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The Sherando Times

Volume III, Issue 14

Stephens City • Middletown • Kernstown

April 6 – 12, 2011

Cigarette bill snuffed out


Governor tackles military bills

Middletown: Dollar General, budget woes


Public meeting on school superintendent Apr. 6


The Sherando Times


Page  • The Sherando Times • April 6 –1, 011

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Governor signs deluge of military bills
By Amanda Iacone Virginia Statehouse News FORT LEE – Gov. Bob McDonnell on Thursday gave his OK to 3 bills aimed at making Virginia a more military-friendly state. He signed the legislation into law before of a crowd of active duty service members, veterans and supporters at Fort Lee, a logistics and training center for the U.S. Army, just south of Richmond. McDonnell, who served in the U.S. Army and in the Army Reserves, said it was his goal to entice the thousands of soldiers and sailors working in Virginia to stay here and to make Virginia the most military-compatible state in the country. The military also deserved as much support as the state and community could muster to thank them for their sacrifices and to ensure that future generations would want to join the Army or other service branches, he said. “If we don’t take care of men and women in uniform today, it will be harder to recruit the best and brightest in the future to train and serve in the military and fight in the wars of tomorrow,” McDonnell said. “I think it’s pretty obvious from what we’ve seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and any number of hot spots around the world, the need for the military to be engaged and protect our national interests and stand up for the cause of freedom will endure for a very, very long time. So what we do today is important.” Virginia is home to about 37,000 military members and their families — among the highest in the nation — and it is home to about 83,000 veterans, according to the governor’s office. More than a third of all Army members will go through Fort Lee in the coming years, McDonnell said. The state is also home to the Pentagon, a large Navy base in Norfolk and the Quantico Marine base. “We want you to stay in Virginia when you leave service,” said Delegate Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights. He said the state needs the talent and skills that retired military staff offer. Bills signed include making military members eligible for in-state college tuition. The Department of Veterans Services must now maintain one agent to every 6,000 veterans living in the state to help ensure a fast benefits application process. Military members also are eligible for one free copy of a vital record, such as a birth certificate, which is often needed when applying for veterans’ benefits. And several bills allow boards of health, medicine and nursing to consider military experience for certain licenses and certificates. Delegate Rich Anderson, RPrince William, sponsored several of the bills, including one waiving the one-year residency requirement so that the Marines, soldiers and sailors could pay instate tuition. He said his district is home to many military families, and he made it his goal to better serve them when he took office. And, he said he believes McDonnell’s campaign goal may have been met. “This is the most veteran friendly state,” said Anderson, who lived in a dozen different states during his own 30-year military career. “(McDonnell’s) taken it beyond that.”
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April 6 – 1, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 3

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The Sherando Times
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Citizens decry gerrymandering in redistricting
By Tracy Kennedy Capital News Service RICHMOND – Community leaders and concerned citizens turned out en masse Monday to protest proposed redistricting maps at the General Assembly’s final public hearing. “Because of elections this year, unlike in most state, the redistricting timetable here is short,” Sen. Janet Howell, D-Reston, explained as she led the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections’ public forum. “It’s only been one month since Virginia received corrected census numbers.” Howell; Sen. John Watkins, RMidlothian; Delegate Chris Jones, R-Suffolk; and Delegate Jim Morrissey, D-Highland Springs, all plan on submitting their redistricting maps for consideration by the House and Senate over the next few weeks. Citizens from Hanover County accused Howell’s map of being partisan and faulted her for splitting the county into thirds. “We have a specific community in Hanover, and for the little country town of Ashland to be paired with the urban centers of Richmond and Varina doesn’t seem right to anyone that I’ve talked to,” said Angela Kelly-Wiecek, head of the Hanover Republican Committee. “I believe this is an egregious miscarriage of representation in every sense. I urge you to go back to the go back to the drawing board.” “To me, [gerrymandering] is from another age,” said Todd Vander Pol, a businessman from Hanover. “I really didn’t expect to see it, but when I look at Northern Virginia, the Tidewater and Central Virginia, it seems silly and outrageous.” Residents from Virginia Beach also voiced concerns, saying they would lose a Senate seat and minority representation would be diluted. “I want to remind you that the commonwealth of Virginia stands for the commonwealth of all of its citizens,” Venus Marshall, a Virginia Beach resident, said as she appealed to the committee to ensure that minorities would receive representation. “Take that commitment to honor the people that entrusted you to make these decisions.” “You want a yardstick for gerrymandering?” Carl Wright, another Virginia Beach resident asked the committee. “Come to our city! It’s been gerrymandered, gerrymandered, re-gerrymandered, and gerrymandered again ... “I’m asking you all today, when you look at the city of Virginia Beach, please consider all of the citizens with a fair and true representation. That’s all I ask.” The hearing was held by the House and Senate elections committees as the General Assembly convened for a special session on redistricting. Every 10 years, legislators must redraw political boundaries to account for population changes reflected in new census numbers. Minorities from various parts of Virginia spoke at the hearing, appealing to the committee to consider their growing numbers in the state. “I’m here to talk about the Latino community in Virginia. We have yet to elect a Latino to this distinguished body,” said Andrew Rivera, an attorney from Alexandria and president of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia. “I urge that we concentrate and not dilute the Latino community in your districts.” “They don’t feel like there’s representation there,” said Alex Vargas, another redistricting critic. “They don’t feel like there’s a reason to vote because they’re not seeing changes in their communities.” Three students from George Mason University showed the committee their map, which won the Virginia Redistricting Competition. Morrissey plans to introduce that map in the House. Nicholas O’Boyle, one of the map’s designers,

