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APR 2011

Young Christian Woman

A publication of
4. It’s Who You Know...
Until They Find out Who You Are
By Donna Lee Schillinger


6. Eventually Spring
By Kimberly Schluterman



Here’s a Great Way
to Become a Single Mom
By Donna Lee Schillinger

12. Crazy Ways to Make Money
p.8 By Julie Ann

14. Fashion and Your Future

By Donna Lee Schillinger

Donna Lee Schillinger
@StickyJesus and iFaith By Sandra Heska King / Keiki Hendrix

Handy Dandy Disposal Tips
Daniela Bermúdez
By Jeffrey Bridgman
We see high
drama in the
movies all the
time, but in
real life, big
Fridge-worthy. acting does not
win awards.

Straight talk from the proverbs for young Christian women

who want to remain pure, debt-free and regret-free.

“In this interesting and thought-provoking exploration

of the book of Proverbs, Schillinger takes young women
along a journey that will help them to make better, saf-
er, and more sound decisions.”
Cheryl C. Malandrinos
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by Donna Lee Schillinger

It’s who
you know
until they find out

who you

used to produce a publication for an organiza- Booz Allen and Revlon weren’t the only names the di-
tion that had a dream of finding the perfect ex- rector dropped. It seemed she had a name for every
ecutive director – or so it seemed. To that end, occasion. None were too impressive – wasn’t like she
they would fire one, hire another, fire that one, hire was weekending with the Kennedys or lunching with
another, and so on – about once a year. It made my Giuliani. I concluded that name dropping in New York
life difficult as I had to contend with different person- City must be a lot more important than it is in Arkan-
alities and agendas and orient each new director to sas.
their own publication. With each change, I started
out with high hopes – maybe this will be the perfect Seems I was wrong. Before that meeting with the Booz
director – maybe this is the one who will bring stabil- Allen consultants ever happened, before we moved
ity to the organization and make my life easier. off of “start” on her ambitious quest to revamp the
magazine, the board decided that she was not the
One new hire seemed particularly promising. She perfect director. It didn’t take them very long at all –
had a personal connection to the mission of the or- about three months. Big-name company she used to
ganization and had long been actively volunteering work for and the large corporation consultants who
for related causes; she was also an attorney and well were willing to work for free were not reason enough
connected in New York City. However, after my con- to keep her on. To be fair, she seemed to be a hard
versation with her, I recall thinking to myself, “That worker and I believe she was let go because she didn’t
woman doesn’t translate to Mid-America.” The mat- share the board’s vision for the organization. She had
ter was a somewhat curt style of communication different priorities and tried to advance them with
and a bad case of name dropping. But with a board her own people. She wasn’t hearing what the “king,”
that proportionately favored the Northeast, I thought in this case the board of directors, was trying to tell
maybe there were enough people who could relate to her. In fact, she once so infuriated a board member
her – maybe it would work. that the lady hung up on us! It occurred to me that
day that she was a bit confused about how the hier-
This director took a particular interest in the organi- archy in an organization works. She had put herself
zation’s publication. I think more than any other, she in the position of trying to lead the board. Many or-
really saw the potential it had. She was going to get ganizations with weak boards do function this way.
it on track, fix what was wrong. I had a lot of sugges- However, the correct relationship of an executive di-
tions on how to go about that, having worked with it rector to a board is one of advising and assisting – it’s
for five years, three as editor, and she told me to write a subordinate position. The fact that they hire and fire
up my feedback and she’d take it to her publications the director is the first clue.
expert friends at Booz Allen Hamilton who were going
to help the organization “pro bono,” she said, calling A little bit of knowledge and a few good contacts can
from the lexicon of her former profession. She added be dangerous if we allow them to inflate our ego, and
that Booz Allen (for short) was the largest some- particularly in the presence of a person or persons
thing or other having to do with magazines, by way with true authority. Do we think they arrived at their
of explanation, in case I didn’t know what Booz Allen station in life without impressive experiences and
was. Of course, I had heard of Booz Allen before, but getting to know a few important people?
I didn’t bother to mention it, just as I wouldn’t go out
of my way to tell someone I knew that DNA stands Trying to impress people with who and what you
for deoxyribonucleic acid. The director also felt par- know is a temptation that results from low self-
ticularly qualified to take on the task of revamping esteem. People don’t care in the end anyway. What
the publication because prior to going to law school a they really want to know is who you are. If you are
decade or two ago, she had worked for Revlon for 18 a person of strong character, you don’t need to drop
months analyzing magazines for strategic advertis- names, places or experiences to be respected by oth-
ing placement. I was happy to hear she was bringing er people of strong character. Don’t think your strong
some resourceful contacts and personal experience character should garner you the seat next to the king
to the table; it would make my job easier. I was happy either. Humility from the beginning is a great policy to
to hear of it, that is, the first time. avoid humility in the end.

The second time, I admitted to knowing what Booz

Allen was to save her the explanation – which it
didn’t. The third time my eyes were rolling back in my
head. And the fourth time she paraded her Booz Allen HOLD THIS THOUGHT:
friends and Revlon experience, I just wanted to say,
“Alright already! I get it! Can we get to work now?”
It’s not who you know, it’s who you are.

by Kimberly Schluterman



ell, it’s that time of year again. After a re- That’s how life is too. Life has seasons apart from na-
cord-bustingly cold winter, during which my ture’s seasons. Sometimes it’s a little rough and you
town was colder than the South Pole for at experience seasons that are hard to understand. Just
least one night (and Single! editor Donna was hap- as the animals head south and the flowers retreat,
pily in sub-tropical Brazil for its 70-degree summer), sometimes it feels like all the good and wonderful
spring has finally arrived. I hate the winter. I hate all things have bailed on us. A friend of ours is having a
the bare trees, the grayness of the bark and the air really hard time right now as his wife of three years,
and the ground. I hate being able to see my breath. and the mother of his child, has recently left him.
I hate having to cover my arms and legs as if the air Judging by his Facebook posts, his heart is stuck in
itself is somehow toxic to them. Why can’t I just go the pre-Aslan Narnia and he has no hope that spring
outside, let my body absorb a little of the sun’s magi- or Christmas will ever come again. But even though
cal Vitamin D-producing properties, and embrace the he can’t see it right now, there will eventually be
beautiful world around me? But that’s not what win- spring for him too.
ter is. Winter is when everything is dead. Errrg.
As Relient K reminds us in the lyrics of their song “In
One of my most favoritest conversations I’ve ever Like a Lion (Always Winter),” the deep hope within us
had with my husband was a couple years ago, when is what will sustain and keep our hearts warm in the
I asked him one cold day, “Do you think it’ll ever be midst of the ice and snow.
warm again? I really hate to be so cold. ” I’ll never for-
get his simple yet profound reply: “I assume there will The coming of spring seems a fitting time to an-
eventually be spring.” It made me think of The Lion, nounce my life-changing plans I mentioned a couple
the Witch, and the Wardrobe when, in the years be- months back. I am happy to report that I am no longer
fore Aslan came to Narnia, it was always winter but a working girl and am once again a college student!
never Christmas. Weird, right? I know. Weirder still is what I picked to
major in. I used to make fun of business majors, but
But now it’s finally spring, just as my wise husband now I am one. I should graduate in about two years
predicted. The daffodils are blooming, the irises are with a B.S.B.A. in accounting, and then maybe I can
peeking up, the tulips are thinking about it, and all the get a real job. Maybe in that job, winter won’t come
trees have the tiniest little buds on them. The air is out of season. Man, am I glad that spring is here.
fresh and warm, ready to greet my occasionally ex-
posed arms and toes. I guess that’s the thing about
the non-Narnian spring: no matter how long it takes
to get here, you know it will eventually come. It’s a
guarantee that unless the rapture happens, there will
eventually be spring

