal objectives • SOCIAL OBJECTIVES The social objective of HRM is to seek and to ensure that the organization becomes socially responsive. • FUNCTIONAL OBJECTIVES It reminds the HRM that it has only functional value and should not become too expensive. • PERSONAL OBJECTIVES It assists employees in achieving their personal goals. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 41 .

etc. etc. lighting. providing guards. goggles. • Transportation.HOTHUR STEELS • Convenience and comfort during work that is operative's posture. • Canteen. helmets. humidity ventilation. • Workshop sanitation and cleanliness. EMPLOYEE AMINITIES • Drinking water. rest rooms. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 42 . seating arrangements. • Yearly gifts are provided to employees. • Cloak rooms. etc. temperature. WORKERS HEALTH SERVICES • Dispensary • Ambulance • Emergency aid • Medical examination • Giving tips on health SKILLS Skills are considered as "One of the most crucial attributes or capabilities possessed by the organization". • Workmen safety measures like maintenance of machines and tools. The term skills include those characteristics or strengths which most people use to describe the Company.

the company has adopted the labour contracts who will maintain the labour force and they will be wholly responsible for the laborers. This will enhance the knowledge of the trainee as he will learn while the job and know his mistakes. the company also saves by not providing training. who in turn pay the workers. It is the responsibility of the contractor to develop the skills needed so that he gets good margin with skilled workers. lockouts and the employees above the lower level of the organization are given on-the-job training by the concerned department supervisor or the immediate superior of the trainee/ employee. As the company wants to avoid risk of formation of labour union in their organization.HOTHUR STEELS HOTHUR STEELS skills are classified on O&M basis (outsourcing and manpower basis) and hence there is no scope for on the job and off the job training. which he commits. So. No matter how much man power the contractor uses the given task should be completed by the contractor. which is done by labour contracting agency. The company just gives the contracted amount to the labour contractor for the work rendered by them. CLASSIFICATION OF SKILL IN HOTHUR STEELS ➢ Executives ➢ Non Executives ➢ Technicians ➢ Workmen RK Inst of mgt and computer science 43 . which will be corrected by his superior. The other advantage is that there will be no labour unions which may lead to strikes.

B. Skills required • Forecasting. Skills required • Clerical skill. policy framing. formulating supporting plans.A. NON EXECUTIVES Qualification • Bachelor degree (B. statistical skill RK Inst of mgt and computer science 44 .HOTHUR STEELS HOTHUR STEELS The qualification required fro the staff are described according to the authority and responsibility and nature of work carried EXECUTIVES Qualification • MSW • Experience of 10 to 12 years.Sc) and requires relevant experience in the Respective positions. accounting knowledge. B. establishing objectives. finalization of accounts.

RK Inst of mgt and computer science 45 . work under the supervision of the technicians. welding. handling heavy earth movers etc. SSLC.'1dling. The organization adopts both top down as well as bottom-up approach in various situations: As in case of making major decisions like policies. STYLE Style of the organization is the evident through the patterns of actions taken by the member of the top management team over a period of time.e. Reporting relationships may also convey he style of the organization. procedures discipline this task will be under taken by the top management and the other like: • How much to produce to get desired profits • What policies and procedures should be adopted by the company • The strategy which is to be adopted by the company to achieve the goals and objectives. 7th. electrical & electronics and ITI.. Skills required • Tools handling. WORKMEN Qualification • Basic education i. PUC Skills required • Tools ha.HOTHUR STEELS TECHNICIANS Qualification • Diploma in mechanical.

here the bottom-up approach is adopted.HOTHUR STEELS In case of making technical decisions like how much raw material is required to produce certain amount of output. what sort of quality of raw materials to be purchased these all decisions are taken by the middle level management. Here the memorandum will be prepared by the middle level management by concerning the production department and all related departments and this is to be approved by the top management so. Apprentices. DECITION FLOW SYSTEM IN THE ORGANISATION partner General Manager Deputy general manager Officers’ workmen laboures Permanent(Experienced/skilled) Trainees.causuals(skilled/unskilled) RK Inst of mgt and computer science 46 .

improving position vis-a. and allocating resources".HOTHUR STEELS According to Mckinsey's 7s model strategy can be defined as "A coherent set of actions aimed at gaining a sustainable advantage over competition. and dolamite while pricing its products company considers the raw material cost. The purpose behind is to increase the turnover and to sell is products at lesser prices than its competitors . The following strategies are implemented by the HOTHUR STEELS: IN RELATION TO COMPANY PRICING STRATEGIES The company follows cost plus profit-pricing strategy means the strategy followed by the company to fix up the price for its products. CONVERSION COST RK Inst of mgt and computer science 47 .The factors those affect the pricing strategies are as follows: RAW MATERIAL COST The company is using various raw materials for the production of finished products for example iron are. Raw material accounts for about 68% of the total cost. coal. Increase in any of the above raw materials would lead to increase in price of the products for example increase in the iron price from 110 to 210 led the company to increase its prices.-vis customers.

