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1. Right heart of the border is formed by ? ans. Svc ivc and right atrium remember NOT right ventricle. 2. Arch of aorta begins and ends at which level--- T2/T3/T4/T5 ans- T4 3. Glomus jugulare is present in ans. Carotid Body. 4. Which of the following is NOT the primary prevention for hypertension? Ans Early diagnosis and treatment( this is criteria for secondary prevention) 5. Treatment for pleomorphic adenoma? Ans--- Superficial Parotidectomy 6. Villous adenoma presents as ans Hypokalemia 7. Which of the following is NOT a feature of Nephrotic syndrome ans--- Hematuria(seen in Nephritic Syndrome) 8. Looser s zone is present in Multiple myeloma/ Osteomalacia ans Ostemalacia 9. Which element is present in Phosphofrucktokinase---- ans--- Magnesium 10. Lucid interval is present in ans--- Extradural hematoma 11. Which of the following is false about Wilm s tumor A. presents before the age of 5 years B. mostly presents as Abdominal Mass C. spreads mostly by Lymphatics ans--- C 12. Sudden hypocalcemia results in ans Tetany 13. Subconjuctival hemorrhages are seen in ans Pertussis( Donot remember other options) 14. Lacunar cells in which type of Hodgkins Lymphoma ans---Nodular Type 15. Basic pathology for renal rickets ans--- vitamin D malabsorption in intestinal cells 16. Antibodies diagnostic for SLE ans anti ds DNA 17. Esotropia seen in ans Uncrossed Diplopia 18. Grave s Ophthalmopathy mostly presents as ans--- Proptosis 19. The most common cause of maternal mortality in india ans heamorrhage 20. MMR is shown as ans per lac LIVE BIRTHS 21. Early neonatal mortality doesNOT include ans--- Post neonatal mortality 22. Methionine are defecient in ans--- Pulses

Psoriasis 27.Scurvy ( Skin question) 28. Material used for detection of bone metastasis ans Tc99m 35.Phenytoin 44. Day care anesathesia done by ans--. Which of the following is NOT a feature of Red Infarction Venous occlusion/ Occurs in organs having dual circulation/ Occurs in solid organs ans--.? 45. Gynacomastia is caused by ans--. Christmas disease is due to deficiency of ans Defeciency of factor 9 31.23. Gower s sign is seen in ans--. Which of the following is NOT seen in CRF? Ans Hypophosphatemia 38. Heterophile reaction is seen in ans Weil Felix Reaction 40. cAMP is seen in Clostridium tetani/ Clostridium difficle/ Clostridium novyi/ and fourth option also was a subtype of clostridium ans--.Propofol( NOT sure whether this question was in the exam or not) 33. VDRL is what type of test ans Slide flocculation test 39. 24.Duchhene Muscular Dystrophy 25. Wimberger s sign seen in ans--. Early feature of Diabetic Retinopathy ans Microaneurysms 42. Tuberculosis in Pott s disease involves what ans-. Wincham s striae is seen in Lichen planus/ Psoriasis ans Lichen Planus 32. Substance used in Teletherapy Cesium/ Iridium ans--. Malignant intraocular tumor of children Retinoblastoma/ Rhabdomyosarcoma ans--Retinoblastoma 37.Cesium 34. Which drug is NOT given in pregnancy ans ACE Inhibitors . Munro micro abscesses and Auspitz sign are seen in ans--. Hirsutism is caused by ans-----. Technique used for RNA ans Northern Blotting 30.Occurs in solid organs 43. Chalcosis is deposition of ans Copper 41. Normal requirement of Iron during pregnancy? 2000/1500 not knowing the units as well as answer but the options were like this.Spine 26. Which of the following does NOT present with hemoptysis Mitral stenosis/ Acute pulmonary oedema ans Acute pulmonary oedema 36.Clostridium perfringens 29.

