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By Jane Joshua Director of Dream-

Deportation orders rebutted
granted Mr Beldon an interim visa for four months commencing on April 1 which was last Friday. The minister’s decision was based on the fact that the Principal Immigration Officer (PIO) did not elaborate on the grounds for his decision as pursuant to the Act on his letter of cancellation of his extended visa. In a letter dated March 28, 2011 to Mr Beldon which was copied to the Minister, DG and 1st PA of Internal Affairs, Commissioner of Police,Commissioner of Labour, Attorney General, VIPA CEO, Ports and Harbours Principal Licensing Officer and customs Director, the Principal Immigration Officer, Francois Batick, stated that Mr Beldon came to Vanuatu on 28 December 2010 under an extended visitor visa. This visa was subjected to the Immigration Act (Cap 66) section 29 (1), that states that an extended visitor’s visa can be granted for a period of less than 12 months , but more Valid documents- Dreamtime Shipping Director Carl Beldon. than 30 days. The PIO advised Mr Beldon that he is in Vanuatu under an extended visitor’s visa and is deemed to be illegally engaged with illegal activities, adding that the Australian Investor’s company “Dream Time” is illegal. PIO Batick stated that in accordance with the Immigration Act section 47 (1)(f) as visitor Beldon breached the conditions of his extended visitor’s visa and cancelled it with effect as of March 28 and advised him to make every possible way to leave Vanuatu immediately. But James Tari and Partners (Barristers & Solicitors) acting for Mr Beldon appealed to the minister of internal affairs to quash the PIO’s decision and authorised that the visitor’s visa granted to Beldon remains valid on the grounds that his decision was baseless and without proof. o To Page 6

MP Masmas

time Shipping Carl Beldon has rebutted reports that the Vanuatu Immigration Department has refused to renew his visa over discrepancies in ownership and usage of the vessels that he brought in from the Solomon Islands. Daily Post can also confirm that the Minister of Public Utilities, Harry Iauko, has authorised both of his vessels- MV Kaona and Christie Leigh to operate in Vanuatu for a period of five years and that there are no discrepancies over ownership of the two ships referred to. Mr Beldon made headlines in the Indy last weekend and informed Daily Post that on April 1, 2011 Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcellino Pipite, reviewed the Principal immigration Officer’s decision not to renew his visa. Using powers conferred under chapter 7 Section 58 (5) (b) of Act, minister Pipite as acting minister responsible for Immigration

VRP reiterates solidarity with govt
By Royson Willie T he V anuatu R epublican
Party (VRP) Secretary General, MP Jossie Masmas, has reiterated the party’s support to the current coalition amid fears of a motion of no confidence. Masmas who came to the Daily Post office yesterday, said rumours that the Speaker of Parliament, Maxime Carlot Korman will be returning to the country from an overseas medical trip to receive a motion of no confidence are false. He said he understands through the Speaker who is currently overseas that before the Speaker left that there was no formal handing over of the role of Speaker to any of his deputies. “The current coalition government has the numbers and VRP is part of this government and remains solid. o To Page 6

US govt heads for budget shutdown
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PFF welcomes rule of law in publisher assault
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Carcasses praises PVMC for improvement
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OFC Presiden i wantem wantem wan aelan kantri i go long wol kap
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