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ENGRO Background: Engro Corporation is one of the leading Pakistani business conglomerates with stakes in the fertilizer, food, power generation, petrochemicals, automation and terminal storage industries. Having had undergone an employee led buy out in 1992 it has expanded phenomenal in the past two decades. As a holding company its subsidiaries include:
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Engro Fertilizers Limited Engro Foods Limited Avanceon Limited Engro PowerGen Limited Engro Polymers and Chemicals Limited Engro Vopak Limited

Engro Definitation: ENGRO stands for “energy for growth”. From inception, ours is a legacy of continuous growth, new challenges and fulfilled promises. From fertilizers to dairy products, business solutions to PVC resin, power generation to commodity trade, at Engro our ambition is to become the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach. Engro Rupiya Certificate: Give life to your money Engro Excellence Awards: Recognizing a lifetime of excellence Engro's flood relief efforts: Make a difference – join Engro's flood relief College – Your world to Engro: Engro Corp's newsletter Oct-Dec 2010

Engro Rupiya
Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

ENGRO RUPIYA Engro has always been on the forefront of taking bold initiatives in pursuit of becoming one the largest conglomerates in Pakistan. At Engro, we have always been involved in making business decisions that reach out and make a difference in countless lives every day. We have always been committed towards establishing the highest levels of professional and personal standards in all that we do. Our vision of “Invest in Engro, Invest in Pakistan” has inspired us to introduce unique products like, engro rupiya, which is envisioned to bring profitable investment alternatives to the average Pakistani investor. With an attractive profit rate of 14.5% per annum, Engro Rupiya is superior to most saving schemes in the country. It offers you unprecedented convenience and guaranteed returns. Our strong code of ethics and transparent procedures assure no hidden costs and the peace of mind you deserve. Engro Rupiya Certificate: Give life to your money! The Engro Rupiya Certificate is Engro's initiative to give you the opportunity to save with a name you trust! This is our first in the series of financial products aimed at giving you the profit on your savings, you deserve. With the upheavals in the equity markets and shrinking bank spreads, there are limited options available for you to invest in a reliable; hassle free environment. With the launch of Engro Rupiya certificate, you can become a part of the Engro family and share its growth, with an unmatched profit rate of 14.5% from the day you invest.

The Product:
Key features of the product
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Fixed Profit rate of 14.5% per year payable every 6 months for a tenor of 3 years Minimum investment of Rs. 25,000 with increments of Rs. 5,000 Profit earned from the first day of investment Profit deposited directly into your bank account for added convenience Rated “AA” which denotes very high credit quality Free pickup of application form right from your doorstep No minimum holding period so investments can be encashed anytime subject to service charges of 2% on the investment balance for encashments before completion of 3 years
Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

Available for purchase till January 15, 2011. Multiple applications are allowed

In order to provide you with the convenience you deserve, Engro Rupiya has partnered with all the leading banks in Pakistan; giving you the ease to invest with us from anywhere in Pakistan or even abroad! Profit Payments
Profit for an investment of Rs. 1,000,000 is illustrated in the table below:

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Zakat is exempted for non-Muslims and for applicants who submit Zakat Affidavit Withholding tax is not applicable on investments below Rs. 150,000

Note: To calculate profit payments on your preferred investment amount use our profit calculator

Engro’s Partners
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Standard Chartered NIB Bank Allied Bank Limited United Bank Limited JSBL Askari Bank BMA Financials

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MCB Bank Ltd. Bank-Alfalah Bank Al Habib Habib Bank Limited Citibank IGI UBL Funds Managers

Description of Engro Rupiya Certification

Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

How Do I Purchase Engro Rupiya? To purchase the Engro Rupiya Certificate you need to submit the completed subscription form, with a copy of your NIC and investment amount in the form of pay order, demand draft or cheque and submit it to our partner branches. With a minimum amount as low as Rs.25000, you can purchase the Certificate in denominations of Rs.5000, (Rs.30, 000, Rs.35, 000 so on)
 To deposit your investment you could either

a) Visit the branches of any of our partners’ and submit the subscription form with your cheque/demand draft/pay order or b) Contact our Call center (Number) return the completed form with your cheque, demand draft or pay order to our door delivery staff, who will deliver it to Engro.

