1 March – 30 aPrIL 2011

5,550 rewards Points Hyundai 6.5HP Petrol driven air ComPressor 100l tank • Recoil Start • Dual adjustable cut in/out pressure • Triple cylinder cast iron pump • Inflatable wheels • Twin outlets with regulator • Pump displacement: 460 L/min • Free Air Delivery up to 255 L/min

2,828 rewards Points

Hyundai 24” Professional Petrol CHainsaw • Hyundai latest technology with power and balance • Max power: 3.0kw, 62cc, 3200rpm • Fuel tank: 550mL, oil tank: 260mL, weight: 9.5kg

9,510 rewards Points Hyundai 11HP Petrol driven air ComPressor 124l tank • 11HP compressor • Electric start • Dual adjustable cut in/out pressure • Triple cylinder cast iron pump • Forklift track for easy handle • Pump displacement: 578 L/min • Free air delivery up to 463 L/min • 115psi • Weight: 180kg


reCeive one Hyundai 12v dC sHarPener wHen PurCHasinG one Hyundai 24” Professional Petrol CHainsaw

1,858 rewards Points Hyundai 18” Professional CHainsaw • Hyundai latest technology with power and balance • Max power: 1.8kw, 45.02cc, 3200rpm • Fuel tank: 550ml, oil tank: 260mL, weight: 8kg • Bonus 12V DC chain sharpener when you purchase one 18” Hyundai professional chainsaw

4,730 rewards Points Hyundai air ComPressor 3HP Belt drive 100l tank • 240V/15 amp plug • Dual adjustable cut in/out pressure • Triple cylinder cast iron pump • Inflatable wheels • Twin outlets with regulator • Pump displacement: 382 L/min • Free air delivery up to 240 L/min • 115 psi • Weight: 155kg

landmark rewards is our way of rewardinG you for your onGoinG suPPort.
every time you purchase participating landmark rewards products from landmark, you’ll accumulate rewards points.

aLL hYUNDaI PrODUcTS arE cOvErED BY hYUNDaI’S NaTIONaL 24 MONTh warraNTY 1800 833 800
Additional freight cost may apply. Certain items may not be stocked or available in all outlets.

real PrivileGes... real Benefits


540 rewards Points wtd unoair air tyre inflation • 3 function tyre inflator • Rolling scale gauge • Air release valve • Air inlet: 1/4” • Weight: 1.35kg

1,240 rewards Points

wtd 2000kG low Profile trolley JaCk • Height lowered: 95mm • Height raised: 508mm • Easy to move around • Handle can be lowered flat • Twin pump • Complies with Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2615:2004 • Weight 40kg

wtd transmission JaCk 1000kG • Horizontal type • Min height: 210mm • Max height: 780mm • Weight: 85kg

wTD BOTTLE jacKS 2,000 – 30,000KG frOM $30

2,978 rewards Points



760 rewards Points wtd 30000kG Bottle JaCk • Height lowered: 285mm • Height raised: 465mm • Complies with Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/ NZS 2693:2007 • Weight:15kg

2,460 rewards Points wtd HydrauliC trolley JaCk HiGH lift 1800kG • Height lowered: 140mm • Height raised: 800mm • Heavy duty for workshop & garage use • Wide front wheels to add strength • Weight: 65kg


130 rewards Points wtd 2000kG Bottle JaCk • Height lowered: 155mm • Height raised: 310mm • Complies with Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2693:2007 • Weight: 2.4Kg • Also available in 5000kg: $59 and 10000kg: $99

390 rewards Points wtd 15000kG Bottle JaCk • Height lowered: 225mm • Height raised: 430mm • Complies with Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2693:2007 • Weight: 9.5kg • Also available in 20000kg: $130 and 25000kg: $135



290 rewards Points wtd air Hose 20m roll • ½” ( 12.5mm) PVC hose • Working pressure: 300PSI • Weight: 4kg

780 rewards Points wtd air metal sHear • 2500 amp • Cutting Capacity: steel: 1.2mm, aluminium: 1.4mm • Air inlet: 1/4” • Air consumption: 6 CFM • Weight: 1.7kg

1,790 rewards Points wtd universal Bender • Bends to 120 degrees • Complete with 6 styles of bending plates • Weight: 34kg

1,540 rewards Points wtd imPaCt wrenCH 1/2 inCH • Unoair 1/2 Twin Hammer 1000FT/LB

1,550 rewards Points wtd HydrauliC PiPe Bender 12t • 6 bender attachments: 15mm - 50mm • Handle, bender frame, pins and rollers • Weight: 39kg

