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Ever since the start 80 years ago, libraries have been the
heart of our business. Today, we are proud to call ourselves
library people. Libraries and their design are our passion
and our mission. With commitment and curiosity,
experience and expertise, we create innovative,
expressive and functional solutions for the modern library.

Libraries are changing. Still, books and studies are essential, but you will also find a vivid environment
filled with cultural exchange, communication and social events. Here, contemplation and reflection
finds its place next to the fast pace of new information technology.

Working in close co-operation with architects, interior designers, craftsmen and librarians, we provide knowledge
and creativity in our designs and the innovative furniture and accessories needed to turn ideas into reality.

Some of the visions we have made come true in the past year are documented in this brochure;
14 inspiring projects that underline our international presence.

Welcome to our world, a world of libraries.

public library
architect: maa mette fredskild

Built on local
“Byens hus” is the name of the community
centre in the small village Jelling. The house
is a good example of local entrepreneurship
and cooperative spirit. The local citizens have
worked together with organizations and the
municipality to start the centre.

Besides the library, the centre also accommo-

dates public service, meeting rooms and a café.
The café is equipped with its own stage for
different performances. “Byens hus” is truly a
cultural meeting point, including an art work-
shop, a cinema and a small brewery.

The library is furnished with the Classic Steel

Shelving System, London end panel and canopy,
and built-in Book Big Lighting. There are also
special-made solutions like the integrated tables
at the ends of the shelving and the round
picture book browsers in the children’s area.

The Jelling Runic Stones
– a unesco world heritage

The new library is not the only thing worth seeing when you visit Jelling. Don’t miss
the opportunity to discover the world famous Jelling runic stones, raised more than
1,000 years ago by King Gorm the Old and his son Harald Bluetooth. The runes tell
the story of Denmark’s birth and the official conversion to Christianity.

Today, the stones are listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and old Harald
Bluetooth and his runic inscriptions have made an impact on communication
technology up until this day, as the technology for wireless data transmission,
Bluetooth is named after him.
plattan library, kulturhuset (cultural centre)
architect: ahrbom & partner

“Plattan”in new light

Kulturhuset, Stockholm’s community centre
for culture is located right in the heart of the
city at the main commuter hub and the square
known as “Plattan”. The cultural centre is
a vibrant meeting-place day and night with
thousands of contemporary cultural events
every year.

The library at the centre, a branch of the

Stockholm Public Library, is no exception. It is
placed in level with the famous square and
is consequently named “Plattan Library”.
They focus on Swedish and international
fiction, and have also a special section for
books on art, design, architecture and fashion.
On the same floor, there is a gallery, a café
and a book shop.

The architecture of the “Plattan Library” is The refurbished interiors provide an exciting interplay between shelving and
built around glass. The new entrance and the lighting. The collaboration with the Swedish light manufacturer Ateljé Lyktan
large windows let the light pour in. At the same and their state-of-the-art LED overhead lighting, throws new light on the
Classic Steel Shelving System, in both straight lines and round shapes.
time, it creates an open interface to the outside
and offers an appetizing view for all the people
passing here everyday.

media library

Playing with traditions

La Filoche is the name of a recently opened media
library in the Moselle and Madon urban district,
in the surroundings of Nancy. The name now
unites the past with the future since it is also the
historical name of the site.

The 1,850 sqm large building is the outcome of

an ambitious project of urban planning and
industrial rehabilitation. The territory identity is
carefully preserved, and yet clearly modernized as
industrial styled architectural elements are inte-
grated to the original façade.

With its dedicated areas for multimedia and the

toy library, La Filoche media library has a two-level
structure. The interior design combines wood
with industrial materials. The play areas for
children are bright and awash with colour, and
the rest of the library is transparent, light and
airy. The Classic Steel Shelving System has been
enhanced with multi-coloured acrylic end panels.

public library
architect: maa dorthe andersen

Green light for

Sindal’s new oasis
The public library in Sindal is located under the
same roof as the local citizen service. A building
that unfortunately had a fire incident not long
ago. Now, the library is happily re-opened,
colourful furnished by BCI and the architect
Dorthe Andersen.

The new interior design is clearly harmonized

with it’s beautiful surroundings. Just as the
nature outside, the theme for the interior is
green. Green details appear around the library,
connecting rooms and departments in a
continual green flow throughout the premises.

