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DISH: The latest onDoc Magrogan’sp. 54STAGE: Speakingwith ‘Spamalot’s’Lady of the Lakep. 38STYLE FILES: Stayin the shade thisspring p. 50
vol.18 issue 20 | apr. 6-12, 2011
2011 Readers’ Choice Winners
       P       A       G       E
     2     W     E     E     K     E     N     D     E     R
 ,     W     E     D     N     E     S     D     A     Y ,     A     P     R     I     L     6 ,     2     0     1     1
 Letter from the editor
Ralphie Aversa, Caeriel Crestin, Pete Croatto, Dale Culp, Stephanie De Balko, Jim Gavenus, Christine Freeberg, Michael Irwin,Amy Longsdorf, Jayne Moore, Mystery Mouth, Ryan O’Malley, Jason Riedmiller, Jim Rising, Lisa Schaeffer,Ignatious Schiavo, Alan Sculley, Chuck Shepherd, Mike Sullivan, Bill Thomas, Noelle Vetrosky
Marie Burrell, Amanda Dittmar, Ashley Gries, Melissa Kizer, Matt Morgis, Christine Moua
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note that this was the firstyear Weekender readers wereable to vote solely online,and just like in years past,the turnout was astounding.See the results starting on page 44, and join us at theawards ceremony to celebrateour winners and runners-upWednesday,April 6 at 8 Breaker’s inside MoheganSun at Pocono Downs.Also in this week’sissue, you can read about theunveiling of the “Mooseum”at The Lands at HillsideFarms, which is a LeadershipWilkes-Barre project (p. 52),and The Misery Jackals showat the Vintage Theater inScranton that’s a long-time-coming homecoming for the band’s bassist (p. 20).As always, thanks for reading! Nikki M. MascaliWeekender Editor 
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love taking surveys,especially thosesupermarket-relatedones I get in the mailevery so often. You know, theones that ask how often you buy dish detergent, if you’veever bought the store-brandversion of aspirin and whattype of tech gadgets you planon purchasing within the nextmonth, six months or year?When I see them inmy mailbox, I get giddy andgrab the first blue Paper Mate pen I see to painstakingly fillout the survey. Mind you, Inever mail the survey in —  because really, who does? —  but I do get a weird form of happiness putting an X in allthose little boxes.It’s kind of the samefeeling of happiness I get asthis particular issue goes to press each year — and not just because the monster thatis our Readers’Choice poll isdone for another 12 months. Ilove seeing who or what our readers vote for and how their tastes change from year toyear.I’m also really happy to
Online commentof the week.
The “experts” at theGOP climate hearing: aneconomist, a lawyer, and amarketing man. Suggestedalternates: a baker, afireman, and a cat.
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