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Volume 165 Number 155

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 50¢


Man: Film Office misquoted me

Car wash owner says comments used to justify incentive program
By Christopher Behnan sation with Ken Droz, Film Office deposit with O’Connell, and paid
DAILY PRESS & ARGUS spokesman. a weekly bill for purchased diesel
“It’s not even close “It’s not even close to making fuel.
Howell Soft Cloth Car Wash my fiscal day,” he added. What the film report doesn’t
owner Tom O’Connell said the to making my fiscal O’Connell said Droz called him explain, O’Connell said, is that
Michigan Film Office misquoted twice before O’Connell left diesel fuel — and the gas station
him in its 2009 annual report in day.” Michigan for the winter in business as a whole — makes up
order to “justify” Michigan’s gen- December. a fraction of his overall revenues.
erous film-tax-incentive program. — Tom O’Connell He said Droz attempted to elic- He said his car wash, located
O’Connell sold diesel fuel to Howell Soft Cloth Car Wash owner, it positive responses from him to next to his gas station, brings in
the production of the stoner com- on being misquoted by the Michigan Michigan’s film-tax incentive — about 95 percent of his revenue,
edy “High School,” shot primarily Film Office in its annual report which rebates up to 42 percent of and that he saw no increase in car-
at the Howell Public Schools production-related expenses — wash sales while the film was in
Parker Campus in Marion Town- rather than to get an accurate busi- town.
ship in late 2008. his diesel-fuel business doubled ness story. He estimated the deal brought
His business, at 1009 S. in fall of 2008 as a result of “High During the filming of “High in about $2,400 per week in
Michigan Ave. in Howell, was School” shooting in the area. School,” O’Connell’s diesel-fuel diesel-fuel sales, but far less in
one of several “individual success He said he’d welcome more business increased from about 25 actual business profits. The pro-
stories” the Film Office listed in business from film companies gallons to 50 gallons per day to as duction also purchased five
the Film Office report. shooting in Michigan, but that he much as 300 gallons per day, propane tanks from his business.
Howell Soft Cloth Car Wash owner Tom O’Connell said the O’Connell is quoted as saying, was misquoted as saying the pro- according to the report and “There’s no significance to it.
Michigan Film Office misquoted him in its 2009 annual “It definitely made my fiscal year. gram “made my fiscal year.” O’Connell’s estimates. It’s an insignificant amount of
report in order to “justify” Michigan’s generous film-tax- I’d do it again tomorrow. Send “I said, ‘Absolutely not,’ ” The “High School” production
incentive program. them back,” following data stating O’Connell recalled of his conver- paid an upfront, $3,000 security Continued on page 5


Getting to the root of the problem Resident who

Invasive plants shot teen had 5
present major
problems for loaded weapons
park workers Wife defends husband, says they
By Sarah K. Norris
DAILY PRESS & ARGUS were worried about an ‘ambush’
Pesky invasive species that By Frank Konkel
have managed to reach Michigan DAILY PRESS & ARGUS
What do you think? Share
like the emerald ash borer beetle, it at
zebra mussels and the gypsy moth Green Oak Township police
seem to get all the headlines. officers testified Tuesday that they firmed in court that the .40-caliber
But for state park workers and found several loaded weapons at bullet fired by Lupo that struck
Department of Natural Re- the home of Robert William Lupo O’Brian in the back ricocheted off
sources and Environment offi- on Nov. 20 while investigating the Lupo’s asphalt driveway. Police
cials, invasive plants are the day- shooting of then-15-year-old Nich- said the bullet struck the driveway
to-day nuisance throughout the olas O’Brian, which occurred ear- more than 30 feet from where
spring, summer and fall months. lier that evening. O’Brian was believed to be when
The job of removing invasive In the second day of Lupo’s the shot was fired.