ESI act does NOT cover Hotels/ Transpoters/ Railway/ Factory ans Railway 51. Ans---? . Earliest immunoglobulin to be synthesized by foetus ans IgM 48. Which is the indicator of water pollution ans E coli 53. No Sweating occurs in ans--. Diagnosis of Interstitial lung disease done by ans HRCT 57. Talus and Lunate 49. NOT a part of Lochia rubra( Obs question) --.46.450 59. Workers working in Textile Industry suffer from ans Bysinossis 50. Folic acid is given during which trimester of pregnancy first/ second/ third/ puerperium ans--First 65.Tetracyclin/ Doxycycline/ Azithromycin ans Doxycycline 55. Scaphoid.Height for age 62. Mechanism of action of Cyanide ans--. Whats is Incidence Rate ans It represents the no.Heat Stroke( Forensic Medicine) 60. Psedomembranous colitis is caused by ans Clostridium difficle 64.Achalasia Cardia 63. Hallucinations NOT a feature ans Always pathological 54.Blocks Cytochrome enzyme P. Arsenic poisoning mimics which disease Acute cholecystitis/ Acute gastroenteritis/?/? ans---? Check from forensic book 47. SINGLE drug treatment for trachoma( Read the question carefully) --.Blood cells/Decidua/ Platelets . Buerger s disease involves ans---. Heller s Operation is done in ans--.Arteries. PERT is a type of ans Network output analysis 52. Avascular necrosis occurs in ans Talus( head of femur was not given) remember avascular necrosis occurs in Femur. Charecteristic of type2 respiratory failue ans Low Pa oxygen and High Pa carbon dioxide 58. of new cases in the community 67.? 68. Juvenile age is ? 66. Child age is 3 years he has how many teeths ans-. Sinus NOT present at birth Sphenoidal/ Frontal/ Maxillary ans--? 56. Veins and Nerves 61. Measure for Long term measurement Height for age/ Weight for age ans--.

According to census 2001 the urban population of india ans---27. Least mode of transmission in HIV ans--. In which of the following interpretation is done in Results Achieved ans---. For shock patient best to check for administering fluid therapy ans--.69.4 degree celsius 76. Question related to reflexes of Ambiguous Nucleus NOT seen is ans--. Adipocytes use which of following GLUT1/2/3/4 ans--. Lobar pneumonia is caused by ans--. First sign of Sexual maturity in BOYS Increase in height/ Increase in facial hairs/?/? ans--. Drug of choice in PSVT Adenosine/ Verapamil ans Adenosine(1st DOC and Verapamil is 2nd DOC) 86.0 %) 74. Cellulitis is caused by Staph/ Streptococcus/ Klebsiella ans--. One question related to following are NOT feature of COST ACCOUNTING( SPM question) . Misoprostol is CONTRAINDICATED in not remembering options 79. Platelets are stored at what temperature ans--. Beta2 adrenergic receptors does NOT act on which of the following ans--.Increase in Facial hairs 87. 89.Cost Effectiveness 92. 70. What area does palmar surface of hand represents in body surface are 1%/2%/3%/4% ans 1% 77.mRNA 83.SARS 91.JAW REFLEX. Which of the is NOT true about carbimazole ans--.Lung Cancer 85.Central Venous Pressure 78.Swelling of Mitochondria 72. Which of the following diseases is NOT under WHO regulation Wild Poliomyelitis/SARS/Human Influenza/ Cholera ans----.Adipose Tissue 90.Safely used in pregnancy(NOTE Propylthiouracil is used safely in pregnancy among anti thyroid drugs). Which is feature of Irreversible cell injury ans--.Streptococcus 81.Streptococcus pnuemoniae 82. Case related to Psychiatry ans Hypochondriasis 80.GLUT4 71.Visual acuity less than 1/60 (Visual acuity less than 3/60 was NOT given in options) 88. Which is involved in transport in Mitochondria ans--.4% ( SPM QUESTION) 75.1-1. Definition of Blindness ans--. Most common cancer WORLDWIDE Lung/ Breast/ Cervix/ Oral Cavity ans--. Codons are present in mRNA/ tRNA ans--. Swine Flu caused in 2009 was due to H1N1/H5N1 ans H1N1 84.Sexual Intercourse(0.Carnitine 73.

