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under clause 1(c) of rule XV on a mo- States Capitol does not relieve the Congress (C) STATE REQUESTS.—A statue provided for
tion to suspend the rules relating to of the historical wrongs it committed to pro- display by a State that is removed under this
H.R. 7573 be extended to 1 hour. tect the institution of slavery, it expresses subsection shall be returned to the State,
Congress’s recognition of one of the most no- and the ownership of the statue transferred
The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. torious wrongs to have ever taken place in to the State, if the State so requests and
THOMPSON of Mississippi). Is there ob- one of its rooms, that of Chief Justice Roger agrees to pay any costs related to the trans-
jection to the request of the gentleman Brooke Taney’s Dred Scott v. Sandford deci- portation of the statue to the State.
from North Carolina? sion. (3) REPLACEMENT OF STATUES.—A State
There was no objection. (b) REMOVAL OF BUST OF ROGER BROOKE that has a statue removed under this sub-
TANEY.—Not later than 45 days after the date section shall be able to replace such statue
of the enactment of this Act, the Joint Com- in accordance with the requirements and
REPLACING BUST OF ROGER mittee on the Library shall remove the bust procedures of section 1814 of the Revised
BROOKE TANEY WITH BUST OF of Roger Brooke Taney in the Old Supreme Statutes (2 U.S.C. 2131) and section 311 of the
THURGOOD MARSHALL Court Chamber of the United States Capitol. Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2001
move to suspend the rules and pass the (1) OBTAINING BUST.—Not later than 2 years
(A) IN GENERAL.—There are appropriated
bill (H.R. 7573) to direct the Architect after the date of the enactment of this Act,
for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021,
of the Capitol to replace the bust of the Joint Committee on the Library shall
out of any money in the Treasury not other-
enter into an agreement to obtain a bust of
Roger Brooke Taney in the Old Su- Thurgood Marshall, under such terms and
wise appropriated, $5,000,000 to carry out this
preme Court Chamber of the United section, including the costs related to the re-
conditions as the Joint Committee considers
States Capitol with a bust of Thurgood moval, transfer, security, storage, and dis-
appropriate consistent with applicable law.
play of the statues described in paragraph
Marshall to be obtained by the Joint (2) PLACEMENT.—The Joint Committee on
(1)(A), of which—
Committee on the Library and to re- the Library shall place the bust obtained
(i) $2,000,000 shall be made available to the
move certain statues from areas of the under paragraph (1) in the location in the
Old Supreme Court Chamber of the United Architect of the Capitol; and
United States Capitol which are acces- (ii) $3,000,000 shall be made available to the
States Capitol where the bust of Roger
sible to the public, to remove all stat- Brooke Taney was located prior to removal Smithsonian Institution.
ues of individuals who voluntarily by the Architect of the Capitol under sub- (B) AVAILABILITY.—Amounts appropriated
served the Confederate States of Amer- section (b). under subparagraph (A) shall remain avail-
ica from display in the United States SEC. 2. REMOVAL OF CERTAIN STATUES AND
able until expended.
Capitol, and for other purposes, as
(a) REMOVAL.—Not later than 45 days after In addition to the amounts appropriated
the date of the enactment of this Act, the under section 3(b)(4), there are authorized to
The Clerk read the title of the bill. be appropriated such sums as may be nec-
Joint Committee on the Library shall re-
The text of the bill is as follows: move the statue of Charles Brantley Aycock, essary to carry out this Act, and any
H.R. 7573 the statue of John Caldwell Calhoun, the amounts so appropriated shall remain avail-
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- statue of James Paul Clarke, and the bust of able until expended.
resentatives of the United States of America in John Cabell Breckinridge from any area of SEC. 5. DETERMINATION OF BUDGETARY EF-
Congress assembled, the United States Capitol which is accessible FECTS.
SECTION 1. REPLACEMENT OF BUST OF ROGER to the public. The budgetary effects of this Act, for the
BROOKE TANEY WITH BUST OF (b) STORAGE OF STATUES.—The Architect of purpose of complying with the Statutory
THURGOOD MARSHALL. the Capitol shall keep any statue and bust Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2010, shall be deter-
(a) FINDINGS.—Congress finds the fol- removed under subsection (a) in storage mined by reference to the latest statement
lowing: until the Architect and the State which pro- titled ‘‘Budgetary Effects of PAYGO Legisla-
(1) While sitting in the United States Cap- vided the statue or bust arrange for the re- tion’’ for this Act, submitted for printing in
itol, the Supreme Court issued the infamous turn of the statue or bust to the State. the Congressional Record by the Chairman of
Dred Scott v. Sandford decision on March 6, SEC. 3. REQUIREMENTS AND REMOVAL PROCE- the House Budget Committee, provided that
1857. Written by Chief Justice Roger Brooke such statement has been submitted prior to
Taney, whose bust sits inside the entrance to the vote on passage.
(a) REQUIREMENTS.—Section 1814 of the Re-
the Old Supreme Court Chamber in the vised Statutes (2 U.S.C. 2131) is amended by The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
United States Capitol, this opinion declared inserting ‘‘(other than persons who served as ant to the order of the House of today,
that African Americans were not citizens of an officer or voluntarily with the Confed- the gentleman from North Carolina
the United States and could not sue in Fed- erate States of America or of the military
eral courts. This decision further declared
(Mr. BUTTERFIELD) and the gentleman
forces or government of a State while the from Illinois (Mr. RODNEY DAVIS) each
that Congress did not have the authority to State was in rebellion against the United
prohibit slavery in the territories. States)’’ after ‘‘military services’’. will control 30 minutes.
(2) Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney’s au- (b) STATUE REMOVAL PROCEDURES.— The Chair recognizes the gentleman
thorship of Dred Scott v. Sandford, the effects (1) IN GENERAL.— from North Carolina.
of which would only be overturned years (A) IDENTIFICATION BY ARCHITECT OF THE GENERAL LEAVE
later by the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and CAPITOL.—The Architect of the Capitol shall Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
15th Amendments to the Constitution of the identify all statues on display in the United ask unanimous consent that all Mem-
United States, renders a bust of his likeness States Capitol that do not meet the require-
unsuitable for the honor of display to the ments of section 1814 of the Revised Statutes bers may have 5 legislative days in
many visitors to the United States Capitol. (2 U.S.C. 2131), as amended by subsection (a); which to revise and extend their re-
(3) As Frederick Douglass said of this deci- and marks and include extraneous material
sion in May 1857, ‘‘This infamous decision of (B) REMOVAL BY JOINT COMMITTEE ON THE on the measure under consideration.
the Slaveholding wing of the Supreme Court LIBRARY.—The Joint Committee on the Li- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
maintains that slaves are within the con- brary shall arrange for the removal of each objection to the request of the gen-
templation of the Constitution of the United statue identified by the Architect of the Cap- tleman from North Carolina?
States, property; that slaves are property in itol under subparagraph (B) from the Capitol There was no objection.
the same sense that horses, sheep, and swine by not later than 120 days after the date of Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
are property; that the old doctrine that slav- enactment of this Act.
ery is a creature of local law is false; that (2) REMOVAL AND RETURN OF STATUES.—
yield myself such time as I may con-
the right of the slaveholder to his slave does (A) IN GENERAL.—Subject to subparagraph sume.
not depend upon the local law, but is secured (C), the Architect of the Capitol shall ar- Mr. Speaker, I bring this legislation
wherever the Constitution of the United range to transfer and deliver any statue that to the floor today on behalf of the
States extends; that Congress has no right to is removed under this subsection to the Committee on House Administration. I
prohibit slavery anywhere; that slavery may Smithsonian Institution. thank our chair, Congresswoman ZOE
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

go in safety anywhere under the star-span- (B) STORAGE OR DISPLAY OF STATUES.—The LOFGREN, for her leadership. I thank
gled banner; that colored persons of African Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institu- Ranking Member RODNEY DAVIS for his
descent have no rights that white men are tion shall follow the policies and procedures
friendship and leadership on our com-
bound to respect; that colored men of Afri- of the Smithsonian Institution, as in effect
can descent are not and cannot be citizens of on the day before the date of enactment of mittee. I thank Mr. DAVIS, and as I said
the United States.’’. this Act, regarding the storage and display to him privately, I thank him for the
(4) While the removal of Chief Justice of any statue transferred under subpara- spirit in which he has approached this
Roger Brooke Taney’s bust from the United graph (A). important but delicate issue.

