Together We Stand

Debbie Hall

HUM/111 3/6/2011

Robert Gordon

I have found appalling information of which every community member should be made aware of. If certain gas companies lack concern for the pollution they cause then they should not be allowed to build additional plants near communities. chemicals can be released into the air and cause additional pollution. community members can absorb the harmful chemicals through their drinking water or through breathing the air around them that will cause them to become very ill and possibly even die. I was able to get the best factual information. they should also not be allowed to harm the environment around them even if there is not a large community nearby. This is clearly linked to the environment surrounding us. When I sought this information. Once this has been done. Their community should gather together to speak to their representative about the situation and how this issue harms their community. When a gas company is not forced to maintain strict standards and government safety regulations they are likely to release chemical run-offs onto the land which are then absorbed by the soil and into the water supplies. the issue should be taken to higher levels of government if no action is pursued. Likewise. These symptoms have been lingering for several weeks and not going away.To Whom It May Concern. After personal research I have discovered that the root of these symptoms is because of a reckless gas company. I made sure that I had questions in mind as well as credible sources from which to get my information. In any case. Many have seen that there are community members who have been suffering from flulike symptoms. However. By speaking with experts on the harmful effects of chemicals. If the community members were made aware that the local gas companies were .

There is also an agency called ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry). the gas companies fell below state regulations causing a pipe to leak the chemicals into the nearby body of water and soil that feed the community. They take part in a variety of activities. working with many partners to protect Americans from harmful chemical exposures. they would rise up against them. . Reviewing the current policies would be another huge step to identify any missing sections or current imperfections that should be removed or altered to improve the policies. The gas companies are responsible for this pollution and community sickness because they released fumes into the air as well as chemicals into the water that contaminated not just water but food. By letting their standards of maintenance down. Solutions for this problem include stricter state regulations and policies that are to be enforced upon the gas company.neglecting their duties and responsibilities for the safety of their plant and the environment.

(2007). Safeguarding Community from Chemical .References ATSDR.cdc. Retrieved from www.atsdr.

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