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Secrets of the

Chemistry of
Medicine. tThe Chemistry
of Medicine.
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The use of SIMILAR molecules or

One can group Organic Chemicals already by a grouping system that
does not do much. How about a whole filing system of groups of similar
molecules by structure and charge? Practically placing lists of
molecules in real file folders by atom structure or charge distribution

So there is a whole file on "Similar in atom structure ANTIBIOTICS"

or "Similar in charge structure ANTIVIRALS". ONE COULD THEN SEE

Or try changing one or more atoms on a known molecule that is a

Anti ageing.
DNA is 2 strands joined together by hydrogen bonds like that found
in water. If one uses chemicals to split those bonds one logically can
split DNA.

a) Fluorides are more electronegative than oxygen and would

split DNA hydrogen bonding most are poisonous but some aren't.

b) Soap Like Chemicals split hydrogen bonds one would have to

find one that works in a cell.

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Classification of Organic

A start to many Organic texts is bipolar,

polar and non-polar molecules. This one can use to
Oils are non-polar, soaps are polar at one side and
non polar the other, and water is bipolar. Now apply
this to medical chemicals. The oil-water chemistry of
the body.

Soap like chemicals will dissolve oils and fats, and

also block nerve synapses (charge of polar). Non-
Polar chemicals will keep to the oil and fat side of
the body. The bipolar chemicals will mix with water.

So one can substitute a similar chemical according to

these guidelines into a reaction to obtain a similar
product. Pharmaceutical.


The Holy Grail

Ageing causes the largest amount of deaths of all yet it has been
curiously ignored by
most people who are resigned to there aging.
Here is a logic deduction based on what is known about aging.
Aging is caused by the DNA counting down how many times a cell can
divide. These ends get "repaired" in the ovaries and testicles to produce
a child whos DNA ends start afresh and will again count down with
aging. Why not do what was done in the research of insulin and grind up
some ovaries or testicles and see whats in them.
Same thing in the vegetable Kingdom--the ovaries and stamens
produce fresh DNA. Most flowers are poisonous. One can try
broccoli.have never eaten that part of a vegetable might be it is in some
herbs. Some flowers are poisonous.
I think Biochemists have become lost in their detail and need the above
basics of deduction. So I have presented it here.
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Cancer--What can it be?

Via logic I think what if strands of dead DNA are responsible? These could be
used as nutrients to our own cells and produce a mutation. Now this hasn't been
proved. BUT it would make the only anti cancer food to eat distilled water, white
flour, refined sugar. As dead DNA is everywhere except in refined foods....this
would really annoy the nutritionists. But we can get nutrition without dead DNA,
that might be expensive. In the plant world cancer is also--but plants are fed
compost and humus. Moot points it deserves to be investigated nothing for sure


Some viruses are just strands of DNA and a bacteria has DNA. The
spread of Cancer is like a viral or bacterial colony. So we could treat it
with selected suitable antiviral or antibiotic drugs.

For viral infection it follows that some anticancer and antibiotic drugs
might work. And same for bacteria some anticancer and antiviral might

I have put the divisions (man made) together to try squeeze out at least
one new drug.

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