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Muñiz 1

Fransua N. Muñiz Valentín

Prof. Jo Robles

Ingl 3202 Sec. 096

8 March 2011


In this ad we can´t see another beauty ad. In where the Company take sale a

product for support to a women more pretty. With different beauty products. In this case

the campaign use a pro – age product.

The first thing that we looked is the slogan of the campaign. The author use “too

old to be in an anti-age ad”, using this slogan based on the others campaign with others

products. In others campaign they can use a models, artist, and young womens. In this

ad using old womens for make a different campaing. The slogan finished: “but this isn´t

anti-age, this is Pro – age”. This manner somehow makes the audience can feeling

identify with the ad.

The persons that participated in this ad are commonly womens, like a lot of the

people can see this ad. The average age of this women are between 50 – 60 years old.

They are participated womens of all races, colors and citizen. Other thing that the author

use is that the womens are naked. With this technique the author find identify with the

audience. This audience are in a womens between 50 and 60 years old. Obviously, they


The author use the logos when he or she utilized womens in between 50 and 60

years old, for promove a “pro – age” product, when others campaigns use young

womens, americans womens, thin womens and other characteristics of a perfect women.
Muñiz 2

Using old womens they can are that the majority of the audience (womens in between 50

and 60 years) are identify with the ad, and when they are identify with the ad they are

with the product. Therefore, she of he use the name of the campaign to capture the

attention. The campaign name if “pro-age”. This name capture the attention because in

others campaign use “anti-age” product. The name of the product made a security felling

in the audience. Demonstrates a sense of security, making them feel important and

showing that this phase of life is part of all. When in others products use “anti-.age”

with a sense of some depreciation in the women of this age. They can affect the image of

the old womens.

They use of pathos in this ad of the author are very peculiarity. The use of this

technique in the ad, will see in how are the participants of this ad. They are womens,

proud of the age, and proud of the stage in their lives. The womens see all the time smile

and security in the ad. This demonstrated some sympathy that the author want to show

the audience, for the audience can feel identify with the ad, and with the product.

Also, the author use ethos too for the use of the ideology. There are several

ideologies shown in the ad, all for achieve the identity with the audience. One of these

are the slogan “too old to be in an anti-aging ad” the author mentioned this, because most

of the ads that promove beauty products, use models, young womens, and she / he try to

said the why of a women with 50, 55, or 60 years its not be in anti – aging ad, because

she / he use this ad to promove the pro – age product, obviously the author know the

complex that can bring the name of anti – age. But the author use the ideology that in

one point fo our lives arrive to this stage.

Muñiz 3

On the other hand, the use of symbolism represent in this advertisement when the

author use a part of the poblation. They are womens, old, all races, all countries. The

symbolism represents too the identification that the audience can take with this product.

Truly, the use of the rethorical is present in this ad, and the author use with

efficacy. To be a short advertisement, they are utilized all of the most important

technique to the ad for convince to the audience to use this product.