Daniel P. McDermott (540) 305-3000
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said the students’ map reduced the splits of counties to 161 from more than 300 in Howell’s map. As the meeting wound to a close, members of the Virginia Redistricting Coalition, sporting white T-shirts emblazoned with a hissing cobra, lined up to voice their concerns. Among their ranks was James Ukrop, former chairman of First Market Bank and former chairman of the Ukrop’s grocery chain. “I think this a real opportunity to take the leadership position in our nation,” Ukrop said. “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing for the nation to read about the Virginia legislature stepping forward and going the right thing? You are the leaders in our state, and I hope you do the right thing.”
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A plea for neutrality regarding Dollar General
“Please keep the best interests of the town at heart” - Middletown Mayor
By Sue Golden The Sherando Times As the Middletown Town Council faces an up or down vote regarding the Dollar General final site plan slated for 7965 Main Street, Mayor Mark Brown begged the Town Council to do their research, ask questions, and to vote with the best interests of Middletown at heart. Trying to keep the “contentious” issue from derailing Monday’s council work session, the Mayor tried to keep lobbying to a minimum. Zoning Administrator Fred Wharton reviewed the history of the Dollar General site plan: the sketch was delivered to the Planning Commission on January 4, the site plan was delivered on February 8, and a final site plan was voted on by the Planning Commission on March 8. Dollar General apparently appealed the ruling to the Town Council, via Mr. Wharton, on April 4, although no written document has been produced. Councilor John Blaisdell said that a general survey taken in town revealed that less than 1% of residents are opposed to the proposal and that 1 businesses in town want the store, while only seven do not. Even though a final vote will be taken at the April 11 Town Council meeting, the Councilors still could not agree upon the underlying facts. Councilors could not agree whether the Strasburg Dollar General would close if the Middletown Dollar General opened, whether the Dollar General would own the land in Middletown, and whether Dollar General was closing all of its stores on leased land. As is, the vote is on the calendar for the April 11 meeting, pending a written letter of appeal to the Town Council. The agenda item will be removed if no letter is received. In other business, the Councilors are looking hard at the budget to try to close its deficit of approximately $400,000. The Council will vote on a $.05 increase in the cigarette tax and a real estate tax increase from $.065 per hundred to $.10 per hundred. Mayor Brown asked the Councilors to come up with other cost savings. One suggestion was a tiered billing for water and sewage by usage. Councilor John Owings suggested cutting two part time positions, the investigator, and the administrative assistant from the Police Department; not filling a new position in Public Works; not fixing the leaking water lines; and lowering the pay increase for Town employees from 5% to 3%. Councilor Charles Harbaugh suggested that the Public Works Department forgo a new tractor and snow blade requested in the budget. Councilor Mark Davis suggested having Town employees pay a portion of their medical insurance premiums, and to limit salary increases to the Cost of Living Index. Councilor Donna Gray would prohibit Town vehicles from leaving Town limits unless the occupants are doing Town business, in order to save on fuel costs. Councilor Gray also questioned the expense of dry cleaning police department uniforms, and laundering maintenance uniforms. Mayor Brown stressed that these are ideas for the Council to think about, but that cost savings need to be found. In other Council news, the Town has filed a Writ of Election to fill the vacancy following the resignation of Councilor Owings, who is moving out of the Town limits. The Council will appoint someone to fill Councilor Owings seat at its May meeting. That individual will serve until the general election on November 8, 011, at the Middletown Elementary School. Mayor Brown noted that if the Council wants to put forth criteria for applicants, those criteria need to be made public. Interested parties should contact Town Hall. The Council also will be increasing the return check fee from $30 to $45, an increase Councilor Gray calls “nickel and diming the Town’s people.” The Council is discussing charging “habitual abusers” $5 to turn off their water, and another $5 to turn the water back on. Councilor Gray argued that turning on and off water was part of the job of the Town, and that it was not fair to keep “nickel and diming” people in Town. The Council is pursuing its review of changing the date of Middletown elections, so the Town elections will take place in November at the Middletown Elementary School. Council believes it will save approximately $3,000 by voting in conjunction with other elections. Councilor Gray argued that the real reason for the proposed change is that “certain people” are trying to get an extra six months on Town Council. Frederick County delayed its proposed public hearing on the Land Use Plan. Mayor Brown noted that the Steering Committee for the Land Use Plan will regroup to discuss the land use issues with Frederick County. Councilor Davis asked that the Planning Commission be allowed to weigh in on the land use issue, since the Planning Commission’s initial recommendations from 009, are not being used. Mayor Brown also noted that the land use issue is separate from the boundary adjustment, and that the boundary adjustment is a not an annexation as previously reported. On Saturday, June 4, Middletown will host a car show and chili cook-off, sponsored by Stingray Motors. Councilor Harbaugh said Stingray Motors is providing a disc jockey and trophies. Councilor Harbaugh expects the event to raise enough money to pay for the July 4 fireworks. Council also discussed removing the grass strip behind Town Hall to allow for more parking spaces. Applicants have until April 14 to apply for a position on the Zoning Appeals Board. All members were present at the Town Council meeting. Upcoming Meetings
April 11, 011 6 pm Public Hearing on Town Budget 6:15 pm Public Hearing on Ordinance Changes 6:30 pm Public Hearing on Water Rate Increase 6:45 pm Public Hearing on November Elections 7 pm Town Council Meeting April 18, 011 7 pm Planning Commission Zoning Workshop April 19, 011 7 pm Town Council Committee Meeting April 0, 011 7 pm July 4th Celebration Committee April 5, 011 7 pm Planning Commission


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new superintendent to the community in late May.” The school board began the process of searching for a new superintendent after current Superintendent Patricia Taylor announced on February  that she plans to retire effective June 30. Taylor is in her 3rd year with Frederick County Public Schools. She has served as Superintendent since July 1, 006. From a Release

School board to hold public meeting on superintendent search
The Frederick County School Board is inviting Frederick County residents and Frederick County Public Schools’ employees to attend a public meeting on April 6 regarding the search for a new superintendent of schools. Representatives from Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, a nationally renowned firm specializing in superintendent searches, will facilitate the meeting. Those in attendance will be asked to provide information on the characteristics, traits and skills they would like to see in the next superintendent. The meeting will be held at Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School beginning at 7 p.m. School Board Chairman Stuart Wolk says, “The public meeting on April 6 is one of many meetings being held with various constituent groups as we work to develop a leadership profile for the next superintendent. The profile will help board members understand the qualities the community values and expects in a superintendent of schools. In addition, the profile will assist the search firm in their recruitment efforts and help candidates for the position understand the leadership qualities deemed to be the most important for Frederick County Public Schools.” Individuals may also share their thoughts through an online survey which is accessible through the Frederick County Public Schools website (www. The survey also can be accessed through a link on the homepage of each of the county’s schools. There are separate surveys for various constituent groups including Frederick County Public Schools administrators, Frederick County Public Schools teachers, Frederick County Public Schools support staff, students enrolled in Frederick County Public Schools and members of the Frederick County community. The deadline to participate in the online survey is April 8. Wolk says, “The information gathered at the various meetings and through the online survey will be considered equally as the Board works through the process of hiring the next superintendent. The search process has gone smoothly so far and we anticipate introducing the

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Page 6 • The Sherando Times • April 6 –1, 011

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Town elections

“In a time when southern states instituted polices to discourage the poor and minorities from voting, different tactics were used. Among those were poll taxes and literacy tests – and moving elections around to make it more difficult for some to vote.” – Tim Ratigan

Citizens raise questions about 1930s move to May elections
Was statewide move to May a political effort to exclude certain voters?
By Roger Bianchini The Sherando Times (Writer’s note: It seems a number of municipalities around the commonwealth are wrestling with the issue of when to hold their elections. In this article first published in Warren County Report on March 18, the research of two citizen groups on the original impetus toward May municipal elections in the 1930s is explored within the context of a larger political effort to limit voter participation among blacks and poor whites between 1900 and the 1930s. The social and political implications of their findings cross municipal boundaries.) Boy, it seems like the general direction and attitude of the Front Royal Town Council over the past year has done the impossible – form an alliance of grass roots movements of the political Right and Left. Following the first murmurs of such an alliance commented on in the pages of Warren County Report surrounding the uproar over the Sept. 7, 010 firing of Front Royal Town Manager Michael Graham, a citizen initiative seeking a move from May to November for town elections appears to be solidifying that alliance. From conversations with members of both “Save Our Town” and the “Coalition for Ethical Candidates for Front Royal Now” and a March 1th press release issued by the latter group, it appears these groups of divergent perspectives on some issues agree on another one – that town elections should be returned to November. The reason is that their research on the May municipal election phenomena that became prevalent in the 1930s statewide may have been part of a wider political strategy to limit voter participation. The culprit, both sides believe, was a right-wing, Democratic political apparatus headed by then Senator Harry F. Byrd. The target at the time, both Linda Allen of “Save Our Town” and Tim Ratigan of the “Coalition for Ethical Candidates for Front Royal Now” believe, was the rural poor and more specifically the rural, black poor. “I think it is important to point out that the reason for keeping the elections in May today have very little to do with the original reasons of yesteryear. But the fact remains the elections in May are still used to control the outcome of the vote. Racism and economic status are no longer factors, but other reasons have surfaced and taken their place,” “Coalition for Ethical Candidates for Front Royal Now” founder Tim Ratigan states. However, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. That said, we reference one of three books on the Byrd influence on Virginia politics forwarded to us by Linda Allen just before she left town on personal business the week prior to publication. In Ronald L. Heinemann’s book “Harry Byrd of Virginia” published in 1996 by The University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, there are references to Harry Flood Byrd’s efforts as a Senator to refine and perfect earlier Virginia political efforts involving his uncle Hal Flood to limit voter participation in Virginia. Heinemann’s book is one of six sources cited by the two local Front Royal activist groups, circa 011 (see complete list at end of this story), for their research on the May election phenomena. Heinemann writes of Byrd’s uncle, Hal Flood’s, alliance with Thomas Staples Martin to break a progressive-populist movement hoping to end political machine control in Virginia and to regulate the railroads, culminating at a 1901-190 Constitutional Convention. Of that convention Heinemann writes, “Instead of liberalization, a poll tax was instituted that eliminated most of the black voters and approximately half of the white voters, many of those belonging to the weak Republican Party. Hal Flood had wanted this convention because he wanted to eliminate black voters. The result of the convention thus was a smaller, more controllable electorate, less opposition Party for the better organized and funded Democrats ... Democrats then had control of the channels, local officials, candidates for elected office, along with control on patronage.” Things change but stay the same Over 100 years have passed since Hal Flood helped solidify political machine control in Virginia politics. What remains at issue for citizens and local politicians now pondering whether to move municipal elections back to November is what has changed