Defect seen in Vitiligo not remembering options 102.RETICULOCYTOSIS 94. 106.Staphylococcus 104. Wernicke"s disease is caused due to defeciency of ans. Nevirapine belongs to ans NNRTI( Non Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor). 100. What is Peau de orange ( Surgery ques.TAPVC 116.CPK-MB 107. Xanthine Oxidase requires Zinc/ Copper/ Iron/ Molybdenum ans--.Molybdenum 115. ETEC 111. In Dengue hemorrhagic fever. Rape is defined under IPC375/376/377/378 ans ---IPC375 113.Uric Acid 101.Microcytic 95. First to appear in Anemia ans---. torniquest test is done for diagnosis presence of how many no.93.Occurs due to lymphatic obstruction.Abnormal flow of tears. Allen s test done for ans Ulnar artery patency . Keratometer measures ans--. 105. 97. First symptom of anemia Hypochromia/ Microcytic ans--.Phenylalanine( Tryptophan is produced from Phenylalanine). Poliomyelitis is diagnosed by ans. Pneumatocele is caused by ans--. Treatment of hypercholestremia Thiamine/Biotin/Pyridoxine/Vitamin B12 It was also some name of vitamin ans-----Vitamin B12 99. Flouride ions inhibit ans--. Vitamin B1 110. Cherry red spot is seen in CRVO/ CRAO ans CRAO 98 . From breast chapter) ans--.HIV 96. Isolation of virus in stool 109. Hartnup s disease is due to deficiency of Phenyalanine/ Homogentisate ans------. What is epiphora ans--. Teratogenic effects has NOT been seen with HIV/ Rubella/ CMV/ Varicella ans--. of petechieas necessary 5/10/15/20 ans---20 108. Child of 2 years with mental age of 10years. what is his IQ 20%/ 30%/ 50%/ 70% ans 20% 114.Enolase 103. Purine metabolism end product is ans---. Earliest marker to rise in MI ans--. 8 sign in CXR seen in ans--. Traveller"s diarrohea is caused by ans.Curvature of cornea 112.

Most common site of Volvulus ans Sigmoid Colon 124. LH surge time duration ans 24 hours 123. Certificate of vaccination of Yellow Fever is valid for ___ years ans 10 134.Irreversibly inhibits COX 118.2nd order neuron 137. ECG changes in Hyperkalemia ans--.Peaked T waves 122. ganglion cells are 1st order neuron/ 2nd order neuron ans--.117.Iritis 132. Autosplenectomy seen in ans Sickle Cell Anemia 120. In visual pathway. Reversed cold chain used for AIIMS QUESTION not remembering the options as well as answer 119. Aspirin mechanism of action ans---.Depends on site of bite. Safety muscle of Tongue Styloglossus/ Hyoglossus/ Genioglossus/ Palatoglossus ans Genioglossus 136. Oschner-Sherren regimen used in Appendicular abscess/ Appendicular lump ans Appendicular Lump 133. Cycloplegics are used for treatment of Angle closure glaucoma/ Closed angle glaucoma/ Iritis ans--. Mechanism of action of Telmisartan Blocks AT1 receptors/ Angiotensin 2 receptor antagonist ans---. Most common lung cancer in non-smokers ans Adenocarcinoma 127. Which of the following does NOT have any cycloplegic and mydriatic effect ans Pilocarpine 131. Anti TB drug being least Hepatotoxic Rifampicin/ Streptomycin ans--. HALDANE EFFECT ( Physio question) 125. Predisposing factors for Carcinoma of penis are all except Pagets disease/ Phimosis/ Balanoposthitis/ Papilloma ans--. Cobra venom is ans Neurotoxic 121. 128.Streptomycin 130.Angiotensin 2 receptor antagonist 138.Pregnancy 126.Papilloma . Content of Anatomical Snuff Box Anterior interosseous artery/ Posterior interosseous artery/ Radial artery ans Radial Artery 129. Which of the following is NOT symptom of defeciency vitamin A Night blindness/ Xerophthalmia/ Follicular hyperkeratosis/ Polyneuropathy ans Polyneuropathy 135. Incubation period of Rabies depends on ans--. Hepatitis E more common in ans--.