plant species is so big, parks trial, Officers Matt Hughes and “Lupo told us where the
officials often rely on volunteers Joel Allen and Sgt. Marty Otman weapons were (during the investi-
to help with the effort. testified that five loaded weapons gation),” Otman said. “He was
“Our focus is restoring the — including the .40-caliber semi- cooperative.”
ecosystem as a whole,” said Laurel automatic pistol used to shoot Police allege Lupo shot O’Brian
Malvitz-Draper, natural resource O’Brian — were found and con- as he and friends Jake Reeves,
steward with the Michigan DNRE. fiscated at Lupo’s residence dur- Evan Hughes and Michael Curmi
“In a lot of cases, that starts with ing the investigation.
invasive-species control.” The police officers also con- Continued on page 4
Like other invasive species,
invasive plants present a prob- OUR NEIGHBORS
lem when they begin to overrun
and crowd out the plants native
to Michigan’s forests, wetlands
and lakes.
One plant targeted for re-
Grad’s good grades
moval in the early summer is
Oriental bittersweet, a vine ini-
tially introduced as an ornamen-
are a family trait
tal plant for gardens. By Leah Boyd
“It inhibits the growth of DAILY PRESS & ARGUS
native species, not only affecting
the native species, but affecting Howell High School graduate
people’s ability to see those Nora Kandler has continued a
species,” said Paul Muelly, chief family tradition by making the
of natural resources at Ken- Daily Press & Argus’ 2010 All-
sington Metropark. County Academic Team.
Oftentimes, the plants now Kandler, who graduated from
considered invasive were once Howell High School this year, is
used for landscaping, food or the third child in her family to
ground cover. But because the graduate from Howell High
species come from other parts of School with top honors, following
the world, their natural inhibitors the lead of her brothers. Brother
aren’t transferred to their new Matt was valedictorian at Howell
homes, causing them to grow and High School in 2006. Brother
spread unchecked. Neil graduated summa cum laude
“Autumn olive is a huge prob- Photo by GILLIS BENEDICT/DAILY PRESS & ARGUS in 2005.
lem in these parks,” said Muelly. Laurel Malvitz-Draper of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment “My two older brothers have
pulls a garlic mustard plant from the wooded trails of the Brighton State Recreation motivated me to succeed because
Continued on page 4 Area as part of a routine patrol for invasive plants such at the garlic mustard plant. they both got all A’s during high Photo by ALAN WARD/DAILY PRESS & ARGUS
school,” Nora Kandler said. “It
Howell High School gradu-
was me trying to follow in their
foot steps and be like them.” ate Nora Kandler visits with
her pet bird. She’s the third

Online: Inside:
Although she may have imitat-
ed the study habits of her siblings, child in her family to gradu-
she earned the All-County Aca- ate with top honors.
demic Team honor all on her own. Calculus and AP Chemistry, to
Visit to watch Supreme Court nominee Elena During her high school years, earn college credit. She also
she earned a 3.97 grade-point ranked fourth in her class out of
video of Brandon Joshua-Freder- Kagan was bluntly challenged by average and scored a 34 on the 570 students.
ick Hayes, suspected of killing a 4- Republicans on Tuesday. See ACT. She took eight Advanced
year-old boy, in court Monday. Nation & World, page 7A. Placement classes, including AP Continued on page 4

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4A DAILY PRESS & ARGUS-Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Each year, the Daily Press &
Argus names an All-County
Academic Team from among
• June 20: Mairin Chesney of
Brighton High School
• June 21: Nick Ruff of
Resident had five weapons
Continued from page 1 Janyce Lupo said, noting that the tify today. to find. He also said Robert Lupo
the top students in Livingston Pinckney Community High
couple lived on a dead-end road. Defense attorney Dennis Brew- must have been “standing a ways
County’s five school districts. School — who were pranking area residents While living in Green Oak er told the jury Monday that back,” otherwise the bullet’s sharp
The students are nominated by • June 22: Josie Limburg of the evening of Nov. 20 — attempted Township, Janyce Lupo said, the Robert Lupo feared for his safety angle would have bored into the
school administrators. The final Hartland High School to ring the doorbell of Lupo’s home couple never experienced a crime. when the four juveniles disturbed asphalt, not ricocheted off it.
membership of the team is • June 23: Veronica Burt of in the 13000 block of Sumac Lane in Janyce Lupo said her husband his property, and he fired a warn- When cross-examined by Brew-
determined strictly by a mathe- Hartland High School the County Lane Estates subdivision was a “responsible gun owner” and ing shot with his .40-caliber semi- er, Allen said the Green Oak Police
north of 10 Mile Road. that she believed he fired “a warn- automatic pistol into the ground. Department did not try to determine
matical formula based on • Thursday: Jaclyn Burr of Otman testified the Green Oak ing shot” toward the ground outside On Tuesday, Matt Hughes, who where the shot was fired.
grade-point averages and test Brighton High School Township Police Department the home only after repeated ring- drew a detailed map of Lupo’s On Monday, O’Brian told jurors
scores. This year, 12 students • Friday: Scott Parker of secured the loaded .40-caliber ing at their door. After the first ring- home during the investigation, he and his three friends ventured
have been selected to the team Fowlerville High School semiautomatic pistol that shot ing, Janyce Lupo said she and her told jurors he estimated the bullet out that evening to go “ding-dong
because of a six-way tie for • Sunday: Zach Jones of O’Brian, in addition to a .357- husband dismissed it as “prank- impacted asphalt “about 33 feet” ditching,” selecting “random hous-
magnum handgun, a 12-gauge sters,” but she said the situation “got from where O’Brian’s testimony es” where the object was to “ring
seventh place. Pinckney Community High shotgun, a Colt .45-caliber hand- scary” after a second ringing, this suggested he was when he was doorbells and run.” He was the first
For the next week, team School gun and a .44 magnum handgun. one “frantic.” She told the jury she struck by the bullet. of the four boys to testify.
members will be featured in • Monday: Zach Roggenkamp Lupo’s wife, Janyce Lupo, took felt like the individuals outside Allen, a veteran patrolman of Circuit Judge Michael Hatty
news stories and their names of Brighton High School the stand Tuesday, defending her might try to “ambush” them. 30 years, discovered the rico- said he hopes to get the case to the
will be added to the team list. • Tuesday: Shannon Doud of husband. “The door rang more than chet’s location Nov. 20. jury by this afternoon.
A Green Oak Township resident once,” said Janyce Lupo. “(The Allen testified that the asphalt Contact Daily Press & Argus
■ The 2010 Daily Press & Brighton High School for three years, she testified that her whole thing) was alarming.” driveway at the Lupo home had “just reporter Frank Konkel at (517)
Argus All-County Academic • Today: Nora Kandler of husband kept the loaded guns in the Janyce Lupo said she did not been sealed,” so the location where 552-2835 or at fkonkel@gan-
Team Howell High School home for protection after he was the see the gun her husband used. the bullet ricocheted off it was easy
victim of several burglary attempts Assistant Prosecutor Kollette
when they lived in Detroit. Bordeaux asked Janyce Lupo why

Grad’s good grades Passages

In the 1980s, Janyce Lupo said some of her testimony conflicted Obituaries, Memorials & Remembrances
she was also the victim of a burgla- with the police report she filed
ry. She said homeowners in the area Nov. 20. Janyce Lupo admitted
received several e-mail warnings there was some “discrepancy”

are a family trait about potential pranksters and van-

dalism, both of which she said were
reportedly “on the rise” in the area.
between accounts, but said watch-
ing her husband being handcuffed
may have impacted her statement
Call 888-999-1288 or Email
View Passages Online:

“If we were ever broken into, to Green Oak Township police. OLIVE F. EASON
Continued from page 1 played the flute for the past seven we could handle the situation,” Robert Lupo is expected to tes- Age 89, of Howell Township, died at
years. She is also a dancer who her home Sunday, June 27, 2010.
Outside the classroom, she spent 10 years practicing ballet She was born February 13, 1921 in
served on the Howell High School and now participates in a swing INFO ON SOME INVASIVE PLANTS Detroit, the daughter of Byron and
student council and as vice presi- dance club every week. These plants are some persistent and common invasive species Gladys (Warner) Fockler. Beloved
dent of the school’s National She described her personality in Michigan. Invasive species are brought from other areas in the wife of the late Harold E. Eason who
Honor Society. As a flute player, as adventurous and said she is preceded her in death November 2,
she also participated in the looking forward to attending col- world, but without the natural checks on their growth, they 2005. Dear mother of Robert of
school’s wind ensemble. lege out of state. spread out of control. Gregory, Larry (Julaine) of Howell,
In the fall, Nora Kandler will “I wanted to pick an out-of- • Oriental bittersweet: Originally from East Asia, this vine Edward of Howell, Ray (Kathleen) of
head to the University of Miami in state school specifically because I grows along the ground, smothering plants and uprooting trees Fowlerville, Gerald of Fowlerville and
Florida to study marine science. wanted to experience a new place PATRICK WALKER EATON Steven of Howell; also ten grandchil-
with its weight. Park workers will treat the plants with herbicide Age 61 and a resident of Flower dren,15 great-grandchildren and sis-
“I just find plants and animals and meet a lot of new people,” she
really interesting, especially in the said. “I’m going to join as many to eliminate it. Mound, TX., passed away at his ters, Marion Garlock of Fowlerville
water,” she said. “I’m aiming clubs as I have time for so that I • Garlic mustard: Because its leaves are edible, garlic mustard home on June 26, 2010 surrounded and Helen (Dean) Sellman of
toward being some type of can try new things out.” was brought for cultivation from Europe in the 1800s. This year, by his family. Born on March 14, Oscoda. Olive was one of the
research scientist.” Contact Daily Press & Argus 1949 in Coldwater, MI to Dr. Louis C. founders and oldest living member
the state’s Volunteer Stewardship program organized a Garlic and Ida M. Eaton, Pat was raised in of Marr Community Bible Church.
However, her interests go far reporter Leah Boyd at (517) Mustard Challenge to encourage people to uproot the plant
beyond science. The 17-year-old 552-2857 or at ldboyd@gan- Howell, Michigan, graduating from Visitation will be Wednesday from 2-
before it went to seed. Howell High School in 1967 after set- 4 & 6-8 p.m.; funeral services
is also a big fan of music, having Thursday 11 a.m. at MacDonald’s
• Autumn olive: This shrub is native to Asia, and was actually ting several state track and field
records. Pat later graduated from Funeral Home, Howell. Burial in
planted in some parks to provide cover for wildlife. It can be Michigan State University and had a Sanford Cemetery. Memorial contri-
Charges amended treated with herbicide, or the shrubs can be removed by workers
and volunteers beginning in the early summer.
loyal 36-year career with Exxon-
Mobil. Pat was a devoted father, hus-
band, son and brother, and loved
butions may be made to the Church.
Please sign the family’s guestbook at
• Eurasian watermilfoil: An aquatic invasive plant which can
against Hamburg man become very dense and shade out native vegetation and impair
the ability of fish to spawn. It can be removed by hand-pulling or
more than anything to spend time
with his family and friends. He was
an avid golfer and enjoyed volunteer- CARL F. SCHLAGER
treatment with herbicide. ing as a player's assistant at BYRON, MICHIGAN
A Hamburg Township man Bridlewood Golf Club. He is survived Age 89, passed away on June 27,
accused of trying to run over his by his wife, Jane Eaton and two
wife is facing life in prison after
the Livingston County prosecu-
COURT Invasive plants present big daughters, Taryn Eaton Spence and
her husband Adam, Jaclyn Eaton
2010. He was born July 18, 1920 in
Batavia, New York to Carl J. and
tor’s office amended criminal DOCKET McDaniel and her husband Bryan,
and one son, Michael Addison Eaton.