Research material

and what is different. While the social-political landscape may have changed over the past 80 to 100 years, is the end result of May elections still the limitation of full electoral participation by citizens and control by small, special interest groups as Ratigan and his new-found allies from the left side of the political aisle assert? In recent months, two Front

Royal Town Councilmen, Shae Parker and Tom Conkey, and representatives of both local citizen activist groups, including Len Sherp, Linda Allen and Tina Hobson (Save Our Town) and Ratigan (Coalition) have called for town elections to be returned to November. The primary reason is an attempt to increase voter turnouts, which have averaged

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April 6 – 1, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 7

“I think it is important to point out that the reason for keeping the elections in May today have very little to do with the original reasons of yesteryear. But the fact remains the elections in May are still used to control the outcome of the vote.” - Tim Ratigan
17 percent of eligible voters in recent May town elections, and the mid-0 percent range dating back to the mid-1990s. Turnouts in November for a variety of elections vary between lows around 30 to 40 percent and highs of 70 percent during presidential election years. Low voter turnouts in town elections have been cited by the above-named cross section of citizen activists as a means that allow small, special interest cliques to maintain control of town hall and town politics. Pro May On the pro-May election side, Councilman Hollis Tharpe and Vice Mayor Chris Holloway have voiced the opinion that since it’s been done in May for as long as anyone can remember why change now? Councilman Carson Lauder, siding with Tharpe and Holloway, stated that “elections should be about issues not numbers.” After the February work session at which that opinion was given, Lauder was asked by Sherp what were the issues he was elected on that couldn’t benefit from added public input. Lauder replied that he couldn’t remember. Councilman Tom Sayre has repeatedly stated he is “50-50” on when to hold town elections. However, every comment he has made about the issue has focused on why November elections would be bad – Sayre alleges because of other issues voters might be distracted by and the potential of added political partisanship in November. Ironically perhaps, Sayre has based his “November partisan” stance largely on information he cited coming from fellow 10th District Republicans he spoke with at a District Republican meeting after leaving a town council work session early. Sayre even prefaced his Feb. 14 council meeting “November partisanship” observations by stating, “I’m going to get a little partisan here.” Pro November In a March press release issued by the Coalition for Ethical Candidates for Front Royal Now, Tim Ratigan wrote, “In a time when Front Royal needs to be looking to the rising sun and the future, we would be wise to close the door on the era where racism and elitism ruled the day. To even be associated or continue a practice designed to prevent the poor and the minorities from voting would be morally wrong.” We asked Ratigan about the genesis of his March 1th press release Ratigan, also active in local “Tea Party” events and a staunch Republican, said, “After hearing about the Harry Byrd Organization and the ties it had to local elections, I

Town elections
began investigating and was horrified to find a dark reason behind the political maneuver. In a time when southern states instituted polices to discourage the poor and minorities from voting, different tactics were used. Among those were poll taxes and literacy tests – and moving elections around to make it more difficult for some to vote. The apparent rationale was that if elections were held in the spring when the planting season had begun keeping the seasonal hires - primarily poor and African Americans - on the farms working the crops they wouldn’t be able to make it to the polls to cast their votes. These tactics were commonly used to control the outcome of the elections in localities, primarily towns and counties.” Whatever one’s political affiliation, Ratigan, like his new allies in “Save Our Town”, believes inclusion rather than exclusion is the answer to the political issues facing not only individual municipalities, but the larger political spectrum as well. “Finally it is time to turn our backs on the Harry Byrd Machine and the ‘Court House Cliques’. It was a system created solely to exclude the poor and minorities from exercising their right to vote and ultimately control the outcome of the elections. Surely we would want to distance ourselves from such a practice,” Ratigan said. Sources Ratigan cited three online sources for his research – they are: • infrastructure/byrd.cfm • http://www.virginiaplaces. org/government/byrdorg. html • http://www.virginiaplaces. org/government/museumparty.html Research sources forwarded to us by “Save Our Town” member Linda Allen were three books – “Southern Politics” by V.O. Key Jr., published in 1949 by a division of Random House; “Harry Byrd and the Changing Face of Virginia Politics, 1945-1966” by J. Harvie Wilkinson III, published in 1968 by The University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville; and “Harry Byrd of Virginia” by Ronald L. Heinemann published 1996, also by The University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville.

King Features Weekly Service

April 4, 2011


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Q: A: Q: A:

I have a copy of “The Five Women I Love,” personally autographed to me by Bob Hope during his Vietnam Christmas tour of 1966. Do you have any idea of what it might be worth? — Bob, via e-mail I found dozens of first-edition copies of the book you referenced at, all priced at less than $10 per copy. Bob Hope’s signature is fairly common and might add about $25 to the value of your book. *** I have a large collection of paperbacks, mostly from the 1940s and early ‘50s. Can you recommend a good price guide? — Marvin, Stigler, Okla. Although there are several excellent guides, I especially like the Antique Trade Collectible Paperback Price Guide by Gary Lovisi (Krause, $19.99). It has thousands of up-to-date values with 1,100 fullcolor illustrations. It can be ordered at or from the publisher, Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to questionsforcox@aol. com. Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail.
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Justice Department files suit against Winchester
to protect employment rights of U.S. Marine Corps reservist
next five months, Fultz satisfactorily performed his fleet manager duties, which were the same as his pre-service duties despite the “light duty” label. During that period, Fultz did not have any workplace problems with his knee that would have caused concern about his job performance, safety or health. In February 010, the city, without prior notice, removed Fultz from his position and stopped paying him wages. Although the city told Fultz that its sudden action was due to supposed safety concerns, it did not explain the nature of those concerns or give any factual basis for them. Even when Fultz provided medical information requested by the city to permit his return to work, the city refused to reinstate him, or to identify an alternate city position for which he qualified or could become qualified. The city ultimately terminated Fultz’s employment in October 010. In its lawsuit, the Justice Department seeks the lost wages and benefits that he would have received if he had been properly reemployed in his pre-service status as a permanent full-duty community resource officer. “Employers have a legal obligation to reemploy our uniformed service members in the correct position and status after they return from military duty,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “The Civil Rights Division is committed to protecting the rights of those who, through their bravery and sacrifice, secure the rights of all Americans.” “When the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces return from deployments overseas, they deserve their jobs back,” said Timothy J. Heaphy, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. “When employers deprive our servicemen of this important right, the Department of Justice will intervene and enforce the USERRA statute.” The Labor Department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service investigated and attempted to resolve Fultz’s USERRA complaint before referring it to the Justice Department for litigation. “Our two agencies work closely together to ensure that our service members are treated right when they return from service” said Ray Jefferson, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment and Training. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has given a high priority to the enforcement of service members’ rights under USERRA.

