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February 2011

Christmas Capers

Club News
Christmas Party
The Christmas Party for 2010 was held at Mt Glorious on a wet weekend in December. However Camp Constable with its large undercover kitchen and hall, not to mention hot showers and dry bunks proved a quite suitable venue. Twenty five people turned up for the weekend despite the damp and dismal weather. On the Friday night after everyone had settled in and had supper, there was a video and photo display. Wayne showed us a video of a recent motor bike trip through the back roads of NSW and there were photos of trips to Europe by Dave. On Saturday two walks went out, one to Branch Creek led by Patricia and John B. and another to a tributary of Northbrook Creek led by Richard. Both groups got thoroughly soaked by the rain but a hot shower and happy hour got us all in the mood for dinner and dress up. John B and Wayne helped with cooking the steaks, snags and onions and everyone had brought a plate to share. There were also several desserts to choose from. After dinner it was time for the dress up with the theme of coming dressed up as a name of a song. It was a hard choice picking a winner but Margaret with her “Devil in Disguise” and Richard with “Hair” won the votes. Other prizes were given out to leaders who had led five walks or more in the previous Club year. They included Richard Kolarski, David Haliczer, John Brunott, David Rae, Kerry De Clauzel, Traci Nudl, Noelene McCay, Stuart Mackay, and Patricia Kolarski. Sunday morning it was still raining and everyone chipped in to clean up Camp Constable. There was no chance of any games but there was entertainment enough as people tried to drive their cars off the completely saturated grassy parking area. Maggie's car had to be helped with a bit of a push but the Subarus handled the conditions well. Many thanks to Lynn for organising the weekend.

Photo Competition 2010
The entries for the photo competition were judged by a person who is not a member of a bushwalking club but a photographic friend of Evelyn's. Club Character Winner Tough Kokodas by Richard Kolarski Runner Up Nev by Helen McAllister Nature Winner Poona by David Rae Runner Up Water Rocks by Helen McAllister Pictorial Winner Stone Sober by Richard Kolarski Runner Up Mt Greville by Bob Hammelswang. People Choice Winner Patricia Kolarski Each winner received a $25.00 outdoor shop voucher.

Grant Application Successful
QBW has been notified that the application for a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund has been approved. The grant is for $4,198.00 and includes the following: • • • Four handheld GPS's and associated map software, One laptop, One water purification device.

The GPS's will be the the high sensitivity receiver type which can give a position even in deep rainforest. They will also have the capability to have topographic maps stored on them and to track walks. The present Club laptop is over 5 years old and showing its age. A SteriPEN which uses ultraviolet light to sterilise water will also be purchased.

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General Information
Meeting Place
Club meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month starting at 7.30PM. There is no Club meeting in January. Meeting are held at the Little King's Hall on the corner of Carl and O'Keefe Streets, Buranda. Entry is via the gate on Carl St. There is parking within the grounds and in Carl Street. Tea/Coffee and cake/biscuits are provided after the meeting. A coin donation would be appreciated. President Secretary Treasurer

The Management Committee
Gil Gunthorpe Noelene McCay Sue Ward John Hinton David Haliczer Geraldine Burton Richard Kolarski Lynn Nicol Stuart Mackay 0408 980 694 3889 0264(H) 3844 6389(H) 3343 3724(H) 3879 8334(H) 3376 9454(H) 3341 7509(H) 3219 6228(H) 3890 8196(H) Vice President

Outings Officer Membership Officer Editor Social Secretary Training Officer

Probationary Membership A non-member automatically becomes a Probationary Member on his/her first walk after signing the waiver form. There is no fee payable to become a Probationary Member. However a Probationary Member must become an Ordinary Member on his/her second walk by filling out a Membership Form and paying the membership fee. Ordinary Membership A person may become an Ordinary Member by filling out and signing a Membership Form, having a proposer sign the form and handing the form with the membership fee to a committee member or walk leader. The proposer may be a friend (who is a member of the Club) of the applicant, the leader of the walk that the applicant is on, the Membership Officer at a Club meeting or if the Membership Officer is not available, one of the committee members. An Ordinary Member has the right to vote at an AGM or be elected to a committee position. A Probationary Member has neither of these rights. Members of Another Bushwalking Club Members of another bushwalking club which is affiliated with Bushwalking Queensland Inc. (or an interstate Federation) and who are covered by the same Insurance do not need to become a member of our Club to go on our walks. However Club members will have priority if there is a limit on numbers.