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Recognizing the issue of removing tinue to honor these combatants by al- as Speaker of the House, to remove
Confederate statues from the Capitol lowing their images to be on display in four paintings of Speakers of the House
has been simmering for years. Since I the Capitol. who were in the Speaker’s lobby, to re-
recognize that, I will now approach the The bill before us today also identi- move them because they were part of
issue today with the utmost respect for fies several other statues for removal the Confederacy, three of them before
those who are opposed to the goal of or replacement that are not part of the they came to the Congress and one who
the legislation. But I ask the dissenters National Statuary Hall Collection, in- came after his participation in the
to consider that America has been a di- cluding the bust of Chief Justice Roger Confederacy.
vided nation since its founding, and it B. Taney, who authored the 1857 Su- It was long overdue. When we were
is past time for us to close this chapter preme Court decision of Dred Scott v. checking out the statues, we found out
of American history by removing stat- Sandford, which ruled that slaves could about the paintings, and on Juneteenth
ues that depict an era that caused not be considered citizens and that we said good-bye to those four.
enormous pain to African-American Congress did not have the ability to Now in Congress and in the country,
citizens. ban slavery. This opinion, Mr. Speaker, we must maintain a drumbeat to en-
Mr. Speaker, as you, I grew up in the is regarded as possibly the Supreme sure that this moment of anguish con-
rural, segregated South. Commonplace Court’s worst decision of all time, and tinues to be transformed into action.
were Confederate flags and monuments the 7–2 decision was a major factor con- That is why, today, the House is proud
on public property, honoring Confed- tributing to the war. to pass legislation to remove from the
erate soldiers and the Confederacy. Another bust not part of the collec- U.S. Capitol the 12 statues of Confed-
Many Southern jurisdictions are now tion is of Vice President John Breckin- erate officials and four other statues
voluntarily removing these statues. ridge, 1857 to 1861. In 1860, Mr. Speaker, honoring persons who similarly exem-
President Abraham Lincoln won the Breckinridge ran for President on the plify bigotry and hate.
1860 general election by winning 18 of Southern Democratic ticket and he Mr. Speaker, again I thank Leader
lost. HOYER, Whip CLYBURN, CBC Chair
29 States. The 11 States that Lincoln
During the Civil War, Breckinridge KAREN BASS, Chairman BENNIE THOMP-
failed to carry were slaveholding
SON, Congresswoman BARBARA LEE, and
States. These States were fearful that served in the United States Senate
from Kentucky but became a traitor Chairman G.K. BUTTERFIELD for lead-
Lincoln would find a way to end slav-
and enlisted in the Confederate mili- ing this effort.
ery and deprive slave owners of their As I have said before, the Halls of
so-called property. tary, and he was assigned to the army
Congress are the very heart of our de-
Eleven Southern States, after Lin- of Mississippi stationed in Jackson,
mocracy. The statues in the Capitol
coln was elected, immediately seceded Mississippi, achieving the rank of
should embody our highest ideals as
from the Union, forming the Confed- major general. He was expelled from
Americans, expressing who we are and
erate States of America. The CSA the Senate. Jefferson Davis then ap-
what we aspire to as a nation. Monu-
elected its leadership. They printed a pointed him as Secretary of War. After ments to men who advocated barba-
currency and stood up a military. the war, he fled the country for several rism and racism are a grotesque affront
At Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the years. to those ideals. Their statues pay hom-
Confederate States of America took So I ask my colleagues, I ask Amer-
age to hate, not heritage.
military action against the United ica: Does this bust deserve to stand Among the Confederate statues in
States of America. For the following 4 outside of the Senate Chamber? I would the Capitol—can you believe this?—are
years, more than 600,000 Americans lost hope that your answer to that question Jefferson Davis and Alexander Ste-
their lives on the battlefield, including, will be no. phens, president and vice president, re-
I might say, African-American soldiers Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to spectively, of the Confederacy, both of
who fought for the Union. answer the summons of our time by whom were charged with treason
This was not a war between the voting to remove all of these offensive against America. Both were charged
States; it was a war against the United statues from the Capitol of the United with treason against America, and
States of America by 11 Southern States of America. they have statues in the Capitol.
States. Mr. Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the Now, think of this about Stephens—I
When the Union finally won the war, gentlewoman from California (Ms. hate to even use his words, but it may
and both sides buried their dead, 4 mil- PELOSI), the Speaker of the House. be important for people to know why
lion slaves were granted their freedom Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, I thank the statues have to go in clearer terms.
by the signing of the Emancipation the gentleman for yielding and for his The infamous words of Stephens make
Proclamation and passage of the 13th leadership in bringing us together as clear today as they did in 1861 the
Amendment. today, along with our distinguished aims of the Confederacy.
leader, Mr. HOYER; our distinguished In his so-called Cornerstone Speech,
b 1415 whip, Mr. JIM CLYBURN; Congressional Stephens asserted that the ‘‘prevailing
In 1864, each State was granted the Black Caucus Chair KAREN BASS; ideas’’ relied upon by the Framers in-
privilege to donate two statues of de- Chairman BENNIE THOMPSON; Congress- cluded ‘‘the assumption of the equality
ceased persons to be displayed in the woman BARBARA LEE; and Mr. of races. This was in error,’’ says Mr.
Capitol that depict the history of their BUTTERFIELD. I thank Mr. BUTTERFIELD Stephens.
State. These statues are now known as for leading this critical effort, so im- Instead, he laid out in blunt and sim-
the National Statuary Hall Collection. portant. ple terms the awful truth of the Con-
Approximately 10 of these statues de- Mr. Speaker, as our country knows, federacy. He said: ‘‘Our new govern-
pict men who volunteered to fight nearly 2 months after the murder of ment is founded upon exactly the oppo-
against the United States in the Civil George Floyd, America remains site idea.’’
War. gripped by anguish as racial injustice Imagine, exactly the opposite idea of
All of these statues were donated continues to kill hundreds of Black equality of races.
many decades after the Civil War. Like Americans and tear apart the soul of ‘‘Its foundations are laid, its corner-
many other statues around the country our country. stone rests, upon the great truth’’—and
honoring members of the CSA, and par- Last month, inspired by the activism these are his words; I hate to even use
ticularly those erected in the South, of the American people and led by the them, but we have to face this reality—
these 10 statues were not donated and Congressional Black Caucus, the House ‘‘the Negro is not equal to the White
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

installed in the Capitol until the 1900s, passed the George Floyd Justice in Po- man; that slavery, subordination to the
during the height of Jim Crow. licing Act to fundamentally transform superior race, is his natural and nor-
Many Americans see these statues the culture of policing, to address sys- mal condition.’’
and the timing of their placement as a temic racism, curb police brutality, de- He has got a statue in the Capitol of
means to intimidate African Ameri- liver accountability, and save lives. the United States.
cans and to perpetuate the notion of On Juneteenth, I had the privilege as How can we seek to end the scourge
white supremacy. We must not con- Speaker of the House, by my authority of racism in America when we allow

