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Demagoguery: The exploitation of the masses by a political leader who upon first glance
targets his audience with calculated appeals at arresting either legitimate or perceived to
be legitimate injustices, only then to exploit such a political backing while in the backdrop
of his seemingly true concerns brings to bear his own personal agenda; which ultimately
proves to be, typically injurious and dangerous to the masses. (oxymoron)
“Just at that time some Pharisees approached, saying to Him (Jesus), "Go away, leave here, for
Herod wants to kill You." And He said to them, "Go and tell that FOX, 'Behold, I cast out demons
and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I reach My goal.'” ~ Luke 13:31,32
Biblical definition of a FOX = Barak Hussein Obama
Our present day Fox – Barak Hussein Obama has fulfilled to a ‘T’ what the definition
of what a demagogue represents, and that to its most negative possible typecast.
After having been successful in deceiving the American public into occupying the
highest and most powerful office of the land, has followed through with opening up every
door possible for the expansionism of Islam throughout every fabric of the American
Even to be so bold in his agenda to exploit his position as Commander-in-Chief status
to promulgate his stealth like islamization of America throughout the U.S. Military by using
his military leaders (puppets) within the Pentagon to promote his demagoguery influence
amidst an institution (the U.S. Military) where he can wield an un-obstructive or free hand
in forcing through his hidden agenda of the islamization of the United States of America and
that without opposition.
So effective has he been in accomplishing this strategy that he has even broadcast
throughout the U.S. Military chain of command that we should have a greater fear and
respect of the false god allah/islam than we do for the one and only True God – Jesus the
Christ! Fostering a baseless fear that unless we hold a greater respect or fear for
allah/islam within our very own borders than it will only compromise our national security!
I was once in the U.S. Army – active duty 30 months – National Guard duty – 6 yrs. I
know how the U.S. Military works it is not a democratic institution, whenever any American
signs the dotted line upon entering the U.S. Military you legally become a GI – a
Government Issue, no longer having the legal privileges that are afforded one as an
American citizen, but rather subject to an entirely separate form of government – better
known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice - UCMJ. You do what you are ordered to do
or you are immediately disciplined right wrong or indifferent. No longer able to exercise
the freedoms that are afforded a U.S. Citizen, as well documented in one signing on the
dotted line - that’s a contractual agreement and obligation.
Barak Hussein Obama knows this very well and is taking advantage of this major
American institution in his exploits. Any U.S. military officer whether they be a 5 star
General or 5 star admiral knows this all to well, if they disagree with the Commander-in-
Chief, whether their disagreement be legitimate or not they are immediately removed from
office as well as subject to facing UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) legal action -
unlike the rights of a non-military law abiding U.S. citizen, but rather a GI – Government
In effect the Obama administration is fostering the erroneous fear that unless we
compromise our inalienable right of Free Religious expression specifically referencing Jesus
Christ as the only true God, then we as a nation will suffer internationally and
domestically, even to the extent of compromising national security. To include the
rationalized argument that if we as True Bible Believing Christians express our most
fundamental convictions namely that there is but one God - Jesus Christ the only true
Savior of not only the U.S. but so to of the entire world, than we become enemies of the
And with this rationalization comes the false accusation that those who hold these
Christ centered convictions are not only enemies of the State but are additionally actually
causing the deaths of our American troops abroad, where we presently have U.S. military
operations underway.
Can you see where all of this is leading??? President Barak Hussein Obama couldn’t fit
the typecast of what it means to be a demagogue, in the most negative light any more than
what he is already promoting. Can you see the seemingly harmless but yet ever so
treacherous path that we as a nation have embarked upon with Barak Hussein Obama as
President of the United States of America… For in continuing to bury our heads in the sand
by ignoring this type of demagoguery we are in effect actually fostering such an anti-christ
political agenda. In not standing up and being counted against such an anti-christ like
spirited political leadership we are in effect aiding and abetting the spirit of anti-christ
that is presently driving our sitting President?
Can you see the persecution of True Bible believing followers of Christ that is already
well in motion, only to increase with the passing of time… how much more do we as True
Followers of Christ tolerate… such demagoguery. For in so ignoring such threats and rather
taking refuge in the comfort of our self-centered American Dream come true lifestyle we
do nothing more than actually encourage this spirit of anti-christ agenda. You can plainly
see that True Christian apathy and indifference comes with an expensive price tag.
The more we choose to remain in denial the stronger the import will be… it will cost
you to stand with Christ centered convictions… let there be no doubt about it, but what
other choice do we have??? Think about the impact upon our children? Better to stand now
while there is yet some semblance of True Christian momentum in our nation rather than to
wait it out… for certainly the cost of holding those True Christian convictions will only
become more expensive with the simple passing of time… and Oh how rapid is this passing
of time as we know it…!!!
Can you see the fork in the road that is before all True Followers of Christ… Where
fair-weather Christians will part paths with those who truly adhere and espouse True Bible
Believing convictions… Jesus said if you Love Me, than you will Obey Me… empty Evangelical
Rhetoric will no longer work. Can you see the Divine Sovereign Plan of God Himself in
testing those who claim allegiance to Him in empty words, but now of necessity with
require true faith in the form of action or deeds that will now come with a price tag in so
holding such Christ Centered convictions…?
The Lord is testing the hearts of His people, similar to what He did to the children of
Israel in leading them out of Egyptian bondage. He could physically lead them out of Egypt,
but He couldn’t take Egypt out of their hearts. It required the testing of His very own
people, being in the wilderness where He could get at their hearts and there try their
hearts by trial and tribulation to get them to respond to Him not in empty words (or
Evangelical Rhetoric or sacrifices) but by simply tried and true tested faith whether they
would obey Him or not. And that would be where the rubber met the road in determining
His peoples true convictions or faith, whether or not His people would trust Him above and
beyond any circumstance they would face! For in so doing He would then be able to
determine out of all His people, those who’s faithfulness and love and respect were indeed
true or not!

I welcome your comments and questions… In His Mercy, Bob Brunette