Adeline Schlager. Carl served in the
U.S. Marine Corp. during WWII. He is
charges filed against him.
Mark Decker was initially
charged with a 10-year felony of reportedly about a cell phone that
problems for park workers He is also survived by his father, Dr.
Louis C. Eaton, his sister, Mary
retired from Atmosphere Furnace
Company where he worked as a Pipe
Fitter. He is preceded in death by his
assault with intent to commit Decker allegedly took from a Continued from page 1 thorn also thrives in wetlands, and Heikkinen and brothers Daniel and sister and Brother-in-law Betty and
great bodily harm less than mur- family member. if left unchecked would choke out John Eaton. A memorial service cel- Max Woodruff. Carl is survived by
der for allegedly trying to run However, when police arrived, “Until not too many years ago, the native plants, and destroy the ebrating Pat's joyful and accom- Patricia, his wife of 64 years; daugh-
plished life will be held on Thursday, ters, Lyn Pettigrew of Ohio, Cindy
his wife over on Thanksgiving the defendant had left the it was planted as wildlife cover — habitat of the insects and birds July 1, 2010 in Flower Mound, TX. In
Day. home. we actually planted it,” he added. that live in those wetlands. (Marvin) Witt of Byron; son, Carl E.
lieu of flowers, the family requests (Suzanne) Schlager of Howell; grand-
However, Decker’s case was Police said Decker was given a Autumn olive is a shrub and, in Invasive plants don’t only grow that donations be made in Pat's
sent from Circuit Court to District ride to Brighton, but once at that the summer, workers begin to on land — Muelly said several children, David (Leah) Pettigrew,
honor to The Prostate Cancer Andrew Pettigrew, Stephanie (Scott)
Court for a preliminary exam after undisclosed destination, Decker remove the invasive shrub plants invasive plants thrive in the Foundation (
the prosecutor’s amended the “tricked” the family member and like honeysuckle and buckthorn. Michigan’s lakes too. McRae, and Brandon Schlager; great-
charge to assault with intent to took off in the car. Removal of the shrub will contin- “(These plants) directly impact grandchildren, Ethan and Sophia
murder — an offense punishable Decker reportedly returned ue into the winter. boating, swimming and fishing,” Pettigrew; brother, Wilbur (Evelyn)
OBITUARY POLICY Schlager of Florida. There will be no
by up to life in prison. The hear- home, where he “went inside and However, state DNRE workers he said.
The first seven lines of an obit- services. The family is being served
ing is set for July 12. took some stuff” before having a and park employees can’t control As the weather and the water in by Gorsline Runciman Funeral
Decker also is charged with physical confrontation with his the invasive species on their own. the lakes warms, Muelly and his uary are published free of
charge. After that, there is a fee Homes, Williamston. Online condo-
felonious assault, interfering with wife, whom he tried to run down, Malvitz-Draper coordinates a staff will begin to treat these lences may be made at;
electronic communication, and police said. stewardship program for south- aquatic invasive plants, including of $3 a line. Pictures may be
published for $25.
two counts of operating a vehicle Police said Decker, who was eastern Michigan, which aims to Eurasian milfoil, starry stonewort
while intoxicated. believed to be driving drunk, then get volunteers involved in pre- and curly leaf pondweed with *Deadline for obituaries is
Hamburg Township police said left the home again at about 6:50 venting the spread of invasive herbicide. STATE OF MICHIGAN
4:30 p.m. Monday through LIVINGSTON COUNTY
they were dispatched to Decker’s p.m. and collided head-on with plants and protecting some of Though invasive species are Thursday for publication in the CIRCUIT COURT
home in the 9200 block of another vehicle on Hamburg Road Michigan’s rare ecosystems. spread by the wind, birds and ani- next morning’s newspaper.
