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Digital Re-print - March | April 2011

SCE integrates modular square bins into feedmills

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far better protection of the precious commodi- coordination of different disciplines

ties as compared with a single skin round silo. are immediately noticed.
Because of the two layers of air (between clad- For example, a conflict between
Actual project:
New bulk station at ATR – Husum (Germany)
ding and panel and inside the bin panel) there is the supporting structure of the build-
Arp, Thordsen, Rautenberg GmbH & Co
no condensation, which can perish the products. ing and the silo techniques is directly
KG - ATR for short - with about 650 employ-

SCE integrates modular

Moreover, the bin top that neatly seals
ees from out of five production facilities, pro-
the silos prevents contamination and enables
vides and advises 15,000 farmers, grain dealers
easy passage.
and corn mills in Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein
SCE modular silos can be used for stor-

square bins into feedmills

and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as well
ing a variety of products like flour, grain,
as northern Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and
animal feed, petfood, coffee, cocoa, peanuts,
granulates, pellets, malt and seeds. But for
Such a prominent firm holds quality, compe-
products having flow difficulty, the company
tence and punctuality as of paramount impor-
has developed its own extracting grid slides
tance. ATR recognised these values at SCE and
for extracting high volumes, but allows dos-
placed the commission of building their new
ing at the same time. This system avoids noticeable, and can be resolved in
bulk station.
bridges and rat holes. the design phase itself. This results
The bulk station consists of two load tracks
According to company officials, factories in a drastic reduction in the cost of

and has a volume of 870m³ distributed over
ilo Construction and Engineering constructed for the storage of granular and 30m. The storage capacity per single bin is equipped with these grid slides and have failure.
72 smooth wall cells. The delivery includes
(SCE), manufacturer of modular powdered products. The square SCE silos up to 250 tonnes. met with a high degree of satisfaction from For the client, 3D designs ensures a
engineering, the supply of hoppers, cellblocks,
square silos for storage of bulk are of rectangular construction forms and The company provides standard powder their owners. lot savings on the site and ensures a fast
cell covering, steel construction and insulated
goods, has earned special merits in the consequently, compact allowing less wastage coating for the protection for the cells and and significant ‘return on investment'.
roof and wall coverings. This new bulk loading
feed industry. The company produces of space. As the silos are integrated in the upon request, FDA-approved powder coat- Advantage of 3D visualisation
will ensure significantly shorter waiting times
and assembles silo buildings, and has production process, factories can build the ing, untreated, galvanised or even stainless Functional design in the field of modular International industrial and
and higher efficiency of the lorries.
successfully expanded to other sectors dosing bins, machine tower and bulk out steel can be provided. silo construction is of crucial importance. safety standards
such as rice, coffee and cocoa. loading bins on a compact surface and limit After installation, the self-supporting SCE Studies show that the cost of failure dur- SCE has successfully completed
the usage of expensive bucket elevators and bin block can be protected by wall cladding ing construction can touch 10 to 20 percent several projects in Europe, Africa,
SCE rectangular steel storage bins increase conveyors. and a roof above the silos, thus providing of the turnover of a project. As each project Asia, America and confirms to inter- controls. The design, supply and assembly
operational efficiency of feed mills by saving Cylindrical silos do not permit the con- enhanced weather protection as well as pro- is custom made, the plans are first drawn national industry and safety standards. The of complete turnkey projects done following
time and energy. Tightly integrated within struction of the machine floor, control room, viding safer and more comfortable working using 3D Computer Aided Designing, ena- company has been approved to the qual- the European Standard.
any process, more and more companies warehousing, etc, in their overall framework conditions for staff. bling the customer to visualize their project. ity management system ISO9001: 2008, For quality and safety reasons, welding on
choose to expand their storage capacity with and extra expense has to be incurred The advantage of working with a 3D which is applicable for the initial design to the building site is restricted to the minimum
SCE bins, which meet tomorrow's standards. for construction of a separate building for Multi-purpose storage visualisation is that problems related to final product, including associated welding by the company.
Silos made by SCE are designed and this purpose. Moreover, the rectangular silo From a hygienic and food safety point of
gives an additional 27 view, SCE’s smooth sandwich bin panels offer a
percent more storage
space than a cylindri-
cal silo.
The durable and
Actual project: Quality grain handling Silo Construction & Engineering
New animal feed mills for De Heus Voeders Modular square bins
recyclable silo wall – Miescisko en Spytkowice (Poland) Chief dryers Chief silos
types fall into two In recent years the Dutch animal Supplied to European DIN or ASAE/ASTM Standards
categories. The ‘sand- feed manufacturer has had a major
wich’ wall with smooth expansion and is now active in about Grain. It’s your business.
surfaces on both sides 45 countries, amongst which Vietnam, more profits
and the ‘profile’ wall, representing a total production of over Which is why we never
which has angles of 135 three million tonnes in 2009. underestimate the importance through
degrees. These walls,
combined with opti-
Recently De Heus took over the
activities of Evialis Polska, resulting in
of how it is handled.
smart storage
mum hopper geometry If you need a partner with the
their position in Poland being strength-
ensures increased grav- ened. Currently De Heus is the biggest expertise, technology and
ity to ensure better manufacturing methods to
player in the Polish market.
product flow. The bins In order to follow the high demand ensure that your storage plant
are assembled at site in Poland SCE was commissioned is second-to-none in terms of
by means of a unique quality and processes, then Visit us at booth C030
to build a new animal feed mill in Now distributing
plug system or by a Miescisko. SCE supplied and installed look no further.
bolted connection. As 37 smooth wall silos with a storage Marot rotary
a result of the quick capacity of 3460m³, reception build-
cleaners and You can trust in Chief.
and easy installation the ing, production towers, bulk station,
bins are erected in no
staircase and lift shaft. The whole was spares
finished with insulated interior boxes

These silos allow and single facade panelling.
flexibility as the existing In Spytkowice the factory, which
storage capacity can be SCE completed last year, was expand- SCE is a partner with
extended cost-effec- ed this summer with a bulk station with Beckingham Business Park, Tolleshunt Major the international
tively at a later date. Maldon, Essex CM9 8LZ, UK
56 smooth wall cells (capacity 2150m³). Tel. +32- 51-72 31 28
For a single bin, SCE Tel +44 (0)1621 868944 feed & food industries •
This new bulk loading will ensure Fax +32- 51-72 53 50 consultancy & engineering firms •
offers dimensions from Fax +44 (0)1621 868955
significantly shorter waiting times and E-mail machine & plant designers •
a width of 0.5m to 6m higher efficiency of the lorries
and a height of up to

16 | march - april 2011 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy Grain &feed millinG technoloGy march - april 2011 | 17
A hammer blow to your operating costs. The hammer mill Granulex™ is the new
dynamic grinding machine from Buhler. Designed for ultimate power, Granulex™
delivers high capacity grinding up to 75 t/h. Swiss-made reliability and supreme
ease of maintenance minimize downtime, so you can make maximum use of
this productivity. It’s an investment in quality that is sure to show a rapid return –
and deliver a hammer blow to your operating costs. For more information, visit

Visit us at Victam in Cologne, Germany, hall 6, booth D041/E041

High capacity
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capacity grinding.

Largest screen area of any 400 kW

hammer mill reduces wear of
screens and hammers.

Screens and hammers designed for

replacement by a single person in
less than 30 minutes.

Smooth running sliding doors on

both sides for fast and easy

Closed machine housing

preventing dust settlements and
easy to clean, plain surfaces.

When you think Sorting Satake.

, think

Innovations for a better world.

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