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Name of the subject: Principles and practices of Management (PPM)

Subject code: MB 603
Start date 17-08-09 Internal Assessment 40 marks
Finish date 30-11-09 Total 100 marks
No of sessions/ week 4 Session Duration: 60 Minutes

TOPICS Teaching Content Reference

Unit I
1 Definition, nature, purpose Powerpoint R2-Ch 1,p1-17,
and scope of management presentation & AV. R1-Ch1, p6-14

2 Functions of a Manager, PPT R2-Ch 1,p1-17

An overview of planning,
organizing, coordinating and
3 Managerial Roles . PPT R2-Ch 1,p1-17
Is Managing a Science or Art?,
4 CSR PPT R2-Ch4, p95-120
5 Ethics in managing and social PPT R2-Ch4, p95-120,
responsibility of managers. R1 Ch3 p59-76
6 Role play Role play Ethics in
7 Evolution of Management PPT R1 Ch2 p30-43,
Thought: Ppt on Fundamentals
Contributions of Philosophers of management by
Stephen P. robbins
8 Cont.. PPT Video ..IISc. by Prof
Contribution of philosophers K.B. Akhilesh,
R2 Ch2,p33-45
9 Operations PPT R1 Ch 1,p45-53,
research/Mathematical School
10 Management Science, ,Key PPT R2 Ch 2, p47-48
concepts in systems,
subsystems, system boundry
11 Decision Theory approach, PPT R1 Ch 1,p44-49,
Mckinsey’s 7-S Approach R1 Ch7,p290295
12 Planning, Types PPT R1 Ch5 p119-134
13 Steps and Process of Planning PPT R1 Ch5 p119-134
14 Nature of Objectives, Setting PPT Video ..IISc. by Prof
Objectives, MBO K.B. Akhilesh,
R1 Ch 6,p146-163
15 Nature and Purpose of PPT R1 Ch7,P168-191
Strategies and policies, ,
16 strategic planning process. PPT R1 Ch7,P168-191
SWOT analysis
17 Portfolio Matrix, premising PPT R1 Ch7,P168-191
and forecasting.
18 Decision Making, importance PPT R2 Ch 9,p239-255
and steps
19 Traditional approaches to PPT R2 Ch 9,p239-255
Decision making R1 Ch8,p199-219

20 Decision Making under PPT R2 Ch 9,p239-255,

uncertainty and certainity, R1 Ch8,p1205-219
non-programmed decisions,

21 Decision tree, group-aided PPT R1 Ch8,p208-209


22 Brainstorming, Creativity and PPT R1 Ch8,p1212-218

creative Problem solving


23 Organizing: Concept of PPT R1 Ch9,p243-259
organisation & process of

24 Span of management,Factors PPT R1 Ch9,p 246-254

determining effective span-
situational approach

25 Bases of departmentation PPT R1 Ch10,p268-284

26 Management Quiz Syllabus


27 Authority and power. Line and PPT R1 Ch11,p292-305

staff concept.
28 Delegation and its Elements, PPT R1 Ch11,303-306
Reasons for Failure and How
to Make it Effective.
29 Decentralization- reasons, PPT R1 Ch11,p305-311
types and Methods
Coordination: Concept and PPT R2 Ch 11,p315-323
30-31 Importance, factors which
makes it Difficult, Techniques
to Ensure Effective
32 Process of Control PPT R1 Ch20,p578-583

33 Human Response to Control, PPT R1 Ch20,p586-591

34 Control Dimensions or types of PPT R1 Ch20,P580-591

35 Techniques of control PPT R1 Ch21,p600-608

36 Cont… PPT R1 Ch21,p600-608

Techniques of control,
traditional & Modern
37 Comparative study: PPT R1 Chap 4, p90-95,
Comparative study of main R1 Ch 2, p226-237
features of Japanese
Management and Z- Culture of
American Companies.
38 Cont… PPT R1 Chap 4, p90-95
Comparative study:
Comparative study of main
features of Japanese
Management and Z- Culture of
American Companies.
39 Management Quiz Rapid fire questions
Management : A global perspective Weihrich & Koontz( Mc Graw Hill)
R2 Management( Sixth Edition) Stoner, Freeman & Gilbert( PHI)
R3 Principles of Management Robins

Total No.
Sessions : 39
Case studies ; 4
Role Plays : 1
Quiz : 2