Mark Qian

Mark Qian
Address: San Jose, CA
Home phone: 650-345-3755
Web site:
Status: US citizen
Availability: available
Obtain UI lead/architect position in web application development Summary
Leading Software Engineer/Client-side architect with over 10 years of so
ftware industry
experience in all phases of development cycle including design, developm
ent, implementation,
testing. For the last 7 years worked extensively on Java, J2EE, Struts a
nd XML based projects.
9 years experience on Remote Scripting (including AJAX).
J2EE Areas: Browser tier and Web (application) tier
Take a look at the abstraction of Mark's web work ( Ajax and a
pplication framework ) at
Software :
J2EE, Java, J2SE, J2EE, JSP, Javascript, Struts with Tile, Hi
Spring Framework. dynamic hidden iframes (for remote scripting),
AJAX, CSS, Custom Tags, Swing, Servlets, JDBC, RMI, CORBA, Web
Services, EJB, TogetherJ, UML, JINI, DHTML, XML, XSLT, Perl, CGI,
Shell Scripts, Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBScript, C#, C++, C, Data
Island, ASP, ASP.NET, WebLogic Enterprise Server, MS Project, SQL
Server, Oracle (8i), PL/SQL, Solid Access, Visual SourceSafe

Windows 3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, Unix, Solaris

MS (Computer Science), California State University Haywa
BS (Physics)

Stalworth, Inc., San Mateo, CA
DQ Plus
November 2003 - Present
DQ Plus a web-based data quality application.

As a Leading Software Engineer/Client-side architect, responsible for de
implementation and testing the client and web tier

Designed a web application as the front end (both client tier and web ti
er) of DQ Plus,
using Struts for the web tier and using DHTML, OO JavaScript and dynamic
frames (for remote scripting) including AJAX at the browser tier to form
a browser/web
tier framework to communicate with backend EJBs/Hibernate. Implemented D
Q Plus
(client and web tier) by extensively using Struts (Servlet, JSPs), and O
O JavaScript,
Hibernate, Spring Framework.
Communicate with off-shore teams.
Duty percentages: 70% coding and 30% designing and management.
See details about DQ Plus at
Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Javascript, AJAX ,Servlet, Custom Tags,
Hibernate, Spring Framework , SWING, XML, CSS, WebLogic 7.x/JBOss, Hibe
Oracle9i, PL/SQL, CVS, Windows. Eclipse,
Network Associates Technology Inc, Santa Clara, CA
Service Management Integration (SMI)
September 2001 - March 2003
SMI a web-based integration application to provide a visual environment
for Magic (a help desk
application) to wire/map external web services, application servers, an
d database services onto
Magic's customizable GUI. Since SMI was developed as a J2EE application
it constituted of a
client, web, business and EIS tiers.
As a Senior/Leading Software Engineer (owner of GUI), responsible for de
implementation and testing the client and web tier
Designed a web application as the front end (both client tier and web ti
er) of SMI, using
MVC for the web tier and DHTML, OO JavaScript and dynamic hidden frames
remote scripting) for the client tier. Model II - Servlet was used as a
controller, JSPs as
View, and JavaBeans as the Model to wrap the back-end EJBs.
Implemented SMI (client and web tier) by extensively using Servlet, JSPs
, and OO
Developed Print Preview for Magic (7.5) using Struts with Tile
Maintained Magic (7.5) and Magic SMB
Evolved web page design by extensively using object-oriented Java script
ing. Hidden
frames were also used widely to achieve multi-phase loading/updating
Responsible for the delivery, installation and tuning the application in
WebLogic server
Involved in evolving Magic 7.x maintenance
Duty percentages: 80% coding and 20% designing and management.
See details of yahoo news (a copy of the original page) about this produ
ct at
Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Swing, XML, XSLT, Web Services, VML,
Struts with Tile, Oracle8i, PL/SQL, TogetherJ, Data Island, WebLogic7.x/5.x, SQ
Server, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Windows
Electron Economy Inc., Cupertino, CA
Visual Process Builder (VPB)
April 2000 - August 2001
Visual Process Builder was developed as a J2EE application that provided
a visual environment
to users and enabled them generate high-level scripts to drive workflow
engine and low-level
Java codes to perform transaction level tasks. The client and web tier g
enerated the scripts and
Java codes. The business performed the deployment, debugging and testing
. The database tier
held the generated codes, auto-test-cases, deployment info and so on.
The application was developed by a heavy-duty-Swing standalone IDE and a
web based mirror.
Used MVC/Model II pattern with Servlet, JSPs and JavaScript. VPB was bac
ked by Oracle
DB/EJB through an RMI server for high frequency synchronize call back.
As a Leading Software Engineer, planned the architecture and development
of Process
Builder, a visual multi-tier workflow builder, which generates, deploys,
tests and debugs
E-supply-chain management processes
Responsible for architecting, designing, implementing and leading a prog
ramming team
through the releases of V1.0, V1.1 and V2.0 of the application
Recruited and managed a team of six developers
Created architecture of a multi-tier structure to support multiple clien
ts, dynamic
deployment and testing using a variety of design patterns with UML
Designed the ProcessBuilder as an extremely flexible & open framework so
such as validation rules, views, Business Objects could be plugged in dy
Implemented Client Tools (both stand alone and web based), Code Generato
DevServer and database
Responsible for project management gathering information from potential
users, experts
and developers. Responsible for writing functional specifications
Involved in designing the application. This involved development of patt
erns HMVC,
Chain of Responsibility, Abstract Factory, Observer, Template Method, St
rategy, Proxy,
Interface Marker and Cache Management
Involved in implementation and testing of the application