Hamburg Road at about 5:30 p.m. near Cranmore Drive when One such ecosystem is a “fen,” mals, many times people traveling Obituaries received Friday or CASE NO. 10-25119-CZ
Nov. 26 for a domestic situation, Decker crossed the centerline. found at the Brighton Lake through the parks help the spread PLAINTIFF:
Saturday by 1 p.m. will be Citibank, (South Dakota), N.A.,
Recreation Area, where the DNRE of invasive plant seed. published in Sunday’s newspa- PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEY:
recently held a volunteer workday to “The seeds are transferred espe- per. Cortez Jenkins & Blair PLLC, PO Box
LOTTERY remove glossy buckthorn.
“A fen is a special type of wet-
cially along trails and roads and
parking lots,” Malvitz-Draper For more information,
532110, Livonia, MI 48153-2110, 734-
DETROIT (AP) — Here are Keno: 1, 2, 3, 14, 15, 16, 19, land we have ... it’s considered a said. “People should make sure call 888-999-1288,
the winning numbers selected 27, 31, 34, 37, 43, 46, 54, 55, 56, globally rare ecosystem,” Mal- their boots and clothes are free of or contact your funeral home. Amy E. Devalk, aka Amy E. Lakotich,
*Holiday deadlines are subject to change. 3901 Beckley Dr., Howell, MI 48855-
Tuesday in the Michigan State 57, 58, 64, 69, 74, 75 vitz-Draper said. Because the mud and seeds. We need to do a
Lottery: Mega Millions: 3-4-15-27-37 water in a fen comes from calci- better job of getting that informa- 7310.
Mega Ball: 35 um-rich, nutrient-poor groundwa- tion out there.” ALTERNATE SERVICE/PUBLICATION
Midday Daily 3: 3-8-7 ter, it’s a good place for plants like Contact Daily Press & Argus STATE OF MICHIGAN At a session of said Court held at:
Midday Daily 4: 5-9-2-5 Tuesday’s Mega Millions jack- the carnivorous sundew and pitch- reporter Sarah K. Norris at (517) 44TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Livingston County, Howell, MI 48843.
Daily 3: 5-1-6 pot was estimated at $16 million. er plants. 552-2828 or at sknorris@gan- JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Honorable: David J. Reader (P27877),
Daily 4: 5-0-1-0 Today’s Classic Lotto 47 jack- Unfortunately, glossy buck- It appears to the Court from the
Fantasy 5: 1-6-15-24-39 pot is estimated at $1.8 million. CASE NO. 10-25146 attached petition and supporting affi-
davit that service of process upon the
COURT ADDRESS: 204 S. Highlander above-named Defendant cannot rea-
Way, Ste. 5, Howell, MI 48843, 517- sonably be made as provided in MCR
546-9816. 2.105 and that service of process may
PLAINTIFF: be made in a manner which is reason-
Citibank, N.A. ably calculated to give Defendant actu-
PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEY: al notice of the proceedings and an
PUBLICATION NO. USPS 316-500 Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & opportunity to be heard.
Hornik, LLC, David J. Canine (P61828), IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that
The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, published by Federated Publications, Inc, a 30500 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 500, service of the Summons and
wholly owned subsidiary of Gannett Co. Inc, 323 E. Grand River, Howell Michigan, estab- Farmington Hills, MI 48334, 877-667- Complaint and a copy of this order be
lished in 1843, is published daily Sunday through Friday in Livingston County, Michigan,
and serves the cities of Howell and Brighton, the villages of Fowlerville and Pinckney, and 8010. made by the following methods:
16 unincorporated townships of Livingston County. Phone 548-2000, Area Code 517. -v- Publication per court rule.
Entered as periodical matter at the Howell, Michigan (48843) Post Office under Act of DEFENDANT: Certified mail (return receipt
March 3, 1897. Subscription rates 50 cents per single issue/$1.25 on Sundays. Ronald F. Lentz, 505 E. Barron Rd., requested) to the address listed above.