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00045 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.069 H22JYPT1
the worst perpetrators of that racism on us to make sure it happens in the the gentleman representing the Sixth
to be lauded in the Halls of Congress? most bipartisan way. Congressional District of South Caro-
This bill also removes the statue of Mr. Speaker, I urge a strong bipar- lina, the State where the Civil War
John Calhoun, the unapologetic leader tisan vote for this important step for began, who is a national expert on
of the Senate’s pro-slavery faction, justice, reconciliation, and progress in American history, having been a
who, on the Senate floor, celebrated America. former history teacher, as I recall.
slavery as a ‘‘positive good.’’ As far as our John Lewis is con-
b 1430
Mr. Speaker, I know Mr. CLYBURN cerned: Thank you. Thank you for
supports removing this South Caro- bringing us to this place. May you rest Mr. CLYBURN. Mr. Speaker, I thank
linian. in peace. the gentleman from North Carolina for
On the floor, John C. Calhoun made Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. yielding me the time, and for his lead-
this vile assertion that ‘‘in few coun- Speaker, at this time, it looks like I ership and his management of this sig-
tries is so much left to the share of the am going to be here on the floor with nificant piece of legislation.
laborer, and so little exacted from him, many of our colleagues who are going I want to thank Mr. DAVIS and the
or more kind attention paid to him in to offer remarks on this legislation, so other Members on the other side for
sickness or infirmities of age.’’ I will give my opening remarks after I their tremendous cooperation in trying
What could he have been talking yield 3 minutes to the gentleman from to help us move to a more perfect
about? California (Mr. MCCLINTOCK). Union.
It removes from the old Supreme Mr. MCCLINTOCK. Mr. Speaker, first Mr. Speaker, 7 years ago, I stood on
Court Chamber the bust of Justice and foremost, the Confederacy was a this floor and I referred to this Cham-
Roger Taney. And this is because of the fundamental attack on our Constitu- ber, this great Hall, as America’s class-
persistent leadership of Mr. HOYER, tion and the founding principles of our room. And it is in that spirit that I
who has been on this case for a long Nation, and it should never be roman- think of this building as America’s
time. ticized or lauded. schoolhouse. And what is taught in this
Justice Taney was the author of the I have got no problems with remov- building, what is experienced by the
Dred Scott ruling, which Mr. ing, lawfully, any monument that spe- people who visit this building ought to
BUTTERFIELD very clearly laid out as cifically honors this rebellion, but that be about the uplifting of this great Na-
probably one of the worst decisions of is not what this bill does. Rather, it be- tion.
the Supreme Court ever, certainly a gins by removing the bust of Roger What people see when they come
horrific stain on the history of our Taney from the Old Supreme Court here, who people see lauded, glorified,
country, and certainly on the Court. Chamber. and honored when they visit this build-
How fitting it is that the Taney bust Now, it is true he wrote the abso- ing ought to be people who are uplift-
will be replaced with a bust of U.S. Su- lutely worst decision ever rendered by ing to history and the human spirit.
preme Court Justice Thurgood Mar- the Supreme Court, the Dred Scott de- It is in that light that I recall the
shall, a towering champion of equality cision, but let’s not forget he also pre- writings of one great writer who wrote
and justice in America. sided over and joined in one of its bet- that if we fail to learn the lessons of
Mr. CLYBURN, as well as Mr. HOYER, ter decisions, the Amistad slave case. history—I think it was George
has been working on this. Mr. HOYER is If we remove memorials to every per- Santiano—we are bound to repeat
a Marylander. I am a Baltimorean. As son in this building who ever made a them.
we all know, the airport in Baltimore bad decision—and his was the worst— There are a lot of lessons to be
is named for Thurgood Marshall. So as well, this will be a very barren place, learned from history. I study it every
one who was born and raised there, I indeed. It is only by the bad things in day. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t
take pride in his leadership and service our history that we can truly measure spend some time looking at some facet
to the country. all of the good things in our history. of American history.
Let us recall Justice Marshall’s Now, this bill also removes the stat- We did not come to this floor with
words spoken nearly 30 years ago but ues of Confederate sympathizers sent this legislation to get rid of that his-
as true today. Justice Marshall said: to the Capitol by the States. Well, that tory. A lot of it we don’t like; a lot of
‘‘Democracy cannot flourish amid fear. is not our decision. That is a decision it we do like. And I think that what we
Liberty cannot bloom amid hate. Jus- that has always belonged to the indi- need to do is discern between what
tice cannot take root amid rage. Amer- vidual States, and several of them are should be honored and what should be
ica must get to work. In the chill cli- already making these decisions. We relegated to the museums and to other
mate in which we live, we must go should let them. places to commemorate that history.
against the prevailing wind. We must The only other one is John C. Breck- That is not eradicating history. That is
dissent from the indifference. We must inridge of Kentucky, who is honored putting history in its proper place.
dissent from the apathy. We must dis- not for his service to the Confederacy And for those who did not do what I
sent from the fear, the hatred, and the but, rather, for his service as Vice think they should have done, they have
mistrust. We must dissent, because President of the United States. And, got a place in the history books, but it
America can do better, because Amer- granted, we have had some absolutely is not to be honored, and it is not to be
ica has no choice but to do better.’’ terrible Vice Presidents through our glorified. It ought to be put in its prop-
How much our great Elijah Cum- history, and I am sure we will in the er perspective.
mings reflected the words of Thurgood future, but if we are going to start So I don’t have a problem with the
Marshall, two Baltimoreans. down that road, we are going to be fact that one of the statues in here,
The Congress now has a sacred oppor- swapping out statues like trading cards John C. Calhoun—he was a historical
tunity and obligation to do better, to at the whim of the moment. Our Na- figure. He died in 1850, if my memory
make meaningful change to ensure tion’s history should be made of stern- serves, 10 years before the war broke
that the halls of the U.S. Capitol re- er stuff. out. So we aren’t talking about John C.
flect the highest ideals as Americans. Perhaps we would all be better ad- Calhoun as a Confederate. We are talk-
Mr. HOYER, as our distinguished floor vised to practice a little temporal hu- ing about John C. Calhoun as one of
leader, had this planned for awhile that mility and heed the wisdom of Omar the Nation’s biggest proponents of
everybody would work together and Khayyam: ‘‘The moving finger writes; slavery and the relegation of human
bring this composite bill to the floor at and, having writ, moves on: nor all thy beings.
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

this time. Little did we know when piety nor wit shall lure it back to can- I want to thank my home State of
those plans were being made that, at cel half a line, nor all thy tears wash South Carolina, because the people of
the same time, we would be mourning out a word of it.’’ Charleston, Mayor Tecklenburg and
the loss of our darling John Lewis. It is Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I the city council in Charleston, decided
a death in the family for us in the Con- yield such time as he may consume to several weeks ago, the John C. Calhoun
gress. But he knew that this was in the the gentleman from South Carolina statue should be taken down, and they
works, and he is up there looking down (Mr. CLYBURN), the Democratic whip, did it.