Duty percentages: 70% coding, 20% designing. And 10% project management

Environment: Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Swing, Custom Tags, Servlet, XML, RMI,
TogetherJ, WebLogic6.x/5.x, Oracle8i, PL/SQL, Solid, Windows, Unix

Peakstone Inc, Sunnyvale, CA
July 1998 - April 2000
The project scope involved design and development of PAR, the client sid
e component of
Peakstone - a distributed e-commerce assurance system.
As a Senior Software Engineer(Owner of GUI), designed and implemented PA
R as a
GUI container allowing tabs, panels to be plugged in dynamically. This w
as a Swing
based GUI with a web-base mirror using a Model I architecture (Servlets
and JSPs)
Designed and implemented an efficient JINI service to be heavily accesse
d by a variety
of clients in Peakstone system
Designed and implemented web based and stand alone PAR
Duty percentages: 80% coding and 20% designing.
Environment: Java, Servlet, Swing, EJB, JSP, JINI, RMI, CORBA (OrbixWeb)
Server, Solid, DHTML, XML, Perl/CGI, Windows
Remedy, CA
AR WebPlus System
March 1997 - July 1998
The project scope involved design and development of AR WebPlus a web se
gateway for Remedy Corp. As a Software Engineer, designed the web-based
AR Plus
System and implemented / tested AR plus System with JavaScript and dynam
ic hidden
frames (for remote scripting).
Environment: Java, JavaScript, CGI, Java Applets, Windows
Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA
Web-base Chat System
September 1996 - March 1997
The project scope involved design and development of a web-based chat sy
stem. As a
Software Engineer, designed, implemented, and tested the system
Environment: Java Applet, CGI, JavaScript, Windows
Netscape Communications Corporation, CA
Netscape Wallet
May 1996 - September 1996
The project scope involved deliverance of a helper application in MFC as
wallet during its early phase of the wallet construction. Also delivered
a Java applet as
Netscape's wallet and finally delivered a wrapper using output of Quicke
n as Netscape's
wallet. As a Software Engineer researched and evaluated other financial
Responsible for design and implementation of Netscape Wallet with Plug-I
n, Helper
applications and JavaScripts.

Environment: Java, Netscape Plug-In, HTML, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, WinSock, Visu
C++ (MFC), Visual Basic, Windows
Tandem Computers, Cupertino, CA
Tandem Service Management System
June 1995 - April 1996
As a Software Engineer implemented the application Layer of TSMS.
Environment: Visual C++, MFC, Windows