Sunday/Holiday* only subscription $16.64 for 13 wks. inside Livingston County. $26.36 for Howell, MI 48855-8351, 517-552-6205. Tacking or firmly affixing to the door
13 wks. out of county inside the state of Michigan. $30.24 for 13 wks. out of state. 6-day
subscription rates $33.15 for 13 wks. inside Livingston County. $194.38 per year out of THE COURT FINDS: at the address listed above.
county inside the state of Michigan. $225.47 per year out of state. 1. Service of process upon defen- Publishing a copy of the order once
*Sunday/Holiday subscriptions also include delivery on these days in 2010: 1/1, 5/31, 7/5, dant Ronald F. Lentz cannot reasonably each week for 3 (three) consecutive
9/6, 11/25 and 12/24. be made as provided in MCR 2.105 weeks in a newspaper in the county
and service of process may be made in where the Defendant resides.
General Manager & Executive Editor Staff Reporter . . . . . . . . . . .Leah Boyd We a manner which is reasonably calculat- Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.,
Deliver ed to give defendant actual notice of (Plaintiff), has filed an action against
Richard Perlberg
Metro Editor - News . . . . . .Mike Malott
Copy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . .Matt Smith
Staff Reporter . . . . . . . . .Sarah Norris
Sports Editor . . . . . . . . .Tim Robinson
Sports Reporter . . . . . . .Rick Shepich
to all
Brewer-Bouchey the proceedings and an opportunity to
be heard.
Amy E. Devalk, (Defendant) seeking a
monetary judgment in the Livingston
Copy Editor . . . . . . .Christopher Nagy
Copy Editor . . . . . . . . . . .John Mueller
Sports Reporter . . . . . . .Dan Strawser
Editorial Assistant . . . . . .Diane Timlick Monument Co. IT IS ORDERED:
2. Service of the summons and
County Circuit Court.
If Amy E. Devalk wishes to contest
Multimedia Editor . . . . . . . .Alan Ward Retail Ad Manager . . . . . . .John Utter Since 1895 complaint and a copy of this order may this case she must file an Answer at the
Photographer . . . . . . . .Gillis Benedict Sales Consultant . . . .Louis Glubzinski be made by the following methods: Court Clerk’s office located at:
Staff Reporter . . . . . . . . . . .Jim Totten Sales Consultant . . . . . .Mary Wheeler a. First class mail to: 505 E. Barron Livingston County Circuit Court, 204 S.
Staff Reporter . . . .Christopher Behnan Sales Consultant . . . . .Renee Magaluk Rd., Howell, MI 48855-8351. Highlander Way, Suite 5, Howell, MI
Staff Reporter . . . .Lisa Roose-Church Sales Consultant . . . . . . . .Amy Novak b. Tacking or firmly affixing to the 48843 with 28 days of the completion of
Staff Reporter . . . . . . . . .Frank Konkel Editor - Niche Products . .Candy Spiegel
door at: 505 E. Barron Rd., Howell, MI service of process pursuant to this
Postmaster: Send address changes to Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, 323 E. Grand River, Howell, MI 48844
48855-8351. order.
BUSINESS OFFICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .517/548-2000 c. N/A Failure to file an answer in a timely
CIRCULATION OFFICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .888/840-4809 d. Other: Certified mail return fashion may result in the entry of a
DISPLAY ADVERTISING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .517/548-2000 receipt requested. Default Judgment in favor of the
EDITORIAL OFFICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .517/548-2000 216 W. Grand River • Howell, MI 48843
e. Publication per court rule. Plaintiff and against the Defendant for
WANT ADS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .517/548-2570 517-552-1595 • Toll Free 888-362-2920 3. For each method used, proof of the amount requested by the Plaintiff. service must be filed promptly with the For each method used, proof of
How to contact us: Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm court. service must be filed promptly with the
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