From a Release

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WASHINGTON - The Department of Justice today filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jon Fultz, a U.S. Marine Corps reservist, against the city of Winchester, Va., alleging that it violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) by failing to properly reemploy Fultz in September 009 when he returned from military service during which he sustained a knee injury. Subject to certain conditions, USERRA requires employers to promptly reemploy returning service members in the position they would have held had their employment been not interrupted by military service, or in a position

of like seniority, status and pay. According to the department’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Harrisonburg, Va., the city violated USERRA by not reemploying Fultz in his previous pre-service permanent position as a community resource officer assigned to manage its police department’s fleet of motor vehicles. When Fultz returned to work in September 009, after performing military service where he injured his knee, the city assigned him fleet manager duties. However, the city placed Fultz in a lesser “light duty” status that he did not request, and which subjected him to removal from his job. For the

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$100 fine for flicking a cigarette butt?
By Alexander Chang Capital News Service

RICHMOND – Flicking that cigarette butt out your car window or tossing it on the ground could cost you $100 if Delegate Joe Morrissey, D-Highland Springs, has his way. His bill to impose such a fine got snuffed out during the General Assembly’s recent session. But Morrissey plans to reintroduce the idea during the 01 legislative session. He said he is optimistic the legislation eventually will pass because of growing concern for the environment. “Every single cigarette butt is filled with toxins, and there are 5. trillion cigarettes a year,” Morrissey said. “The biggest single pollutant to the James River is cigarette butts, and the idea of the bill is to change their (smokers’) habits.” Morrissey represents House District 74, which includes Charles City County, parts of Henrico and Prince George counties, and parts of the cities of Hopewell and Richmond.

The James River flows through his district. House Bill 344 would have imposed “a civil penalty of $100 for each improperly disposed of cigarette butt.” In February, the House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources voted 11-7 to table the measure. Opponents said the bill could result in fines of thousands of dollars. For example, if somebody dumped an ashtray with 50 cigarettes, the penalty would amount to $5,000. Smokers’ rights advocates said that the bill was an attempt not to help the environment but to score political points by targeting smokers. “If legislators were serious about clean air and pollution, we’d be changing from fossil fuels to ethanol more adamantly,” said Karyn Kimberling, president of the Virginia Smokers Alliance. “If legislators were serious about clean water, we would make sure large chemical companies were not dumping toxic sewage into our water

supply. Even Styrofoam cups release toxins when they decompose. So if legislators want to claim environmentalism as a reason to support the bill, then it’s hypocritical.” The Cigarette Butt Advisory Group, a project based at San Diego State University’s Graduate School of Public Health, has been studying the environmental effects of cigarette butts. In a 009 study, the group said the chemicals in filtered cigarette

butts can kill fish. “Tobacco product litter, particularly cigarette butts, has been shown to be toxic, slow to decompose, costly to manage, and growing in volume – a trend that appears to be exacerbated by the increased prevalence of indoor smoking bans,” the group says on its website, Cigwaste. org. The group says cigarette butts are “the No. 1 littered item in the world”

and the most common item picked up on beach cleanup days in the United States. But Kimberling said there are ways to address the litter problem without imposing a $100 fine for every cigarette butt. “I think people should put trash in the trash can,” Kimberling said. “If legislators put out appropriate receptacles, then people will probably use them but they aren’t.”

Page 10 • The Sherando Times • April 6 –1, 011

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Stephens City meetings April 1 Personnel Committee Meeting 6:00pm April 14 Newtown Heritage Festival Committee 7:00pm April 19 Historic Preservation Commission 5:00pm April 1 Public Works Committee 5:30 pm Water/ Sewer Committee 6:00pm Middletown meetings Work Session First Monday 7pm. Regular Council Second Monday 7pm. Committees Third Tuesday 7pm. Planning Commission Fourth Monday 7pm. Public Hearings as scheduled and properly advertised. All meetings are and always have been open to the public Bingo Every Tuesday at the Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Doors open at 5pm. Bingo starts at 7pm. Located in the social hall rear of building. Concessions sold by Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue auxiliary. Fire and rescue dinner Turkey or Oyster Supper, April 9, 4:30 til ?, Middletown Fire Hall, $13 for adults, $7 for children under 1. Takeouts available. Proceeds benefit Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. Will work for pet food Apr 9, 011 By appointment Apr 10, 011 By appointment Story Tellers Photography LLC Studio. Will Work for Food. For  weekends in April we will work for pet food. Just bring in 5lbs of pet food and you will receive a complimentary 45 minute portrait session and a FREE 5x7 print. That’s a $175.00 value for 5lbs of pet food! Did you know that the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Counties is funded completely by donations and adoption fees? They have no other funding source and they need all the help we can give them. Last time we raised almost 300 pounds of pet food for the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Counties! Let’s see if we can top that this time. Our goal this time around is 600 pounds of pet food for the SPCA shelter. Remember, even though this event is to benefit the SPCA shelter, this isn’t just for pet portraits. We can do family portraits, children’s portraits - almost anything you want in your 45 minutes. Greg Brown 540-37-53 Prosperity patio showcase open to public The event will be held from Saturday April 9th from 10 am to 4 pm on the Bowling Green South. (Rain date is April 10). Visit the houses at 15 and 189 Karst Valley Road and 55 Bowling View Road. The event will feature two dry-laid paver patios with segmental block seating walls. Also to be featured will be a new paver driveway, porch and walkway. The projects will highlight such amenities as fire pits, columns with lights, seating walls and curved, bull-nosed steps. Prosperity Landscaping construction experts will be on hand to discuss project designs and construction methods. They will also have brochures available that picture and describe all sorts of material options. Light refreshments will be served. For more info call 540-869-004. Bass tournament Apr 9, 011 and April 10, 011 Call for details. Sponsored by Watermelon Park & The North Mountain Bass Anglers. Teams can pre-register for $75 (Entry fee includes one night of camping, a ticket to a BBQ dinner being prepared by Big Mike’s BBQ (winner of the 010 Watermelon Park Blues n’ BBQ Festival) and a live band will be performing on stage. Please get pre-registered by going to www.northmtnbassanglers.

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
com and you better hurry! The winning Team will be awarded $1000 CASH. Please visit your local business starting February 1st. to pick up a registration form. If you or your company would like to become a sponsor please contact Mike Capanelli 571.40.0646 or S.H.S.B. spaghetti dinner and live auction Sunday April 10, 011 Starting at 1 noon at Sherando High School. To benefit the Sherando High School Band. Sit down spaghetti dinner from 1noon to 1:30pm. Dinner includes spaghetti, bread, salad, dessert and beverages. Live music 1pm to 1:30pm courtesy of Sherando band students. Live auction with professional auctioneer Leon Strosnider at 1:30pm. Adults $7, children ages 4 to1 $5, children 3 and under are FREE. For advanced tickets, contact any band member, call Amy at 540-664-8690 or mail your check and self-addressed & stamped envelope to: Sherando HS Band Booster Assn., 185 South Warrior Drive Stephens City, VA 655. Visit for and up to date list of pledges items and celebrity donars. Lunch and silent auction Sunday, April 10 at the Travel Lodge on Front Royal Pike in Winchester. Tickets are $15 each and are available at the Adult Care Center, 115 Wolfe Street in Winchester. Doors open at 11:30am; lunch is served from 1-1:145pm, with live and silent auction to follow. Live auction items include: 4 Redskin preseason home game tickets plus parking pass, John Paul Strain print from King James Galleries, 88x90 handcrafted quilt, Tom Baker framed original watercolor, A solid cherry Henkel-Harris nightstand, 3 nights and 4 days at the Greenbrier, A gift certificate to two SU Summer Music Theatre performances, and a autographed football. Symposium The Valley Interfaith Council presents a two hour symposium entitled “Old Time Religion Meets New Politics” on Sunday, April 10, 011, 3:00 - 5:00pm at the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Shenandoah University. Guest speakers will be Dr. James A Davis, President Emeritus of Shenandoah University and Mark Pelavin, Associate Director of The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Dr. Davis will address: Civility: A Necessary Legacy for Modern Society. Mr Pelavin’s topic is “The Role of Faith in Today’s Washington”. The meeting is free and open to the public. For more information visit the VIC Facebook or contact Rabbi Scott Sperling - bethelrabbi@verizon. net or 540-667-1889 Blocks and books April 11, 011 4:00 pm Bowman Library Blocks and Books, a Lego™ building program for Elementary Builders. Bowman Library is conducting days in February, March, and April of imaginative play for children who are just learning to build. This program is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. Builders’ tools will be Lego® bricks. On February 14, the children will build anything they want in the theme of “Construction.” “Pirates” will be the theme on March 14, and on April 11, the children can build anything having to do with “The Circus.” Perhaps there will be houses and skyscrapers in February, ships on the high seas in March, and trapeze artists on the high wire and clowns in April—it’s up to the children’s imaginations as to what they build. Rotary club April 1, 011, five new Paul Harris Fellows and two new members will be welcomed to the Club with a brief ceremony conducted by Club President Joe Myer, Membership Chair Lea Glembot and Rotary Foundation Chair Charles Daniels. The Rotary

