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Jake Gyllenhaal’s new action epic Source Code treads on some familiar territory. >> pg. 6

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Evaluating the USC executive
Mike Tithecott
PRESIDENT Overall: B Approachability: B+ Transparency: BPlatform: B+ While two-ply toilet paper may not have been realized in the University Community Centre, University Students’ Council President Mike Tithecott made great headway this year when it came to busing. He successfully implemented a 12-month bus pass, late night busing and made plans to establish a bus shelter outside of D.B. Weldon Library. He also followed through on tailgating at The Spoke, laptop sharing and Purple Fest. However, when it came to some of the issues that mattered most, Tithecott was disturbingly absent. During the potential UWO Faculty Association strike, Tithecott failed to take the reins and deliver the information students needed. His presentations to council on his recent undertakings were often vague, decreasing the transparency of the position and leaving many councillors unsure as to what he was actually doing. Despite these shortcomings, Tithecott was described as approachable and friendly by his co-workers. Overall, Tithecott was an effective president. His successes concerning busing will have long-lasting, positive effects for students and this may come to define his legacy.

Ely Rygier
VICE-PRESIDENT FINANCE Overall: A Approachability: A+ Transparency: A Platform: AEly Rygier worked tirelessly this year to reform the capital planning budget and implement many long-needed changes to the University Students’ Council. The Wave and The Spoke had their most successful year in recent memory, mostly by doing what many in his position haven’t done — taking a step back. Rygier allowed food and beverage manager Jeff Armour to simply do his job, which he does well. During the budget process, Rygier also succeeded in tying fees to inflation to accurately reflect changing economics. Rygier was noted by councillors to be exceptionally open and approachable, scheduling personal meetings with 63 of the 68 councillors to discuss the budget in understandable terms. Rygier often addressed his shortcomings straight on instead of sweeping them under the rug. Many councillors described Rygier as the most competent and effective executive on the board.

Meaghan Coker
VICE-PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS Overall: B+ Approachability: A Transparency: C+ Platform Fulfillment: B+ Meaghan Coker was clearly passionate about her position and attempted to share that passion with council. But she was thrust into a position where she had to defend the external lobbying portion of her portfolio against her work with the USC. Some councillors remain concerned that the “true” costs of being president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance are unclear. Coker said she has implemented a policy with OUSA that these costs will be split between OUSA and the president’s student council. Coker said she’s still tabulating the total costs of being OUSA president, but said no one has officially requested them. To her credit, Coker was approachable for councillors inside and outside of the office. Her attitude towards sharing information about her work with OUSA was positive and she was able to orchestrate many presentations on her accomplishments. She also highlighted corners of the platform which were not highlighted in the past, such as the accessibility portfolio.

Scott Kerr
VICE-PRESIDENT CAMPUS ISSUES Overall: B+ Approachability: A Transparency: B+ Platform Fulfillment: B Scott Kerr could be looked at as the VP who put campus issues on the radar for council. Under his care, the services saw an improved meeting space and several expansions, such as the Food Support Service and the “I Know Someone” campaign. There was also groundwork laid for improved services in the coming years through the introduction of a full-time staff member to the Support Service Centre, who will handle a variety of counselling needs. Kerr was approachable and always had an open door. He also spearheaded Purple Fest, which some viewed as one of the most successful events of the year. Kerr’s faults lie in his inability to complete the social responsibility review for the USC and occasionally lacking knowledge about the dollars and cents surrounding his initiatives. In the long term, Kerr has set the services up for success and has placed social responsibility as a priority for the USC over the next several years through the adjustments he made to “Vision to Lead.”

Justin Mackie
VICE-PRESIDENT STUDENT EVENTS Overall: BApproachability: C+ Transparency: C+ Platform Fulfillment: B Mackie proved to be a VP who organized great events but was difficult to approach and get in touch with. While he may have been working hard, his inability to communicate to council hindered their ability to offer input on events. He made several decisions that were not communicated with council, leading to some confusion and frustration. Mackie held several well-attended events this year and even took some risks with new events like Purple Finale. He also worked on making positive, long-lasting changes to the clubs system through changes to the clubs co-ordinator position. Mackie’s platform was well fulfilled with exception of the ice rink, which is still sitting on Concrete Beach without ice or any apparent purpose.

