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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Assignment : EMC solution provider and consultancy in the field of wireless

& Mobile communication

Date : 30 November 2010

Committed to offer customer satisfaction

EMC Solutions Provider & Consultancy Ltd was incorporated in January 2010 with t
he aim main objective to offer our expertise to the service of our customers in
the field of EMC, EMI & RFI manufacturing and services. We offer a combined expe
rtise experience of 10 months in the field of EMC, EMI & RFI manufacturing and s
In October 2010, the management of EMC Solutions Provider & Consultancy Ltd has
set an objective to start its one of its main objective CONSULTANCY IN THE FIELD
OF WIRELESS AND MOBILE INTERFERENCES. In partnership with various international
manufacturers and suppliers, we can offer a whole range of solutions to our cor
porate and existing clients. EMC is a global problem which has to be taken serio
usly, non-compliant products risk being recalled or stopped at customs, negative
ly impacting upon brand image. Ensuring EMC Compliance for your products, system
s and/or workplace is critical in order to meet your sales targets
Business Objectives
Our strategy is to offer quality and unprecedented services in the protection of
our customersâ assets and resources against EMC/EMI/RFI interferences caused as a r
esult of wrong and certain omissions in designs. As the environment becomes more
and more crowded in the RF realm, interference has become a major issue. Far mo
re than simply an occasional nuisance, this phenomenon has the potential to seri
ously interrupt the conducting of business, personal communications, hobbies and
even critical life support monitoring systems. The perils of interference and t
he profoundly disastrous results that can occur are left unchecked. Preventing i
nterference is a big part of the cure, since it is not always possible to simply
design a receiver that can reject the interference.
We at EMC Solutions Provider & Consultancy Ltd deliver cutting edge solutions f
or advanced RF/EMI PCB-level shielding requirements and in the newly introduced
field of wireless and mobile interferences - from prototyping and design service
s to completely finished product supply, our clients depend on us to provide a s
eamless service pathway supporting entire product lifecycle.
We manufacture electronic shielding products including gasketing that help preve
nt electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) on circuit board ap
EMC Solutions Provider & Consultancy Ltd now offer wireless certification, provi
de consulting service and also a test laboratory covering cellular, microwave, w
ireless and mobile interference, EMI safety, telecommunication and satellite com
munication service provider. We offer one-stop-shop solutions for worldwide comp
liance to international standard.
We also have experienced design engineers who can help with product design and
compliance strategies.
We plan and assist our customers in minimising the risk of unplanned budget expe
nses. This prevents the disbursement of potential large amounts of finance for t
he repair and replacement of damaged equipment.
A list of World Standards that our company abides to:
ï International Organization for Standardization - ISO
ï International Electro Technical Commission - IEC
ï International Telecommunication Union - ITU
ï Federal Communications Commission -FCC
ï British Standards - BS
ï EN European Standards - EN
Facts and figures on damages due to Wireless and Mobile Communications on our Is
There is no exact and accurate source of facts and figures on the number of dama
ges caused due to Wireless and Mobile Communications.
Specific Radiated Susceptibility Requirements Mil-Std 461E
RS101 - Magnetic Field (30 kHz to 100 kHz)
This is a specialized requirement and is intended primarily to ensure the perfor
mance of equipment potentially sensitive to low frequency magnetic fields. It is
applicable to subsystems enclosures and electrical cable interfaces. Not applic
able for electromagnetic coupling via antennas. This test is required for the fo
llowing platforms:
Army aircraft (Including Flight Line)
Navy aircraft - With Anti Submarine Warfare

RS103 - Electric Field (2 MHz to 40 GHz)

The basic concept is to insure the EUT will continue to operate as intended with
out degradation. In the presence of electromagnetic fields generated by antenna
transmissions both on board and external to the tested platform. The EUT shall n
ot exhibit any malfunction, degradation of performance, or deviation from the sp
ecified requirements. The requirements are applicable to equipment, subsystems e
nclosures, and all interconnecting cables. Most requirements are referenced up t
o 18 GHz, with an optional 40 GHz range. Field strength can vary depending on th
e specific requirements.
This is a widely devolved test and is required on the following platforms:

Surface Ships
Space Equipment and Systems
Army Aircraft - All
Navy Aircraft - All
Air Force Aircraft - All
Ground Systems - Army
Ground Systems - Navy
Ground Systems - Air Force

Additional Information About RS103

With the E version of Mil Std now applicable, some changes are noted here. Subma
rine applications are dependent on location of the device when installed, intern
al versus external to the pressure hull. Internal requirements have changes for
field strength to 10 volts per meter for frequencies above 20 MHz. External hull
field strength-testing requirements increased to 200 volts per meter for applic
ations over the water line. Army aircraft field strength requirements increase t
o 200 volts per meter, regardless of location.

ICTA Regulations on Wireless Transmission

Reference is now being made to the Draft Deployment of Radio communication Infra
structure Technical and Administrative Standard of the ICTA, Consultation Ref: I
CTA/2010/03 section 7 - Radio Emissions and Health and Safety Information:
Para 7.1 - Requirement for Licensees to keep informed about EMF Research
7.1.1 Licensees should be informed and updated of the significance of the result
s of scientific investigations or studies on EMF via relevant scientific bodies
Para 7.2 RF EMR Health and Safety Information
7.2.1 A Licensee shall make available to the public, free on demand provided it
not unreasonable to do so:
(a) Information regarding how they address RF EMF health and safety issues in re
lation to their networks; and
(b) Information about where research reports on the health and safety impacts of
radiofrequency infrastructure should be obtained, by referring members of the p
ublic to the World Health Organisation (WHO) or to an industry body or Governmen
t agency where the Licensee has entered into a specific agreement for this purpo
7.2.2 For a specific site, a Licensee shall provide free, as soon as practicable
, the following information to members of the public on request:
(a) A description of their radiofrequency infrastructure on the site;
(b) The operating frequency of the radiofrequency transmitter;
(c) A declaration that their infrastructure is in compliance with the ICTA adopt
ed limits for general public exposure to RF EMF;
(d) Details of any RF hazard areas associated with their infrastructure and mana
gement practices to restrict access to RF hazard areas;
(e) Coverage information of the area.
7.2.3 This section does not apply where in the reasonable opinion of the License
e the information is being sought for commercial purposes.
Testing facilities.
â ¢ Grounding and shielding
â ¢ Emissions suppression
â ¢ Susceptibility hardening