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.:: Graduation Song ::.

We are the children of yesterdays dream

We are the promise of the future we bring
Waving the banner of love to all
To every nation, the rich and the poor
We are the world of the restless and young
And we need a hand to guide us
Helping each other
Build each other, as long as were together you and me
*For together we stand
Divided we fall, together we climbed to the top of the world
We can be what we want
Moving On
For the world to see
That we are the children of yesterdays dream

We have the yearning to do what is best

Be someone special from all the rest
Nation and brothers in unity Theme:
Building tomorrow for you and for me “The Graduate; A Partner towards
We are the world of the restless and young transformational society, an answer
And we need a hand to guide to societal change.”
Helping each other, build each other
As long as were together you and me
April 05, 2011
For together we stand, divided we fall
4:00 PM
Together we climbed to the top of the world
We can be what we want for the world to see
That we are the children of yesterdays dream
*Together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climbed to the top of the world
We can be what we want for the world to see
That we are the children of yesterdays dream …
* We are the children of yesterdays dream…
This serves as an invitation
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region III – Central Luzon .:: Vision ::.
Schools Division of Tarlac Province
PANIQUI NORTH DISTRICT To provide an environment of learning where every teacher is empowered
Paniqui, Tarlac to perform his duties to producing quality,
God-loving and productive citizens.
.:: Mission ::.

Salomague elementary school shall provide quality basic education

with greater focus on academic instructions
responding to the needs of the school clientele.
Moving up Ceremony in March is an occasion for joy and gratitude and justifiable
.:: Acknowledgment ::.
pride. The preschoolers who reached their formal education for the coming school year are
to be congratulated on their success; the teachers who have guided and instructed them Our profound gratitude and sincerest thanks to all parents, donors,
have reason to be happy with the result of their work. And the parents and families who and sponsors, friends and to all the people behind the success
had the vision to give education to their children, and were willing to make the long and of this years’ moving-up ceremony.
patient sacrifices involved, how could they even thanked enough, not only by their Specially to our Almighty God who made all these things possible.
children, but by the whole community. .:: Apologia ::.

I salute the school heads, teacher, parents, and benefactors on their continued effort For misprints and to those whose names were
in providing education to our preschoolers. I am confident that these batch, 2011 completers inadvertently misspelled or omitted, our apologies.
who are about to be in grade one will be able to face formal school life’s various challenges Please attribute it to human frailty.
as they are properly equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and right

Kudos to all of you my dear parents and teachers for your unending support and
cooperation. Your splendid support manifests your deep concern to the most important
creation of God – our Kids, your children.

These Kids will eventually be our Partners toward the transformation of quality
education in our schools. It’s the dream of everyone to have world class learners to be of
great help to our country, be a better Philippines.

Once again Congratulations and God Speed.


District Supervisor
Salomague Elementary School Teaching Staff .:: Programme ::.

Preparatory Maria Victoria Valdez I. Processional Entrance of the Candidates for Graduation
Grade One Laarnie Corpuz Preschool, PTCA and Teaching Staff
Corrine Tiffany
Grade Two Rhodalyn M. Balacang II. Invocation Rhodalyn M. Balacang
Grade Three Irma R. Hilario Grade Two - Adviser
Grade Four Rowena S. Crisostomo
Grade Five Denia F. Benicta III. National Anthem Adonna C. Acosta
Grade Six Marygil C. Joson Grade One Adviser - Annex

Parent Teacher Association Officers IV. Welcomes Address Melanio B. Lapurga

PTA Officers
V. Presentation of Mr. Eddie D. Sumaoang
President Melanio B. Lapurga
Candidates for ESHT - III
Vice-President (Internal) Merly Tome
Vice-President (External) Alen Brunio
Secretary Rosalie Mercado
VI. Confirmation Alicia G. Alegado, Ed. D.
Treasurer Carolina Rirao District Supervisor
Asst. Treasurer Regina Javien
Auditor Charlita Lacanlale Elsie Pedro VII. Distribution Mr. Eddie D. Sumaoang
Bus. Manager Dakila Sobremisara of Certificate to ESHT - III
P.R.O. Rosauro Draculan Anita Hilario
the Graduates Melanio B. Lapurga
Sgt. At Arms Rolando Marquez Rogelio Dameg PTA Officers

Barangay Officials VIII. Awarding of Certificates s Melanio B. Lapurga

of Merit, Medals, & PTA Officers
Brgy. Captain Samuel C. Rombaoa Ribbons to Honor Pupils Mr. Eddie D. Sumaoang
Councilors Elsa Manuel Arnel Galanza ESHT - III
Carlito Rirao Edna De Vera A. Outstanding
Melanio Lapurga Jonathan Hilario B. Behavioral Awards
David Flores C. Special Awards
Secretary - Rodolfo Ferrer
Treasurer - Geraldine Espejo IX. Graduation Song The Graduates
SK Chairwoman - Aemee Acosta
X. Closing Remarks Mr. Eddie D. Sumaoang

Ms. Laarnie E. Corpuz

.:: Awards ::.