by Donna Lee Schillinger

Here’s a great way

to become a

eing a single mother isn’t easy—especially EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP:
if you’re just 22 years old. Now imagine be-
ing the single mother of 14 children at that Currently, Amazima sends approximately 400 or-
age. Seems impossible, but “with God all things are phaned and vulnerable children to a Christian school
possible.” But wait, how could it be God’s doing for a through an education sponsorship program. These
22-year-young woman to be a 14-time single mother? children receive three meals a day, school supplies,
medical care, and spiritual discipleship.
Meet Katie Davis, mother of 14. When Katie was a
junior in high school, she went with her mother to MASESE OUTREACH:
Uganda to serve a couple of weeks at an orphanage
(OK, you guessed it!). She was immediately captivat- Amazima feeds lunch to over 1,600 displaced chil-
ed with the people and the culture. After graduating dren in the slum community of Masese every Mon-
high school, she went back to teach Kindergarten at day through Friday. A majority of these children are
an orphanage. As she walked the children home, she from the Karimojong tribe. The people who live in
was shocked to see the sheer number of school-aged Masese are the poorest of the poor. Providing lunch
children sitting idly on the side of the road or working keeps many of the children from begging on the
in the fields. She learned there were very few govern- streets. With Amazima’s help, some of them also at-
ment-run public schools in Uganda, and none in the tend school free of charge and all of them receive free
area where she was working. Most schools in Uganda medical treatment. Once a week Amazima also sends
are privately run and therefore require school fees for food home to their families.
attendance, making impoverished children unable to
afford an education. COMMUNITY OUTREACH:
God laid it on Katie’s heart to start a child sponsor- Amazima hosts Bible studies, worship services,
ship program, matching orphaned and vulnerable meals, health training, and gardening at the Amazima
children who are unable to afford schooling with chapel and fellowship site. In the slum community of
sponsors anywhere in the world. She didn’t go in- Masese, Amazima offers a free clinic where basic hy-
tending to start the non-profit organization Amazima giene education and HIV counseling is offered once a
(which means “truth” in Luganda), she was just re- week. It also has a preschool where the children get a
sponding to God’s call on her life. She saw needs, she jump on early childhood education as well as receive
wrote friends and family, she blogged, and as friends nutritious food.
began to give financially, the ministry emerged. Since
that time Amazima has grown exponentially, serving VOCATIONAL PROJECTS:
through sponsorship, community outreach, medical
care, discipleship training, and vocational projects. In Amazima partners with the local Ugandans, imple-
her post as executive director (not bad for a 22-year- menting self-sustaining vocational programs so the
old single mom), she continues to look at the needs people can have the joy of providing for their own
around her as she lives in Uganda, building relation- families. In one such initiative, women from the Kari-
ships and problem-solving, working alongside a team mojong tribe make Ugandan bead necklaces and sell
of nationals, and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide her them in the United States.
in Amazima’s outreach.
In three short years, Amazima has developed the fol-
lowing ministries: Amazima fosters spiritual growth activities and Bible
studies in six villages.

And in 2011, Amazima plans to open its own school It’s not all joy on faces, however. In the stark reality
in Uganda. of underdeveloped Uganda, Katie has born witness
to starvation, untimely deaths, the injustices of the
OK, so who’s tired just reading this? Building a non- lives of children with disabilities (who in that culture
profit of this scope seems like it would be all a per- are deemed cursed) and the effects of corruption.
son could do in three years, but right alongside the The latter she felt acutely when one of her own heart
organization, Katie was building her own family as daughters was taken away from her. Katie’s blog,
well. Katie became a mother for the first time in Janu- Kisses from Katie (see excerpts below), is rich with
ary 2008 when she adopted three orphaned girls. real-life joys and heartbreaks and is wonderfully illus-
“If you’ve never considered the miracle of adoption, trated with the faces she has come to love.
I would highly recommend it,” Katie says. Now she
is mother to 14 daughters ranging in age from two “Sometimes God gives me these assignments and I
to 15. And in 2010, she did the unthinkable for most wonder if He knows what He is doing. Shouldn’t He
moms—she started homeschooling! choose someone older, or at least wiser? Someone
smarter or more patient or… something? But I offer

“My family is all things unconventional. But it is real.

Real because God has knit our hearts together in a
way that only He can and real because no matter
what else anyone says, or thinks, I am their Mommy
and they are mine.”

“My family is all things unconventional. But it is real. all that I have to the greatness of His plan,” Katie re-
Real because God has knit our hearts together in a marks, alluding to Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven.”
way that only He can and real because no matter
what else anyone says, or thinks, I am their Mommy Katie is an amazing example of the impact that one
and they are mine.” person surrendered to God’s will can make. If you’re
thinking, “I could never do that,” I challenge you to
“People tell me I am brave. People tell me I am strong. contemplate why not. If we are honest with ourselves,
People tell me ‘good job.’ Well, here is the truth of it. we may find that the reasons could also serve as a
I am really not that brave, I am not really that strong, checklist of aspects of our lives we don’t trust God
and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am just do- to handle, or things we have not yet surrendered to
ing what God called me to do as a follower of Him. God’s will. What might God be able to do in each of
Feed His sheep, do unto the least of His people.” our lives if we were ready to surrender our career,
plans for family and marriage, “me time,” our com-
Fourteen mouths to feed at home and a couple of fortable environs and every last cent in our pocket-
thousand more in the neighborhood is a heck of a lot book to Him?
of sheep to feed. “It can be overwhelming (at times)
knowing that so many children rely on us for food ev-
ery day. But we love to see the joy in their faces as
they receive food for their bodies and food for their
spiritual hearts. God is always faithful,” says Katie.