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Clemson University—Calhoun, one of old State Capitol where Abraham Lin- I hope this legislation today, the bi-
the great founders of that university— coln delivered his ‘‘House Divided’’ partisanship that we will see, is a shin-
is one of the original land grant speech in 1858 is in my Congressional ing example to the rest of the country
schools. Clemson University decided District. It was there when Lincoln not of what we can build together.
that they would take John C. Cal- only spoke out against slavery and, Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of
houn’s name off of their honors college. specifically, the Dred Scott decision, my time.
So if the State of South Carolina, but stood unequivocally in support of a Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
where he was from sees that, why is it free country, famously saying: ‘‘A yield myself such time as I may con-
that we are going to laud him in this house divided against itself cannot sume.
building? stand. I believe this government can- Let me thank the gentleman from Il-
I am asking my colleagues to do for not endure, permanently half slave and linois. I am just delighted that he men-
John C. Calhoun what his home State half free. I do not expect the Union to tioned that his home State, the State
is doing for him, putting him in his be dissolved—I do not expect the house of Illinois, was, in fact, the home of
proper place, not a place of honor. to fall—but I do expect it will cease to Abraham Lincoln.
They didn’t tear down his statue; they be divided. It will become all one thing I am a student of history and love to
very meticulously took it down to re- or all the other.’’ read that portion of our history, and I
tire to his proper place. While Lincoln and many others who recall that many people believe that it
Mr. Speaker, you and I spoke last stood for freedom are represented was the Emancipation Proclamation on
night about one other gentleman whose throughout this Capitol, there are oth- January 1 of 1863 that legally ended
statue is in this building, Wade Hamp- ers that symbolize the opposite. While slavery in America. The Emancipation
ton. Wade Hampton, he was not a Con- we cannot erase our past and should do Proclamation, as great as it was, was
federate, but he was a perseverer. everything we can—as Whip CLYBURN an executive order.
There were three Wade Hamptons, sen- just stated—we should do everything It was the 13th Amendment, as the
ior, and the third. we can to learn from it instead. gentleman mentioned, that legally
The SPEAKER pro tempore. The The statues in the U.S. Capitol rep- ended slavery in America; thereby free-
time of the gentleman has expired. resent to visitors throughout the world ing 4 million slaves, most of whom
Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I what we stand for as a Nation. I sup- lived in the South.
yield the gentleman from South Caro- port this important discussion about Mr. Speaker, you should know, and
lina an additional 1 minute. which statues belong in the U.S. Cap- to my friend from Illinois, that it was
Mr. CLYBURN. But Wade Hampton’s itol and, also, the goal of this legisla- on January 31, 1865, a few days after
history should not be glorified. I don’t tion. Lincoln’s re-election, that this body,
know what my State’s going to do Before we began debating this piece this body, the House of Representa-
about him, but what I would like to see of legislation, my friend, Mr. tives, passed the 13th Amendment to
us do here is put him in his proper BUTTERFIELD, and I had a discussion, a the Constitution. It required the ratifi-
place. discussion about the 13th Amendment. cation of 27 States.
So those two statues that are here And I invite all Members of this insti- The gentleman from Illinois’ home
representing the State of South Caro- tution to come to my district, to come State was the first State, on February
lina need to be removed from their to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential 1, 1865 to ratify the 13th Amendment.
places of honor and, at some point, I Museum and Library, where I can show My State of North Carolina was the
would hope the State would bring them you an original copy of the 13th 26th State, and the State of Georgia
back home and put them in their prop- Amendment; also, one of the first cop- was the final State to ratify the 13th
er place. ies of the Emancipation Proclamation. Amendment on December 6, 1865.
So, I would like to say here today This institution is not just an ex- Mr. Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the
that I am not for destroying any stat- tended classroom. Where Lincoln lived, gentleman from Maryland (Mr. HOYER),
ue. I am not here for burning down any where Lincoln is honored, the 13th Dis- the State which is the home of both
building. I am here to ask my col- trict of Illinois, that I am truly blessed Chief Justice Taney and the first Afri-
leagues to return these people very to represent, is also a living classroom can American Associate Justice of the
properly and lawfully to their proper of the good things in our Nation’s his- U.S. Supreme Court, the Honorable
place. Put them where they can be tory. Thurgood Marshall.
studied. Put them where people will Now, we also have to remember that Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I thank
know exactly who and what they were. the National Statuary Hall Collection the gentleman from North Carolina,
But do not honor them. Do not glo- was created in 1864 to commemorate the former Justice of the North Caro-
rify them. Take them out of this great States and their contributions to this lina Supreme Court, for yielding.
schoolhouse so that the people who country. And many statues being dis- I am glad that I was on the floor to
visit here can be uplifted by what this cussed today were donated by States to hear the remarks of the ranking mem-
country is all about. the collection nearly 100 years ago. ber, Mr. DAVIS. I am going to bring up
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. And as my colleagues earlier said, a quote. I won’t get it soon enough to
Speaker, I yield myself such time as I many States are already working to re- read right now, but I will read it.
may consume. move them. David Brooks wrote a column in the
Mr. Speaker, it is an honor to follow While I support their removal, I be- New York Times and he said we were
Whip CLYBURN and the historical con- lieve the better route would have been facing five crises in America. One, of
text of being a history teacher, and to have some more hearings in the course, the pandemic.
also the historical context of serving Committee on House Administration. He said the second crisis was the cri-
this institution and what it means. So But today, today, is not about politics. sis of confronting racism and the his-
I thank Whip CLYBURN for his leader- Today is about coming together as an tory of racism and slavery and segrega-
ship. institution. And today is a day that I tion in our country.
I thank my good friend, Mr. can say I proudly am blessed to be a The observation he made was that
BUTTERFIELD, for his leadership on this Member of Congress. Americans, post-George Floyd, have
issue. We are going to work together Our country, right now, is facing a been riveted on the recognition of our
today to make sure that we are sending very difficult time, and Abraham Lin- past and the recognition of our present,
a message to the American people that coln’s spirit of unity is desperately and how we need to improve the treat-
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

it is Republicans and Democrats stand- needed. ‘‘A house divided against itself ment and the reality of equality in
ing together. cannot stand.’’ As leaders, we need to America.
Now, I have a unique district in cen- come together to show there is much
tral Illinois. I am from the Land of more that unites us Americans than di- b 1445
Lincoln. As a matter of fact, Abe, him- vides us, and lead this country, to- I think Brooks’ observation will be
self, lived in my district. I represent gether, Republicans and Democrats, proved today on the floor, Mr. Speaker,
Lincoln’s Tomb, Lincoln’s Home. The through this difficult time. as we come together not in partisan

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00047 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.072 H22JYPT1
disagreement but in unity of purpose, Abraham Lincoln was, as Mr. DAVIS will not make right what was so ter-
recognizing that our conscience and pointed out, outraged at the decision ribly wrong in the past. But the statues
the conscience of America has also he wrote, arguably, as my friend the we choose to set in places of honor are
been pricked by the loss of John Lewis, Justice said earlier today, the worst a reflection of the present, not the
who all his life fought for equality. case in the history of the Supreme past. They show our fellow American
Mr. Speaker, the Capitol Building is Court of the United States. and foreign visitors what our values
a sacred space for our American democ- In short, Taney argued that people of are today.
racy. It is where we write our laws, in- African descent had come to be seen as Our decision to remove statues of
augurate our Presidents, and say a human beings, but because our Found- seditionists, white supremacists, Con-
somber farewell to great Americans ers did not view them as such, Black federates, and segregationists and re-
who earned our respect, like Dwight people could never truly be citizens of place them with defenders of justice
Eisenhower, other Presidents, and Rosa our country. Think of that, the blind- and equality shows that, as a country,
Parks. ness and schizophrenia of 1787 repeated we are capable of critical introspection
Mr. Speaker, we cannot erase the dif- 80 years later in 1857. and growth.
ficult history and painful truth that One of the great facets of America is That is our strength. That is the
this temple to liberty was built using that we can grow. We change, and we glory of America: working toward a
the labor of enslaved people. But we can accommodate to better knowledge, more perfect Union.
can, Mr. Speaker, do everything in our better insight, and better inclinations. That is why I introduced this bill
power to ensure that how we use the The past, Taney argued, bound those in along with Representative LEE, Whip
Capitol today reflects our commitment the present to follow the errors of their CLYBURN, Chairwoman BASS, and
to equality and justice for all. forebears in perpetuity. Let us reject Chairman THOMPSON, who sits in the
For too long, we have greeted visi- that premise out of hand lest the more chair today. That itself is a historic
tors from here and abroad with the perfect Union will never be attainable. demonstration of the change that we
statues of those who denigrated these What he could not or would not ac- have wrought. Not only could a Black
values by championing sedition, slav- cept is that the passage of time allows man from Mississippi be a Member of
ery, segregation, and inequality. us the space to grow as individuals, as the Congress, but he can preside over
As a Marylander, I have always been States, and as a country so that we the Congress. He matters, and his life
uncomfortable that the Old Supreme may see our faults and correct them, matters.
Court Chamber prominently displays a Taney was wrong because, in the 21st
not repeat them.
bust of former Chief Justice Roger In Maryland, we have grappled with century, we must not be Roger Brooke
Brooke Taney, who was from my dis- that difficult history of our State with Taney’s America anymore, nor can we
trict, as a matter of fact, the county regard to slavery and the Civil War. be Jim Crow’s.
across the river from my house, Cal- While our State did not secede from Our bill removes the bust of Chief
vert County.
the Union, many Marylanders sym- Justice Taney from the Old Supreme
Taney, of course, was the son of
slaveholders and the author of the 1857 pathized with slavery in the South and Court Chamber and replaces it with a
Dred Scott ruling that upheld slavery fought for the Confederacy. bust of Thurgood Marshall, a son of
Mr. Speaker, I represent what was Baltimore. The irony is the Taney stat-
and said that African Americans could
the largest slaveholding area of the ue was on the east front of the Capitol,
not be citizens. This was a man, Mr.
Speaker, who, in his zeal to protect the State of Maryland. We grew tobacco Mr. Speaker. If you turned around and
interests of slaveholders and uphold a and some cotton, but mainly tobacco. went through the Capitol 5 years ago,
system of white supremacy, wrote an Early Maryland was built on the prof- 10 years ago, 15 years, if you went
opinion that twisted the very meaning its of slavery, and it sent individuals through about 500 feet and walked out
of America’s founding. like Taney to serve in America’s ear- on the west front, you walked into
After quoting the Declaration of liest institutions. Indeed, in his infa- Thurgood Marshall Memorial, as you
Independence, ‘‘We hold these truths to mous decision, he drew on his home would today. He was our first African-
be self-evident, that all men are cre- State’s ban of interracial marriage as American Justice.
ated equal,’’ Taney wrote this: ‘‘The justification for his views. How appropriate it is that we honor
general words above quoted would seem One of the ironies, Mr. Speaker, is him in place of Roger Brooke Taney.
to embrace the whole human family, that I was elected to the Maryland Thurgood Marshall is the face of our
and if they were used in a similar in- State Senate in 1966, and one of my Maryland in 2020, not Roger Taney.
strument at this day,’’ meaning 1857, first votes in January 1967 as a Mary- Second, our bill no longer allows
‘‘would be so understood.’’ He went on land State senator at the age of 27 was States to display statues in the Capitol
to say: ‘‘But it is too clear for dispute to vote to repeal the miscegenation of individuals who voluntarily served
that the enslaved African race were not statutes in my State. Of course, the the Confederacy against our Union dur-
intended to be included and formed no Supreme Court had ruled on that be- ing the Civil War.
part of the people who framed and fore, but we still had not repealed it 110 Let me just say as an aside that none
adopted this declaration.’’ Of course, years after Dred Scott. of us are perfect. Our Founders weren’t
neither did women. Maryland today, like other States perfect, but what our Founders did was
In short, Mr. Speaker, Taney argued where slavery and segregation had a create a union. The statues we are re-
that, in his day, in 1857, people of Afri- long history, is not the same place that moving tried to destroy a union.
can descent had come to be seen as it was when Taney wrote his opinion, Third, there are three specific stat-
human beings, but because our Found- nor are these States today the same ues in the collection of individuals who
ers in 1776 did not view them as such, places they were when many of the did not serve in the Confederacy but
Black people could never truly be citi- statues and busts of Confederates and whose careers were built on the perpet-
zens of the United States. segregationists were sent here to our uation of White supremacy and seg-
What he was saying, Mr. Speaker, Capitol during a period of intense and regation. Our bill would require those
was that Black lives did not matter. racially charged sectionalism. statues to be removed and replaced as
And so, Mr. Speaker, when we hear In recent years, Maryland made the well, as my friend, JIM CLYBURN, said,
that phrase today, that Black lives courageous and correct choice to re- not destroyed. We urge nobody to tear
matter, it is fundamental to what move a statue of Taney from the down statues—to remove them, yes; to
America is and has become. grounds of the statehouse in Annapolis. destroy them, no.
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

