Payment Information We can accept: Credit Cards and Business Checks.

(Checks Made Out to The Paw Print) Advertisement Submission can be done by the following: Call The Paw Print Office at 914-773-3401 Email submission to and cc: to Please note that your ad must be in 7 working days before the run dated noted online Please Note; Advertisements must be camera ready. All orders must be made seven days before publication date. All issues are printed in 11 by 17 inches tabloid format with one inch margins Circulation rate is at least 2000 in newsprint, and available online All ads are printed in Black & White or Color PDF and TIFF digital formats are preferred for best quality. Payment and Regulations: A tear sheet will be postmarked no later than seven days after publication. If payment is not received in full within 30 days after publication, there will be a 20% late fee added. Due to policy, there are some types of ads that are prohibited. This list could be sent upon request

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Advertisement Rates and Packages
1 Advertiseme nt B&W Color $49.0 $69.0 0 0 3 Advertisements (20% discount included) B&W Color $117.6 $165.0 0 0 6 Advertisements (25% discount included) B&W Color $220.50 $310.50




H 2.5 W 3.75 H 3.85 W5

$39. 20

$55. 20

$94.0 0

$132. 00

$176.4 0

$248.4 0


55.2 0

76.0 0
125.0 0

132.0 0

182.4 0



1/4 1/2

H 7.75 W5 H 7.75 W 10

79.2 0
179.0 0

100. 00
225.0 0

190.0 0

240.0 0

356.40 644.40

450.00 810.00

805.50 1,012.50



143. 20
259.0 0 3/4 H8 W 11

180. 00
315.0 0



207. 20
329.0 0

252. 00
389.0 0

497 .30

604.8 0

1,165.5 1,417.50 0 1134.0

932.40 1184 .40

0 1400.0 0

1,480.5 0 1,750.50

H 15 Full Page W 10

262. 40

311. 20

631.6 8

746.4 0

Terms and Conditions All camera-ready advertising copy must be delivered to The Paw Print office or electronically by 11 a.m. the Friday before publication. If new, camera-ready ad copy is not received by such time for ongoing accounts, the Paw Print reserves the right to run previous ad copy. If the advertiser requires a proof before publication, advertising copy must be supplied three (3) business days prior to the deadline. Accounts will accrue at a late payment charge of 10% 30 to 60 days past due, 20% 61 to 90 days, and 30% 91 or more days on any overdue balance until complete payment is received. Contracts for various advertisement insertions must be canceled in writing. Requests for cancellation will take effect five (5) business days after their receipt by The Paw Print. Full advertising and related charges will be assessed for the next ordered insertion if the cancellation request takes effect less than four (4) business days prior to the publication date of the next scheduled advertisement. Contracts for one-time insertion orders may be canceled before 5 p.m. the Friday before publication. The Paw Print will assess full advertising and related charges if a one-time insertion contract is not canceled before the aforementioned deadline. The Paw Print reserves the right to decline or discontinue any advertisement. All advertising is accepted to editing, altering, approval or rejection by the management of The Paw Print, and if rejected, any consideration paid for the particular insertion rejected will be returned to the advertiser, and all parties shall be released from the contractual obligations specific to the rejected insertion. The liability of The Paw Print for failure to publish any accepted advertisement in a specified issue is limited to the cancellation of any contractual obligations specific to the unpublished advertisement (any payment for the unpublished advertisement shall be returned). In the case of one-time insertion contracts, the advertiser shall have the option to place the advertisement in a subsequent issue at a discounted rate. In the case of multiple insertion contracts, the advertiser shall be eligible for a discount rate off the cost of the next scheduled insertion. The Paw Print assumes no financial responsibility for errors in advertisements beyond the cost of space actually occupied by the error or the percentage of error that detracts from the effectiveness of the advertising message, as determined by The Paw Print. The Paw Print assumes no responsibility for any error not caused by The Paw Print. The advertiser agrees to defend and indemnify The Paw Print against any and all liability, loss, or expense arising from claims of libel, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, patents, or proprietary rights, or violation of rights of privacy, resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s advertisement. Composition produced by The Paw Print becomes property of The Paw Print and shall not be reproduced without the expressed written permission of the adviser of The Paw Print.

Exact placement or page location may be requested, but is not guaranteed unless a premium price (i.e. back page) is paid. The Paw Print encourages advertisements with coupons or discounts for the students with the incentive of reduced advertisement rates as high as 10% off. If the advertiser prepays the amount due to The Paw Print an incentive discount of 5% will be awarded for individual advertisement without an already applied discount. The Paw Print will not accept any advertisements that are in Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Power Point in its electronic version.

Sales Person: Company: Quantity

Christopher Gaur (c) (914) 8868801

Co Contact: Date:

Daniel Cassidy (c) (203)4179905


Package (y/n)

B&W or Color

Discounts Discount Amount Total

Unit Price

Print Schedule for Spring 2011 (please highlight requested publication) 26-Jan 9-Mar 27-Apr 2-Feb 23-Mar 9-Feb 30-Mar 16-Feb 6-Apr 23-Feb 13-Apr 2-Mar 20-Apr

Method of Payment Check Credit Card Journal Voucher Please make checks payable to Pace University, memo The Paw Print Account # Budget Index Code Expiration Dt:

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Thank You! The Paw Print

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