Chakra Balancing

Crown Third Eye Throat Notes/Suggestions ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Heart Solar Plexus Sacral Root/Base

Crown Chakra Color - purple to golden white Gland - pineal Organ - brain E ect- unity, freedom, Divine connection Greatest Fear - I’m not connected to the whole. Third Eye Color - indigo Gland - pituitary Organ - brain E ect- intuition, inner wisdom Greatest Fear - I don’t know my truth or path. Throat Color - blue Gland - thyroid Organ - throat, tonsils E ect- communication, self-expression, willpower Greatest Fear - I am a victim and no one knows me. Heart Color - green Gland - thymus Organ - heart and lungs E ect - to give and receive love Greatest Fear - I am not worthy.

Solar Plexus Color - yellow Gland - pancreas Organ - liver, stomach, spleen E ect - sense or self and purpose Greatest Fear - I am powerless and feel gulit. Sacral Color - orange Gland - reproductive Organ - reproductive E ect - creation, enthusiasm, rhythm of life Greatest Fear - I am abandoned and feel shame. Root/Base Color - Red Gland - adrenals Organ - bowel, instestines Issue - survival, security, grounding Greatest Fear - I am scared and cannot prosper.

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