Sadly, Roger Brooke Taney—re- I strongly supported that decision, as They do not reflect the diversity and
spected in his time, the attorney gen- did our Republican Governor, Mr. inclusivity of our Nation today, nor do
eral of my State, the Attorney General Hogan, and our Democratic legislature. they comport with our values as a na-
of the United States, the Acting Sec- Removing a statue—as my dear tion that has reached a greater under-
retary of the Treasury—could not ex- friend of over one-half century, Mr. standing of the principles enshrined in
tricate himself from the false premises CLYBURN, observed on this floor—does the Declaration of Independence, that
of the past. not erase history. That act by itself all are created equal, and humankind,

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00048 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.074 H22JYPT1
Taney admitted in 1857, would have should not be lost. Tearing it down are front and center, and the mani-
been the understanding of that phrase. does not do justice to the history of festations are before the public each
There are still, sadly, a lot of people in this Nation and what our young people and every day. The removal of the Con-
our country in 2020 who do not under- must understand. federate statues from the United
stand that our diversity is our strength Mr. Speaker, what you have gone States Capitol is an important step in
or recognize clearly that Black lives through in your life, Mr. Lewis did and dismantling the systems that hold us
matter. others, we can’t simply ignore it and back.
Taney forcefully argued they did not. say, because we tore down statues or As a descendant of enslaved Ameri-
He was willfully wrong. They do, and we burn things, it is suddenly gone. No, cans from Galveston, Texas, and
they must. I believe that most Ameri- we need to recognize those things as enslaved human beings, I thank you for
cans are deeply distressed by racial in- part of our history in order to move on this bill, and I ask for an ‘‘aye’’ vote.
justice and want to see the progress of beyond them. Because, as many have Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr.
the civil rights movement continue. said, to not acknowledge, to recognize, Speaker, I reserve the balance of my
They want our Nation and our democ- to understand our history runs a very time.
racy to grow, mature, and become real risk of reliving it. And, my God, Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker,
more perfect. Part of that process is we can’t continue to do that. may I inquire how much time each side
making it clear through our symbols Mr. Speaker, I support the resolution has remaining.
and public displays of honor what our and support the removal of statues. The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
country stands for and, as importantly, Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I tleman from North Carolina has 131⁄2
what it must never stand for again. yield 11⁄2 minutes to the gentlewoman minutes remaining. The gentleman
So, Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues from California (Ms. LEE), a passionate from Illinois has 21 minutes remaining.
on both sides of the aisle to join us not advocate for underserved communities. Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
as an expression of partisan opinion Ms. LEE of California. Mr. Speaker, yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from
but an expression of America’s values let me first thank the gentleman for Maryland (Mr. RASKIN), a member of
to our citizens and to the world that we yielding and for his tremendous leader- the House Committee on Administra-
do not glorify racism, bigotry, and ex- ship and constantly reminding us of tion, a great constitutional scholar and
clusion in the temple to liberty and in the accurate accounting of the United friend.
the land of the free. States’ history. Mr. RASKIN. Mr. Speaker, I thank
I hope our colleagues will join in Also, I thank our Speaker; our ma- Mr. BUTTERFIELD for his really exem-
making possible and making sure that jority leader; our whip, Mr. CLYBURN; plary leadership here.
all Americans, no matter their race, Chairwoman BASS; Chairman BENNIE Mr. Speaker, it is a proud day for
can come to this Capitol and know that THOMPSON; and, of course, Congressman Maryland as we move to replace the
they have an equal share in a govern- BUTTERFIELD for moving this legisla- bust of Roger Brooke Taney with the
ment that is truly of the people, by the tion forward with the urgency that it bust of Thurgood Marshall.
people, and for the people. requires. One Marylander wrote the infamous
Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support Dred Scott decision, hundreds of pages
b 1500 of argumentation about how the Con-
of H.R. 7573, which would remove
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. shameful reminders of slavery and seg- stitution is and must forever be a
Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gen- regation from the United States Cap- White man’s compact and that African
tleman from the State of Michigan itol. Americans have no rights that White
(Mr. MITCHELL), my friend. Now, in 2017, in the wake of the white people have to respect.
Mr. MITCHELL. Mr. Speaker, I nationalist rally in Charlottesville, I The other, Thurgood Marshall, whose
thank the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. introduced the Confederate Monument bust will replace that of Justice Taney,
RODNEY DAVIS) for yielding. Removal Act to remove all statues of argued Brown v. Board of Education,
Mr. Speaker, I wasn’t planning on people who voluntarily served the Con- argued Shelley v. Kraemer, argued
speaking on this. It is an honor to federacy from the Capitol building. So, Smith v. Albright, became the first Af-
speak after Mr. HOYER. thank you for including this in this rican-American Associate Justice of
I heard Mr. CLYBURN speak elo- current bill. the Supreme Court. He made equal pro-
quently regarding the removal of stat- Venerating those who took up arms tection come alive in our country. So
ues, statues including that of former against the United States to preserve it is a proud day for Maryland.
Chief Justice Taney, a statue honoring slavery is an affront to the human dig- I was delighted to hear the gen-
him for what we all agree was the most nity of all Americans. These painful tleman from Illinois’ remarks, but I
dreadful decision the Supreme Court symbols of bigotry and racism have no was amazed to hear another colleague
has ever made in this country, not place in public places—certainly should in the minority defending the bust of
based upon the law but based upon his not be enshrined in the United States John C. Breckinridge on the grounds
feelings that African Americans Capitol. that we don’t honor him for his service
weren’t people. It is past time for Congress to stop as secretary of war in the Confederacy
I am speaking today not so much glorifying the men who were traitors but we, rather, honor him for what he
that it convinces anybody in this and committed treason against the did before that in his prior service as
Chamber, but I am speaking about his- United States in a concerted effort to United States Senator and Vice Presi-
tory, and I am speaking about my chil- keep African Americans in chains. dent of the United States.
dren, my children and my grand- The movement to honor Confederate Well, that is just precious. Think
children, that they need to remember soldiers was a deliberate act to rewrite about that for a second.
the history of this Nation. the very history of the United States Breckinridge was serving as a U.S.
The history of this Nation is so and humanize acts designed to dehu- Senator from Kentucky when he de-
fraught with racial division, with ha- manize African Americans. They are fected to the Confederacy, signed up to
tred, and the only way to overcome symbols of hatred and defiance of Fed- become their secretary of war, and be-
that is to recognize that, acknowledge eral authority and should not be held trayed the Union. And they still have
it for what it is. in a place of honor in the United States his bust outside of the United States
Mr. Speaker, I support this resolu- Capitol. Senate saying ‘‘Vice President’’ on it,
tion, and I support what Mr. CLYBURN The SPEAKER pro tempore. The despite the fact that, on December 4,
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

said: to remove statues such as that of time of the gentlewoman has expired. 1861, he was convicted of treason by the
Mr. Taney, to lawfully remove them— Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I Senate and stripped of all of his titles—
not tear them down, not destroy yield an additional 30 seconds to the including Senator, President of the
them—return them back to the States gentlewoman from California. Senate, and Vice President.
and places from which they came, and Ms. LEE of California. Mr. Speaker, I So we may as well put up a statue of
to study, to put them in the study of conclude by saying this: In this mo- Benedict Arnold to honor him for his
the history of this Nation, because it ment, the horrors of systemic racism service to the Continental Army before