“Mike was a good president, but good presidents are quickly forgotten. I wish he had tried to step outside the box and do something fantastic.” “‘Average Mike’ had issues this year being a team leader. On some of the major issues throughout the year, he wasn’t able to elevate the skills (or lack thereof) of his communications officer to effectively address the problem.”

“It was the little things that Ely did that, I think, means he was doing a good job. He knows most of the USC staff and councillors by name. He was very clear about what he was doing all year. Most importantly, he told us the truth and he did it with a little bit of humour.” “Ely was by far the MVP of the year. All of his major platform points were varied out and deficit was eliminated by the end of first semester, which left him even more time to work on even more initiatives and set up next year to be a great one. And he did almost all of this in his office, with the door open.”

“Charity Ball was fantastic, and a lot of great events were thrown this year, but I (as well as other members of council) were often uncomfortable not knowing what he was doing or how he was doing it.” “He may flip and flop, but he gets the job done. Great events and he has made effective changes to the clubs co-ordinatior.” “Does not make much of an effort in reaching out to councillors, but is great to talk to once you make it to that point.”
About the evaluations This report card is based on the opinions of the Gazette news team. Additional support was provided by an anonymous survey sent to councillors and commissioners. A selection of their feedback is provided at the bottom of each evaluation.

“Most UWO students will never understand the amount of time and effort that Meaghan put into her UA portfolio this year, but the countless students who benefitted from her passion will never forget her.” “She spent tens of thousands of dollars travelling back and forth between London and Toronto. Why? She should have just stayed in Toronto the whole time.”

“Great job with the portfolio, extremely approachable, and has really given me a new outlook on Campus Issues.” “The VP CI is a position which could be done as a 10-4 job, but Scotty is in at 8:30 and out at 5:30. He has been instrumental in setting up and ensuring the long-term success of the Support Services Centre.” “He did accomplish a whole bunch of his platform points, but fell short on his biggest promise [...] the USC social responsibility review. ”


thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011

USC overhauls referendum system for club funding
Decision follows disputed SRP referendum
Cheryl Madliger GAZETTE STAFF
The University Students’ Council passed a new motion last week preventing clubs from initiating their own referendums to get funding from student fees. The move comes on the heels of a contentious referendum initiated by a campus club, which USC officials eventually invalidated. The motion now makes it impossible for clubs like World University Service of Canada to initiate their own referendum. WUSC successfully lobbied for a referendum to add 52 cents to help fund the Student Refugee Program. WUSC was able to do this because it was considered a “third party” to the USC. But the USC has since redefined what “third party” means, excluding clubs like WUSC. Alysha Li, social science councillor for the USC, said the motion deals mainly with two issues. “There was a lack of specific procedure for obtaining third-party funding in the USC bylaws, as well as a lack of a clear definition for a ‘third party’,” she said. Andrew Shaw, an arts and humanities councillor for the USC, explained what classifies a group as a third party. “It must not be a USC-led or USCratified club. It must have financial oversight by either the USC or UWO. And it must be for the benefit of Western students,” he said. Only if a group meets all of these conditions will it be able to initiate a referendum, meaning clubs will not be able to initiate referendums concerning levying a student fee. Marino Felice, president of the HBAA Students’ Council, was critical of the motion. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that USC-ratified clubs can’t levy fees on students, when this is something that other university councils across Canada allow,” he said. Instead, Felice said levies on student fees should be allowed, provided students have the choice to optout. “I think we haven’t addressed the larger issue yet — giving students a choice,” he said, mentioning his plans to present on the issue at the final council meeting of the year. As it stands, clubs can apply for funding from a single pool of money. But they can only do this once per year, according to Ely Rygier, vicepresident finance for the USC. Now, after eliminating the option for a student-led referendum, the USC is looking at ways to give clubs long-term funding, either from the existing pool or from another fund culled from student fees. “We did recognize the need for clubs to have guaranteed continued funding for several years, as some clubs run programs that need a steady funding stream that cannot rely on the current grant system,

I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that USCratified clubs can’t levy fees on students, when this is something that other university councils across Canada allow.
Marino Felice
President of the HBAA Students’ Council

which currently does not have the option of continued funding for multiple years,” Li said. According to Shaw, the VP finance will investigate alternative forms of long-term funding, though where the continuing funds will be taken from is unclear. “If a fee has to go up, council has to decide that the fee is going up,” Rygier said, noting the decision will rest with next year’s student council and VP finance. The changes, Shaw said, are meant to improve the referendum process. “These changes, while regulatory in nature, are meant to provide a better student-initiated referendum procedure that gives students the most information and guidance through the process as possible.”