Other Voluntary Positions
Equipment Officer Supper Convenor Librarian BWQ Rep BWQ Rep David Rae Mary Sherlock Noelene McCay Stuart Mackay Richard Kolarski 3395 1838(H) 3209 8514 (H) 3889 0264(H) 3890 8196 (H) 3341 7509 (H)

Campsite Monitors
John Brunott Kerry de Clauzel Ann Kemp Richard Kolarski Barbara Makepeace John Shera John & Julie Shera Ken Walters Ballows, Paddys Knob Throakban, Barney Gorge and Lower Portals Spicers Peak (east & west) Running Creek Falls Rat-a-tat, Spicers/Doubletop saddle Rum Jungle Panorama Point Mt Superbus & Rabbit Fence Jct Lower Panorama Mt May saddle & Paddy’s Plain

Editors Pic

Club Equipment
Compasses Emergency Lights Topo Maps First Aid Kits GPS's UHF Radios The above are for free use by members. Contact David at 3395 1838 or email david.r.rae@gmail.com PLBs with inbuilt GPS The Club has 5 PLBs with inbuilt GPS. The PLBs will be made available at each Club meeting and will need to be returned at the following Club meeting. Contact Richard on 3341 7509. Abseil Gear (ropes, harnesses, helmets, karabiners etc.) Ordinary Members - $5.00 charge for use of the Club rope and another $5.00 charge for use of harness and accessories . Probationary Members and members of affiliated clubs - $10.00 charge for use of the Club rope and another $10.00 charge for use of harness and accessories. Contact Trevor at 0411 512 202 Back Pack for Hire Contact Trevor at 0411 512 202 Bivy Bags For Sale $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. These bivy bags are 2 metres by 0.9 metres and are bright orange in colour. Use as a pack liner or emergency bivy bag. Contact Patricia Kolarski on 3341 7509. Space Blankets For Sale $2.50 each. Light weight and take up no room at all. A must for all walkers! Contact Patricia Kolarski on 3341 7509. $5.00 charge
Tough Kokodas Nev

The Photo competition was judged by an independent outsider who had a photographic background. Beside choosing a winner he also picked a runner up and gave us some notes about why he chose those particular photos. Tough Kokodas - Winner of the Club Character Great composition and good timing. The mist provides some nicely diffused light, adding to the drama and emotion of the scene. The lone walker on the left looks like he's working hard with head down and hands on his hips which helps to build tension in this image. Great work. Nev - Runner up in Club Character Good dynamic portrait with nice fill lighting balancing the subject with the background. The central composition and low camera angle of the subject help to emphasise the subject's nature to produce a great character portrait.

New Members
Alana Beale As at 25/1/2011 we have 88 financial members Page 2 of 6

Special Coming Events
Winelander to Stanthorpe
6-7 August 2011 Would anyone be interested in this weekend train trip to Stanthorpe in August run by the Australian Railway Historical Society. Cost is $440 one person or $399 group up to 10. Everything is covered by this cost such as: • • • • • • • train fare wine tastings and lunches 2 days on train coach transfers 2 wine tours on arrival motel accommodation dinner at country restaurant.

However early advice is being provided so that all clubs are aware of this change in case they are planning any overseas club trips during the period commencing 1/7/2011. The BAI Insurance officer has always emphasised that the BAI personal accident policy is not a substitute for normal travel insurance because the BAI policy: • • • Only covers activities listed on the schedule and that have been authorised by the club Has limited cover Does not cover some situations that might be encountered whilst travelling in other countries eg medical evacuation to Australia.

Please note this change only applies to the Group Personal Accident Insurance policy. There is no change to the separate Public Liability policy. It is important that all club committees understand these changes and make their members aware of them. If any club has questions about the changes please contact the BAI Insurance Officer David Gordon on insurance@bushwalkingaustralia.org

Leave Roma St 7am Sat 6th Anyone interested please contact Lynn on 3219 6228.

