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Romeo and Juliet Final

Performance Portion

The performance portion of your final is a group project. As a group you’ll be assigned a
scene. Your task is to reinterpret the scene for the class. During your reinterpretation
you’ll need to identify the purpose, theme, and tone of the scene as well as any literary
devices present within the scene. Then, you need to think of a creative way to address
these concepts in a new way.

You can address these concepts by using a variety of aspects of performance including:

Setting (set design, location, time period)
genre (tragedy, comedy, action/adventure)

You’ll be putting on a performance for the class. Everyone in the group must participate
in the presentation of your chosen scene. You must also take an active role in your group
by contributing ideas and providing costuming and props.

Written Portion

This portion of your final is to be completed individually. You will be composing a four
paragraph essay addressing both the scene you’re performing and the performance you
create with your group.

Paragraph One and Two

The first two paragraphs of your essay will consist of a close analysis of your passage.
You’ll be following the SOAPSTONE method to complete these paragraphs. Refer to
your SOAPSTONE handout to complete this section of the essay. Make sure you
provide evidence (quotes) to support your claims (statements about the text).

Paragraph Three

You will use this paragraph to explain the creative choices your group made in the
creation of your performance. You must identify the tone and purpose of your
performance and how your creative choices (set design, costuming, dialect, setting,
music) affect both of these elements. For example, if you make your performance into a
radio show you will need to defend this choice by explaining how this change in setting
affected the tone and purpose of the original scene.
Paragraph Four

In the final paragraph you must explain your role in the production of the scene. What
ideas did you contribute to the production? What role did you play within the
performance of the scene? How were you an active and productive member of your

The Scenes!

Each group will have a chance to select a scene from the options below. No more than
two groups may perform the same scene. So choose quickly!

Act I, Scene V - Lines 95-145

Act II, Scene II

Act III, Scene II or III

Romeo and Juliet Final Performance Rubric


CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Preparedness Group is completely Group seems pretty Group is somewhat Group does not seem
prepared and has prepared but might prepared, but it is at all prepared to
obviously rehearsed. have needed a couple clear that rehearsal present.
more rehearsals. was lacking.
Volume Volume is loud enough to Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume often too soft
be heard by all audience enough to be heard by enough to be heard by to be heard by all
members throughout the all audience members all audience members audience members.
presentation. at least 90% of the at least 80% of the
time. time.
Interpretation of Group showed a clear Group showed a clear Group showed a clear Group clearly did not
Text understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the understand the text
original text, and then original text, and then original text, but did and did not make an
took it a step further and took it a step further not reinterpret the text attempt to reinterpret
interpreted the text in a and interpreted the in a new way. Tone it. Tone and message
new way (considering text in a slightly new and message of the have not been
dialect, setting, costumes, way. Tone and passage have not been considered and
music, lighting, and message have been clearly considered and incorporated into the
genre). Tone and somewhat considered incorporated into the performance.
message have been and partially performance.
clearly considered and incorporated into the
incorporated into the performance.
Props Group uses several props Group uses 1 prop that Group uses 1 prop The group uses no
(could include costume) shows considerable which makes the props OR the props
that show considerable work/creativity and presentation better. chosen detract from
work/creativity and which which make the the presentation.
make the presentation presentation better.
Enthusiasm Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Very little use of facial
body language generate a body language body language are expressions or body
strong interest and sometimes generate a used to try to generate language. Did not
enthusiasm about the strong interest and enthusiasm, but seem generate much interest
topic in others. enthusiasm about the somewhat faked. in topic being
topic in others. presented.

Performance Score Total:

Romeo and Juliet Final Written Reflection Rubric

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Analysis of the There are two complete There are two There are less than There is less than a
Passage paragraphs of Literary complete two complete paragraph of Literary
Analysis of the passage paragraphs of paragraphs of Analysis of the assigned
(Paragraphs 1 and using the SOAPSTone Literary Analysis Literary Analysis of passage.
2) device. Analysis of the of the passage the text and/or the
passage is accurate and using the analysis is lacking
insightful and the writer SOAPSTone insight and/or
clearly understands the device. Analysis accuracy.
text deeply. of the passage is
Reflection on Student has clearly Student has Student has an No explanation of the
Tone, Purpose, explained the creative explained the incomplete creative choices the
choices the group has creative choices explanation of the group has made.
and Creative made, as well as the group has creative choices the
Choices identified the tone and made, but has not group has made.
(Paragraph 3) purpose of the identified the tone
performance. and/or purpose of
the performance.
Explanation of Student has clearly Student has Student has not Student did not
Student Role explained their role in explained their sufficiently contribute to the
the production of the role in the explained their role performance
(Paragraph 4) scene and they have production, but the in the production sufficiently.
contributed fully to the explanation lacks and/or they have not
performance. details. contributed fully to
the performance.
Grammar & Writer makes no errors Writer makes 1-2 Writer makes 3-4 Writer makes more than
Spelling in grammar or spelling errors in grammar errors in grammar or 4 errors in grammar or
that distract the reader or spelling that spelling that distract spelling that distract the
(Conventions) from the content. distract the reader the reader from the reader from the content.
from the content. content.
Capitalization & Writer makes no errors Writer makes 1 or Writer makes a few Writer makes several
Punctuation in capitalization or 2 errors in errors in errors in capitalization
punctuation, so the capitalization or capitalization and/or and/or punctuation that
(Conventions) paper is exceptionally punctuation, but punctuation that catch the reader's
easy to read. the paper is still catch the reader's attention and greatly
easy to read. attention and interrupt the flow.
interrupt the flow.
MLA format No mistakes in MLA One mistake in 2 mistakes in MLA 2+ mistakes in MLA
Heading format heading. MLA format format heading. format heading.

Written Score: