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The Red Balloon
What would life be like if nobody had any friends? Luckily, many people have

2natural friendship instincts to help prevent such situations. The balloon in the story The 3Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse has all of those qualities that make it a model friend. It 4is playful, cheerful, loyal and loving. 5 The balloon is able to start a friendship with the young main character with one

6simple act. When the boy first finds the balloon attached to on a Paris lamp post, it isn’t 7really any different from any other old balloon. It sways in the wind as the boy pulls it 8along behind him, occasionally bumping into people and other things. When the boy 9arrives home, his nanny takes away the balloon and lets it go out the window. Instead of 10floating away into the sky and across Paris, however, it stays, loyally floating right 11outside the boy’s window until he retrieves it. That loyalty starts a entirely new 12friendship. 13 Most of the movie illustrates the new-found companionship between the boy and

14his balloon. They play games such as hide and seek and tag. The balloon follows the boy 15wherever he goes, and they protect each other when their partner is in trouble. A good 16example of this is when the boy is put in a shed for bringing the balloon to school and the 17balloon follows the teacher around until the he releases the boy. Another implication of 18the boy’s and the balloon’s devotion to each other is when the boy runs through the 19streets trying to protect his balloon from the harmful children. The balloon is playful and 20caring, just as a friend should be. 21 When the balloon’s companion is feeling down, it easily cheers him up. It is a

22bright light in the boring, shabby city. While all of the adults in the movie are always 23appear dull shades of brown or gray, the balloon shines a radiant red. This contrast in

The adults. It is cheerful. playful. and loyal. What 31more could anyone want on in a friend? . 29 The red balloon is a model friend. The brilliant balloon does a wonderful job 28of cheering both its friends and strangers. draw an uplifting feeling from itballoon. and 27the children just love balloons (who doesn’t?). and really fun to be with when life is good. and 25also why it can raise people’s spirits. It is 30steadfast when the times are tough. loving.2 The Red Balloon 24colors demonstrates how the balloon stands out so much as a symbol of happiness. who are all somewhat depressed in the 26aftermath of the devastating World War II.