Pilgrimage 2011

26 to 28 August 2011

The Pilgrimage is the annual bushwalking and social event attracting members of affiliated clubs from throughout the southeast corner of the state and sometimes further afield. It is usually held at a campground venue and on the Saturday you can join one of many daywalks through the surrounding areas. A Bush Dance and other social activities are organised throughout the weekend and it is an ideal time to meet and renew friendships with fellow bushwalkers. The activity is run on a non-profit basis. This year the pilgrimage will be hosted by the Sunshine and Glasshouse Bushwalkers Clubs at the Kenilworth Show Grounds between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th August.

Car Running Costs
At the committee meeting in January, the QBW committee discussed the present system of passengers giving a donation to the driver to help cover the cost of petrol on a walks outing. It was decided that there would be no change in that the driver can request a donation from passengers and that the driver is free to request what he or she feels is reasonable or is comfortable with. However the committee has decided that it should give some guidance to drivers to what the committee feels is reasonable. The QBW committee have based their decision on the running costs of a vehicle as put out by the RACQ at http://www.racq.com.au/motoring/cars/car_economy/vehicle_run ning_costs The running costs of a vehicle include petrol, tyres, service and repairs. It does not include the standing costs such as depreciation, insurance, registration, licence costs etc. For a medium sized car such as a Subaru Forester the running costs are 20c/km. For a smaller car it can be as low as 10c/km while for a Landcruiser it is 25c/km. The committee passed a motion that the suggested donation be 20c/km/vehicle rather than the previous 10c/km/passenger. On the Calendar the Petrol column will now be replaced by the Dollar Amount per Car ($/car) column. One immediate effect of this is that the dollar amount will appear larger but this amount is to be spread over the total number of people in the car. Note again that the driver can still ask for an amount different from what the committee suggests as each driver has to take in their own particular requirements.

Insurance Update
QBW has both Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance cover for all members. We have been notified of some changes to the policies but otherwise everything else is the same.

Acknowledgement Of Risk
The requirements of the Insurance Policy state that members of clubs should read and sign the AOR once per year on first becoming members or on membership renewal. Non-members, visitors or 'temporary members' should read and sign the AOR on each occasion they join a club activity. The AOR is on each Membership form and on the Event Nomination Form.

Change in Personal Accident Insurance
For a number of years Bushwalking Australia Inc [BAI] has arranged Personal Accident Insurance separate from the Public Liability Insurance. This policy provides some financial relief to club members who suffer a personal injury whilst participating in club activities that are defined in the policy. Although nominally this policy has worldwide cover it was intended to provide coverage for members participating in club activities in Australian conditions and the premium has been negotiated accordingly. Unfortunately over recent times there have been some significant claims against the policy resulting from incidents in Australia and overseas. This will more than likely result in a premium increase. In an effort to minimise any premium increase the AGM of BAI, authorised the Insurance officer to negotiate the Personal Accident policy for the period 1/7/2011 to 30/6/2012 on the basis that coverage will only apply to club authorised activities in Australia and New Zealand. The annual insurance questionnaire, scheduled for distribution to all clubs in February 2011, will reflect these changes.

Car Pooling Spots
To try and decrease the costs for each member the committee is encouraging everyone to car pool as much as possible. The committee is asking for suggestions for car meeting spots on the outskirts of Brisbane rather than have meeting spots far from Brisbane such as Beaudesert or Aratula. For example if the walk is Beaudesert way, a meeting spot could be Kameruka St. outside Gil's place where people could meet and car pool. Other possibilities are train or bus stations, council parks or school drop off zones. Parking in shopping centres and business places should be avoided. Below are a few suggestions: • • • Kameruka St for walk heading towards Beaudesert Samford outside the Country Women’s Hall for walks heading towards Mt Glorious or Dayboro. Riverview Railway Station heading west.

