Knock On Wood – Detail checklist

Section Intro Verse 1 Bars 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21 Considerations Horns swell throughout Drum reverb Panning of guitar and organ Piano centre Guitar lick bar 14 (only happens once!) Horn swells Guitar arpeggios – clean sound All instruments hit this stab! BVs panned As Intro, vocal delay Very tight horns! Wah guitar stabs on 2nd and 3rd beat in 4th bar Organ licks, Bass grace notes on climb in bar 33 Big horn hits and lower voiced, syncopated horn part bar 36 and 37 As bridge 1 Guitar slide As Intro, vocal delay Chugging power chords and wah guitar, Full velocity horns Lead vocal panning effect Bass slide down on last chord Bass slide Low horns - left, high – right Funky organ fills Off beat hits bar 59 Harmony BVs Sliding horn lines Crash cymbals Organ gliss bar 67 Guitar slide in tacet bar As Intro, vocal delay, piano lick into outro bar 72 Cowbell and triangle Double speed (quaver) piano chord bounce Horn panning Guitars play on 2&4 in bars 73 and 74 then funky semiquavers in bars75 and 76 on clean guitar, wah continues on 2&4. High sustained organ chord on quaver push into bar 79 All instruments follow chromatic movement Triangle enters Wah guitar joins in with funky 16ths (83,84) More Hammond organ lines

Bridge Stop

Chorus/Refrain 22-25 Verse 2 26-29 30-33 34-37 Bridge 2 38-41 Stop 42 Chorus/Refrain 43-46 Middle section 47-50

Stop Verse 3

51 52-55 56-59 60-63

Bridge and stop


Chorus/Refrain 69-72 Outro 73-76

77-80 Outro 2 Outro 3 81-89

Timbre checklist Drum kit Bass Guitar – powerchords Guitar clean Guitar – Wah wah Hammond organ Piano Percussion Brass section programming Horn section – voicings Horn section – velocities Horn section – note lengths Horn section - expression Horn section - panning Integration of audio Compression EQ Reverb Delay General drum kit Open hats and crash cymbals

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