Anil Kumar

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3.3 years of experience in the IT industry as SAP BW/BI consultant. Two implementation and one support engagements. Extensive experience in data extraction from LO-Cockpit, Standard Data Sources and Generic Data sources. Extensively worked on designing/creating Info Objects, Info Sources, Transfer structures, Communication structures, Custom Info Cubes, Operational Data Store (ODS), Info sets and Multi providers. Designed and developed queries for reporting, with the help of query analyzer and modified several BEx front-end reports to meet the user requirements. Experience in automating loads using process chains, monitor and fixing the issues. Good exposure to performance tuning like creating aggregates, compression

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Fine tuning load performance. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team with minimal supervision.

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Interacted with the Manager in gathering the business requirements to design and develop reports. Involved in designing and building of Universes and Objects by resolving complex loops by defining contexts and aliases. Developed reports using various functions, operators, Calculation Contexts, report filters and variables. Defined crystal reports and webi reports and published to corporate documents and viewed by info view.

Skill Set ERP Applications Data Warehousing ECC 6.0, R/3, SAP BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0

0 (Implementation) Sap BI Consultant Germany-based AllessaChemie is a manufacturer of intermediate and specialty chemicals. Modifying. Variables in the BEX Reporting. Hyderabad as Software Engineer Till date) Project#1 date Client: Environment: Role: Description: Aug (Aug 2009- 2009-Till AllessaChemie. Aggregates. Worked on performance of queries and performed various tuning techniques using Compression. Monthly Chains. Info Cubes.0. Finding the root cause for the errors of the chains if they have not started in time. Project#2 Sep 2008 .July 2009 . Weekly Chains.Operating Systems Reporting Tool Work Experience MS Windows 98/NT/2000 BO XIR3 Working for Zensar Technologies. Worked on RRI (Report-To-Report Interface). Data Sources. AllessaChemie sought to achieve high performance by building its own system environment Responsibilities: • • Involved in Monitoring the data Loads on Daily Chains. Info Packages and scheduling the data requests. Worked on extensively on Data Warehousing Workbench (RSA1) and customized Info objects. designing the process chains based on the client requirement. Germany BI 7. ECC 6. As a new spin-off from former parent company Clariant. Transformations. DSO’s. Extensively worked with PSA in Monitoring the Data transfer from Source Systems into BW • • • • • • Installed the Business Content Info Objects and when required.

and Exceptions & Conditions July • • • Project#3 2007 – Aug 2008 Company: Client: Role Environment: Description MindTree.5. Bangalore PACCAR Inc.5. BI 7. South Carolina.Company: Client: Role: Environment: Sap BW consultant BW 3. Designed and created Process Chains for master and transaction data loading from flat files Performed Tuning by creating aggregates based on BW statistics. • Used new Delta Mechanism of BI.6 billion global manufacturer of industrial and consumer products and provider of packaging services to customers in 85 nations. Info Objects. configured Full & Delta loads from single Datasource to different Data targets • Worked extensively on Remodeling and Re-partitions. ECC 6. Calculated Key Figures. peterbilt and DAF nameplates. medium . ECC 5. creating Info cube partitions Involved in Creation of Reports such that the execution time is evenly distributed through out the Report using Restricted Key Figures. and more than 300 manufacturing and sales locations in 35 countries. manufacture and customer support of premium light-. Also provides customized financial services.0 (Implementation) Sonoco Products Company $3.0. USA Description Paccar is a global technology leader in the design. Info Cubes. Responsibilities: • • • • Involved in creation of Info Areas. DSOs and Created required Transformations and DTPs to load data into Objects Uploaded Master Data and Transaction Data from Flat Files and R/3 Involved in Creating and Transporting Generic Data Sources Involved in preparation and review of Technical Designs. Bangalore Sonoco Sap BW consultant BW 3. its . Variables.0 (Support Project) MindTree.and heavy . From its headquarters in Hartsville. Unit Test Plans & Documentation • Analyzed and corrected loading problems in the production server .duty trucks under the ken worth.

• • • • • • • • Educational Qualification MBA from Kottam Institute of Advance studies. Calculated Key figures. Data sources. Osmania University. Indexes. and a leader in rigid paperboard container Responsibilities: • Preparation of Technical Specification documents for the development. Schedule Daily data loads schedule new jobs and Error Handling.500 employees produce packaging for a variety of industries and for many of the world's most recognized brands. Sonoco is the world's largest producer of composite cans and tubes and cores. Worked on Creating and Scheduling the Process Chains.approximately 17. DSO Objects. Transfer rules and Info Objects. . Filters and Free Characteristics. Extensively Worked on Installation and creation of InfoCubes. Identify Data Sources based on the business requirement. Restricted Key figures. Compression and Multi-Providers. Exceptions. Worked on extracting data from SAP R/3 using LO extraction. Worked on Query Designer in designing Reports with Conditions. Performance Issues like creating Aggregates. Worked on data loading by using the update methods initialization and full update.

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