FCB1010 Phantom Power Option from VG-99 RRC2 port By C.

Feddema, Netherlands
DISCLAIMER: You will void the warranty of the FCB1010 by performing this modification. You and you alone own the responsibility for any damage you incur. The author disclaims any liability express or implied.

This document describes how you can power the FCB1010 from the VG-99 using only the power supply of the VG-99. Optionally you can also extend a footswitch from the Control 3 input to the pedal board. The footswitch can now be connected to the FCB1010 instead of the VG-99. This does imply drilling a hole in the FCB1010. There is no need to open the VG-99. I use a little “adapter”, which connects to the VG-99 and can be left there, when transporting the unit.

You need a MIDI cable that has all 5 pins connected from one end to the other. -1-

Needed materials: • Diode (1N4005 or similar) – most diodes will do the job (apart from zener diodes.) Some pieces of ordinary wire If you want to extend the footswitch. -2- . then let somebody else do the job who is experienced. with switch) • Tools: screwdrivers. If you’re not sure.) • RJ-45 plug • DIN 5 plug • DIN 5 contra plug • • • Some pieces of telephone wire (I sacrificed a telephone wire for this. soldering iron. you will also need a jack plug (mono) and a jack chassis (mono or stereo.These modifications do require some experience with soldering and electronics. solder and heat shrink tubing. pliers.

The schematic below shows how you connect to the rectifier bridge of the FCB1010 through a diode. -3- . then you will have to know what you are doing or need to ask assistance of somebody else who does. Next you will have to unscrew the board with the MIDI connectors inside the FCB1010.Modification of the FCB1010 1. I use a diode. If it does not look exactly as the picture below. On the picture the (white) heat shrink tubing is moved to the right. We only need to connect the positive voltage to the FCB1010. • Now put some solder on the top side of the two diodes on the right. Now you can solder a wire to the other end of the diode. You may want to add some heat shrink tubing for protection. The rectifier bridge is on the FCB1010 board. Just in case somebody connects power to the FCB1010 while it’s connected to the VG-99. • Next connect the 1N4005 diode to these diodes: • • Make sure the diode has its grey line on the left side as show in the picture. Here is how we do it: • First open up the FCB1010 and locate the rectifier bridge next to the firmware chip. Connecting the power from the MIDI plug to the FCB1010. half of the job is already done! PIN 3 of the MIDI OUT connector of the FCB1010 is already connected to ground. First the good news. so that power will only flow from the VG-99 to the FCB1010 and not the other way.

Connect it to right side (brown wire). Alternatively you could connect these wires to the back of the MIDI plug.• Now you can connect the other end of your wire to the bottom of the board as indicated in the picture below. Be careful to connect the wire just to the pin and not to short it to the green area around it (which is ground). you will have to connect two more wires to the board (the white and green ones). Make sure you connect a wire that shorts the plug when there is no jack plug in the chassis (a Roland sustain pedal or switch is open when pressed) -4- . You will also need to drill a hole in the back of the FCB1010 and connect a jack chassis to the other end of these wires. • Optionally if you want to extend control 3 through the midi wire.

you can connect the tip of a mono jack plug to pin 1 of the DIN-5 contra-plug. • Optionally if you want to extend control-3 to the FCB1010. In the picture -5- .2. In the picture above you can see the adapter. Making the “adapter” for the VG-99. Here is the schematic of the “adapter”: Here is how to make it: • Connect the telephone wire to the RJ45 plug. Pin 4 and 5 provide the +9V power and pin 7 and 8 are ground. It is basically three plugs going to one DIN-5 contra plug. I connect my MIDI cable to the contra-plug. I have used pin 5 and 7 (pin 1 is on the left in the picture above) • Connect the other end to pin 3 (ground) and pin 5 (+9V) of the DIN-5 contra plug. • Use another piece of telephone wire to connect pin 2 and 4 of a DIN-5 plug to pin 2 and 4 of the DIN-5 contra plug.

If you have done all of this. you should be ready to connect it all up.vguitarforums. because I didn’t have a mono plug. and you should be up and running! If you have any questions.com/smf/index. you can contact me at cfeddema@gmail.php) Joshua 1:9 – “Be strong and courageous” -6- . so it effectively is a mono plug.com or through the VG-99 forum (http://www. I shorted the ring of the jack plug with the sleeve. I would recommend checking things with a voltage meter as you go.above I use a stereo plug.