The above would largely contribute for the production strategy of the company. SYSTEM RK Inst of mgt and computer science 48 . The percentage varies from customer that may be different for the dealer and customers. The company's prices are relatively lesser than its competitors. This lead to increase in the prices of the product. fuel etc those are directly connected with production. The profit is calculated as a percentage of total cost and added to the total cost to arrive at the selling price. COMPETITORS PRICES Company need to take into consideration the prices of the competitors but the company mainly concentrates on the cost plus pricing it can reduce its percentage in order to snatch the orders from its customers.HOTHUR STEELS This includes the labor cost and manufacturing cost such as power. DISCOUNT Discount is the important part in the promotion of the product and in order to snatch the product from its competitors. If the cost of living increases as per the payment of wages act the dearness allowance should be increased proportionately. Labor cost varies from time to time because of changing cost living due to inflation. PROFIT MARGIN As it is stated above the company follows the cost plus profit pricing.

Thinking about inventory is simple but handling becomes very critical for the manufacturing concern. As the inventory forms the core part of the organizations working the management has a Very efficient inventory control system. planning and control system. SYSTEM FOLLOWED IN PURCHASE DEPARTMENT INVENTORV ACTIVITIES Inventory is very important for the smooth flow of production process. Inventory forms the core part of the daily operations of the organization. recruitment. Every additional unit of inventory increases the manufacturing cost.HOTHUR STEELS System refers to all the rules. THE INVENTORY SYSTEM FOLLOWING POINTS For user MR (material requisition) CAN BE EFFECTIVE WITH THE • Receipt of MR (material requisition) from user • Scrutiny of MR and finalization of market • Conversion of MR to MRP(material requisition for purchase order) • Forward MRP for MSM's(purchase manager) approval For stock replenishment RK Inst of mgt and computer science 49 . training and development schemes. capital budgeting system. It includes buying and selling. regulation and formal procedure and informal that complement organizational structure.

oil and lub etc. • Preparation inventory analysis report • Creation and updation of part IDs • Follow-up with purchasing for delivery of materials • Co-ordination with suppliers for contract items such as chemicals. • Develop/modify the system reports/ programs with the support of IT ORDER EXECUTION SYSTEM • Approval of MRP and market selection. explosives. • Enter the replenishment data in the appropriate field departments • Day to day correspondence with user departments. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 50 . purchasing. gases. • Conversion of stock codes based on the past consumption of the items. • Preparation of MRP worksheet • Scrutiny of MRP worksheet • Finalization of quantity and market • Conversion of MRP worksheet to MRP • Forward of MRP to MSM's approval General • Generation of replenishment report for protected items(high value items) and forward it to user • Preparation of S(stock)-type item issued report and send it to user departments .HOTHUR STEELS • Generation of replenishment report. contractors etc.

• Follow-up of materials being purchased from local market by buyers • Co-ordination of repairs STAFF Staffing is the process of acquiring human resource for the organization and assuring their potential to contribute to the achievement of the organizational goals. wherever applicable. Staffing includes the selection. • Preparation of comparative statements • Analysis of offers and preparing purchase proposals. checking of references and placement. Approval of purchase proposals • Generation of purchase order • Approval of purchase order from competent authority • Issue of purchase order to the vendors • Preparation of cheques for advance payments • Preparation of L/C incase of foreign purchases. selection test interview. training and development of appropriate qualified EMPLOYEES It is standard selection process has the following steps screening application forms. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 51 . placement. • Flooting of inquiries.HOTHUR STEELS • Selection of vendors. • Study of offers and seeking techno-commercial clarification from the supplier/user.

HOTHUR STEELS The entire staff of HOTHUR STEELS can be classified into: ➢ Executives ➢ Jr. they perform policy framing. Jr. Officers ➢ Workmen ➢ Technical ➢ Mechanical ➢ Clerical EXECUTIVES Executives are designated at the top level. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 52 . promotion assessments. Duties and responsibilities of Executives: • Duty to recruit the number of candidates as required in the organization. list of persons joining on transfers from other project and persons on transfer from this project etc are maintained. welfare establishment. industrial relations. • Policy framing. OFFICERS They are designated at middle level management they follow top level instruction and play liaison role. delegation of authority & over all control of the Organization. Strategy formulation. general administration. And they are in execution of work.