590 rewards Points wtd air ratCHet • Unoair air ratchet wrench ¼” sq drive • Bolt capacity: 8mm • Free speed: 230rmp • Max torque: 30 FT/LB • Overall length: 165mm, 0.5kg • Air inlet: 1/4” • Air consumption: 4CFM

740 rewards Points wtd air sander • Unoair air palm sander 5” • Pad size: 100x110mm (requires stick on pad) • 20,00 RPM • Overall length: 5”/125mm • Weight: 0.5 Kg

$69 $379
1,940 rewards Points wtd HydrauliC PiPe Bender 16t • 7 bender attachments 15mm – 80mm • Handle, bender frame, pins and rollers • Weight: 67kg

240 rewards Points wtd sPray Gun for sPray Putty & General PurPose • Suction 800ml • Nozzle size: 1.8 mm • Air pressure: 70 psi • Fluid delivery: 120-230 ml/m

320 rewards Points wtd sPray Gun General PurPose • Suction 1000ml • Nozzle sizes: 2.0mm • Air pressure: 70psi • Fluid delivery: 120-230ml/m



tyre rePair kit • Approximately 15 minute repair time • On vehicle repair • No need to raise vehicle or remove the wheel

227 PieCe 8 drawer tool CHest • Imperial and metric • EVA foam trays

30 PieCe ComBination sPanner set
(also comes in imperial/metric)


straiGHt Cut tin sniP • Drop forged chrome moly • Alloy steel blades with serrated edges • Moulded vinyl grip with slip guards

• Chrome vanadium steel • Full mirror finish for corrosion protection • Metric sizes 6-24mm • Imperial sizes ¼ -1”

maGnetiC Post level • Magnets offer hands free working • Establish level and plumb for posts, railings and water pipes

adJustaBle wrenCH – 100mm • Drop forged chrome vanadium steel • Measure scales marked on jaw • 18-25% wider jaw opening than some standard models • Wide grip body for extra comfort



PiPe wrenCH – 250mm • Manufactured from ductile cast iron • On vehicle repair • Jaws from carbon steel hardened and tempered



52 – 860 rewards Points

mouseoff ZP • Rapid and effective control of plague mice in broadacre crops • Stops crop damage from mice • Safe for use on crops • Low risk to other animals • Effective in newly sown and developed crops • Australian made • Destroys up to 30 mice per cent spent on bait

mouseoff Bd • Effective grain bait for rodent control • Second generation anticoagulant for quick control • Convenient pack sizes • Lower secondary poisoning risks

douBle Points

mouseoff Bd 100G saCHet Pk mouseoff Bd 200G saCHet Pk mouseoff Bd 200G Bottle mouseoff Bd 400G Bottle mouseoff Bd 2kG Pail mouseoff Bd 8kG Pail

$6.95 $10.95 $5.95 $11.95 $39.95 $104.50

58 Points 88 Points 52 Points 88 Points 300 Points 860 Points mouseoff ZP 15kG mouseoff ZP 125kG mouseoff ZP 500kG $191 $1360 $5385



66 – 1,040 rewards Points

raBBait Pindone oat Bait • For simple and effective rabbit control • Trust the proven performer • Convenient packs for small and large farm use • Economical to use • No threat of weed spread • No special permits or licenses required

deliCia sluGGoff lentils • High tech formulation for superior efficacy • Controls all species of slugs and snails • Precision lentil shape improves application uniformity • Provides outstanding performance even when wet • Approved for aerial, ground and hand application • Better performance, better value






240 – 43,680 rewards Points

douBle Points douBle Points

sluGGoff 2kG Pail raBBait Pindone Bait 2.5kG raBBait Pindone Bait sPk raBBait Pindone Bait 5kG raBBait Pindone Bait 10kG $49.95 $76.95 $87.95 $125 380 Points 540 Points 660 Points 1,040 Points sluGGoff 4kG Pail sluGGoff 8kG Pail sluGGoff 20kG BaG sluGGoff 500kG Bulka BaG

$26.95 $46.95 $104.95 $189 $4585

240 Points 440 Points 880 Points 1,800 Points 43,680 Points



1,260 ReWaRDS pointS Silvan Ramp paiR • Fold up design • 350kg max load distributed • Compact strong aluminium

Silvan DieSel Unit 100l • 12v dc pump • Auto shut off nozzle gun and holder • Low profile tank

1,960 ReWaRDS pointS Silvan Spotpak 50l SpRayeR • Stainless steel lance • Shurflo 12 volt pump 3.8 L/min • 3.8 L/min 40psi (276kpa)