News Briefs

Conservatives go creepin’
A Western student was recently creeped on Facebook by someone she least expected: the Conservative Party. After registering to attend a Conservative rally with Stephen Harper in London, second-year social science student Awish Aslam and her friend were pulled aside by two security personnel working at the rally. The personnel escorted them out of the rally as soon as they arrived. When they asked why, they were told it was due to their alliances with the Liberal Party displayed on their Facebook profiles. “We had to wear these little Conservative stickers on our chest so

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that people knew we were allowed in and he just ripped them up,” Aslam recalled of the incident. Both girls had changed their profile pictures to one of them posing with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff after snagging a photo with a politician at a Liberal rally last week in London. “We were really upset at first, but then I got home and I thought, ‘You know what, we need to start telling people about this,’” Aslam said. Since press flocked to her story, spokespeople for the Conservative Party have publicly apologized and offered to arrange for the girls to meet Harper. Aslam explained it was especially disheartening for young people interested in becoming more informed to be treated this way.

“We’re young people and people are always making a huge deal about how young people to go out and vote. [...] It’s really discouraging, especially to students because we feel like we don’t have a voice if they can just kick us out like that. They really don’t care about our opinion.”

— Kaleigh Rogers

London school does the robot, wins big
This past weekend, Oakridge Secondary School won the “The Rookie All-Star Award” in the Regional FIRST Robotics Event in Toronto. The Oakbotics team has been invited to the international championships in St. Louis. “It has been just incredible,” Jerry Kirshner, the teacher who leads the team, said. Their minibot, which was named ACORN, was tasked with climbing up a ten-foot pole. “It has been the hardest fun the kids have ever had,” Kirshner said, adding that he hopes to take them to the Championship.

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thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The best argument against democracy is a five–minute conversation with the average voter.

— Winston Churchill

Limiting access not advisable
The Conservative Party is doing damage control after a few supporters were kicked out of a rally in London for doing little more than having an association with another party. In one case, an individual had a picture on her Facebook profile with Michael Ignatieff, the leader of the Liberal Party. Another was driving a car with a pro–NDP bumper sticker. While it’s understandable that political parties would want to avoid uncomfortable conversations with vocal opponents, it’s hard to see how the Conservatives could think this action was the right choice. In fact, if these ejections have done anything, it’s lent a semblance of credibility to Ignatieff’s many tweets about the “Harper regime.” True, the removal of those few individuals who were deemed to support other parties was not in violation of our civil rights since these rallies are private events intended to assemble support from a grassroots base. However, even though they can reject anyone they want, it’s still in Harper’s best interest to let everybody in. The elections are a popularity contest, and picking and choosing who gets to come into the tent is a strategy that can backfire in a spectacular fashion. Organizers were probably exercising risk management, albeit excessively. If they can identify something as being a potential problem, it seems reasonable for them to try and diffuse what could lead to a news cycle centering on protests at Conservative Party events. But in avoiding one PR disaster, they’ve opened the door to another. They couldn’t have known that asking a few people to leave would snowball into front page news. But pre–emptively acting against otherwise innocent people is far worse than reacting to a protest. It smacks of an obsessive need for control — not a great thing, especially at a time when Harper is being criticized for similar actions at the federal level. Besides, a boorish protest at a Party event is unlikely to reflect badly on anyone except those who protest and the parties they support. In these situations, like in politics of any kind, it’s not just a question of what you can do, but what you should do. This time, the Conservatives made the wrong choice. It’s only a matter of time until ads start attacking these actions as well.
—The Gazette Editorial Board

Reflecting back upon the school year
Dr. Opstopus 2.0
undergrad degree — congratulations! And for everyone else, you’ve made it through another year too — but you don’t get congratulations, because that’s less of an accomplishment. Successfully continuing through university is no light task, but in the neverending amount of work, it often seems to be forgotten. But what if you take a second right now and just reflected on something you’ve learned this year or something you’ve accomplished? Maybe it’s lifealtering, maybe it’s a fact you learned in class or maybe you just discovered a new interest you didn’t know you had. I know that I have grown a tremendous amount as a person this year, and — even though I can’t wait for the year to end, the readings to stop and to finally have time to just relax — I don’t want to simply overlook everything that I’ve accomplished this year. And neither should you. Every year should be taken as an opportunity to build off of, to improve on and to learn from. University, in a way, is this wonderful break from real life. Here we are, safely secured in the soft confines of the Western bubble merely looking out into the real world. We don’t have to face it just yet — we have these years to prepare. So be stressed, make mistakes, have fun, but don’t forget to remember. Don’t toss this year away like you did that failed chemistry midterm, hoping that it will never resurface. Instead, look at what you did right and what you got wrong. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, but improve for the final. Most students spend university memorizing information, regurgitating it on the exam and forgetting it immediately after. My suggestion is to not merely focus on the tests you take in university, but use university as the test.

Dear LIfe
Your anonymous letters to life Dear Life, Thank you for having me lose my virginity at 22. It’s about time!! Dear Life, I’m going to do the impossible — deactivate Facebook until exams are over. Hold on while I grab a tissue. Dear Life, I asked for tea. TEA. With cream. Yes, I said cream! Not coffee. I HATE coffee! Stop giving me coffee!! Dear Life, Spring is just a theory. Dear Life, Please bring back the Meatro. It was the best thing I’ve read all year.

April is a time for new beginnings — Spring has arrived, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and snow is melting everywhere except London. But in the university world, April is a time for stress, stress and more stress. I bet you can relate, right? Your last couple of weeks have probably been filled with essays, presentations, final assignments and studying for exams. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and wish every day that everything would just finally end. I can relate to this too. I’ve been keeping more than busy with the mountains of schoolwork that has piled up in front of me. Even as I write this, the fact that I’m forming somewhat coherent sentences is enough of a win for me. I recently heard from a friend that one of her final assignments is to write an essay about what she had learned during the term. This got me thinking — how many people actually think about what they have learned and accomplished after the year? It’s easy at this time of the year to count down the days until you complete your last exam, to look forward to the summer and to whatever life may bring. But with so much time spent anticipating the future, what is constantly forgotten during this time of year is taking a minute to look back. For first-years, you’ve successfully completed your first year of university — congratulations! For final-year students, you’ve successfully completed your

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thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Job Hunt

“I can’t cook, but my friend can! Now even I can learn! xvb”

>> Victoria Beckham on Twitter,
promoting friend Eva Longoria’s new cook book

Summer is just around the corner – and so are interviews for internships and jobs. At job interviews, we all try to put our best foot forward. That means looking the part, dressing to impress, designing an eye-catching resume and giving a firm handshake. But none of that’ll matter if before your big interview your potential employer has already creeped pictures of you doing keg stands or dancing in your underwear on your Facebook profile. It’s scary but true – more and more modern employers use Facebook to get an impression of potential hires. In 2006, a survey of over 31,000 managers found 11 per cent use social networks like Facebook to screen candidates. By 2008, this doubled to 22 per cent with an additional 9 per cent saying they also plan to start using the technology. By 2011, those numbers have likely risen. Almost every student uses Facebook, so how do you make your profile employer-friendly? Follow our tips to clean up your presence on the world’s most popular social network – and maybe even use your profile to stand out from the crowd.

>> 1 > A picture says a thousand words

>> 2 > Watch what you say
Status updates are a great way to tell friends what you did last weekend or what you think of the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. But when it comes to rants about your old boss, Facebook isn’t the place. CareerBuilder found 28 per cent of managers would be turned-off by someone badmouthing a past employer or co-worker. Leaking confidential information is also a huge (and obvious) no-no. But even non-job-oriented status updates and wall posts can have a negative effect. Applying for an editing gig? It’s probably a good call to use proper spelling and grammar. And unless you’re applying for a child care position, it’s likely best to avoid childish behavior like saying “omg how r u 2day” and constant smiley faces.

I know, I know – those body shots you did on vacation over Reading Week were a bit out of character. But if that’s the first picture your potential employer sees when they peruse your Facebook, it might leave a worse taste in their mouth than yours after that 13th shot of tequila. According to that CareerBuilder survey, 41 per cent of managers said inappropriate photos or information would reflect poorly on a potential hire.

So first off, clean up those albums and start untagging yourself in pictures that don’t reflect a somewhat professional character. And above all – lose the booze. Even though it’s your “spare time,” looking like a constant drunk on Facebook will make some employers see you as a derelict, not an all-star. Pictures of you inside a drinking establishment won’t ruin your character, but snapshots of you doing something unsavory in a bar will.

Maddie Leznoff GAZETTE

>> 3 > Amp up those privacy settings
Most of us have had our Facebook profiles for years – so good luck completely cleansing it of anything embarrassing. Sometimes the best bet is just to censor it entirely. To increase your privacy settings, head to the top right corner of your Facebook page then click on Account, then Privacy Settings. The “Friends Only” setting is the safest way to ensure only your inner circle of trust sees your personal profile. But if you head to the “Custom” panel, you can customize every single setting and exclude only those people you want – like, perhaps, a future boss.

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>> 4 > Use Facebook to gain quality face time
While the potential downsides of having a Facebook profile should be pretty clear by now, having a presence on the social network can also gain you bonus points in your job hunt. Once you’ve adjusted those privacy settings accordingly, why not allow employers a controlled little window into your world? For one, choose a profile picture that best represents you – since that’s all employers will see when they try to creep you if your privacy settings are high. This doesn’t mean getting a professional headshot in a suit, but it does mean having a flattering photo versus one that suggests you’re immature or a party animal. You can also start “liking” pages for things that might peak an employer’s interest. If you’re applying for a marketing job, for instance, it might be a good call to like some top branding and marketing magazines. In addition, why not add some spice to your profile through what you already enjoy doing? Your profile can be professional while reflecting your personality, so show off your favourite music, activities or sports. You never know – if your boss loves Arcade Fire, you might win points if they see you’re a fan of their latest album. A word to the wise, though: don’t lie. If you haven’t read “Atlas Shrugged,” don’t make it one of your favourite books – otherwise it’ll look pretty bad when you don’t get why your employer jokingly asks, “Who is John Galt?” in your interview.

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thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On Disc


In Theatres

On the Charts

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Popular CBC personality George Stroumboulopouls changed the name of his entertainment-news talk show, The Hour, back in September. But don’t worry — the biggest change is that it’s now only half an hour long. All new episodes will begin airing this week on CBC at 11:05 p.m. Guests this week include Neve Campbell, Woody Harrelson and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

The Raveonettes — Raven In The Grave
Danish indie-rock duo The Raveonettes released their fifth album Raven In The Grave this week. Their unique sound is a combination of intense electric instrumentals and dark lyrics, which makes their sound unforgettable. Raven In The Grave is particularly special for The Raveonettes as they produced the album themselves.

Tron: Legacy
When breakout star Garrett Hedlund’s character, Sam, finds a portal to another world in his long-lost father’s abandoned arcade, he is transported to the virtual world of Tron. There, he must save his father (Jeff Bridges) in a timely fashion with the help of Quorra (Olivia Wilde). Tron is resurrected in the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

When Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) discovers a top-secret drug that allows him to access all of his brain’s capacity at one time, his life becomes limitless. The movie also features Robert De Niro as Carl Van Loon, a powerful businessman. Limitless has been described as a paranoiafueled action thriller that delves into Morra’s inner struggles.

Oh Land – “Voodoo”
New to the mainstream, Danish singer Oh Land’s latest track “Voodoo” is available for free download on iTunes. Oh Land’s music uses sequencers from the ‘80s and heartfelt lyricism. It’s fun, light and strikingly unique. Oh Land released her U.S. debut EP last October and her full album in March.

Source Code feels a lot like déjà vu
Unoriginality hurts an otherwise entertaining science fiction film
aghan), who he falls in love with as he plays through the repetition of the terrorist attack. Jones is a gifted director. His 2009 motion picture Moon was an acclaimed science fiction film. Much like Moon, Source Code is wellmade. The performances are solid, the plot is well-executed and it’s definitely entertaining. There are some surprising twists during the second act, but the third act is sadly predictable. The main problem with Source Code is there is no originality in the way the subject matter is presented. Déjà Vu featured several amazing scenes, including a chase scene in which Denzel Washington’s character must pursue a car from four days ago while dodging the present day’s traffic. Source Code is comparably uninspired and doesn’t use its premise to create scenes nearly as exciting. Save for a few differences in plot, there’s not a single element in this film that hasn’t been taken from Scott’s earlier work. Both films involve a character falling in love with a dead woman and believing they can somehow save her from the tragedy that killed her. Both films feature characters that taunt others by reciting dialogue from a past timeline. Finally, both films involve a premise based on preposterous but fictionally acceptable logic. Unfortunately Source Code chooses to abuse this premise to Source Code Director: Duncan Jones Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga Watching Duncan Jones’ Source Code feels like watching an entirely plagiarized film. In 2006, Denzel Washington starred in Tony Scott’s Déjà Vu — a film where his character attempts to change his past through time travel. Source Code is essentially this same concept — scientists find a way to observe a past terrorist event and a police officer must try to find the bomber. At the same time he becomes emotionally connected to the suspects he’s watching. Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) stars as a celebrated war hero who wakes up in the body of a man named Sean Fentress eight minutes before a terrorist attack destroys the train he’s on. He then awakens in a chamber where he is welcomed by Captain Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) and Dr. Rutledge (Jeffery Wright), who explain he is being sent on a mission. Stevens is instructed to continue searching the train to find the bomber by reliving the last eight minutes of Fentress’ life. On the train he meets Christina (Michelle Mon-


produce a ridiculous ending. The film makes sense until the ending. Around the end of the second act, the film loses the scientific element of its premise and allows characters to abuse the boundaries of the time frames established in the first part of the film.

Ultimately Source Code is a good film. If it didn’t feel like a plagiarized version of Scott’s work, it would merit a three and a half star review. Unfortunately, Source Code doesn’t have enough originality to garner that praise. If it stuck with the restrictions of

the science it used to create the plot, it would be a great film. However, the slip-up in Source Code provides a textbook Hollywood ending, effectively throwing the audience back into a loop of silly, unrealistic science fiction.

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thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dome destroys national championship game
Da Silva Bullet
per cent from the field — and won by 12 points. They also shot a paltry nine per cent from beyond the arc, making it the first time a team has shot less than 10 per cent and won the championship game. That was because Butler, despite creating a fair amount of open looks, only shot 18 per cent — the lowest total in the history of the championship game. They went a span of 13 minutes in the second half with only a single field goal. They only hit three field goals from within the threepoint line. Pathetic. You could argue Butler’s tenacious defence and UConn’s length caused a lot of offensive problems for either team. But, while Butler did have 10 shots blocked and the Huskies did have 11 turnovers, there were a lot of instances when both teams had relatively good looks at the basket. They just flat out missed, especially the Bulldogs. A big issue with the game, and the Final Four in general, was the dome that the last three games were played in. Only in the semi-final game between UConn and Kentucky did a team shoot over 40 per cent in the Final Four, and even then the Huskies shot eight per cent from beyond the arc. And just like the final, there were a lot of relatively open misses that you would expect these players to make in their sleep. It shows that playing a basketball game in a large, cavernous football stadium is problematic for players who just aren’t used to it. There is a huge distance between the stands and the court, unlike a regular basketball court that these student-athletes are used to seeing. That difference absolutely messes with a shooter’s depth perception and field of vision. Considering how dark the stadium is outside of the court, it almost looks like the basket it floating over the court. While the NCAA could ensure better games by avoiding this type of setting in the future, it is unlikely that they will. After all, this is the best way to pack a game with 75,000 fans, earning the association a ton of money. Unfortunately for Butler, they had the most trouble dealing with the setting they were given and, therefore, they lost the national championship game for the second year in a row.

The madness was beautiful right up until Monday night. We were then treated to the ugliest national championship game in the modern era. Connecticut shot a pretty poor 34



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thegazette • Wednesday, April 6, 2011


“I think what happens in a game like that is they guard you so well, when you start to get a few open ones, you know, you’re not feeling comfortable.”