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Past Walks
Mt Maroon Southern Ridges 7 November 2010
Seven members took up this day of challenges on the walk up and down Mt Maroon via the southern ridges. After arriving at the start of our walk at Drynan's Hut we had our first challenge, to get across the swollen Barney Creek after recent rains. After taking off our boots we waded through the rushing water. Everyone made it across safely though maybe a bit shakily. After an easy walk across open country and old forestry roads, the next challenge was a 100 metre scramble up a steep section of Mt Maroon. It was slow going but again everyone made it and we had a well earned morning tea break at the ridge top. Somerset Trail Walkers We returned to the cars having done the circuit and in time for lunch at one of the picnic tables provided. Driving back we stopped at Dayboro for an afternoon coffee to round off the day. Many thanks and congratulations to Aileen for her first walk as leader. Richard

Muscat and Bailey Waterfall

27 November 2010

On Top of Mt Maroon Walking along the top of some cliffs we spent some time photographing a large goanna and exploring a cave. Then the steady climb to the top began. Just before the summit, another challenge, a scramble up some rocky slabs. With a lot of encouragement, pushing and pulling we finally reached the large rock cairn marking the summit. We all sat in the sun enjoying the scenery and catching our breaths. The descent was via a south west running ridge which gave us more spectacular views. At one section the ridge was a razorback and then we reached a small cliff line which presented another challenge. A couple had to helped down a step section using small foothold to get down. Again we all survived and continued on downhill. As we were getting short of water we dropped into a creek where we relaxed and filled up water bottles. The creek led us to Paddy's Plains campground and the rest was easy. We walked along a forestry road to a waterfall. a short walk down a steep walking track and then a forestry road to Barney Creek. Again we had to take off our boots and wade across the thigh high water. Afternoon tea at Rathdowney allowed us to wind down and relax. Many thanks to Ken for leading this walk. Richard

The Muscat and Bailey Waterfall is on a branch of South Kobble Creek in D'Aguilar National Park. It is not the official name and was given the name according to legend by a member of BBW on a walk many years ago. A muscat bottle was found in the creek and then the group had to “bail” out of the creek, so the name was born. Eleven members met up at Samford and then drove to the start of the walk on South Kobble Creek. The creek was flowing well after recent rains and so the easiest and safest way of going up it was to just walk in the creek. Along the way we had a short stop to look at the recently created remote campsite on South Kobble Creek. A little bit further up the creek we came to the junction of South Kobble and Muscat and Bailey where we sat down and had our morning tea.

Somerset Trail

21 November 2010 Muscat and Bailey walkers While resting Anne had a chance to try to work out all the controls on her new GPS. Even though it was only one model up from mine, it had several new features which looked quite useful. Was I envious? Yes. Ah well, Christmas is coming! The walk up Muscat and Bailey is quite scenic with rock pools, cascades and a small gorge. A few adventurous souls swam up the small gorge and climbed out the other side while others did a detour around it. The exit on the upstream side was quite tricky due to the extra amount of water flowing but all managed it safely. We finally arrived at the base of the falls and enjoyed a leisurely lunch beside the pool. All too soon we had to head back and we retraced our steps back to the waiting cars. However we had a brief stop when to got to the creek junction for a photo stop. A stop at Samford for afternoon coffee was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Kerry for leading this walk. Richard

Eight members and a visitor from the Glass House Mountains Bushwalking Club met up at the Gantry picnic area at Mt Mee for this 13 km walk through scribbly gum forests, rainforest and dry open forest. The Gantry, a large wooden shelter is the remains of an old sawmill which operated until 1981. This was Aileens first walk as a leader and after sorting out our gear we set off along the graded track. Aileen set a brisk pace but we still had breath enough to chat and view the surrounds as walked along the broad tracks and dirt roads. The walk is well signposted and about halfway along we sat down on some rocky slabs on an escarpment with views to the west overlooking Somerset and Wivenhoe dams. While enjoying morning tea Gerry managed to drop her water bottle over the rocky slab but luckily it was able to be retrieved. There were a few other water bottles lying below the escarpment showing that others had also lost their grip. On the walk back seven walkers practically stepped over a large carpet snake snoozing on the track before it was spotted.