My darling Karimojong sister Maria, who is battling

severe, gripping alcoholism, and her sweet baby are
living with us still. People wonder, even gasp, that I
would let her join us at our table. Isn’t she a poor ex-
ample? Why would I subject my girls to that?

i want to see jesus.

Newborn baby Noah snuggles to my chest as his

mother lays dying in a hospital bed. He cried through
the night and I feed him and kiss his pink toes and
pray over his little life. Why do I do it? Don’t I have my
hands full enough already?

I want to see Jesus.

Zulaika, her severely malnourished baby and her 8

year old daughter move into our home while we teach
Zulaika how to care for her children and find her a job
so she can continue to do so. They have lice. They do
not bathe. Fear creeps up the back of my throat and I
wonder, what if all my children get sick? But we have
taken in sick people before, and each time He hedges
“People tell me I am brave. us in protection. People ask, do I feel that I am being
People tell me I am strong. responsible?
People tell me ‘good job.’
I want to see Jesus.
Well, here is the truth of it.
I am really not that brave, Jane and her birth mom spend the weekend in our
I am not really that strong, guest room. I figure if I cannot parent this my daugh-
ter, the least I can do is teach her mother about our
and I am not doing anything Savior, invest time in their lives, pray over them while
spectacular. I am just doing we love them. My heart breaks in two as her high
pitched, breathy giggle once more fills my home and
what God called me to do as the pain threatens to paralyze me, but I won’t let it.
a follower of Him. Feed His
sheep, do unto the least of I want to see Jesus.
His people.” Strangers eat at our table, bathe in our showers, sleep
in our beds, share our everything. And I fleetingly
wonder if it wouldn’t be better for my girls if I main-
tained some semblance of normal, but He shows me
that HIS definition of family is not at all limited by my

I want to see Jesus.

I want to see Jesus and if I don’t step out, how can He

Text and images from and Katie’s Blog come in? If I don’t give all of myself, my home, even
are used with permission of Amazima Ministries. my family, how will He be magnified?

by Julie Ann


to make

I do consider myself a prairie
chicken habitat specialist now.

n Spare Change we are always discussing ways to Not even Donna, our fearless editor at Single!, was ex-
save money, but this month I thought we would empt from crazy money-making schemes during her
shift gears a little and talk about making money. college days. In need of a little extra cash she stum-
Oh, but I’m not talking about making money at bor- bled across an advertisement for a personal products
ing 8-to-5 cubicle jobs, taking orders at Applebee’s company asking for guinea pigs to test products.
or folding clothes at Forever 21 in the mall. I’m tak- The company put 20 dabs of product on 20 different
ing about the crazy ways people make money and the band aids across her back and after two days (with no
jobs that make you say, “You get paid to do what?!” showering) they removed the band aids and looked
I asked my friends and family to share some of the for irritated skin. She earned $25 for her efforts.
craziest ways they made money or the weirdest jobs
they’ve ever had and I got some pretty funny respons- Oh and if you think the crazy jobs will end after col-
es that prove that when you need to get the rent paid, lege and you can get a “real” job – think again. For
nothing is too lowly. example, after graduating college, my friend Laura
found herself cleaning hotel rooms. She eventually
Children can sometimes come up with some pretty found a job in her field, but you can bet she felt pretty
funny money-making schemes since gainful employ- frustrated making beds and cleaning toilets with a
ment opportunities are few and far between. For college degree. I found myself working at Hallmark
example, my great-aunt Patty decided that she had and then as a paid church nursery worker for a while
hatched the perfect money-making scheme when she after graduation. I needed my brand spankin’ new
was eight years old. She carefully picked the prettiest journalism degree for neither.
flowers from yards within her neighborhood. She then
put the flowers into bouquets and went door-to-door Yup, crazy jobs are out there just waiting at every
selling them to the very same neighbors whose yards stage of life. Just ask Leah, who sewed corners onto
she had plucked them from! waterbed sheets, or Stephanie who sold hotdogs,
nachos and soft drinks one summer outside a home
Of course during college is often when the weird jobs improvement store, or Jeff who got to be the guy to
and money-making schemes are at their height. For dress up as Popeye at Popeye’s Fried Chicken.
two summers during college, I sat at a scanner for
eight hours a day, five days a week pulling photo- Of course, if you ask my Aunt Jeanene she will tell
graphs of New Mexico prairie chicken habitats out of you that she once had a job that was “da bomb.” Liter-
folders, scanning them into a digital format, and put- ally. She worked in a dynamite factory.
ting them back in the folder. Try making that sound
impressive on a resume! I do consider myself a prairie So if you have a wacky job, are submitting yourself
chicken habitat specialist now. to medical tests for cash, or are the person in the gi-
ant panda suit waving to passing traffic, know that
My friend Rebekah faired only slightly better. Dur- you aren’t alone. We’ve all done some crazy things to
ing her undergrad, she recorded herself reading text make money and aside from keeping us in food and
books onto cassette tapes for the visually impaired. clothing, they give us something to laugh at and great
stories to tell our grandchildren.
“My favorite books were a medical terminology book
and a book on refrigeration repairs,” she said. “I think
I even fell asleep while reading once.”