HOTHUR STEELS Duties and responsibilities: • Deals with purchase of required items for the project. TECHNICAL STAFF FOR MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE Duties and responsibilities • Preparation. scrutiny of offers by committee. • Deals with maintaining stock of heavy earth moving equipments i. • The items of moving and non-moving nature also deal with the scraps. spares etc. • They have to report the daily activities to the concerned supervisors.e. The sub stores also deals with keeping stock of spares etc. WORKMEN Duties and responsibilities: • They have to work under the instruction of the technicians. placing order etc. maintaining of records etc. revision and release of engineering and electrical specification RK Inst of mgt and computer science 53 . The purchases are made on the basis of issue of limited tender enquires and receiving quotations.

which are reworked or repaired to meet specified requirements. fixtures. • Preparation general assembly drawing of jigs. • Maintenance of national and international standards • Inspection of incoming products received at stores or at supplier's premises to specified requirements. • Arranging for repair! rectification! disposal of measuring instruments. • Validation of design of products • Effective implememation of the design changes. • Soft revalidation.testing of products. MATERIAL CLERK RK Inst of mgt and computer science 54 . revision and control of drawings and release of material risk. • Realizing of accepted products for the further process. • Periodic calibration of instruments as per documented process. • Quality information and reporting.HOTHUR STEELS • Preparation. • Planning for the new instruments/ organizing calibration function from external agencies. • Re-inspection / Re. • Releasing of accepted products for the further process. • Maintenance of computer hardware accessories. storage devices and gauges. which are reworked or repaired to meet specified requirements. tooling. dies. • Maintenance/ Modification! Development of computer software. • Revision of drawing with design changes. • Re-inspection! Re-testing of products. • Evaluating quality rating of suppliers • Ensuring quality of rating suppliers • Ensuring the proper identification! inspection and status of products. • Ensuring the proper identification! inspection and status of products.

but night well include. and supplier identification on the components. “Shard Values” Implies “The values that go beyond. If the products are found with the manufacturing defective and they are replaced. ➢ Ensure quantity as per delivery challan/ invoice/ credit reports. inspection status. simple goal statements in determining corporate destiny. reports. these values must be shared by most people in the organization. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 55 . IN RELATION TO COMPANY CUSTOMER ORIENTATION HOTHUR STEELS maintains healthy relationship with the customers by offering them the credit facilities and taking care of the after sales services in case of any services needed. ➢ Ensure identification. To fit the concept. ➢ Prepare receipt memo. ➢ Issuing material as per indents to shops/ sub contract. SHARED VALUES As per the model.HOTHUR STEELS Duties and responsibilities ➢ Receiving material as per delivery challan / Invoice/ Credits.

top management will have discussion with employees when problem confronts in manufacturing. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 56 ..HOTHUR STEELS RELATION WITH SUPPLIERS AND VENDORS The company maintains a healthy relationship with the suppliers and vendors. The company's responsibility is to make sure that the products are available in time to the vendors. Vendors ultimately distribute the products to end-users. The partners of Hothur steels visit planton daily basic and share management concern. They interact with employees personally and directly to understand their grievances. Making the payment to suppliers with in the allowed period and there by procuring the materials in time to facilitate the free flow of production activities. INTERGRITY Highest ethical standards are used in all the transactions.e. HOTHUR STEELS is implementing quality circle i. MUTUAL RESPECT Trust in working relationship COMMUNICATON The important tool of believing and being consistent and transparent to any business.

SWOT ANALYSIS Strategic management is concerned with establish proper organition environment fit.e. analysis and assessment comparative strengths and weakness RK Inst of mgt and computer science 57 .HOTHUR STEELS 5. involves analysis of the organition factors (i. the threats and opportunities in the business environment).e. strengths and weakness of the organition) and the environment factors (i. Strategic management therefore. It involves watching the organition factors with the environment factors. SWOT means.

which a company may likely to face.HOTHUR STEELS of the firm in relation with their competitors and environmental opportunities and threats. It should be based an logic and rational thinking such that a proper strategy improves an organition business strengths and opportunities and at the same time reduces its weakness and threats. INTERNAL STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES SWOT OPPORTUNITIES RK Inst of mgt and computer science EXRERNAL THREATS 58 .SWOT analysis is as such a systematic study and identification of those aspect and strategies that best suit the individual company position in a given situation.

HOTHUR STEELS STRENGTHS Raw material is plantly. et is a world market whereas steel can be sold at any corner of the world. Competition. HOTHUR SLEELS RTUNITIES THREATS China’s cheap steel is threat to this industry. Hothur steels is a fully integrated steel plant. Steel industry is highly cyclic &has a wide fluctuation. Government policies on iron ore extraction & steel industry RK Inst of mgt and computer science 59 . Entrepreneurs of Hothur steels are mine owners. ation TEELS is highly capital intensive industry. Weakness It pollutes highly to the atmosphere.