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Split Rock

28 November 2010

On a fine morn 15 of us left the Binna Burra car park (720m), heading down the Caves Circuit track. At 675m we left a perfectly good track to contour south through the rainforest, through wait-a-while/vines and over slippery ground and rocks. For some reason (was it an exploratory diversion I wondered?) we then went downhill further to scramble/slide under a giant fallen tree. Then we pulled ourselves slowly back up a steep slope to the old Split Rock track (730m) shown on the 1961 map. Then a very slow progress along the old track. Azra demonstrated how to slide down a long muddy slope, showing vividly the long skid marks on her pale trousers. Others did mudslides too but unintentionally. Finally we made it down to the rock (660m) after a U-turn in a lantana thicket. A huge goanna was sun-bathing on the rock and had no intention to move, so seating was very limited. Views across the Coomera Valley to the Noowongbill lookout on the Darlington Range were superb. Barbara showed off her ballerina and balance skills by doing a 720 degree pirouette to reset Frank's GPS, all of this on the edge of a 25m precipice! Remarkably the track trip back to the carpark took 1.5 hr despite the carpark being only 950m away as the crow flies. Such was the condition of the slippery/rocky/vined and fallen trees track. Overall a 4.5hour outing. Judging by the large brown skid marks on the rear of many light coloured pants I suspect black will be "de rigueur" for future rainforest walks.

We had to slide down or negotiate round a few waterfalls along the way and this tested our abilities. We finally got to the junction where we began the ascent back up another branch of the creek. This had even more waterfalls and the rain continued to pelt down.

Wet and Wild We made our way up the waterfalls as best we could, sometimes scrambling right up the centre through the flowing water, sometimes skirting the edges and sometimes having to get out on the high banks to continue. We had lunch on some rock slabs but did not linger as we were completely drenched and the cold would set in. Finally we arrived at the “get-out” point. Washing the mud off in the creek we scrambled up a short slope to get onto Lawton Road. It was then a very easy walk back to the cars and to put on dry clothes. Many thanks the the three who shared this adventurous walk. Richard

Larapinta Falls

11 December 2010

Five adventurous people met up in Beaudesert on an overcast day to do this walk along Christmas Creek. We drove down to the start of the walk and we could see that recent rain had swollen the creek, making it at least knee high. Coffee at Binna Burra cafe never tasted so great. A memorable walk indeed Richard. Cheers John H 4 December 2010 We waded across Christmas Creek in our sandals or bare feet and put on our boots on the other side. Following the track along the creek the small cascades were gushing and we had to take care crossing the tributaries as the rocks were slippery.

Northbrook Tributary Walk

This walk was one of the two walks that went out on the Christmas Party weekend. It was wet and raining but it didn't matter as this was a “wet walk” where we would have got thoroughly drenched even if it wasn't raining. There were only four of us, Aileen, Mary, Norm and myself and we drove the short distance from Camp Constable to Lawton Rd. There were a couple of trees that had fallen across the road and we had to skirt around them. However on the drive back later that day they had been cleared by the council. After parking the car in the rain and cloud we walked several hundred metres to another dirt road and followed it until it became just a faint foot pad along the top of the ridge. There was lantana aplenty along this section and we had to break our way through it in a couple of sections. Finally it was time to get off the ridge and enter the creek. It was a steep, loose, muddy and slippery slope down to the creek. There were a few slip ups but no one got hurt as we scrambled down from tree to tree to get a footing. The creek was just a small trickle initially but as we descended further it had more and more water. There was a section where we were surrounded by palm trees in the creek and it was just magical. Walking in the rain can be fun!

Christmas Creek At Westrays Grave we stopped and had a rest. The creek level was quite high and to continue further we would have to get our boots wet plus the going would be slow. It was then that it began to rain, followed soon after by thunder. It was time to turn back and we made good time back to the car. We arrived all soaking wet from the rain and thankfully changed into drier clothes. A hot coffee back at Beaudesert helped to revive our spirits. Many thanks to Helen, Gerry, Bob and Alana on her first walk for coming along. Richard