Treatment--.Inferior Turbinate 141. Calorie test activates what ans--. What is Neurapraxia ans--. Which muscle helps in opening Eustachian tube options were like Inferior turbinate/ Superior turbinate/ Middle turbinate not remembering exact options but it was like this ans---.Small cell lung carcinoma 150.Cesium( Remember Iridium is NOT used in teletherapy) 142.60-70 days 144. Pschiatry case related to Acute Psychosis 146.4 MUDIT KHANNA 149. Earlier mo history of pain and jaundice. What are side effects of OCP except Thromboembolism/ Breast Carcinoma/ Ovarian tumor/ Liver disease ans--.Doesnot blocks alpha receptors. Gastric lavage is contraindicated in ans--.Organophosphorus Poisoning 151.A woman has been Coronary artery disease when opened found gall stones.? 153. Case on Medicine---. Metoprolol is preffered over Propanolol why? Has negative cholinergic action/ Has negative inotropic action/ Doesnot blocks beta receptors/ Doesnot blocks alpha receptors ans---.Defect in nerve conduction only 157. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is associated with Median lobe/ Posterior lobe/ Periurethral surface ans Median lobe ALL INDIA 2005 Q.Ovarian Tumor( Remember OCP are NOT given In breast carcinoma BUT are used in benign breast disease) . In nephrotic syndrome what infection is more common in children ans--.APACHE 152. Which of the following is used in Teletherapy Cesium/ Iridium ans--.139. Illness criteria done by ans--.lateral NOT remembering exact otions but answer was this as it was being asked from old papers of MCI 143.ans--.Heinz Bodies 154. Lower GI bleeding most common cause in india ans--.? 156. Most common symptom for Mountain sickness Headche/ Dizziness ans-. Most common donor for a transplant Mother/ Father/ Brother/ Identical twin ans--.Identical twin 145. HCG during pregnancy doubles at ans--.Headache 155. Fetal adrenals predominantly secrete Cortisone/ Aldosterone/ Testosterone/ Oestrogen ans ---Cortisone 140. 148.? 147. Cushing disease seen as a Paraneoplastic syndrome in ans---. Which of the following is NOT a feature of megaloblastic anemia Macro ovalocyte/ Megablastosis/ Heinz bodies/ ? ans---.

Surface ectoderm . Hyponatremia is seen in all except CCF/ Nephrotic syndrome ans--.) 169. Rabies vaccine is prepared from which ans Fixed Virus 176. Sudden loss of vision occurs in Diabetic Retinopathy reason ans---. Wood s lamp is NOT used for there 2 options related to subtypes of tinea ONE of them was the answer please confirm from book 162.Amikacin 165.Tibiotalar 168.Nephrotic Syndrome 177. Best method to prevent infection in a ward ans--. Features of Diffuse axonal injury options were related to hours of lost consciousness and some some more also 161.ICF is more than ECF ( Physio ques. Peyer s patches are present in Duodenum/ Jejunum/ Ileum ans---.) 178.158.Severe COPD 175. Pulsus paradoxus is seen in ans--. Which of the following is true ans---. Features of Bacterial Vaginosis except Ph>4. One question related to Housemaid s Knee ( Ortho ques.All of the above.5/ clue cells/ Increased lactobacillus ans--Increased lactobacillus 164. Triple arthrodesis doesNOT involve Calcaneocuboid/ Talanovicular/ Talocalcaneal/ Tibiotalar ans---. Lens develop from ans--. 173.Fourth option was the answer NOT remembering what was it 159. Which of the following has opsonins on its surface IgG/ IgM ans---.Proper hand washing 163. Free friable soft vegetations are seen in Infective endocartitis/ Libman sack s endocartitis/ Rheumatic fever ans--. Sjogren s syndrome all are true except Keratoconjuctivitis sicca/ Rheumatoid arthritis/ Xerostomia ans--.IgG 166. Side effects of glucocorticoids are all except Hyperkalemia/ Cataract/ Proximal myopathy ans---Hyperkalema 171. Which of the following DONOT inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis Vancomycin/ Amikacin / Linezolid/ Aztreonam ans---. Tb bone disease spreads by Direct spread/ Blood/ Lymphatics/ All of the above ans--. Pemphigoid types all are autoimmune except ans--.Rheumatic Fever 167.? 170.Ileum 160.Vitreous Hemorrhage 172. Sulfonyl urea drug mechanism of action are all except 174.