On the Road Driving School, LLC
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Driver Improvement Clinic
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Driver Education Class
April 26-May 31, 2011 Class days Tues. and Thurs. 5pm to 6:45 pm Sat. 8am to 11:45 am Classes at 153 Narrow Ln. Mt. View Christian Academy Stephens City, VA

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The Sherando Times is currently searching for a top-notch sales representative for Frederick County. The ideal candidate would be organized and self-motivated. Great people skills and a professional demeanor are key. This individual should enjoy the freedom of setting his or her own hours and meeting new people. Previous advertising sales experience is a plus. The candidate must be dependable, reliable and be a self-starter. This is a commission-based position. If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your sales career, email:

Classes at Holiday Inn Express 142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601


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April 6 – 1, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 11

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Club of Frederick County meets Tuesday morning, April 1, 011 at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Invited guests, club members and visiting Rotarians are welcome. The Rotary Club of Frederick County will meet Tuesday morning, April 19, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Rotarian Dr. Roy Schwartz will present his program about China entitled, “The Dragon Awakes: Should We Tremble?” Invited guests, club members and visiting Rotarians are welcome. The Rotary Club of Frederick County will meet Tuesday morning, April 6, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Club members, invited guests and visiting Rotarians are welcome. The morning program will feature student leaders with the Talented and Gifted program from Frederick County High Schools - Sherando, Millwood and James Wood. Students will be discussing their organization, accomplishments and goals. Challenging cancer classes Apr 13, 011 Wednesday evenings Apr 0, 011 Wednesday evenings Apr 7, 011 Wednesday evenings May 4, 011 Wednesday evenings May 11, 011 Wednesday evenings May 18, 011 Wednesday evenings May 5, 011 Wednesday evenings Jun 1, 011 Wednesday evenings Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church, Stephens City, VA. Free 8 week course held on Wednesday evenings. Topics: Learn 6 skills every cancer patient needs to know. What to do when the doctor says it’s cancer. What in the world can I do for my loved one. This is an 8 one hour group session held at Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church in Stephens City, Va. Ron Combs: 540.868.4030 or 540.37.7898 S.H.S. 4th annual golf tournament Apr 15, 011 1:00 pm, Bowling Green North Golf Course. 18 hole fundraiser for our Choral scholarships. $75/golfer or $80/foursome includes green fees, cart and dinner. You could win a new car at our Hole-in-one. Greg Dowling 540-37-1411 Mulch for sale To benefit Boy scout Troop  in Stephens City. $4.00 per bag. Taking orders through April 14th, orders delivered to home on April 3rd. Please email orders to Apply for government jobs seminar April 18, 011 from 10:00 – 1:00 Cynthia F. Butler, Senior Human Capital Strategist from the Assistant Secretary Office of Management will answer the most frequently asked questions concerning federal employment. Ms. Butler brings almost 30 years of federal experience to include human resources, strategic planning, and professional coaching to this effort. She has worked in the Departments of Navy, Justice, Homeland Security and now Education. The federal government employs millions of people across the country in a wide range of positions and professions. However, getting a job with the federal government brings some challenges. Knowing the pros and cons of working for the government, as well as some tips regarding the application process, can help you decide whether this is a career you wish to pursue and how to go about it. Before pursuing a job with the federal government, learn as much as you can about the agency, the position, and the environment in which you’ll be working. For more information and to reserve a space contact: The Virginia Employment Commission at: 540-535-874. 100 Premier Place Winchester, Virginia 60 . Location of the seminar is: Handley Library Auditorium100 W. Piccadilly St. Winchester, VA 601 Congressman Frank Wolf visits Tuesday, April 19, 011– Congressman Frank Wolf Visits Sherando High School. Congressman Wolf will be visiting Sherando to meet the student who discovered a pulsar in January as well as the two students who will be competing at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in April. The visit will include presentations by the students as well as information on how FCPS is utilizing technology and inquirybased labs to engage students in science. Earth day seedling giveaway Friday, April , 011– In celebration of Earth Day, Frogale Lumber Supply in Winchester is donating seedlings which will be given to every FCPS third grade student. The seedlings will be distributed prior to Earth Day. Teachers have been made aware of the donation so they can include the donation of the seedlings into any Earth Day lesson plans. Winchester area newcomers club Will be holding their monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 0 at the Winchester Visitors Center on Pleasant Valley Road. Next months meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 18th at the Opequon Presbyterian Church in Kernstown for the last monthly coffee before summer, just socializing and snacking. Most small groups will still be meeting throughout the summer. For more information and meeting times please call (540) 38-06 or email; Volunteer training concern hotline Do people tell you that you’re a good listener? Do you want to help people who have nowhere else to turn by listening and connecting them to resource in their community? Do you have 4 hours a week and a telephone? If you answered yes, then you have what it takes to become a Concern Hotline listener! Concern Hotline is a 4/7 crisis hotline staffed by trained volunteers who help people in need by listening. The philosophy guiding Concern Hotline is that in situations of confusion, uncertainty, stress, or crisis, people feel better and can think more clearly if they can talk to someone. And while many people have people to turn to—family, friends, neighbors, clergy, etc.—they may not feel comfortable sharing their problems with them because they are embarrassed or ashamed,

The news
find face-to-face confrontation too difficult, or simply don’t want to burden the person with their problems. This is where Concern Hotline can help. We provide our community with objective, confidential, and anonymous listeners anytime they need them, and for as long as they need them. Sometimes callers just need to vent, and afterwards say “Thanks for listening. I feel so much better.” We are accepting application for our Spring Training classes, starting April 0. For more information and an application, call us at 540536-1630, or email us a concern@ You can also visit our website at Network for aging support Meets the 3rd Monday of every month at Westminster Canterbury in “The Abbey” on the nd floor. Social time 11:30am-noon. Share ideas & topics on senior issues 1-1 pm . All business associated with seniors are invited. Contact: Lisa Carper 540-7-7458. Spay today Spay Today is this area’s low cost, non-profit program for spaying and neutering cats and dogs. At the time of surgery, initial tests and shots can be obtained at lower rates. To find a participating vet near you: or 30478-8330. Walk in faith nonprofit ongoing event “To Walk In Faith, a grass root nonprofit formed to provide homeless aid, support and relief in Winchester and Frederick Co area is currently conducting an ongoing donation drive of recyclable items including: inkjet and/ or laser printer cartridges, cell