Brad Stevens, Butler Coach on his team shooting 18.8% from the field in their 53-41 loss to Connecticut.

Why did you choose to come to Western? I really was interested in the kinesiology program that Western had because not a lot of schools offer it. Western’s program was established and well-known so that really attracted me — the hockey was just a bonus.

What does the women’s hockey team do on a Saturday night? Saturday night, maybe Ceeps, maybe Jack’s. We’re always at Jack’s upstairs, that’s our hang out — it’s probably where we go most frequently.


GUESS THE OTHER TEAM DIDN’T GET TICKETS TO THE GUN SHOW. Mustangs senior centre Ellie Seedhouse finished her illustrious CIS career with 78 total points over four years. Along with captaining the Mustangs, Seedhouse captured gold as a member of the Canadian team at the 2011 Winter Universiade.

What is your favourite thing about London? Just the town in general, there’s so much to it and I feel like I’ve been here for four years and I’m starting to get more familiar with it, but everyday you learn or find something new to do.

Change is never easy — this year Mustangs women’s hockey captain Ellie Seedhouse learned that the hard way. “It was a pretty tough year,” she said. “It was a big rebuilding year for us. We had a lot of young players on the team, a new head coach which is a huge change and a big adjustment.” After years of consistently missing the playoffs under previous head coach Paul Cook, the team welcomed new head coach Chris Higgins to hopefully lead the team to success. “I think it was time for a new coach to be named because I think it had been so long since we’d made playoffs,” she said about the change. “It was tough at first to get used to him because he has a very different style of coaching than Paul [Cook].” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the year Seedhouse had envisioned and despite a new coach and 11 rookies, the Mustangs once again failed to qualify for the playoffs. And for the Mustangs captain, missing the playoffs stung a little more this year. “It was really tough this year with

the girls in my year that were still left. This was our last kick at the can so it was really tough when we found out we were for sure not in playoffs.” Even without the playoffs, this was actually one of the best years Seedhouse had as a player. Prior to the season, Seedhouse set a goal for herself — to be selected for Team Canada to compete at the Winter Universiade in Turkey. After coming out and having a great first half of the season, Seedhouse got word that she had been chosen to represent Western and play for the national team. “Making Team Canada and going to represent the Canadian Interuniversity Sport league in Turkey was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life and it was awesome,” she said about the honour. The entire experience was overwhelming for Seedhouse who’d never had the chance to compete on the world stage. And what was even more special was getting to share the moment with the people she loves the most. “I remember at the opening ceremonies walking around the track among all the Canadian athletes and I looked up to the stand [and] I just started crying right away because I

saw my parents and they’ve been with me every step of the way so it was really special.” To top the whole experience off, Seedhouse and the rest of Team Canada claimed their second consecutive gold medal with a 4-1 win over Finland. “That was unreal — I was on the ice at the end of that game too and I remember looking up at the clock with 20 seconds left and I was just thinking ‘I’m about to win a world gold medal. This is sweet.’” Winning an international championship was one of Seedhouse’s greatest accomplishments, but the fourth-year centre insists she is most proud of being the captain, and more importantly a mentor for her fellow Mustangs. “This year was a lot different because of the younger age group on the team,” she said. “It was more of a mentor role to the girls as opposed to being a friend.” Seedhouse is sad to leave, but after four years of road trips, practices, and games, it might be time to hang up the skates. “I’m going to miss being with the girls and wearing the Western jersey and everything, but sometimes you feel like your time has come.”

Who is your biggest role model? Probably my two older brothers, they are both very successful. One of them went down to pursue hockey in the States so I’ve always looked up to him and how he’s pursuing his PhD. And my other brother is an engineer so they are both extremely smart.

Who is your favourite hockey player? Her name is Marie Philip Poulin and she’s actually younger than me. But she scored both of the goals in the gold medal game in Vancouver and she’s just unreal and she’s only 18. The girls on my team always laugh at me because they’re like “she’s younger than you, why do you look up to her?”

What is the best chirp you’ve heard? There is a girl on my team, Chantal Morais — she has some good ones. [There was] this one girl on Guelph that had a really big gap tooth and [Morais] said, “When I looked at you I don’t know whether to smile or kick a field goal.”

Naira Ahmed GAZETTE

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