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00049 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.075 H22JYPT1
he defected over to the British side and BUTTERFIELD) giving me an oppor- Mr. Speaker, as we have lost a great
led British groups against America. tunity to speak. warrior, John Lewis, and, as well, C. T.
So let’s go all the way here. If there Mr. Speaker, for those of us who are Vivian, I know they are looking down
are statues of traitors and racist White sons of the South, for those of us who to say that we are not to honor those
supremacist supporters of the Confed- have endured hardship, discrimination, who voluntarily serve to deny us our
eracy up in the Capitol, then we need and a lot of things that are very dif- humanity and to fight for the Confed-
to get rid of them. This is our oppor- ficult to even talk about, for this mo- eracy and were treasonous.
tunity to remake the social contract as ment in time where we are today,
b 1515
represented by the symbolism in this where we are going to start the process
great House. of healing and setting the record Alexander Hamilton Stephens—it is
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. straight as it relates to the real his- interesting that he secured the name of
Speaker, I reserve the balance of my tory of this country, it is fitting and Alexander Hamilton—has a statue in
time. proper that those individuals who Statuary Hall. It says:
Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I fought to keep many of our ancestors I am not fearful of anything on Earth, I am
yield 1 minute to the gentleman from enslaved should not have to be recog- not fearful of anything above, except to do
Massachusetts (Mr. KENNEDY). nized in a place where people who do something wrong.
Mr. Speaker, before he speaks, the good expect to be recognized. That is what Alexander Hamilton
history that I have read over the years This is not a way of erasing history. Stephens said.
suggests to me that, on January 31, It is a way of correcting history so that Well, this is wrong. It was wrong to
1865, when the 13th Amendment was those people who come and see it will enslave so many human beings and for
passed by this body, this Chamber, Mr. see it in the manner for which it is pre- that slavery to last over 200 years.
KENNEDY, the gallery was full of White sented. So, at the end of this debate, I I am delighted with the gentleman
abolitionist women from the Common- hope we all will be on the same page. from Illinois for his congenial and his-
wealth of Massachusetts who waved This notion that in America it is not toric moment today, and we do it in
handkerchiefs and cheered for a pro- your color, it is not your race, it is not unity. I offer peace to this Nation and
longed period of time, cheering the 13th your sex, we have to stand for some- to this body that we remove these by
Amendment. thing; our values should mean some- bringing America together.
Mr. KENNEDY. Mr. Speaker, I thank thing as Americans. I know the family of George Floyd,
the chairman. So this bill establishes what America who struck a chord in the hearts of all
Mr. Speaker, 155 years ago, Senators stands for, and we should not recognize Americans and Black Lives Matter,
from my home State of Massachusetts, traitors in order just to say we are to- would welcome this magnificent deci-
Charles Sumner and Henry Wilson, gether. Traitors have a place, but not sion today. Let us do it together, under
knew that a bust of Roger Taney de- in a place of honor. this flag. In God we trust.
My State recognizes the president of Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr.
served no home in our government’s
the Confederacy. If he had won the war Speaker, I reserve the balance of my
highest institutions. Yet here we are,
as president, none of us of color would time.
in 2020, and the bust of a man who tried be in this institution today. But thank
to codify and protect our original sin Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
God he lost and the South lost and we yield 11⁄2 minutes time to the gen-
remains only a few hundred feet away. are better because of it. Mr. Speaker,
Statues honoring traitors willing to tleman from Maryland (Mr. MFUME),
for that, I ask support of this legisla- my friend, who is not only the rep-
destroy our Nation so that they could tion.
own Black men, women, and children resentative of a district in Maryland,
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr.
litter our Capitol, and somehow we but also the former national president
Speaker, I reserve the balance of my
still need to have this debate. time. of the NAACP.
Let me be clear: Dismantling the Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I Mr. MFUME. Mr. Speaker, 33 years
symbols that glorify White supremacy yield 11⁄2 minutes to the gentlewoman ago, I stood near this spot and watched
is a bare minimum, but dismantling from Texas (Ms. JACKSON LEE), from Thurgood Marshall come through these
those symbols is no substitute for dis- the 18th District of Texas, a senior doors as a member of the Supreme
mantling the system that those men member of the Committee on the Judi- Court at a State of the Union address.
created. ciary, Committee on Homeland Secu- And as a Marylander and as a Balti-
This cannot be the end or the best of rity, and the author of H.R. 40, Ms. morean, I had a great sense of pride.
what we can offer the millions who JACKSON LEE. I got to know Mr. Marshall. All he
took to our streets demanding justice. Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I ever said by his eloquence and his ex-
This cannot be the end of our work. thank the manager of this legislation ample was this is how we ought to be
This shouldn’t even be considered the for his leadership. as Supreme Court justices.
beginning of that work. It should have Let me also acknowledge and thank I must tell you, I was dismayed,
been done 150 years ago. Mr. HOYER for his, as well, and to Mr. though, years earlier, to learn as a
Mr. Speaker, the Senate needs to CLYBURN, Ms. BASS, Mr. THOMPSON, young student at Morgan State Univer-
pass the George Floyd Justice in Polic- and, as I indicated, Mr. BUTTERFIELD. sity the history of Roger B. Taney, who
ing Act. We need to dismantle and de- Mr. Speaker, let me start as I did did just the opposite to my spirit and
stroy White supremacy that exists ev- just a few minutes ago, ‘‘In God we just the opposite, I think, to what we
erywhere, from our education system trust,’’ and recognize that God has cre- believe Supreme Court Justices should
to our healthcare system, to our incar- ated, in many of our faiths, all of us act like and how they conduct them-
ceration and juvenile justice systems equal as humans. We stand together selves.
and our financial institutions and our dealing with the Confederacy that di- A gentleman from the other side ear-
economy. That is where we need to be minished and denied those descendants, lier said that Mr. Taney rendered the
working, and that is what begins. those African slaves, their humanity. worst Supreme Court decision ever.
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. And yet, in a place of freedom, this And he is exactly right. That decision
Speaker, I reserve the balance of my place, we honor them. said that Black people had no rights
time. Mr. Speaker, I welcome H.R. 7573 and for which the White man must respect,
Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I am glad to be joining as a staunch sup- and therefore that the Negro might
yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from porter, for, if Justice Taney viewed me justly and lawfully be reduced to slav-
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

Mississippi (Mr. THOMPSON), the chair- as inhuman, then that means that ery for his own benefit. It also said
man of the Committee on Homeland those today, those babies yet unborn that Black people born in America,
Security, a great warrior of many from descendants of enslaved African like Dred Scott, were not citizens and
years, Mr. BENNIE THOMPSON. Americans, would be inhuman. This is it eviscerated the Missouri Com-
Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi. Mr. needed not because we don’t put it in promise of 1820.
Speaker, I appreciate the gentleman the historical context, but because we So replacing the statue of Taney
from North Carolina (Mr. need to unify America. with one instead of Thurgood Marshall

