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Sefton Council's disgusting Ecovandals and their proposed wholesale destruction of Blowick Moss

Bye Bye Southport's dwindling countryside? SOUTHPORT RESIDENTS - wake up, stand up and be counted - or it will happen! Save Southport Greenbelt have been

freely warning you for years and now it's happening! Will you let them get away with it?
The ongoing extermination of Kew's 'legally-protected' water vole population and other wildlife species at the callous hands of Sefton Council and Libdem development-supportive councillors is apparently set to continue.

Sterling Kew campaigners who say a clear and decisive ' NO' to more illconsidered building developments and the destruction of Blowick Moss. Photo by Phil Rodwell of SGB

SSGB recently reported on apprehensive Kew residents who are opposing plans to build new houses on their door steps.

Huge flocks of birds, pictured here on fields under threat, need Blowick Moss to survive. Is it "selfish" to consider their habitat existence?

Press reports have indicated that local development-supportive Libdem councillors have been less than happy at this campaign (and allegedly verbally abusive to campaigners in fact) to save this huge uncultivated part of Southport, which provides essential subsistence for many wonderful species of wildlife.

THIS IS WHAT WILL BE DESTROYED 'FOREVER' IF WE LET THEM DO IT Blowick Moss - a huge area marked in green under threat of Council - approved
eco-destruction. The red dots denote a brook that holds legally-protected water voles.

SSGB have been alerting the authorities for years that legally-protected water voles exist in the area and recent professional survey data we have received from the Environment Agency suggests that these animals live within and in close proximity to the proposed development site. Will the EA step in to defend this area and its species? The Environment Agency has told SSGB campaigners that water voles are to be found along the Fine Jane's brook adjacent to the Kew Business Site and their survey also indicates the presence of this species in Boundary Brook, which runs alongside houses in the region and at the bottom of the fields under threat. The whole area is a productive ground for this endangered animal. Wake up Sefton and stop playing games with this protected species; you have serious legal responsibilities to conserve, not destroy, such habitat!

The Southport Visiter has reported that the Lancs Wildlife Trust stated that Sefton is one of the most important areas for this species. Do Sefton Council care, regardless of legal ramifications about destroying habitat used by protected water voles and other species?

With new development proposals we are not talking about a few yards of land. The area they want to concrete over for housing development is we understand a massive 46.7 acres and in effect will be the

wholesale destruction of Blowick Moss forever.

A small part of the fields under threat of destruction

A Prospective Candidate for the Southport Party, Kew Ward, told us:

“The fields in question look so different to the cultivated fields in West Lancs area over the border. Take away these fields and there is nowhere else comparable for any wildlife to go. They are destroying a wildlife habitat unique in this area, much of it is therefore being condemned to death as there will be no room for them to move anywhere else.”
It is very true that many species that rely on this large area for survival will be either moved off or completely exterminated. This is their home. Land increases in value when planning permission is granted yet this makes no difference to the supposedly protected species under threat. Have Sefton Council and their supportive Libdem puppets no concern for the fragile eco-system and the creatures that need it so badly?

Libdem Lord Ronnie Fearn was 'influential' in establishing the
land-eating, Kew Business Park which we believe to be an enormous and unnecessary environmental disaster for Southport.

Libdem Lord Ronnie Fearn - supportive of destruction of Blowick Moss?

Lord Fearn said about the business park:

“It superb. It's taken a while for things to take off at the park but with better advertising it seems to be picking up. It's great for employment and the economy and we welcome the plans."
Kew Libdem councillor, Maureen Fearn, previously agreed with his comments saying:

"The park has got off to a slow start, but those that have invested are very pleased with the facilities. "I'm very pleased with the recommendations. Adding crèche and fitness facilities will only improve the area for workers and help attract new businesses."

Libdem Cllr. Maureen Fearn - Supportive of destruction of Blowick Moss?

Kew Libdem councillor Fred Weavers stated:

"That land has been earmarked for housing. It is the only large plot of land left in Southport to build houses”
This elected 'councillor' later allegedly went on to call Emma Louis, one of the Kew campaigners, both a "Troublemaker" and "Selfish." If this is what Cllr Weavers thinks about a person who cares for the TOTAL destruction of Blowick Moss that what does that make HIM?

There has not been one mention from these local Libdem politicians regarding the fact that local Kew countryside and legally-protected species are being slowly eradicated and exterminated; NOT ONE!
As 'partners' in the North Merseyside Action Plan, why are Sefton Council permitting this eco-vandalism to continue? They seem determined to extract every last penny from the profitable sale of every bit of spare countryside at their disposal in Southport. This deplorable issue is an ecological disaster and a stain on the face of our town. Incidentally, SSGB activist Pat Regan has recently (5th Nov. 07) been on Dune FM radio seeking to alert others about the planned massive loss of

our countryside at Kew.

THIS OLD WILD LAND MUST COUNT FOR SOMETHING RATHER THAN JUST MONEY, PROFIT AND DEVELOPMENT! We are informed by other politicians (not Libdems we may add) that if Sefton genuinely wanted to permit a development of this character, then a far better place to do it would be on the dilapidated railway land between Derby Road and Virginia Street. There may also be other areas that would not mean the vandalism of our remaining countryside. This however would allegedly not generate any Capital Receipts for Sefton and would be very difficult to plan and implement. Money talks!

Blowick Moss is a massive area - will Southport stand by and allow it to be flattened forever?

Whilst taking these pictures we were approached by very concerned locals who work this area. They explained at length how many species of birds nested in the fields under threat every season. They also mentioned "gas tests" and that they were told at the time that this land was not safe for housing. They pleaded with our SSGB activist to save the countryside herein as it was so special to them. We understand that Sefton Council promised the current residents of Kew Ward a high-tech sports stadium a few years ago. The Sports Stadium was built in Litherland instead! The Kew area is already developed to bursting point. Parking, transport and road structure problems already exist and the Council have we feel

barely addressed these issues. Kew Industrial Park and its roads were constructed so narrowly and so little consideration was given to onsite parking facilities that double yellow lines have been laid to enable delivery trucks to operate properly. A land and space saving multi-story car park, heading skywards, would have been beneficial to the drivers parking therein and the local wildlife, which would have meant less land loss. Industrial Park and hospital workers we believe are now parking dangerously (restricting traffic flow) along Town Lane and in nearby culde-sacs on the Kew estate. This is creating widespread problems and badfeelings amongst local residents that really need to be addressed rather than making things far worse with yet hundreds MORE proposed houses to cope with excess demands. Sadly the somewhat emotive and largely thoughtless Libdem councillors, along with this Council, appear to be acting in a ludicrous fashion. Their proposed eco-destructive developments will add more fuel to the fire with extra houses, families and lack of proper roadways, hospital facilities etc. The Prospective Candidate for the Southport Party, Kew Ward, told us:

“This land supports much wildlife, some of which may be protected species, others with declining numbers. We should be further protecting this last remaining and valuable area of undisturbed wildlife habitat in Southport, not wantonly destroying it.”
He added:

“Sefton wasted a net £4½ million pounds on the Pleasureland disaster through its own incompetence. This hole in the finances needs to be plugged. Sefton Council cares so little for jobs and the future of Southport that they have exported to Bootle virtually ALL of the council's jobs that they possibly can, even the Mayor! There are now precious few Council vacancies offered in Southport.”
In contrast The Southport Visiter stated that Libdem Cllr Weavers visited one of the campaigner's homes recently and said:

"So you're the troublemaker, are you?"
Cllr Weavers also reportedly told the lady campaigner that she was


Cllr Fred Weavers: supportive of the destruction of Blowick Moss?

The Southport Party have we believe reported this councillor and state this on their website

"We have also recently reported Liberal Democrat Councillor Fred Weavers to the Legal Director for his alleged unwarranted comments to a Kew Ward resident (Southport Visiter, 26th October 2007) when he was reported as saying "So, you're the troublemaker, are you?" We believe he also called her "selfish". The Legal Director has spoken to Councillor Robertson, leader of the Sefton Liberal Democrats, requesting him to remind Councillor Weavers of his responsibilities as a councillor. This is no way for elected councillors to behave. We say they are unworthy representatives of this town and should be replaced by those more concerned with the good of this town rather than their own personal agenda or vendetta."

Although SSGB’s main concern is for the countryside at threat clearly other pressing issues are also of concern. Overcrowding creates it own set of social problems. Do the Kew residents that have already settled in this area need it?

Care for the environment seems to be

rather elusive in some parts and with some politicians.
Blowick Moss deserves to be saved for the people, the wildlife and future generations!


We won't get a second chance!