A well-oiled operAtion

keeps things running smoothly





105 ReWaRDS pointS

1,590 ReWaRDS pointS

CaStRol agRi gReaSe plUS 450g • High performance grease for a wide range of farm and machinery applications, including cars, trucks, 4WDs and pumps • Protection for ball and roller bearings, general chassis greasing, ball joints, CV joints and other bearing lubrication • Also available in 2.5kg $33.50 and 20kg $210

CaStRol agRi mp plUS 20l • Quality multi-purpose oil • Performance and protection for engines, transmissions, wet brakes, hydraulics and front axles and use as a transmission lubricants. • Ideally suited for use as a heavy weight anti-squawk tractor transmission fluids and as a hydraulic fluids • Also available in 205L $1,039

CaStRol RX SUpeR oil 20l • Low ash, multi-grade diesel engine oil • Also suitable for mixed fleet operations • Exceeds API CI-4 specification and provides excellent soot handling, oil consumption control and engine wear protection • Also available in 205L $1,039




1,410 ReWaRDS pointS

poWeRlUbe SUit 20kg gReaSe DRUmS • Quiet, non-corroding air motor fully serviceable • Low air consumption and no air line lubricator required • 4m (13ft.) x 6mm (1/4”) ID delivery hose • B2 booster gun with 360º ZSB swivel

HanD opeRateD oil pUmp – 20l DRUmS • Sliding bung adaptors fit containers from 15L (4 US gal) to 25L (6 US gal) • 1.8m (6ft) hose and non drip nozzle • Zinc versions are available for use in underground coal mines • Fully serviceable

RotaRy vane pUmp – 205l DRUm • Rotary vane pump for 60/205L drums • Fitted with 1.8 hose and nozzle • Pumps up to 20L/min • Suitable for diesel and light viscosity oil only

12v eleCtRiC DieSel pUmp – ge12a • Automatic shut-off diesel nozzle • Continuous duty cycle • Self priming and 3 piece suction tube • Also available in 24v and manual

RetRaCta HoSe Reel 20m HoSe • Made from weather resistant, high impact UV stabilised polypropylene • Easy hose pull out and fully serviceable • BU100 lockable wall or overhead mounting bracket enables 180° rotation • Also available AW2150 15mtrs x 10mm






1,470 ReWaRDS pointS

1,710 ReWaRDS pointS

CaStRol agRi poWeR plUS 20l • Ideal for mixed fleet farming • Multigrade engine oil, exceeds API CI-4 diesel specifications • Provides improved soot related wear protection, piston deposit control and reduced oil consumption • Also available in 205L $1,130

CaStRol agRi tRanS plUS 20l • Universal, wet brake transmission hydraulic fluid • Contains anti-squawk (AS) characteristics • SAE 20W-30 viscosity is ideal for most Australian farming regions • Medium weight viscosity transmission/hydraulic fluid • Also available in 205L $1,229

CaStRol agRi aS tRanS plUS 20l • Universal, wet brake transmission hydraulic fluid • Contains anti-squawk (AS) characteristics • SAE 20W-30 viscosity is ideal for most Australian farming regions • Medium weight viscosity transmission/ hydraulic fluid • Also available in 205L $1,190


1,650 ReWaRDS pointS


230 ReWaRDS pointS aDvanCe SaFety tWin ReSpiRatoR • Ideal use for dusty environments and agricultural sprays • Comfortable neoprene rubber • Easily cleaned

40 ReWaRDS pointS aDvanCe SaFety paRtiCle FilteR • Ideal for use with dust and agricultural chemicals • A-Aus P2 organic vapour & P2 Particle protection • Respirator filter for twin respirator

150 ReWaRDS pointS aDvanCe SaFety eaRmUFF l1 leigHtning • Ideal for use with tractors, chainsaws, and shooting • Class 5 noise protection • Telescopic height adjustment

the heAlth of your business
stArts with you

60 ReWaRDS pointS aDvanCe SaFety CoveRallS miCRogUaRD l1500 • Ideal for general maintenance • Highly breathable, ideal for warm environments • Superior anti-static properties

aDvanCe SaFety gRippeR gloveS • Brick work, gardening, sheet metal and tiling/plumbing • Latex dipped palm and fingers for extra grip • Open knit cotton back for ventilation • Sizes available 8 -11

240 ReWaRDS pointS FiRSt aiD kit national ClaSS C • Multi purpose class C • Soft case

1,320 ReWaRDS pointS poRtable FiRSt aiD kit ClaSS b StanDaRD • Portable soft case • Suitable for large workplace, factories, remote areas and farms unique modular system • Colour coded for easy identification of components

