Plot to dump Moody, Kirwa, Kombo revealed

Uhuru’s double-speak confirms fears
CAN KIBAKI BE TRUSTED? News about Uhuru Kenyatta double-speak about his ambition to become Kenya’s president comes as no surprise. Uhuru is part of an elaborate plan by Central Province politicians to ensure the presidency never leaves the House of Mumbi. A group of Central Province politicians promised to groom Uhuru Kenyatta to take over the presidency in 2012 if Kibaki wins another term. A State House source said Kibaki has been meeting with top leaders from Central Province on a regular basis to chart the way for the future of the House of Mumbi over the interest of the nation. Reports say Uhuru Kenyatta joined President Kibaki’s team to ensure the House of Mumbi does not give up the presidency to another community in Kenya. A secret group of Central Province politicians is meeting with president Kibaki to plan ways of handing over to Kenyatta if Kibaki wins another term.

The group members including Njenga Karume, John Michuki and Stanley Murage among others have prevailed upon Kibaki to abandon Moody Awori and groom Kenyatta instead as the next president. Our source says the group is so secretive that even the EMA members of GEMA kinship like Kiraitu Murungi, have not been included. In one of their discussions, our source said the group discussed way of duping the Luhyias community to support Kibaki and giving them nothing in return. They analyzed the influence of VP Moody Awori in Western Province against Kombo, Kituyi and Wekesa and concluded that none of them could counter the ongoing ODM wave in Western Province but decided to give the Luhyia leaders an impression that they would still be the center of the government if Kibaki wins in December. While analyzing the situation in Rift Valley, the group considered the consequences of naming Kipruto Kirwa as Kibaki running mate, an idea they said originated from former President Daniel Arap Moi. Making Kirwa VP, Moi argued, would clip the ODM wave in Rift Valley by silencing former Eldoret North MP William Ruto who is also a member of the powerful ODM Pentagon. While the group needs Moi’s help, they acknowledged that Moi was “mortally wounded” by the Kroll report, which revealed the former president and his family looted more than Ksh 130 billion from the public coffers. They, however, decided to encourage Moi to continue his campaigns against ODM in the Rift Valley. Sources further revealed that president Kibaki made a secret deal with Moi never to prosecute him for crimes committed during his era on condition that Moi contributes close to Ksh 3 billion and campaigns against Raila in Rift Valley. Moi took the deal. But some people in the group were not comfortable with the deal saying it would give ODM an upper-hand on the corruption platform. We also learned the real reason behind the formation of PNU was to ensure that Kibaki gave other parties like FORDK and FORD-P the illusion of being a part of the government while in real sense they’re not. Kibaki’s inner-circle have hatched a plot to keep all the non-Kikuyu members of PNU to think the vice presidency is coming their way Source: State House Nairobi

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