Chronic inflammation of Meiobian Gland is seen in External hordeolum/ Internal hordeolum/ Chalazion ans Chalazion 180.I marked ASPERGILLOSIS ( PLZ CONFIRM) . Crew cut hair on end appearance on skull X ray seen in Beta thalassemia/ Sickle cell anemia ans--.cholinergic Action ans--.179.FNAC 186. Carrier state NOT seen in which infection Tetanus/ Ameobiasis/ Pertussis/ Diphtheria ans---.? 197.Micturating cystourethrogram 195.Syncytiotrophoblast. What is Rhinophyoma ans--. Menstrual regulation is done upto ans 42 days of Amenorrhea 189. Kussmaul s sign is NOT seen in ans Cardiac tamponade 182.Hypertrophy of sebaceous glands.Retrocaecal 183. 185. NOT a feature of occulomotor palsy ans--. There was a question related to Triple glass test of urine done and in first glass test there is beaded appearance seen What is diagnosis Cystitis/ Proastitis/ Urethritis ans Urethritis 191. HCG is secreted by Syncytiotrophoblast/ Cytotrophoblast ans--. Most common location of appendix ans--.? 198 . Breast carcinoma most common type ans--.Cholinergic Action 188.? 200.Excess action of dopamine 194. How is diagnosis of Vesicoureteral Reflux done ans--. Alzehemeir s disease pathology Defeciency of cholinergic action/ Excess action of dopamine ans--. and confusing question) 192.Ringer s Lactate ( Learn this by heart very imp.Proptosis 190. Breast milk is produced from ans--. Confirmatory test for Primary Syphilis VDRL/ TPI ans--. In a burn patient what type of fluid is given Normal Saline/ Ringer s Lactate ans--. Crescent air sign in CXR due to ans--.Metoprolol 187. Drug NOT used in glaucoma Timolo/ Metoprolol/ Pilocarpine ans--.? 196.Beta thalassemia 181. Not a screening test for Carcinoma of breast FNAC/ Mammogram/ USG/ Self Examination ans--. Investigation of choice in Cerebral calcification ans CT Scan 199. Sweating occurs due to Cholinergic/ Anti. 184. There was a question related to features seen in dengue hemorrhagic fever are all except NOT remembering d options 193.

Contents of Ringer s lactate are all except I donot remember exactly but it was something asked about conc. Acetazolamide decreases IOP by what mechanism Decreases aqueous humor production/ Decreases vitreous volume ans--. 202. Melanoma of choroid spreads most commonly where Lungs/ Kidneys/ Adrenals ans ? -210. Mountain sickness prophylaxis ans--. Iron binding protein is Ferritin/ Apoferritin ans--.HCG detected as early as 8-9 days of ovulation. What is Xenograft ans--.CL ions only NOT K ions).Custom 219. Submandibular gland is NOT supplied by which nerve ans--. Of NA K CL and one more.Sternocleidomastoid Muscle . 213.201. Most common tumor in Oral area donot remember options as well as answer 208. 215. 168) 209.? 211. Radon226 spits into all except Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma/ X rays ans---.Disappears by 3rd week of life 214. There was one case of Leukemia 206. One more case for Aplastic anemia 207.? 212. Bezold abscess seen in ans--. Socially acquired behavior Acculturation/ Custom ( SPM question) ans--. One question related to Radio immunoassay of HCG ans---. 205. 216. One ortho question related to HOUSEMAID S KNEE ( See Q. Physiological jaundice is characterized by Appears in first 24 hours/ Peaks by some days/ Disappears by 3rd week of life ans--. Trendelenburg test is done in ans Varicose Veins ( I donot remember the options otherwise it was difficult to rule out) 203. NOT a feature of Primary complex TB Apical cavity/ Ghon s focus/ Lymphadenopathy ans--Apical cavity.Decreases vitreous volume ( Plz confirm) 218. Furosemide mechanism of action in LVF ans Inhibitor of NA-K-CL ion inhibitor ( Thiazide is inhibitor of only NA.X Rays 217.Graft done from 1 species to other species.Apoferritin ( Plz confirm) 204.

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