 Quick and easy free pick up

At Engro our investors’ convenience is our priority! With the Engro Rupiya Certificate you have the comfort of investing right from your door step. Call us at our UAN (111-Rupiya) 111-787-492 and we will collect your subscription form, NIC copy and pay order, demand draft or cheque from your residence.

 How do I receive my profit:

Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

No ques, no wait! It’s your profit and you choose how to receive it! The profit on your certificate can be transferred to directly to the bank account mentioned in your form or it can be mail as a cheque at your notified address  How Do I Encash My Engro Rupiya Certificate? An Engro we understand saving is a difficult decision hence we offer the early encashment option through which you can choose to encash your certificate any time.

 In case of certificates held with central depository company:

Engro Rupiya Certificates will be listed on KSE thus for investor maintaining their certificates with the Central Depository Company (CDC), the certificate can be sold on the exchange through their stock broker. Or JS Global Capital Limited (formerly Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets Limited) will act as Market Maker for the issue. The role of the market maker will be to offer bid & ask quotes for the TFCs at a spread of 0.50% and 1.50% in yield, or equivalent price terms, for marketable or non-marketable lots respectively. Price will be determined by market maker in light of prevailing liquidity, interest rates and credit risk on the issuer. Thus the certificates can be encashed from the market maker at their bid price.
 In case of physical certificates:

You can either: a) Request for the redemption forms our designated redemption branches and encash the certificate. MCB and SCB are our redemption partners. Or b) Redeem the investment from Engro in case of physical certificates.

Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

Engro launches new saving scheme 'Rupiya Certificate'
KARACHI- Engro Corporation Limited on Thursday launched Engro Rupiya certificates savings option, which provides investors with an unprecedented 14.5 per cent rate of return. This is the first Term Finance Certificate (TFC) by Engro Corp, which would offer profit payments twice in a year for a minimum amount of PKR 25,000, invested for a period of 3 years. This financial product also offers investors the option to encash the certificates at any time, with the profit accumulated from the date of purchase to the date of encashment, in order to ensure the widest outreach and convenience for investors. Engro has partnered with 15 institutions, including banks and other financial organisations, to facilitate investors in purchasing these certificates. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Rubail Muhammed, CFO, Engro Corporation Limited highlighted, “The Engro Rupiya Certificate is a financial product in line with Engro’s tradition of being pioneers in Pakistan’s business arena, and aims to provide investors with an opportunity to be a part of Engro’s vision and to save with a name investors can trust. We understand the needs of Investors and the limitations that they face, and Engro Rupiya provides a reliable and efficient avenue of investment within Pakistan.”

Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

Advantages Of Engro Rupiya Certificate
Why should I invest in Engro Rupiya certificate? Why not in some bank savings account? Through the Engro Rupiya Certificate you have the opportunity to share the growth of one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan and be part of it’s future successes. Not only the return offered by Engro Rupiya Certificates is higher than most options available in the market but the instrument itself has been structured keeping in mind your needs! Superior Returns: A fixed rate of return of 14.5% per annum is superior to most saving schemes. National Saving Schemes of similar tenor offer 12.1% which is 240 bps lower than Engro Rupiya Certificate. Bank Term Deposits also offer rates typically between 8 to 11% depending on the size of the deposit whereas in Engro Rupiya you get 14.5% rate of return on investments as low as Rs. 25,000/-. Convenience: Engro Rupiya is a product that will be available from 11 partner banks across Pakistan. We understand your convenience thus with Engro Rupiya Certificate you have the option of investing right from your door step through our “Quick and Easy Free Pick Up Service”. By notifying your address with one of our call centre agents, you can have your completed subscription form, payment instrument (pay order, demand draft, cheque) and NIC copy picked up from your door step. Encashment Anytime: At Engro we understand that you might require your investments before maturity (completion of three years).Therefore you do not have to lock in your investment with us for three years. You can choose to encash anytime after you invest using multiple encashment options available. The returns will be calculated from date of purchase of Certificates till the date of encashment. Whereas in the case of National Saving Schemes, any encashments before completion of profit period (6 months in the case of Special Saving Schemes), no profit is paid. Anyone can invest! Engro Rupiya allows everyone to invest. There are no stringent eligibility criteria as in the case of National Saving Schemes (Behbood Saving Certificates, Pensioners’ Benefit Account) where only a certain category of investors (widows and senior citizens aged above 60) are allowed to invest.
Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

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Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

Engro Rupiya Certificate Boucher

Department of Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

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