As the nights slowly fade to darkness, And your face is no longer in my head, I can\'t help but wake up in the

middle of the night, Thinking of the words you said. Just to hear your soft voice in my dreams, I drift into my sleep. Remembering the words you said, I wake up & weep. The dreams I used to have, Were the ones that made me laugh. Now the only reason i fall asleep, So my heart won't collapse. i can't see you around to catch me, When i fall so quickly out of sight. You no longer tell me it'll be okay, Or tell me everything will be alright. Now i sleep alone in my bed, to see you and remember all what you said..

There aren't any gestures, senses, or words to describe how much I miss you, my lover What can I do for you to understand that every moment that we are together are so precious to me, my sweetheart The way you treat me, understand me, and care for are the beginning of these emerging feelings that only end with you, my dear The funny comments that make me like you even more, for there is competition between us, but sweet victory together, my someone

? Chah ke bhi dur nahi ho pa rahi me us se. missing you like always. And I'll forgive you for being so cold. Toofan me bhi ye sagar viran nazar kyu nazar aata hai. And I'll forgive you for not hearing it. You forgive me for the loud racing of my heart. kyu wo bar-bar mere khwabo me nazar aata? Dil tod diya usne mera tab bhi wo mujhe apna pyar hi nazar kyu aata hai. kaisa ye ehsas hai pyar ka ki jo hamko tod ke jata hai wo hi kyu hame apna pyar sansar aata hai You forgive me for liking you too much. You forgive me for playing your games. Barish ke mousan main bhi mera man kyu sukha-viran nazar aata hai. In hazaroan ki duniya main tumhara hi chehra nazar kyu aata hai. and there isn't one day that passes that I don't think of you. And I'll forgive you for toying with my emotions. Akeli hu me fir bhi wo kyu mujhe mere pass nazar aata hai . my love.. . You forgive me for missing you so. dil akela reh gya hai fir bhi uska ehsas hi nazar kyu aata hai. And I'll forgive you for not liking me enough.I always have you in my mind.

And I'll forgive you for bringing me down so low. If someone can love you when times get tough. If someone can love you without looking at your past. then that someone's love is known to be unconditional and that is real love.You forgive me for finding you so attractive. You forgive me for not being able to let go. If someone can love you in sickness and good health. You forgive me for being so pathetic. And I'll forgive you for avoiding me.. And I'll forgive you for never having latched on. You forgive me for raising you up so high. You forgive me for having hopes and dreams. If someone can love you in spite of your faults. If someone can love you without having great wealth. And I'll forgive you for taking advantage of it. And I'll forgive you for not noticing. If someone can love you for who you are. If someone can love you for where you stand.... You forgive me for wanting to be with you. . If someone can love you in all of these ways. And I'll forgive you for crushing them. If someone can love you when the road gets rough.

the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top because they value quality. After many years when the girl got married. . when in reality they are amazing.. the best ones are on the top of the tree. they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't so good but easy. the apples at the top think something is wrong with them. So. The men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don't want to get hurt.. A SAD love story : There were 2 Lovers who decided to end their relationship." :'( A sad reality : you can't forget the person you've love so much no matter how much you try to do it but it's impossible unless you learn to love someone else.F approached her & said : "How dare you use my fav color as the theme of your wedding! How dare you use my fav flowers as your decoration! How dare you set the date I Proposed you as your wedding day! & How dare you use our song for the ceremony ???" The girl cried & said : "B'coz this is the only way I could pretend to my heart that I'm getting married to YOU.. They just have to wait for the right man to come along.Women are like apples on trees. her Ex B. Instead.

but in love it doesn't. What's happy inValentine's Day ? When someone you love doesn't care . and everything was how it used be. remembering the ways things used to be.. And you sometimes hope that the new person in their life was still you. and when I went back to get I didn't find it. I still can't help wondering how your life is..No matter how hard you try to get over someone. Happy Valentine's Day? What's happy in Valentine's Day ? When only lies is what you say When no truths can I hear And you aren't sincere What's happy in Valentine's Day ? When I can't touch you everyday This love is killing me I can't even be free What's happy in Valentine's Day ? When you show me your fake smile I wanna bid goodbye But I can only cry. you will still have some sort of feeling for them. erasing all the bad things that happened. The boy went and came back empty handed. and when I catch you glancing at me. Time is supposed to make things better. " A boy asked a wise man: what is true love?? He said: go to the garden and find me one of the most beautiful flowers. as mine does when I see you. but you know how much it's worth when you lose it. but then realized i ignored the best one. and how they are now. the Man asked: did you find it?? The boy replied: I found a beautiful flower but I continued to search hoping to find a more beautiful flower. you don't value it when it's right in font of you. Although we have been apart for a while. I can't help but wonder if your heart beats a little faster. and now have different loves in our life... Then said the man: that is true love.

!!! </3 I choose to love you in silence.." Right Now. I cant promise you a perfect relationship without arguments over our differences and trust issues." . for in silence I find no rejection. I'm staying..Stop fooling yourselves Love is not in the air. -somebody is thinking of you. -somebody is thankful for the support you have provided. -somebody misses you.. However. -somebody hopes you aren t in trouble. for in your loneliness no one owns you. I can promise you that as long as you're trying. just me. -somebody is very proud of you. -somebody is caring about you.. I choose to love you in your loneliness.. -somebody wants you to be happy. -somebody hopes everything turns out all right. -somebody wants to be with you. -somebody wants to hold your hand. -somebody wants to talk to you..

needs you .. " "Sumi" I want to be your girl. I want you to never leave me... But you can't always get what you want.. The best feeling ever is when you know that some one loves you .... misses you . I want to be held by you. " That someone is me " "Sumi" "How do I say goodbye to someone I never really had ? Why do my tears fall so endlessly for someone who was never really mine ? Why is it I miss someone I was never really with ? And why do I love someone whose love was never really mine ?" ... I want to spend the rest of my life with you....."When your texting 5 people and you tell 4 of them that your going to bed but theres that 1 person that you stay up texting even when your falling asleep.. I want to be kissed by you.. but It s better when you know that s someone never ever forgets you ..

. we walk away to see who will follow." :) When it rains.. Although you are so far.. I still always walk outside in the rain and kiss it just for you. and we let our hearts get broken to see who will come and fix them . and you're not the one who is holding on to someone who is gone. I want your tears.the smell of your hair..... to lie in your arms as I take my last breath. I need you Or Leave me. It never fails me. I want to see you in the final hour of my life. you're not the one who loved too much. its not that I love you. The rain will always come and I'll always love you. its thinking that someday you'll love me too. we hide because we want to be found..... the touch of your breath on my face. we cry to see who will wipe away the tears." I want morning and noon and nightfall with you... Walk outside and kiss the rain whenever you miss me. your smiles." :) You'll never understand why I hurt so much because you're not the one who is crying... the taste of your skin. it reminds me of you. The truth is... you're not the one who is left behind. I don't need you. "They say loving you is my biggest mistake but how can it be so wrong if it feels so right? If ever I made a mistake. please don't fear as it's just heaven doing me the favor of taking to you my kiss.." :) . Next time you see a storm on the horizon.No one in this world has the ability to stop their tears when their loved ones say to them Don't leave me.. your kisses.

. and the person you love will be gone. and you will be lonely again." :( ..."Don't let yourself become so angry that you stop loving. you'll wake up from that anger. because one day..

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