➢ To set up an integrated steel plant with latest technologies. establish leadership. • Absence of labour union does not lead to strikes. lock outs etc… • Cost of Power generation is very low because HOTHUR STEELS is using WEAKNESS • The waste gases that pollute the atmosphere effect the health of the workers and this in turn effects the production. And contribution to natonal wealth and ultimately to become one of the past integrated steel plants in India.HOTHUR STEELS STRENGHTHS ➢ Since HOTHUR STEELS have their own mines they need not depend on others for iron ore. • Steel Industry is highly cyclic & has a wide fluctuation. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 60 . ➢ The avaivailabities of raw material is plenty and it is strength to HOTHUR STEELS.

. 6. • China is manufacturing Steel with low cost of production & dumping in Indian market. • Steel market is a world market whereas Steel can be sold at any comer of the world. • Policies of the government on iron ore and steel industry is a threat to expand further. any adverse fluctuation in price will effect very badly • Price fluctuation domestically doesn't affect much to the Company. produce Steel at large scale where as HOTHUR STEELS may not withstand the competition. MITT AL STEELS. TAT A STEELS. THREATS • Big Players operating in market like PASCO.HOTHUR STEELS OPPORTUNITIES • HOTHUR STEELS is highly capital intensive industry. China's cheap steel is threat to this Industry • There is vast competition in the steel industry and this a weakness to the company Source: company document NOTE: Since HOTHUR STEELS is a partnership firm there is no scope for preparing annual report. LEARNING EXPERIENCE This is really a great experience for me. As I was not having any practical exposure when I first went to the company. I came to know how to collect the information by interacting with respective heads of the department and how to RK Inst of mgt and computer science 61 . JINDAL STEELS etc.

I could learn how people work in an organization.HOTHUR STEELS communicate with the different heads of the organization. substitutes a days of practical study and that is more important. opportunities and RK Inst of mgt and computer science 62 . I learnt why customer satisfaction is important in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. I could sense the pride and satisfaction in the people of HOTHUR STEELS. It's true that the theories and concepts what we have learned are really implemented in the organization such as McKinsey's 7's framework and functions of Management SPECIFIC LEARNINGS While studying swot analysis of the company. the swot as tool really benefits managers to take day threats of each of these companies. what it needs to build a good organization and many more which cannot be expressed aptly in words. I realized that. I gained knowledge regarding the concept & need for Organization Study. And I also learnt why employee's welfare is important in order to ensure the smooth flow of activities. The object of an organization is not only to make profit but also at the same time to ensure that all employees are kept satisfied there by providing a good organization climate for the employees to work in. how intermingle with others. I feel a year long class study. during my project work efforts. to day decisions and give strategic dimension to it keeping in mind of strengths. weaknesses.

The company should manufacture new different type of iron steel product. skill. Area utilization is found very good. I also realized the importance of shared values as it determines the very culture of organization.HOTHUR STEELS The 7S framework gave a sort of birds eye view strategy. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 63 . staff and shared values. SUGGESTION AND CONCLUSION SUGGESTION • • • • • As it is very large company the construction work is going on. • • The accountability should be proper way. style. Training program is necessary for all the workers to improve quality of production. The maintenance work is very good. systems. structure. 6. The firm should continue their present pricing level because that market segment is quite undiluted by other players.

Central and State Government have to come forward to assist the industry with promising policies. Much growth opportunities are kept open for utilizing byproducts in an effective manner 2. 3. The management provides an opportunity for their growth and welfare of its employees. RK Inst of mgt and computer science 64 .HOTHUR STEELS CONCLUSION 1. HOTHUR STEELS is playing very important role in augmenting socio-economic development of the share members. 4.

DR. Hothur steels. SUBBA RAO. K. ASWATHAPPA Philip kotler Shashi k Gupta and Neeti Gupta.HOTHUR STEELS BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Human resource management Marketing management Financial management Production management Website www. STEVENSON RK Inst of mgt and computer science 65 .com SUBHA RAO.

HOTHUR STEELS SECONDARY SOURCE ➢ Journals ➢ magazines RK Inst of mgt and computer science 66 .spongeironindialtd.

Hothur steels. SECONDARY SOURCE  Journals  magazines SUBHA www. STEVENSON RK Inst of mgt and computer science 67 .com www. ASWATHAPPA Philip kotler Shashi k Gupta and Neeti Gupta. DR. SUBBA RAO.HOTHUR STEELS BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Human resource management Marketing management Financial management Production management Website www.spongeironindialtd.

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