by Donna Lee Schillinger

and your future
’m filling in this month for our regular fashion diva, and I need to make one thing clear: I
don’t have good fashion sense. In fact, I look best when someone else has picked out my
clothes. But I am a great resource person, so that’s what I want to hone in on this month:
resources for those who think they might have fashion in their future… as a career, that is.

First of all, you must know that the fashion industry is huge and is not going away. Talk about job
security—it provides a basic need for humanity: clothing! Secondly, don’t let it intimidate you.
If you sometimes daydream about working in the fashion industry but don’t actually believe it
is within your grasp, you just need a better understanding of what the fashion industry is. I’ve
already admitted I’m clueless with clothing, and yet I worked in the fashion industry for more
than three years for top names in fashion, such as Bloomingdale’s. Breaking into the fashion
industry is incredibly simple; it is rising to the top where you would determine what hits the run-
way in Paris, or being one of the models on the runway, that is incredibly difficult. Your fashion
daydreams can be a reality, if you just keep them realistic!

As you flip through the pages of a magazine or admire approached for a promotion either. Check the com-
an outfit on television, you probably don’t grasp the pany’s Web site for more openings in other stores or
immensity of the machine that is the fashion indus- even in headquarters. If you don’t sense that promo-
try. It is everything from the seamstress in an Indian tion from within is going to be an option, start work-
sweatshop to the graphic designer who creates the ing one of these other schemes for folks who are not
mail order catalog, with designers, business manag- at a crossroads and have bills to pay, but keep this ex-
ers, retailers, photographers and models in between. perience, which is a good start for any fashion career.
And we’re not even taking into consideration all the
supporting industries, such as import/export, tex-
tiles, dyes and warehousing! There are so incredibly If you currently have a job that
many types of jobs that relate to the end result – the is not fashion-related, start
purchase of a piece of clothing or accessory – if you
want one, you can have one. But where to start? looking for one that is.
If you are at a crossroads and prime to dive into a fash- If you currently have a job that is not fashion-related,
ion career, then get up to speed quickly with a book start looking for a job that is fashion-related that re-
like In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You quires some of your same skills and experience. Just
Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry. Af- about any position you hold now can be the build-
ter a weekend of reading, if your heart jumps when ing blocks for a job in fashion. For example: Are you
you open the closet, you need to take the next step, a teacher? Redirect to home economics, then pitch
which, depending on your present level of education the school administration a class on fashion. Are you
and experience, could mean taking a class or starting a hotel chamber maid? Start vacuuming the floors
a degree program, getting an internship in the fashion of Dillard’s or Lord and Taylor. Many large corpora-
industry, or getting an entry-level fashion job that will tions such as these have “promote from within first”
serve as a stepping stone to later greatness. All three policies, which would make it easier for you to get a
of these steps require little to no prior experience clerk job if you’re already cleaning their toilets than if
with fashion. Your enthusiasm for a career in fashion you just came off the street with only chambermaid
should be enough to get you in the door. experience. Are you a bank teller? Look for business
administration orz accounting jobs at places like Rag- lists some dedicated fash- In fact, check out their categories
ion schools (but misses some pretty important ones and subcategories in the search feature to get ideas
too, like Savannah College of Art and Design), but on how your current job could be redirected into the
there are many more options for studying fashion, fashion industry.
probably including your local community college or
university. Find an internship in fashion in metropoli- If getting a new job isn’t happening, try adding a
tan areas at For a small part-time job in fashion. And if you can’t stomach yet
investment of $1.99, you can also have access to the another J-O-B, create your own place in the fashion database of internship and world by starting a small endeavor related to fashion.