30 ReWaRDS pointS ContRaCt SaFety glaSSeS Smoke lenS • General purpose, gardening, hay carting, harvesting • Wrap around one piece lens

40 ReWaRDS pointS a900 SeRieS SaFety glaSSeS Smoke lenS • General purpose, gardening, hay carting, harvesting • Ultra light weight • Wraparound sports styling • Non slip rubber nose piece


1,500 ReWaRDS pointS PORTABLE S17 • Solar powered energizer • Powers up to 2km of multiwire fencing • Battery and solar panel included • 2 year warranty • Environmentally friendly


SP300 BATTERY CHARGED STOCK PROD WITH 82CM SHAFT • Works on wet & dry animals

power up your pAddoCks

310 ReWaRDS pointS DoUble inSUlateD Cable valUe paCk • 2.5mm galvanised wire • 60m roll • 10 year warranty • Easy to use

poWeRplUS mR5000(WitH XR1 Remote) • Powers up to 120km of multiwire fence • Handheld remote on/off control included • Automatically switches to Turbo in heavy conditions

5 ReWaRDS pointS poRCelain bUllnoSe StRaineR • Suitable for long fence strains • 15 year warranty • Fire resistant


mAke every seed Count
lAndmArk Autumn speCiAl
pAsturemAx blends
Our exclusive new range of PastureMAX seed blends has proven to be very successful. These blends make the variety selection easier by combining top producing cultivars into high performing mixes, and make the whole process of sowing easier and more timely. For this autumn we have revised our range of blends to ensure we continue to offer the best performing cultivars in quality mixes that will suit your individual farming conditions. The range includes low endophyte, high and low rainfall blends and mixes with persistent varieties for grazing and hay production. To ensure the best establishment, clovers are already pre-coated with rhizobia innoculant, nutrients and fungicides. Sowing rates will vary depending on several factors including the varieties in the blend, expected rainfall, soil type and seasonal conditions. Management of the pasture will also vary for the same reasons. Depending on the grasses, clovers or lucerne included in the blend, close attention should be paid to the grazing or hay production to ensure the best establishment.



luCerne bAre

luCerne CoAted

To get the best results from these blends, contact your Landmark agronomist for further information.


subClover CoAted

tAlk to your lAndmArk teAm todAy!
benefits of CoAted seed
Seed coating delivers real benefits when establishing legume based pastures and with extended inoculant life gives flexibility at sowing time. The coating treatment provides the germinating seed with a source of nutrients that are immediately available, improving the establishment speed of the new plants. Lime based coating helps to neutralise soil acidity around the germinating seed and also improves the seedlings’ survival and nodulation. The lime also absorbs moisture, improving seed to soil contact and germination. In comparison talc based seed coatings can reduce water uptake and can slow germination. The added addition of Gaucho treatment provides good protection against red legged earth mite for the critical first weeks of establishment. The establishment of pasture grasses treated with Gaucho is also improved through insect protection in the early weeks. This treatment is now available on a range of grasses. The benefits associated with seed coating cereal and legume grain crops in addition to inoculation and insect protection is well documented. Contact your local Landmark agronomist for the most suitable seed treatment for your requirements

The added protection also ensures the new pasture is not stressed from the start.
The uniform seed size and polymer coating now available, reduces “dust” and blockages resulting in a more even flow-through in combines and air-seeders when compared with conventionally coated seed.


650 ReWaRDS pointS blUnDStone bootS 410 • Sizes 3-13 (5.5-10.5) • Elastic sided V cut boot • Brown full grain waxy leather • PU/TPU cushioned sole with full contoured \footbed

990 ReWaRDS pointS blUnDStone bootS 200 • Sizes 4-12 (4.5-10.5) • Premium elastic sided V cut boot • Chestnut brown water resistant leather • DDPU cushioned sole with full contoured footbed

DoUble pointS

DoUble pointS

stoCk up At home

12kg omo anD omo FRont loaDeR • Superior laundry powder for soaking and washing • Enzymed powered stain removal • The leading laundry powder brand in Australia

170 ReWaRDS pointS bUSHlanDS laUnDRy poWDeR 12kg • Formulated to combat Australia’a toughest conditions • Brilliant results in cold water • Proudly Australian made and owned

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teRmS anD ConDitionS: Prices available in all states. Certain items may not be stocked or available in all outlets. Further information can be supplied on request. Landmark reserves the right to correct any errors in the catalogue. All items in this catalogue have been included in good faith on the basis that goods described will be available at the time of publishing and on the basis of information provided by our suppliers. Landmark accepts no liability for any misrepresentations made by third parties in any of the advertisements contained in this catalogue. To receive Landmark Rewards Points customers must be registered Landmark Rewards participants. Landmark Rewards Bonus points offer runs from 1 March to 30 April 2011. For Landmark Rewards terms and conditions please see landmark.com.au. Additional freight cost may apply. All prices are GST inclusive.