VerDate Sep 11 2014 08:51 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00050 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.077 H22JYPT1
seems to me the way we ought to go as cate America, and how we can come to- States.’’ The Architect of the Capitol would be
a Chamber. I hope in a bipartisan fash- gether, not just correcting some of the charged with identifying those statues which
ion, not only for ourselves, but to say awful, evil parts of our Nation’s his- do not meet the revised criteria and the Joint
to all the visitors that come through tory, but let’s continue to correct the Committee on the Library would remove the
this building that we will continue to division that exists today, not just on statues and turn them over to the Smithsonian
hold high real American heroes that this floor, but in this country. Institution or their respective states, if desired.
sought to keep us together, and we will And if we can stand together in this
As Chairperson of the House Fine Arts
not honor those who sought to divide instance, we can surely stand together
Board and the Vice Chairperson of the Joint
us. and make this country, at a time and
Committee on the Library I am more than
Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I place of civil unrest, a better place for
pleased to remove these symbols of cruelty
have no further speakers, and I reserve every single American in this country.
and bigotry from the halls of the Capitol. This
the balance of my time. With that, Mr. Speaker, I thank
has been a long time coming, and it is long
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. again all of my colleagues. I respect
their opinions, their ideas. But today is past time to act.
Speaker, I yield myself the balance of
my time, and I will close. a day of history. Today is a day that The United States Capitol is one of the most
Mr. Speaker, it is great to follow our we are going to band together in a bi- visible, and most visited, symbols of liberty,
new colleague, Mr. MFUME. partisan way. freedom and democracy in the entire world.
Because of COVID and the restric- And I commend my good friend and Who we choose to honor in this space is
tions we have in getting together and look forward to hosting him in Spring- uniquely indicative of our values and prin-
getting to know each other like we did field, Illinois. ciples.
before this pandemic, I have not had a Mr. Speaker, I urge support, and I Contrary to those who argue in opposition to
chance to meet you yet. Welcome to yield back the balance of my time. this long overdue action, this action does not
this institution. Thank you for your Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I
seek to erase history nor ask that we forget
service here. Thank you for your serv- yield myself the balance of my time. I
that history. We must never forget the shame-
ice leading the NAACP. thank all of the speakers for their elo-
ful scar of slavery, segregation and racism. In-
I don’t know if Mr. MFUME is aware, quent words today.
stead this is about who we honor. When we
but many say that the birthplace of Mr. DAVIS, we have talked a lot about
think about the holocaust the words ‘‘never
the NAACP is also in Springfield, Illi- President Abraham Lincoln. There is
forget’’ admonish us to always remember the
nois, because of the 1908 race riots that one thing I failed to mention, and the
millions murdered by the Nazis. But we do not
took place in my district. other speakers failed to mention as
well. And that was, before the ratifica- accomplish that by erecting a statue of Adolf
We are trying to honor those who
suffered during that instance in our tion of the 13th Amendment, Lincoln Hitler to put in a place of honor.
Nation’s history, still centuries after was actually assassinated on April 14, Those who violently rebelled against our
we saw the scourge of slavery come to as I recall, of 1865, and did not live to government upon the belief, as Confederate
our shores. see the full ratification of the 13th Vice President Alexander Stephens infamously
We still have a lot of work to do. But Amendment, which was the culmina- said, ‘‘that the negro is not equal to the white
I welcome Mr. MFUME. Come to my dis- tion of a lot of his work. So I just man; that slavery subordination to the superior
trict and see the artifacts from those wanted to put that into the RECORD. race is his natural and normal condition,’’ and
race riots that have been dug up and Mr. Speaker, I am pleased with the those who enabled and protected the practice
displayed for all to see, to be honored. tone of this debate. I don’t even want of holding human beings as property deserve
That is what education and history is. to call it a debate. I would call it a dis- no place of honor in the halls of our nation’s
Mr. Speaker, I yield such time as he cussion for the last few minutes. I feel Capitol. Slavery is the ‘‘original sin’’ of our
may consume to the gentleman from the bipartisanship in the air, and I country, and its disastrous effects are felt to
Maryland (Mr. MFUME). thank Mr. DAVIS so very much. It is ap- this day.
Mr. MFUME. Mr. Speaker, I appre- preciated. It is long past time to remove these symbols
ciate the gentleman’s kind and overly History teaches us that there are of bigotry and cruelty from the halls of Con-
gracious remarks. I appreciate also his times in our history where eras must gress, and it is long past time to repair the
sense of history and for what I think be closed, and we must begin a new era lasting damage their hatred and racism has
today is being displayed as a bipartisan in this great Nation. visited on the fabric of this country. The re-
effort to draw attention to and to rec- We need to continue to strive for a moval of these symbols from the People’s
oncile a very real problem. more perfect union, and today is a good House is a necessary step in this long-over-
So I will be more than happy to do example of that. due work, I urge my colleagues to join me in
that. And Lincoln was one of my he- I ask my colleagues to vote ‘‘yea’’ on supporting H.R. 7573 and in working to right
roes in many respects, not just because this legislation. I ask for a unanimous the wrongs of the past to better perfect the
he signed, as Mr. BUTTERFIELD said, an vote. Hopefully, we can do this by voice promises of our country.
executive order in 1863, but that he re- vote. That is my prayer and that is my
minded us of what we were supposed to hope that we will show the world that The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
be as a Nation. Was he flawed? Yes. Are we are united on this issue. THOMPSON of Mississippi). The question
we flawed? Yes. Do we increase our Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance is on the motion offered by the gen-
ability to grow together? The absolute of my time. tleman from North Carolina (Mr.
answer is yes. So I do appreciate the Ms. LOFGREN. Mr. Speaker, I rise in sup- BUTTERFIELD) that the House suspend
gentleman’s comments, and I appre- port of H.R. 7573, as amended. the rules and pass the bill, H.R. 7573, as
ciate him yielding. H.R. 7573 directs the Joint Committee on amended.
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. the Library to remove the bust of Chief Justice The question was taken.
Speaker, I will reclaim my time. Roger B. Taney, the author of the Dred Scott
decision in the Old Supreme Court Chamber The SPEAKER pro tempore. In the
That is exactly why we still, as a Na-
with a bust of Justice Thurgood Marshall, and opinion of the Chair, two-thirds being
tion, have so much to learn about each
requires the Joint Committee on the Library to in the affirmative, the ayes have it.
other. We have so much to learn as to
why we live, and we are blessed to live remove statues of Charles B. Aycock, James Mr. BROOKS of Alabama. Mr. Speak-
in what I consider the greatest country P. Clarke, and John C. Calhoun, as well as a er, on that I demand the yeas and nays.
on God’s green Earth. bust of John C. Breckinridge. H.R. 7573 would The yeas and nays were ordered.
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

The opportunity for every American also amend section 1814 of the Revised Stat-
to do what we do, to serve in this great utes (2 U.S.C. 2131) to change the criteria for The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
institution, is something that should those eligible for inclusion to prohibit those ant to section 3 of House Resolution
be cherished. who ‘‘served as an officer or voluntarily with 965, the yeas and nays are ordered.
Those issues that seemingly divide us the Confederate States of America or of the Pursuant to clause 8 of rule XX, fur-
more in a Nation of prosperity, we need military forces or government of a State while ther proceedings on this motion will be
to educate the youth, we need to edu- the State was in rebellion against the United postponed.