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phones, aluminum cans, copper wire (stripped or unstripped) and other recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas. Please contact us at: or (540)550-9146 leave voicemail please Weight loss meetings Take off Pounds Sensibly Wednesday’s at 5:30 PM. 333 W Cork Street Conference Room  Winchester, VA. Let’s start the New Year out right! TOPS is an economical weight loss club with a small annual registration fee and a monthly fee of only $6.00. For more information call Michelle at 869-9144 or visit . Weigh in weekly with us and get the support you need in 011 and lose that unwanted weight. knitters or crocheters are welcome to join us. Questions can be directed to secretary@faithbap. org or by calling 540.869.0497. Easter cantataThis we believe April 8th and April 10th 011, 7:00 pm both nights. Church of Christ at Mountain View. 153 Narrow Lane, Winchester up from DMV. Phone for additional information is 540-869-44 Admission: Free. John Fea to speak at K.U.M.C. On April 10th from 9:45 – 10:35

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
am. John Fea, Associate Professor of American History at Messiah College. Will be speaking at: Kernstown United Methodist Church 339 Valley Pike Winchester, VA He will be speaking about his new book: Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? Everyone is invited and you won’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity! If you have any questions, please contact the church at 540-667-798. Easter holy week services G r a c e Un i t e d M e t h o d i s t Church, Middletown VA. April 17, Psalm Sunday service 8:15 Early, Contemporary service 10am Sunday, School 11am service, April 1, Maundy Thursday 7pm service, April , Good Friday 7pm service, Easter Sunday service 6:30am sunrise, Service @ Middletown Park, no Sunday school, 7:30 to 9:45 am, Brunch at church 10am

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HOP 12:30 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:30 pm SUCKER PUNCH 1:10 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:55 pm DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES 12:40 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:40 pm LIMITLESS 12:10 pm, 3:00 pm, 8:50 pm PAUL 4:10 pm, 7:10 pm, 10:10 pm LINCOLN LAWYER 3:30 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:40 pm BATTLE: LOS ANGELES 1:20 pm RANGO 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm RED RIDING HOOD 9:20 pm Friday, April 8 ELLA ENCHANTED 12:00 pm, 5:45 pm SOUL SURFER 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:20 pm Saturday, April 9 ELLA ENCHANTED 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm SOUL SURFER 12:10 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:40 pm

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For Sale? Wanted? List them here for FREE! Send your ad to: inspection. In the Stephens City area. $3350 OBO. 540-327-0811 4 black metal swival bar stools 24” high, like new. $100 for the set or $30 each. Call 540-465-3898 Pitbull Puppies part red nose and blue nose. $50.00 540-336-4435 Peavey DJ system for sale. Loaded with 2600 watt amp, speakers with stands, lights with foot controls, mic, headphones, & cables. Control panel enclosed in hard case. Great system to get started in your own DJ business. In excellent condition. All you need are your own music cds and you can immediately start your own business. Pictures available. $3000.00.(540) 535-7315. Pet Hair Sheep lambs, they do not have wool so there is no need to ever shear! This breed has hair like a dog ,they shed out to a smooth coat in summer, just like dogs do. Females $200.00 Wethers $150.00 & Rams $300.00. Raised naturally with their mother’s,around human contact daily, in Shenandoah County VA. We have even sold to children’s petting zoo. Please email for more information,photos or to be put on our wait list. unicorn1@ Mens plus size clothing for sale. Sizes 4, 5 and 6X. Good Condition. Urban wear. Many jackets also. Please call 540-631-4552 Handyman/repair/remodeling business assets for sale. 2002 14 foot freightliner/sprinter van fully loaded with tools. Ready to run business now. To much information to list so if you are interested please email me $22,000 for all or willing to split tools and van. $18,000 for van and $4,000 for tools. Call 703-930-3438 / Wedding Gown, size 10, never worn, white form fitting lace & pearls at waist and thruout dress, sleeveless, chiffon full skirt, long chiffon train, 6” satin trim at bottom, scoop neckline, matching short chiffon veil with pearl headband, preserved for storage -$350 or $400 - 540-539-4872. Sony 27” TV w/original remote. Excellent Condition $80. Complete golf club set w/bag, pull cart and accessories. Excellent Condition $100. Call (540) 622-2172 Piano- Wurlitzer, VGC Ivory/cream with gold trim. Has gold cushion seat with storage. $550.00. . Slipcovers for high back dining room chairs. Country look, blue and white. Only 5, $75.00 for all. Lots of kitchen items, dishes, bowls, corning ware, silverware, take all $75.00. Kitchen table, round glass w four cushion high back chairs. very nice $75.00. Leave message 868-9030 Apple iPod Touch 8 GB - Brand new in box-never used. $185/ obo. Wii Game System and Sport Pack rarely used. $200. Call 540-533-1472 1998 Suzuki Motorcycle ( street bike ), LS650 Savage, orange in color, garage kept and no miles: $ 1,395.00 call 540 974 6460 Trolling motor, brand new with new heavy duty battery never used. (Marine battery)/10 Folding chairs and 4 heavy folding tables 5 x 6 ft. long/Carpet steam cleaning unit with attachments, slightly used./Large picnic cooler, operates on 12 volt vehicle system. Call after 5:00 p.m. 540-8692899 For sale NIB fuel pump for 1987-1990 Mazda B2000 truck with 2.0 liter engine. $25.00 Call 540-8696425

“To Walk In Faith”, is conducting a donation drive of aluminum cans, copper wire and recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas. Call 540-550-9146 Looking for female roommate to share 3 bedroom trailer in Stephens City. $350 per month, includes utilities. Smoking ok. Must like cats. Call Tonya at 540-868-0307 Need a good tenant for huge basement apartment in my home. Walkout/Private entrance/appliances. On 3 country acres, near both Stephens City and Winchester. $ 795.00/month. Call Randy at 540 974 6460 or email

HUGE Yard & GAR Sales 207 & 209 Brandylion Dr., Stephens City. Fri. Apr. 8th & Sat. Apr. 9th at 8:00 am until ?. RAIN OR SHINE! Hunting & Fishing items, Household, some clothing & much much more.

1987 Wedding Dress. Professionally sealed. Long Sleeve. White satin with elaborate beading and lace. V-cut back. Cathedral length train and veil. Includes train carrier. Size 6 to 8. $500. Can email photos. Call 571-405-8350 2007 Ford Focus SES Black, 50K, PW/PL/PM, Sunroof, Leather interior, 30 MPG. $12,000 OBO. Call 540-877-1217 White, 8600 miles, sunroof, spoiler, traction control, great gas mileage. 32 mpg!! Small scrape on driver side bumper. 869-1076 $16,800.00 1902 Price & Teeple Fancy Mahogany Upright Piano. Works, but needs to be restored. $2500. OBO.Day Call 540-868-1138 Golf Cart, battery operated, cherry red, new paint, runs great! $2700.00.Call 540-551-2128 2004 White Yamaha Golf Cart. Battery operated, rear seat, full lights, runs great, excellent condition, garage kept since purchased. Charger and cover included. $2,800 OBO. Call 540-667-2735 Guitar, black, 6-string acoustic, exc. cond., $600. Guitar, Jackson, 6-string electric, loaded, a “screamer”, $800. Keyboard, Yamaha Motif 77, full midi, exc. cond., $3,000. Keyboard, Roland RD 700 (88), exc. cond., $2,800. Roland Fantom Synthesizer, loaded, $2,600. ‘92 Cadillac D’Elegant, 4-door, good engine, new tires, good paint, gray, $3,500. Call 540-869-3333 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. Call 540-550-5380 Vending machine route for sale. Locations throughout Frederick County, VA. Nine established locations are included in the sale. There are a total of 13 machines that are placed throughout the route. Asking $28000. Please contact 540-514-9858. King size Simmons firm pillowtop mattress, low profile box springs, & low profile frame. Excellent, practically new condition.$999/set. 7 Foot Air Hockey Table - New Can E-Mail picture $250.00. Call 540-723-0285 1999 Dodge 1500 Ram conversion van. 7 passenger 4 captains seats/ rear bench. Auto, V- 6. Nice Chrome wheels. Green in color. 109,000 miles, very sharp & well maintained in good condition. New



