Cause Collage

Final Evaluation

Name: Period:

T S ______ / ______ 10 points OBJECTIVE(S): solving the problem
I have created a collage that visually raises awareness for or visually describes a solution for an issue. I have created and turned in 2 parts of my collage by hand. I have created and turned in 6 thumbnail sketches for laying out my collage. I have incorporated a variety of sources that may include type, hand drawings, magazine, newspapers etc. Comments:

______ / ______ 30 points Photoshop Skills: studio processes and procedures

I used the selection tools to create new layers. I used the layer window to rename and change the order or layers within my composition I used the transform tool to alter size and angle of objects within my composition. I used prior knowledge of photoshop to alter the levels, curves or selective color of objects within the composition I have manipulated my hand built collage by adding, subtracting and changing the size of objects.. Comments:

______ / ______ 40 points DESIGN: Using design principles to solve the problem
I have designed a collage that utilizes the principles of design to visually describe a cause. I have placed objects within in my collage with a purpose. I have used objects / symbols to visually represent a deeper meaning in my collage I used photoshop or hand building techniques to have images interact with one another (not randomly places objects on top of one another). I have utilized type in an effective way. Comments:

______ / ______ 20 points PRESENTATION: craftsmanship of the final art product

I have cropped the image to the correct size that I wanted I have removed any scratches from images that were scanned in I have displayed my image digitally how I want it to be seen (example: if its a billboard, my image appears to be on a billboard). I have uploaded my artwork to the Flickr group pool Comments:

______ / ______ Total (100 points)

Self Assessment Questions:

Answer the following questions in complete thoughts. Put your answers in the flickr description when you upload your work. 1. What is the cause that I are trying to visually describe? 2. What images did I use to help my collage be successful? What visual symbols did you use to create an alternative meaning? 3. How did I use Photoshop to enhance my collage? Think about altering layer size, rotation, color etc. 4. This Photoshop problem incorporated 2 different aspects of collage (building by hand and in photoshop). Which aspect of creating this collage did I enjoy more? Why?