To compliment this green theme, Sindal public

library is equipped with white lacquered Classic
Steel Shelving System and furniture in bright,
pure colours.

vestfold university college library
architect: tone nærø as

The campus centre

When the students of Vestfold University College
arrived for the autumn term 2010, the new
campus, Campus Bakkenteigen, welcomed
them. The campus gathers all key functions in
one place, and, of course, this is also the location
for the new library.

The library is essentially designed for learning.

The result includes access to the latest information
resources, professional guidance and service.
The two-storey building offers attractive architecture
and different kinds of learning environments and
workstations for inspiring studies.

The eastern façade is characterized by large glass

sections that make the most out of the daylight and
give a stunning atmosphere inside the building.
The library furniture consists of a
charcoal coloured Opal Shelving
System with Book Big lighting, and
end-panels and canopy of ash-tree.

vilassar de mar
town library
architect: màrius quintana

Bauhaus anno 2010

The economist, politician and defender of civil
rights, Ernest Lluch Martín was born in Vilassar
de Mar in 1937. Today, the town’s new library
carries his name: Biblioteca Municipal Ernest
Lluch i Martín.

Màrius Quintana, an architect from Barcelona

and the curator of the Mies Van Der Rohe
Pavilion since 1999, designed the building
for the library. It is signified by lightness,
transparency, spaciousness and functionality.
The Opal Shelving System makes a perfect fit
to the architecture.

court of appeal
architect: schmidt hammer lassen
design: white architects

The law of
Scandinavian design
The library at Malmö’s Court of Appeal, Malmö
Hovrätt, takes Scandinavian design to court.
The colours are light, the materials are natural
and everything is perfectly functional. A place
for research, reading and reflection.

The interior solution is designed by White

Architects and consists of several Lammhults
pieces and a bespoke made version of the
round Classic Steel Shelving System with
perforated back panels. Scenes of Malmö
were the inspiration for the design of the
perforated back panels by White Architects.

united kingdom
public library

Pioneer in
LED lighting
In October 2008, Eccles Library closed its doors
for over 18 months to undergo an extensive
refurbishment and restoration programme.

The library restoration works have resulted

in a brighter, more welcoming space for all
users and visitors. The shelving and furniture
specified along with the colours selected have
been carefully chosen to not only blend in with
the wonderful period features of the building
but to also offer the modern ambience that any
new build library would strive to offer. Whether
visitors to the library are on a journey of Eccles library is also the first library to benefit from the installation
learning, exploration and discovery, or simply of integrated LED lighting into the Slimline Shelving System.
after some time out, the newly refurbished The lighting was specified on the shelving to enhance the lux levels
Eccles library has got something for everyone. in the building, but is also an aesthetic design feature.

kunsthøgskolen, the national academy of the arts
architect: kaels studio, jørund johansen

Industrial tradition
meets contemporary art
In Oslo, the old Christiania Seilduksfabrikk Books, magazines, films,
(canvas factory) by Akerselva River at Grüner- etc. of all disciplines are
løkka has been reconstructed to accommodate stored in the Classic Steel
Shelving System with
Kunsthøgskolen (KHiO), the National Academy
integrated Big Book
of the Arts. The buildings are from the late 19th
lighting. The RUC panel
century and carry a rich industrial tradition. and top has a stylish
Now, they are transformed into a spectacular aluminium profile.
venue for cultural expressions and a complete
school of art.

The old factory has a total area of 40,000 sqm

and the library is an important part. With a
mix of old and new, the design gives room for
creativity and cares for the history. The library is
one of the most modern in Norway and a vital
resource for students and faculty.

united kingdom
longsight, beswick, brooklands and the central library

Four libraries filled with visions

Manchester’s Library Service is undergoing a learning resources, technology and relaxation diction to the old Central Library, the City Library
dramatic change. The city’s public estates are areas with a café and even a kitchen for visitors. is bright, airy and very colourful. It is an oasis
being modernised, refurbished and replaced of tranquillity in the bustling city centre.
over a five-year programme. Four of the projects Beswick Library and Brookland Library both
in the programme this year include Longsight break new ground in that they are public libraries All four libraries are equipped with Classic Steel
Library, Beswick Library, Brooklands Library, and sharing premises with schools. The buildings are Shelving System and specially made key pieces
the Central Library. state-of-the-art and the concept makes a focal of furniture, designed to highlight the current
point for the communities they serve. quick pick collections and encourage browsing.
After a substantial refurbishment, inside and The striking lighting reflects the glossy surface
out, The Longsight Library is set to be a true The iconic Central Library is being beautifully on the quick pick furniture. The libraries share
landmark library and learning centre. The old and sensitively restored from the ground and the same basic concept, but the unique colour
red-bricked building has transformed into sleek will re-open in 2013. In the meantime, the City themes and a couple of characteristic details
glass box flooding with light. It is filled with the Library on Deansgate takes its place. In contra- give each library its own identity.