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Bass guitar and amplifier for sale. Also white mink coat with white socks Call for details 304-433-6548
2002 Redman Double-Wide, 1440 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths,large living/dining room, big kitchen with breakfast nook, laundry room. All electric, central air, ceiling fans in most rooms. Whirlpool range, side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, microwave, dishwasher. Totally renovated with Pergo flooring in living/bedroom areas, new laminate tile in bathrooms. New covered, maintenance-free front porch, new skirting, new landscaping on large corner lot in Forest Lake Estates with large storage building. Will consider all reasonable offers. Call 540-327-2017 RECLAIMED BARN WOOD...200 + sq.ft. Various widths from 3-9” by 7-8’ lengths. Straightened and Kiln Dried. Located in Northern VA. Please call: 571-286-8631 LOWE 12’ JON BOAT with seat, paddle, anchor, rope and trolling motor.GREAT CONDITION! Located in Northern VA. Asking $375. Please call: 571-2868631 Craftsman power tools table saw10In. blade and table extender to saw large objects. asking $300. Shaper- Never used - asking $300. Band saw- 12 in. saw (extra blades) asking $200. Take all three for $700. Tools have been used very little (or not at all) and we need the space. Call 8886034 If no answer, leave message and will return call.

A bedroom (10X11) with a closet and hallway bathroom to share in a ranch 3 bedroom home in Middletown next Interstate 81 with two others and two loveable dogs. Seeking professional, non smoking/drugs professional to share a house with two other people in their early 30’s. $550.00 a month, all utilities included plus $550.00 security deposit and 6 month term lease required. A credit and background check will be done on appliicant. Please contact Scott at 540877-7083.or Melissa 812-341-8101. News Reporter

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To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07

How to Stop Those Pesky Telemarketers
Three-quarters of Americans have signed up for the Do Not Call registry, hoping not to be bothered by telemarketers, yet the calls keep coming. Unfortunately, not all calls are covered: If you’ve done business with a company, they can call you for 18 months unless you ask them to stop. It’s the same with political groups and charities, unless they use a telemarketing service, and phone survey companies. Here are some steps to take: The magic words if a telemarketer calls: “Please take my number off your list. Don’t call again.” Then hang up. They have 31 days to get you off their list. If you haven’t signed up for the DNC registry, go online to www.donotcall. gov. Click Register Now. You can put in up to three phone numbers at a time and need to give your email address. You’ll later get a verification email. But sure to click the link in that email within 72 hours to verify that you want your phone covered. Don’t forget your cellphone. While there currently isn’t a cellphone book,

if your number does get out, telemarketers are allowed to call you as long as they don’t use a “robot” to make the calls. If you’ve signed up and you continue to get calls, verify that your phone numbers are on the DNC list. Go to the same website and click Verify a Registration. Follow the steps, including replying to the confirmation email. If you want to register or verify by phone, call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want covered. The Federal Trade Commission goes after companies that violate the DNC registry, but it can pursue only the ones it knows about. After 31 days of your number being in the registry, telemarketers cannot call you. If they do, complain to the FTC at the same number or on the website. Have all your information handy, such as time and date you were called, plus the name of the company if you have it. In the beginning, a DNC signup was only good for a few years. Since 2008, however, your signed-up phone number is permanently protected. If you live in a fast-growing region and your area code changes, you don’t need to sign up again. It’s done automatically. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
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To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
final four races. commences to hollerin’, “We’re just going to have to be better,” said Biffle. “We knowCharlie they are crazy as that. We’re nervous about getting in (the Chase), and anything can happen. ... There are Sheen. Sheen wants some some races we’re concerned about leading up to the cutoff (end of the regof what those folks are on. Speedway. true, simply because he or “Really, we’re working as hard as we can isn’t, in bring him race sheevery week tofact, the best or cars we can to the track,” said Biffle. “It’s her. important that we have the best possible equipment right now. “We’re racing as hard as is on He is on first. She we can. God love ‘em. But it’s un- second. Him is at short. reasonable to believe Her is at third. Who’s on that either, a) NASCAR, or the hill? I Don’t Know. b) Rick Hendrick doesn’t Likes to throw curves. What has recently bewant Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win. It’s no more reason- come apparent is that many able to believe that NAS- fans think it’s perfectly apCAR wants Jimmie John- propriate for members of son to win the Sprint Cup the media to jump up and championship every year. down, stomp and cheer Roush Fenway driver Greg Biffle says his first priority is making the Chase, Evendoesn’t mean he’s Beach,backwildly after to win races. (Photo: in Daytona going to but that off from trying a driver wins a Getty Images) Fla., most things are on the race, which begs the quesWe’re not taking big risks, but, at the ular season), and we know we’re on level. same Do they want the win.” the bubble, so it’s important to have tion:time, we’re racing for themeMonte motorgood finishes right now.” Many folks seem toWash., is dia to Dutton has covereddon’t think sports forbe biased,(N.C.) Gazette The Gaston or Biffle, from Vancouver, since 1993. He was named writer of one of only two drivers to have won that the media has a bias. the year championships in both the Nation- they? by the National Motorsports 2008. His wide and Camping World Truck Alas, NASCAR this profession Week This (Johnny Benson difficult Press Association inThis has blog series. is because it’sis the other.) ( features all Biffle also was rookie of the year in for series. He came up through itshis reporting on racing, roots music of own set of rules, same both a journalist to think NASCAR’s developmental system, in the track championships early in as a plumber, a pediatri-at head of a fan, who and life on the road. E-mail Monte winning his career at Tri-City Raceway in West thinks Wash., and Portland (Ore.) cian © 2009 Kingpolitician.Inc. and a Features Synd., OK, Richland,anyone whose opinion is different from his is maybe politician is a poor biased. He or she is biased example. Being stark, raving craagainst him or her, and it’s

with a special someone, for example, strengthens the bond between you. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A brand-new approach to a problem could have a good chance of succeeding if it’s based on a solid foundation of fact to strengthen its potential for standing up to scrutiny. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) A favorable report should give your optimism an important boost as you confront another phase of a challenge. Don’t be timid about accepting advice from someone you trust. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) You might want to target another goal if your current aim is continually being deflected. But stay with it until you find that first sign of an opening, and then follow through. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Although offers of advice might not always please the usually sure-footed Goat, good counsel is always worth considering, especially from those whose experience can be invaluable. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Don’t rush to make up for lost time. Your productivity can be measured not only by what you do, but how you do it. Move carefully until the job is done the way you like it. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Emerging facts about someone you know might cause you to rethink your relationship. But remember to make judgments in context of a full situation, not just on scraps of data. BORN THIS WEEK: You are known both for your love of acquiring beautiful things as well as for your generosity to others.