Best Behave Roquel D. Exiomo Most Punctual Lyanne M. Javien
Most Obedient Raiza F. Jumamil Most Courteous Ellaiza T. Luis
Most Active Jayden F. Edmonds Most Helpful Mike M. Manuel
Most Diligent Tisha Lei B. Rirao Most Tidy Cristy G. Samonte
Most Responsible Gwyneth G. Hilario Most Cooperative Alvin A. Villanueva
Most Honest Danica V. Sobremisana
Lekh John C. Draculan Jayden F. Edmonds Most Polite Lekh John C. Draculan
November 22, 2004 December 16, 2005 Most Kind Resty Kenneth T. Manuel
Rossana C. Draculan Whitney F. Edmonds Most Industrious Micka M. GabunalMost
Donald A. Draculan Oliver G. Edmonds Most Friendly Elyze Dayniel j. Tibayan
Ambition – Criminology Ambition – Seaman Most Thrifty Anthony Albert M. Milla
Most Cheerful Angelben G. Tampipig
Most Thoughtful Irish Daenille M. Antonio
Most Generous Marie Chris H. Fabros
Self-Reliant Syrel Kaye G. Villegas
Most Inquisitive Jhezarie Mae C. Lamorena

Best in Reading Gwyneth G. Hilario

Best in Writing Jhezarie Mae C. Lamorena
Best in Numeracy Gwyneth G. Hilario
Resty Kenneth T. Manuel Mike M. Miguel Best in Arts Gwyneth G. Hilario
April 17, 2005 June 26, 2005
Rutchie Tumalin Manuel Amparo C. Munoz
Resty Gonzales Manuel Valeriano J. Miguel
Ambition – Teacher Ambition – Policeman Tisha Lei B. Rirao Mike M. Miguel
Danica V. Sobremisana Jayden F. Edmonds
Lyanne M. Javien
Gwyneth G. Hilario
Cristy G. Samonte
Raquell D. Exiomo Marie Chris H. Fabros
December 7, 2005 Anthony Albert M. Milla Angelben G. Tampipig
Birthdate – January 5, 2004 April 5, 2005
Marivic H. Fabros August 15, 2005
Felisa D. Exiomo Benilda R. Tampipig
Christian C. Fabros Irene Mamorbor Milla
Rocky G. Exiomo
Ambition – Teacher Manny P. Milla
Ambition – Nurse
Ambition – to be a soldier

Micka M. Gabunal Gwyneth G. Hilario

January 21, 2005 February 28, 2005 Alvin A. Villanueva Irish Danielle M. Antonio
Aidalyn Gabunal Jennifer G. Hilario February 25, 2005 Birthdate – May 15, 2005
Micheal John Hilario Lyn P. Villanueva Yolanda M. Antonio
Ambition – Nurse Jamuel E. Villanueva Wilson D. Antonio
Ambition - Chef Ambition – Teacher
Tisha Lei B. Rirao Cristy G. Samonte Lyanne M. Javien Raiza F. Jumamil
March 20, 2005 March 18, 2005 July 28, 2005 December 02, 2005
Carolina B. Rirao Lilia G Samonte Regina M. Javien Razel Jumamil
Ramon d. Rirao Artemio B. Samonte Renato C. Havien Jezreel Jumamil
Ambition – Lawyer Ambition – to be a good teacher Ambition – Nurse Ambition – Teacher

Danica Vega Sobremisana Gyze Deyniel J. Tibayan Syrel Kaye G. Villegas Jhezarie Mae C. Lamorena Elaizza Torres Luis
December 7, 2004 Dec 9, 2005 December 14, 2004 March 19, 2005 May 29, 2005
Dakila Vega Sobremisana Jennie J. Tibayan Imelda G. Villegas Joji C. Lamorena Mercedes Torres
Dante Regis Sobremisana Leonardo P. Tibayan Rudinario P. Villegas Rolly S. Lamorena Nelson V. Luis
Ambition – Teacher Ambition – Doctor Ambition – Teacher Ambition -Teacher Ambition – Nurse