media library
architect: fernando parrilla

Designed for complete

cultural experiences
Centro de Arte, the cultural centre, in Alcobendas
is a hub for the plastic arts, music and liberal
arts. It is centrally situated right in the city’s
streetscape. Fernando Parrilla is the architect
behind the emblematic building, characterized
by its avant-garde façade, organic projections and
glass sections. The design idiom invites visitors
to enter and listen, observe, participate and learn.

The media library opens up to an amazing world

of information, books and media technology.
Children, adolescents and adults have especially
designated areas, but visitors of all ages meet
in the space for innovation. A spot to hang out,
read a book, browse the web or listen to
some music. The look of this area changes
with the sunlight.

The versatile furniture – among others the

Opal Shelving System with end panels of
perforated steel – follows and strengthens the
architecture and the building’s philosophy.

public library
architect: lene brix / claus bjarrum arkitekter

An old building filled

with modern ideas
The new public library for the Taastrup area
outside Copenhagen is actually the amalgation
of three libraries becoming one. The old town
hall of Taastrup has been carefully renovated
to a cultural meeting place and media centre.
The building with its old traditions now houses
the former libraries of Blåkilde, Rønnevang and

The architecture meets the demands of a

modern library where access to e-books is as
important as the traditional books. Mobility,
flexibility and interaction has been the leading The functional Classic
motivation for the project. The result is an Steel Shelving System is
inspiring library that brings new life to the combined with special
town hall. made counters and
information desks from
PO Inventar. Details like
the rya rugs, soft chairs and
big foam letters are also
worth a notice.

united arab emirates
al mankhool public library

A new level of aesthetics

The public libraries in Dubai are run by Dubai designed to meet the specific needs of the
Public Libraries. Their first library was esta- visitors. There is the VIP area, a colourful
blished in 1963 and today they have eight public children’s department, a multi-purpose hall
libraries in different places around the Emirate with a lot of research resources, and, last but
of Dubai. Seven of them offer special children not least, there is a relaxing lounge area.
departments. The latest branch, at Al Mankhool
Street, is an impressive piece of work. The library is furnished with Opal Shelving
The design of the Al Mankhool public library
offers the latest fashion in functionality and
style. The premises have several divisions,

Dubai Public Libraries consist of 8 public libraries distributed

throughout the Emirate of Dubai. Mohammed Al Eraidi is
director of Dubai Public Libraries and has many years of
experience within the library and information sector.
He has brought best practices from around the world
to Dubai such as RFID technology.

the netherlands
public library
architect: dp 6 architectstudio/tim sluiter/delft/netherlands

A family-friendly
community centre
In the young, pulsating area of Amersfoort,
culture is an important part that contributes to
the life quality for all the young families living
here. Housing a school, children’s daycare, an
art school, a theatre, and the new library, the
new building ICOON Amersfoort meet – and
exceed – their needs.

Just like the surrounding area and the building,

the library is a truly modern creation. A place
for cultural experiences and social interaction
as well as a tool for purposeful information

A wooden Frontline Shelving System with

steel shelves makes the core of the interiors.
Browsers, pedestals and chairs are other
important elements that help the everyday

country town project architect / interior design p age

denmark jelling public library maa mette fredskild 4

i nde x

sweden stockholm public library ahrbom & partner 8

france chaligny media library 10
denmark sindal public library maa dorthe andersen 12
norway vestfold university library tone nærø as 14
spain vilassar de mar town library màrius quintana 16
sweden malmö court of appeal schmidt hammer lassen / white architects 18
united kingdom eccles public library 20
norway oslo university library kaels studio, jørund johansen 22
united kingdom manchester public libraries 24
spain alcobendas media library fernando parrilla 26
denmark taastrup public library lene brix / claus bjarrum arkitekter 28
united arab emirates dubai public library 30
the netherlands amersfoort public library dp6 architectstudio/tim sluiter/delft/netherlands 32
Published by Lammhults Library Design January 2011

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kunsthøgskolen, the national academy of the arts
and accessories via catalogue and webshop. architect: kaels studio, jørund johansen
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