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Cooloola Great Walk T/W

27 Sept - 1 Oct 2010

This throughwalk was organised as a cross-over walk with the Wednesday walkers. Four QBW members walked north to south while four Wednesday walkers went in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, because it was only a five day walk, we did not get to share a campsite, just a morning tea stop. Day 1 Carlo carpark to Kauri camp 15.2Km After an early drive up to Rainbow Beach and a quick coffee stop we found the start of the walk, parked the car, and set off. This part of the track was shaded and pleasant walking. Crossing the top of the Carlo Sandblow gave us some views east to the ocean. No sign of the rain that had been around for a couple of weeks. Poona Lake provided a convenient lunch spot. The tannin stained water looked inviting. A goanna tried to join us for lunch but was not so gently dissuaded. We continued on along a familiar track towards Lake Freshwater before turning off and heading uphill to our first camp. The campsites were quite spread out and some were well away from the platform tables and the toilet. Day 2 Kauri to Litoria camp 20.5Km This was the longest day and the scenery became monotonous as we wandered along. Nearing camp we glimpsed Lake Cooloomera but there was no track down to the reedy edge so we continued on up to our second camp. This again was spread out with quite a distance between sites. Most of the tent pads showed varying degrees of erosion making it difficult to find a level spot. The prospect of more rain also made drainage an issue. Day 3 Litoria to Dutgee camp 14.8Km Today we walked kilometres through a forest of small grasstrees with long flower stalks. Mid-morning we met up with the four walkers going south to north so we enjoyed a morning tea break with them before continuing on our way.

The Windy Sandpatch

The track took us high above the coastline and in one part we walked along a narrow razorback with wide views up and down the coast. At lunch time we found a shaded spot with a view yet sheltered from the still strong wind. Just as we were getting ready to move on a branch broke off the tree Dave was sitting under and it nearly ended up in his lap! Didn't have the cameras ready, unfortunately. The clouds had gathered again and the rain came down just as we were approaching our next camp. It was in an exposed area as we were still high above the ocean, and the wind made it difficult to erect tents in the rain. Of course, by the time we had set up camp the rain reduced to showers. Some of us set up our stoves beside the water tank for a bit of shelter from the wind and rain. Dave kindly helped clear a level spot near the platform tables so I could move my tent from the sloping spot I had picked during the downpour. Again the tent pads were in need of maintenance as many were far from level. As more storm clouds rolled in we were all busy taking photos of the sunset. Several of these spectacular photos were entered into the Photo Competition. Day 5 Brahminy to Noosa North shore 17.3Km Last day today and we gradually headed down to sea level and began following a rough track through the thick undergrowth behind the coastal sand dunes. No wind here and the heat built up as we trudged up and down the short, sharp sand ridges behind the beach.

Both Groups Meet Up

We spent some time inspecting the burned remains of Ramsay's Hut before heading down to our next camp beside the Noosa River, about two kilometres upstream from Campsite 3. Here again the campsites were well spread out, about 100 metres from first to last, with a further 50 metres to the toilet and about another 50metres to the platform tables and the river. Wanting to be a bit more sociable that the facilities allowed, we all camped around the tables. We had a cooling splash in the river and a pleasant time drinking coffee and watching the water flow by. The clouds had been building up throughout the afternoon and forced us to have a quick dinner before diving into our tents for an early night. Day 4 Dutgee to Brahminy camp 20.3Km Today we joined the track to the Sandpatch just east of Campsite 3 and met our first walkers other than our crossover group. Today was sunny and we started to heat up as we wound our way up to the top of the Sandpatch. Here the wind was blowing a gale and we were sandblasted as we struggled across the 1200 metres of sand to the shelter of the trees on the other side.

Ridge Walking

After a few kilometres we'd had enough so Dave managed to find a way through the undergrowth and we broke out onto the beach and to the hard sand at the water's edge. We dodged the 4WDs, meeting up with the Great Walk track again a few kilometres down the beach. When the track turned inland we stopped for a quick lunch before enthusiastically continuing on to the end of the walk. Not the best Great Walk I've ever done: poorly maintained tent sites (and it only opened about July '10), campsites too spread out, length would have made a six day walk more pleasant. Thanks to QBW walkers Noelene, Maggie, and David Rae and to Wed Walkers Jayne, Karen, Di T., and George. A special thanks to Carol for all of her driving and the lovely afternoon tea at the end of the walk!!! Patricia

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