job opportunities for four days. However, if you live With nothing more than Internet access, you could
outside of a large metropolitan area or don’t want to start your own fashion blog. It’s more likely to take off
relocate to a fashion mecca, you will need to be re- if it’s specialized, like these unique blogs: I Am Fash-
sourceful in finding a fashion internship near home. ion, My Lovely Big Feet, and Steel This Dress. Inter-
Check with professors of fashion classes at local ested more in design? Then just do it! Start designing
community colleges and universities for ideas. Visit your own clothes. Don’t sew? Connect with a seam-
the Web pages of national chains that are in your area stress through the local sewing machine repair or
and look for internship opportunities. If you see some fabric shop and have her bring your concepts to life.
listings, but they are not in your area, call the local Wear them and toot your own horn. If you’re good, it
presence of that company and pitch them an intern- won’t be long before you’re designing for others. How
ship idea that another branch in the company has about breaking into supplying fabrics for other local
available. Read more tips on creating an internship and regional personal designers? Getting into busi-
where the hasn’t been one before. ness is as simple as filing a “Doing Business As” form
at your county clerk’s office. Then read up on how to
If you have bills to pay, then it’s going to be an entry- import the exotic from lands far away.
level fashion job for you. One of the easiest to get is
the position of sales clerk in a retail clothing chain. Yea, it all takes effort. A career in fashion is rarely
Go for a job in a large national chain and be the best as easy as being discovered as you walk through the
darn clerk they have seen in a long time. Even though mall. But it is very doable, so the question is then:
folding sweaters and cleaning out fitting rooms may How badly do you want it? If you dream tonight of
not seem like a step to fashion-industry fame, a lot of beads and baubles, it’s time to take the first step in a
higher-ups started out just this way. Don’t wait to be journey of a thousand miles.

Review by
Sandra Heska King

by Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong

“More people will log on to blogs, Facebook, and Twitter I did not realize the potential snowball effect of a sin-
this Sunday than will go to church.” gle post or tweet.

@stickyJesus I had never heard the word “sticky” used in a context

other than those such as dried orange juice on my
My blog is not quite 3 months old. I’ve had visits from kitchen floor or hair matted with gum.
44 countries and 48 states. (Where are you Vermont
and New Hampshire?) I’m just a pinhead in “the Land And now Tami and Toni present a field guide for Christ
of Shiny Things.” I had no illusion that anyone (except followers in @stickyJesus: How To Live Out Your Faith
maybe my mother and sister) would be interested in Online, for those of us who want to be online light
anything I have to say. shedders and dark shredders using social media to
share our stories and offer hope to those who hurt.
I did not fully grasp the fact when I began to “book” For those of us who seek and share. For those of us
and tweet and blog that I would be a “digital scribe.” who long to share the stickiest of messages.

This book drips Jesus and challenges us to stick to

Him as we build and interact with our online com-
munity. Tami and Toni call their chapters “files” and
summarize each in a “download” and end with an
“upload” prayer. They include stories of real people
making a difference online for real people. They pro-
vide hints and helps for dummies and geeks in an
easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down format.

“This book is for every Christ follower residing on this

side of heaven. It’s for those who realize–and those who
have yet to understand–the awesome moment into which
we’ve been born. It’s for technology novices, casual surf-
ers, and those already folded comfortably into the online
world. Wherever you are in your skill level, it’s time to
direct your heart toward the sticky things of God.”

@sticky Jesus

The ends of the earth sit at our fingertips. And we are

here for such a time as this. Do you want to make a
difference for Jesus as a “digital scribe?” Get. This.
Book. And check out the @stickyJesus website.

Review by
Keiki Hendrix

Connecting with God in the 21st Century
by Daniel Darling
We’re a generation raised on instant: Instant formula. Disposable diapers. Satellite TV. GPS navigation. Online
check-in. Automatic everything. We’re always plugged in and wired. We’re accustomed to having answers at
the snap of our fingers. We’re used to being in control.