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00051 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.079 H22JYPT1
FOSTERING UNDERGRADUATE Speier Torres (CA) Wasserman Mr. KING of Iowa. Madam Speaker, I was
Stanton Torres Small Schultz
unable to vote on July 22, 2020, due to de-
SOURCES FOR EDUCATION ACT Suozzi Trahan Watson Coleman layed arrival to the floor. Had I been present,
The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Swalwell (CA) Trone Welch I would have voted as follows: ‘‘no’’ on rollcall
Takano Underwood Wexton No. 153.
ant to clause 8 of rule XX, the unfin- Thompson (CA) Vargas Wild
ished business is the question on con- Thompson (MS) Veasey MEMBERS RECORDED PURSUANT TO HOUSE
Wilson (FL)
curring in the Senate amendment to Yarmuth
Tlaib Velázquez Cárdenas Kirkpatrick Payne
the bill (H.R. 2486) to reauthorize man- Tonko Visclosky (Sánchez) (Gallego) (Wasserman
datory funding programs for histori- Clay (Grijalva) Kuster (NH) Schultz)
cally Black colleges and universities DeSaulnier (Brownley Pingree
Aderholt Gonzalez (OH) Olson
and other minority-serving institu- Allen
(Matsui) (CA)) (Cicilline)
Gooden Palazzo Deutch (Rice Porter (Wexton)
tions, with the amendment specified in Amash Gosar Palmer
Lawson (FL)
(NY)) (Evans) Price (NC)
section 4(a) of House Resolution 891, on Amodei Granger Pence Frankel (Clark (Butterfield)
Armstrong Graves (GA) Perry Lieu, Ted (Beyer)
which the yeas and nays were ordered. (MA))
Lipinski (Cooper)
Arrington Graves (LA) Posey Garamendi (Underwood)
The Clerk read the title of the bill. Babin Graves (MO) Reed Lofgren (Boyle,
(Boyle, Serrano
The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Bacon Green (TN) Reschenthaler Brendan F.)
Brendan F.)
question is on concurring in the Senate Baird Grothman Rice (SC) Gomez (Gallego) Lowenthal Trone (Beyer)
Balderson Guest Rodgers (WA) (Beyer)
amendment with an amendment. Horsford (Kildee) Watson Coleman
Banks Guthrie Roe, David P. Johnson (TX) Moore (Beyer) (Pallone)
The vote was taken by electronic de- Barr Hagedorn Rogers (AL) Napolitano
(Jeffries) Welch
vice, and there were—yeas 233, nays Bergman Harris Rogers (KY) Kaptur (Beatty) (Correa) (McGovern)
183, not voting 14, as follows: Biggs Hartzler Rose, John W. Khanna Pascrell (Sires) Wilson (FL)
Bilirakis Hern, Kevin Rouzer (Sherman) (Hayes)
[Roll No. 153] Bishop (NC) Herrera Beutler Roy
YEAS—233 Bishop (UT) Hice (GA) Rutherford f
Bost Higgins (LA) Scalise
Adams Finkenauer Maloney, Sean Brady Hill (AR) Schweikert
Aguilar Fitzpatrick Matsui FOSTERING UNDERGRADUATE
Brooks (AL) Hollingsworth Scott, Austin
Allred Fletcher McAdams
Axne Foster McBath
Brooks (IN) Huizenga Shimkus TALENT BY UNLOCKING RE-
Barragán Frankel McCollum Buck Johnson (LA) Smith (MO)
Bass Fudge McEachin
Beatty Gabbard McGovern
Bucshon Johnson (OH) Smith (NE) The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms.
Budd Johnson (SD) Smith (NJ) TLAIB). Pursuant to clause 8 of rule
Bera Gallego McNerney Burchett Jordan Smucker
Beyer Garamendi Meeks Burgess Joyce (OH) Spano XX, the unfinished business is the
Bishop (GA) Garcı́a (IL) Meng question on concurring in the Senate
Calvert Joyce (PA) Stauber
Blumenauer Garcia (TX) Mfume Carter (GA) Katko Stefanik amendment to the bill (H.R. 2486) to re-
Blunt Rochester Golden Moore Carter (TX) Keller Steil
Bonamici Gomez Morelle Chabot Kelly (MS) Steube
authorize mandatory funding programs
Boyle, Brendan Gonzalez (TX) Moulton for historically Black colleges and uni-
Cheney Kelly (PA) Stewart
F. Gottheimer Mucarsel-Powell
Brindisi Green, Al (TX) Murphy (FL)
Cline King (NY) Stivers versities and other minority-serving
Cloud Kinzinger Taylor institutions, with the amendment spec-
Brown (MD) Grijalva Nadler Cole Kustoff (TN) Thompson (PA)
Brownley (CA) Haaland Napolitano Collins (GA) LaHood Thornberry ified in section 4(b) of House Resolu-
Bustos Harder (CA) Neal tion 891, on which the yeas and nays
Comer LaMalfa Tiffany
Butterfield Hastings Neguse Conaway Lamborn Tipton were ordered.
Carbajal Hayes Norcross Crawford Latta Turner
Cárdenas Heck O’Halleran Crenshaw Lesko Upton
The Clerk read the title of the bill.
Carson (IN) Higgins (NY) Ocasio-Cortez The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
Curtis Long Van Drew
Cartwright Himes Omar
Case Horn, Kendra S. Pallone
Davidson (OH) Lucas Wagner question is on concurring in the Senate
Davis, Rodney Luetkemeyer Walberg amendment with an amendment.
Casten (IL) Horsford Panetta DesJarlais Marchant Walden
Castor (FL) Houlahan Pappas Diaz-Balart Marshall Walker The vote was taken by electronic de-
Castro (TX) Hoyer Pascrell vice, and there were—yeas 231, nays
Duncan Massie Walorski
Chu, Judy Huffman Payne Dunn Mast Waltz 184, not voting 15, as follows:
Cicilline Hurd (TX) Perlmutter Emmer McCarthy Watkins
Cisneros Jackson Lee Peters [Roll No. 154]
Estes McCaul Weber (TX)
Clark (MA) Jayapal Peterson Ferguson McClintock Webster (FL) YEAS—231
Clarke (NY) Jeffries Phillips Fleischmann McHenry Wenstrup
Clay Johnson (GA) Pingree Adams Clyburn Foster
Flores McKinley Westerman
Cleaver Johnson (TX) Pocan Aguilar Cohen Frankel
Fortenberry Meuser Williams
Clyburn Kaptur Porter Allred Connolly Fudge
Foxx (NC) Miller Wilson (SC)
Cohen Keating Pressley Amash Cooper Gallego
Fulcher Mitchell Wittman
Connolly Kelly (IL) Price (NC) Axne Correa Garamendi
Gaetz Moolenaar Womack
Cooper Kennedy Quigley Barragán Costa Garcı́a (IL)
Gallagher Mooney (WV) Woodall
Correa Khanna Raskin Bass Courtney Garcia (TX)
Garcia (CA) Murphy (NC) Wright
Costa Kildee Rice (NY) Beatty Cox (CA) Golden
Gianforte Newhouse Yoho
Courtney Kilmer Richmond Bera Craig Gomez
Gibbs Norman Young
Cox (CA) Kim Rose (NY) Beyer Crist Gonzalez (TX)
Gohmert Nunes Zeldin
Craig Kind Rouda Bishop (GA) Crow Gottheimer
Crist Kirkpatrick Roybal-Allard NOT VOTING—14 Blumenauer Cuellar Green, Al (TX)
Crow Krishnamoorthi Ruiz Blunt Rochester Cunningham Grijalva
Abraham Hudson Roby
Cuellar Kuster (NH) Ruppersberger Bonamici Davids (KS) Haaland
Byrne King (IA) Rooney (FL)
Cunningham Lamb Rush Boyle, Brendan Davis (CA) Harder (CA)
Cook Loudermilk Sensenbrenner
Davids (KS) Langevin Ryan F. Davis, Danny K. Hastings
Griffith Mullin Timmons
Davis (CA) Larsen (WA) Sánchez Brindisi Dean Hayes
Holding Riggleman
Davis, Danny K. Larson (CT) Sarbanes Brown (MD) DeFazio Heck
Dean Lawrence Scanlon Brownley (CA) DeGette Higgins (NY)
DeFazio Lawson (FL) Schakowsky b 1610 Bustos DeLauro Himes
DeGette Lee (CA) Schiff Butterfield DelBene Horn, Kendra S.
DeLauro Lee (NV) Schneider Messrs. YOUNG, FULCHER, and Carbajal Delgado Horsford
DelBene Levin (CA) Schrader PENCE changed their vote from ‘‘yea’’ Cárdenas Demings Houlahan
Delgado Levin (MI) Schrier to ‘‘nay.’’ Carson (IN) DeSaulnier Hoyer
Demings Lieu, Ted Scott (VA) Cartwright Deutch Huffman
DeSaulnier Lipinski Scott, David Mr. PETERSON changed his vote Case Dingell Jackson Lee
Deutch Loebsack Serrano from ‘‘nay’’ to ‘‘yea.’’ Casten (IL) Doggett Jayapal
SSpencer on DSK126QN23PROD with HOUSE

Dingell Lofgren Sewell (AL) So the first portion of the divided Castor (FL) Doyle, Michael Jeffries
Doggett Lowenthal Shalala Castro (TX) F. Johnson (GA)
Doyle, Michael Lowey Sherman
question was adopted. Chu, Judy Engel Johnson (TX)
F. Luján Sherrill The result of the vote was announced Cicilline Escobar Kaptur
Engel Luria Sires as above recorded. Cisneros Eshoo Keating
Escobar Lynch Slotkin A motion to reconsider was laid on Clark (MA) Espaillat Kelly (IL)
Eshoo Malinowski Smith (WA) Clarke (NY) Evans Kennedy
Espaillat Maloney, Soto the table. Clay Finkenauer Khanna
Evans Carolyn B. Spanberger Stated against: Cleaver Fletcher Kildee

VerDate Sep 11 2014 07:34 Jul 23, 2020 Jkt 099060 PO 00000 Frm 00052 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K22JY7.081 H22JYPT1

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