Autumn pAsture prepArAtion
bruCe offiCer lAndmArk teAm nAtionAl operAtions mAnAger – seeds & bioteCh

1 mArCh – 30 April 2011

mAnAging your pAsture
for the best outComes
Pastures can have a wide range of purposes. From an ongoing feed source for grazing animals to a way of building up nitrogen prior to a cropping phase, or even a cash crop when cut for hay. Whatever your desired application, there are a number of key considerations that will influence the successful establishment and longer term production. Species and Variety Species and variety choice are the first things you should think about. There are a range of perennial and annual varieties to consider depending on the use and duration you want for the pasture. Consider the soil type and pH level along with rainfall and paddock location to help find a suitable variety. This information will help identify if the paddock is suitable for clovers, phalaris, ryegrass, lucerne or medics. For advice or information on a range of new varieties now available, consult your local Landmark agronomist. Fertiliser Soil and leaf tests are excellent tools to understand any paddock fertility deficiencies. Observations and symptoms are also valuable tools. This provides you with sound information to choose the fertiliser required. Applying fertiliser is critical so don’t underestimate the plague levels of insects such as red legged earth mite, lucerne flea, blue oat mite and cockchafers, will severely damage the pasture and reduce production. Treating these outbreaks is necessary and will improve pasture performance. There are also preventative seed and chemical treatments that can ensure an established new pasture is protected. Remember prevention is the best protection. Weed Management There’s a range of options available to control and manage weeds in pastures. Spring is an ideal time to reduce the seed set and carryover of weeds, for both existing pastures and paddocks, which will be renovated in the following autumn. Spray grazing is a fantastic option, which is relatively cost effective and it uses animals to help finish the weeds off. Winter cleaning is a term to cover many things, but generally it involves spraying out grasses with either Paraquat or mixes with Simazine, but selective grass herbicides can also be applied. Grass and broadleaf weeds in lucerne can be sprayed out with a sprayseed/diuron mix, which is ideal for grazing or hay production. Later in the spring, spray topping is very effective to reduce unwanted grasses with Glyphosate or Paraquat and graze afterwards. Managing the removal of weeds will promote more growth and better quality feed. Speak to your local Landmark agronomist to assist you to plan and manage your pasture effectively. Bruce Officer
National Operations Manager – Seeds & BioTech –Landmark

benefit it will deliver. Without fertilising, it is impossible to maximise your pastures’ production, and your pasture will most likely grow more weeds and less tonnes/ha of feed. This may also involve lime and gypsum applications to ensure reaching the desired pH levels in your soil. Insect Management Insect attacks, even in low numbers, can significantly impede pasture establishment. In established pastures

pAsture renovAtion
Pastures deteriorate over time for a whole host of reasons – flooding, drought, pests, poor drainage, pugging, over-grazing and poor soil fertility, to name a few. All these factors and others not mentioned can contribute to a decline in the vigour and persistence of the pasture. A Pasture Renovation program is a way of addressing these issues in a systematic way that increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. There are some key steps that can help to produce the desired results: 1. Adopting a whole farm approach, based on paddock walks and discussion. This helps to identify areas that most need renovation. Once a clear assessment has been made you can begin the process of perennial species or the cultivar selection that will best suit that paddock. 2. Soil tests are necessary to assess the nutrient requirements of the soils and also identify any issues such as acidity levels, which might decrease your chances of successfully establishing your desired pasture. Once measured and assessed, fertiliser and lime can then be applied at the required rates to bring the soil quality up to the optimum standard. 3. A renovation program provides a great opportunity for weed control, which can extend over a 12-18 month period and can allow for 2 to 3 knockdown sprays before perennials are re-sown. This has long term benefits and will enhance the overall quality of the pasture. There are other advantages resulting from a renovation program. The use of annual autumn sown grasses and cereals, and then summer fodder options such as turnips/ fodder rape/sorghum, in the renovation program can help fill feed gaps at different times of the year. In particular the use of brassica species (turnips and rapes) provides relatively cheap, high protein feed through late summer and early autumn when perennial pastures are in their dormant stage.


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