How does this affect our communication with God? This is the question iFaith seeks to answer. What has life
at warp speed done to our souls? Has faith been replaced with a false sense of security? Has the digital and
technological revolution made us more impatient with the God who delights in making His people wait?

Daniel Darling has his finger on the pulse of today’s

technology. In his newest book, iFaith: Connecting
with God in the 21st Century, he speaks to the “card
carrying members of the instant generation” among
us with sound biblical advice on the basics of Chris-

In iFaith, Dan Darling uses the language of social

media and delivers sound, biblical truth on a variety
of subjects such as waiting on God (Chapter One:
Read Receipt), being angry with God (Chapter Three:
Prayer in ALL CAPS), and my personal favorite be-
cause it includes advice on social behavior in a digital
world (Chapter Ten: Friend Me.)

There are several witty illustrations throughout the

book, some public and some personal. All are on-
point. Scattered throughout are select Bible verses
(ESV, NLT, and KJV) and quotes from some of my
favorite authors like Josh Harris, E. M. Bounds, Ray
Prichard, and Oswald Chambers. The writing is wit-
ty, genuine and honest.

Because each of the ten chapters end with a list of

discussion questions and a resource list, this book is
ideal for a youth or young adult bible study group. The
timeless truths presented in the book would make it
perfect for any Church library. I recommend it highly.

These are among the many Christian book reviews available at The Vessel Project. Reviews used with permission.
by Jeffrey Bridgman

Disposal Tips

anger, warning, corrosive, flammable, irri- GET READY TO HURL.
tant, hazardous, poison, explosive, harmful,
and yet, right under your sink or in your ga- There are some things we can do to prepare chemi-
rage. You’d be surprised how many household items cals for disposal. For example, certain glues and
have those words on them. From leftover paint to paints become safe if you let them dry out first. Ex-
used cooking oil, and all kinds of batteries in between, amine labels for how to properly dispose of the prod-
there is just a whole lot of trash you can’t throw in the uct. It’s a boring read, but it’s the responsible thing
can. Okay, you can, but it’s neither legal, ethical nor to do. Some items can be returned to the store when
moral to do so if you know to do otherwise. You don’t you are done. For example, when you buy a new car
have to be a tree-hugger to do right by your garbage. battery, they normally recycle the old one for you.
Here are some common sense tips that can keep the And did you know that you can take old rechargeable
harmful impact of our modern chemistry at a mini- batteries to Radio Shack, or old printer cartridges to
mum. Staples? Find a recycling center and inquire if they
have a household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal
THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY. day. A student organization I’m in hosts an electronic
waste disposal day twice a year on our campus. Your
Maybe you don’t really need a high-powered chemi- area may have similar events. Log on to,
cal; can you get the job done with a little more elbow type in what you’d like to recycle, and your ZIP code to
grease? Or maybe a less “powerful” product, like find a nearby location. For batteries and cell phones,
soap or laundry detergent? If the answer is no, pur- check out Just enter your ZIP
chase the smallest amount of product that will do the code to find a nearby recycling location.
job. Here’s one time when paying for 12 ounces and
getting 16 is not a great idea… if you only need two The City of Phoenix has an excellent guide on how
ounces. Also check to see if there is a formula that is to properly dispose of various household products,
less toxic. Lots of companies are becoming environ- explanations of why they are dangerous, and recom-
mentally responsible and cutting down or altogether mendations of nontoxic alternatives. And what about
out on their use of the worst still-legal pollutants. alternatives? Grandparents can serve as an excellent
resource for this sort of thing. Ask them what they
MAKE IT GOOD TO THE LAST DROP. used before modern cleaning products. You can clean
a lot with simple solutions using cheap and readily
If you do buy, making sure you use all the product be- available ingredients like baking soda, salt, vinegar
fore throwing it away helps keep harmful ingredients and borax (yes, you can buy borax at the grocery
away from the environment. Give it some thought; it’s store!). The Sierra Club has a downloadable pam-
not the packaging that’s a hazmat, it’s what’s inside. phlet with some simple recipes and uses.
The residue of harmful chemicals won’t do as much
harm as a partial or full bottle would. If you find your-
self stuck with a product you really only needed for
one occasion, try taking it to church to give away, of-
fering it to a neighbor, or if it’s not prohibited by law
in your state, selling it at a garage sale for a quarter.