Posting date August 17, 2009

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This hasn’t been the season Greg Biffle expected, though he certainly hasDeep pick up the some fans time to down, pieces. The must39-year-oldregular season, win know Biffle didn’t but during the 2008 they’re stark, after making the Chase, proceeded to raving mad. win its first two races. He wound up third in the Sprint Cup standings. It’s in good first In fact, For now,a Biffle’s way. priority is making the Chase, but that doesn’t enthusiastic, back off. mean he’s going to outrageous, “We’re certainly not racing conservshirts-and-caps-collectatively,” he said. “We’re racing to win, but we’re not going to do anything stuing pid. fans make the NAS“We know we have to (the top CAR world gostay in Chase). 12 in order to qualify for around. the It’s tight ... and we’re doing all we can The drink they’re stirring do.” Roush Fenway Racing put Biffle in is a margarita. Declaring what was then still the Winston Cup SeriesReggie2003. He finished secthe back in Jackson clichŽ ond in the Chase standings two years later. A year ago, account of the obsolete on three Roush Fenway drivers — Biffle, Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth limitations, Chase. statute of — made the the They could do it again, but the positions of Biffle and Kenseth are hardly fans, collectively, are the secure as the regular season enters its

Fans AreIs Racing Biffle Straw That as Hard as He Can Stirs NASCAR

NASCAR fans make the sport go round. Some of them are crazy. A lot of them think the media’s crazy, too. (John Clark/NASCAR This Week photo)

zy, it’s natural for fans to think the media ought to be stark, raving crazy, too. Which is true, but in a different way. The best conclusion was probably John Prine’s. “It’s a big, old goofy world.”


straw. When that green flag waves, and Darrell Waltrip

Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at
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1. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Catch-22”? 2. MUSIC: For what crime did country singer Merle Haggard spend time in prison? 3. CARTOONS: What was the name of Space Ghost’s chimp in television cartoons? 4. GOVERNMENT: What country did Haile Selassie rule for more than 30 years? 5. MEDICINE: Who is credited with discovering a vaccination against smallpox? 6. MOVIES: What is Luke Skywalker’s relation to Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” movies? 7. ANIMALS: What characteristic is the whippet breed of dog known for? 8. RELIGION: Who were the French Huguenots and why were they persecuted? 9. MUSIC: What is the minimum number of musicians needed to make up a “big band”? 10. LANGUAGE: What does the Latin term “soma” refer to? Answers 1. Joseph Heller 2. Attempted robbery 3. Blip 4. Ethiopia 5. Edward Jenner 6. Her brother 7. Speed 8. Protestants persecuted in Catholic-dominated France because of their beliefs. 9. Ten 10. The body of an organism
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—37— 1. What was Gene Vincent’s first notable hit? 2. Name the artist who released “The Last Worthless Evening,” “The Heart of the Matter” and “New York Minute.” 3. What was the last song John Lennon wrote and released before his death? 4. Name the group that released “The Kids Are Alright,” “I Can’t Explain” and “My Generation.” 5. These songs appeared on which Beatles album: “Lovely Rita,” “She’s Leaving Home” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” 6. Who co-wrote and released “Crazy Train”? Answers 1. “Be-Bop-A-Lula” in 1956 with his Blue Caps band. The song made it onto Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 greatest songs of all time. 2. Don Henley, all on his “The End of the Innocence” album in 1989. 3. “(Just Like) Starting Over” on October 1980. The song had been at No. 3 on the U.S. charts and No. 21 in the U.K. before his death sent the song to No. 1. 4. The Who, in 1965. While the songs did well in the U.K., they barely made it into the Top 100 in the U.S. 5. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” released in 1967. 6. Ozzy Osbourne, formerly of Black Sabbath, in 1980 on his “Blizzard of Ozz” debut album.
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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Whether a waiting period is taking longer than expected, or just seems that way, the anxious Lamb would do well to create a center of calm within her- or himself, and not do anything rash. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Practical matters dominate the week, but cultural activities also are favored, especially those that can be shared with someone special in the Bovine’s life. Some important news might be forthcoming. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You need to know more about a possible career move in order to see if it offers a real opportunity or just a change. You’re sure to get lots of advice — some of it good — but the decision must be yours. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) The arrival of hoped-for good news about a loved one dominates most of the week and provides a great excuse for the party-loving Moon Child to plan a special event to celebrate. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Leos and Leonas rushing to finalize their plans might want to think about slowing down the pace, or risk overlooking an important consideration that could become a sore point down the line. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) The week’s challenges call for 1. Who holds the record Butthe lonlogical approaches. for sentiment gest Division Iplace. Sharing memories also has its college baseball hitting streak? 2. In 2010, Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay tossed the eighth perfect game in N.L. history. Name the pitchers for the 6th and 7th ones. 3. When was the last time before the 2009 NFL season (Indianapolis, New Orleans) that the top playoff seed in each conference made the Super By Samantha Weaver Bowl? 4. Who was the last Kansas State • It was American cartoonist, men’s basketballnovelist, essayist and critIt was French player before Denis ichumorist and journalist Kin Hubbard Marcel Proust who made the following Clemente to have at least 1,000 points who made the sage observation:following sage obseris in vation: “There’s “There things one says a two-year career? secret nothing like no about sucdesire for preventing the 5. Name the last Americanatakento what cess. Did you ever know successful from bearing any resemblance in one has in picks of anyou about it?” the top whoone’s mind.”NHL Draft. man five didn’t tell ••• 6. • Next time you’re KyleIowa, you How many races did in Busch The Denver the distinction win incity offirst stopholdsNASCAR area might the three main the rural town want to major metropolitan by of being the of Riverside, which touts itself as the series in 2010? to vote in elections, back to allow women infuture birthplace of time no Amer- T. 7.1893. was the first Captain James When Kirk. Yep, the future were ••• ican male tennismay finally bein the too players birthplace. It Connectivity going seems that “Star Trek” creator Gene ATP’s top-10 ranking? that the charac-It far. Way too far. Beyond death, even. Roddenberry asserted seems that someone has nowwas born in ter of JamesAnswers Kirk invented the Tiberius solar-poweredState’s Robin Ventura that 1. Oklahoma eTomb, specifydeceased’s Iowa, but he didn’t a headstone exactly stores information from the hitwhere.consecutivesites.Riverside to the in 58 In 1985, games in 1987. social networking the Visitors City Council voted Dennis a smartphone 2. can use a to declare their town graveMontreal’s laptop or Martinez tothe and Arizona’s Randy Johnson even download photos, blog posts and (1991)future birthplace of the character, later videos writing to Roddenberry and Bluetooth connection. (2004). via a his approval. In honor of its ••• receiving 3. It was theclaim seasonand the city 1993 to (Buffalo Famed newfoundscreenwriterfame, director Woody Allen and Dallas). startedannual TrekinFest, began hosting an his career show business in with 1960s as a writer battle complete the a Spockapalooza 4. Mitch Richmond (1986-88). for the TV series “Candid Camera.” of Zach Bogosian was 5. the bands. ••• the third • a traditional Moroccan overall pick by Atlanta in 2008. wedding, In If you enjoy cooking, you might the He won 24 races (three in following have heard of some of the Sprint 6. bride must be purified a milk bath and cookbooks: Nationwide Series and with Cup, have her handsIt and Grill It,” “The 13before “Kill and feet painted in henna of the the ceremony. of Beans,” Joy in the Camping“Full Truck Pickling,” World eight “The Stinking ••• Cookbook” and “I A man named Stephen Burns Series). Believe It’s Not Meat!” holds a Can’t Then rather odd world 2010. He managed to record: 7. It was August again, maybe not.
• © 2011 termFeatures Synd., Inc. usually The King “bric-a-brac,” used to refer to a collection of tawdry trinkets, comes from the French,

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hitchhike through all of the contiguous 48 states in less time than anyone else -- 6 days and 6 hours.

You might be surprised to learn that the largest supplier of foreign oil to the United States isn’t Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq or Kuwait. In fact, we buy more of our oil much closer to home: from Canada. Between 70 percent and 80 percent of all the world’s fresh water is frozen, stored in Arctic and Antarctic glaciers.


••• ••• •••

Not all black bears are black; individuals in some populations around the world can be brown, white, cinnamon or even blue. Thought for the Day: “I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on.” -- Oscar Levant •••
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• On A mott of Marath teen ru 10 mad athon’s in acco to its c yards. • On A France notorio “The R fire wh him thr old. Vo enemy • On A Tito Pu Bandle helped and jaz that sp ic sho 100 al Awards • On “Jack” known of his role in Nest,” first fil teenage ror flic • On winnin is kille on Oki had be and saw France to him describ • On Pengui tals, 3onds of fifth-lo Nation hockey • On regime wishin to boar west of Boatlif refugee in abou

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January 11, 2010

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