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PRD Private Limited

Company Profile
A comprehensive profile of the company, its activities, management and

A company registered under Companies Ordinance, 1984.

PRD Private Limited

Table of Contents

Introduction ................................................................................................................................................. 1

Overview – Jhelum Project ....................................................................................................................... 2

Mission and Vision Statement................................................................................................................... 3

Mission Statement .................................................................................................................................. 3

Vision Statement..................................................................................................................................... 3
Our Core Values ......................................................................................................................................... 4

Board of Directors ...................................................................................................................................... 6

Our People ................................................................................................................................................. 13

Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

PRD Private Limited is a company incorporated as a Private Limited Company under Companies
Ordinance, 1984. The objects clause and principal of the business is;

a) To carry on the business of construction of buildings, buying

and selling lands and buildings, and to acquire on lease, hire,
manage or otherwise deal with all kinds of immovable property
whether belonging to the Company or not, to advance builders
and other who may be willing to improve or built any land and
buildings for the construction dwelling houses, trade premises,
public and other buildings, and to advance cash and or assets of
all kinds on such terms in connection with all or any of the
Company’s objects purposes as may be determined;
b) To carry on the business of property dealers and to acquire by purchase or otherwise lands
and develop the same in plots and sell or establish housing estates, construct houses,
community buildings, flats, commercial buildings and multi-storeyed buildings thereon and
sell or let on hire houses, commercial buildings, flats and to provide roads, water, gas,
sewerage, electrical and other facilities to housing schemes wherever required in the interest
and for the benefit of the Company in accordance with the provision of law governing the
c) To carry on the business and profession of construction of roads, dams, bridges, spillways,
highways, reservoirs, airports, seaports, apartments, plazas, multi-storeyed flats, business
offices, shops markets, warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings and structure of all
descriptions and to equip the same or any part thereof with
all or any conveniences, drainage and sewerage facilities,
water supply, electric and gas installations subject ot any
permission required by law;
d) To survey, design, report, construct or supervise the
constructions of any project connected with civil, electrical,
mechanical and environmental engineering;
e) To carry on the business of civil, mechanical and / or
electrical engineers and of estimation, drawing up of
specifications, interior and exterior decorations and
contracts, quantity surveying, supervisions and execution of construction works and all
installations and maintenance thereof; and
f) To construct, erect or maintain buildings, bridges, sewers, roads, waterworks, brick-kilns and
erections of any description whatsoever, and to provide all civic facilities to occupiers or
tenants thereof as are commonly provided, and to carry on the trade or business of
engineers, founder, smiths mechanics, fabricators, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers
and to engage in the land drainage work, dewatering land, urban or rural of all sorts.

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Overview – Jhelum Project

At present PRD Private Limited has undertaken to develop a state of the art housing scheme in
Jhelum Punjab Pakistan, having all facilities of a modern day living , over an area of about 500
hectares (1250 acres) in phases which is the hall mark of modern day living.

The management of PRD Private Limited encompasses diversified business experience and
contains an ideal mix of skills and experience to cater for this project. The competitive advantage
enjoyed by the enterprise stem from the fact that the site for the development of the project has
been contributed by the directors and management of the company. This unique resource will
enable a very valuable offering to the prospective customers of PRD Private Limited.

Jhelum, city of martyrs

and warriors, is situated
in the north of Pakistan
about 1 hour and 30
minutes drive from
Islamabad and 3 hours
drive from Lahore.
Several other cities i.e.
Gujrat, Gujranwala,
Chakwal, Mirpur Azad
Kashmir are only 1 to 2
hour drive away.
Jhelum has the second
highest Human
Development Index
(HDI) 0.770 after
Karachi. In the past
few years, the city has experienced rapid expansion and has become a vibrant economic and
cultural centre.

The whole project is one of the best housing projects in the vicinity of Jhelum. It will be
equipped with all the amenities of modern day living and thus catering to the demand of the
society for a high class housing projects, comparable to other big cities of like Lahore, Karachi
and Isalmabad.

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement
To gain competitive advantage by being true to our beliefs and values and to earn a brand name
for integrity, quality, reliability and providing excellent value to customers.

Vision Statement
Aspiration: To be among the best land development and real estate company by bringing in
the energy and zeal of the senior management and employees and pursuing the same in the
execution and implementation of the projects.

Partnership & Technology: To be a company which combines its people, technology,

outsourcing initiatives, management systems, and market opportunities to achieve profitable
growth while providing fair returns to its shareholders and value to customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility: To be a company that endeavors to set the highest

standards in corporate ethics in serving the society

Profitability: To build the company on sound financial grounds and achieve productivity,
efficiency and effectiveness.

Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Our Core Values

The values stated below form the foundation stone of everything we believe and perform. It
serves as a benchmark for all our actions and the way we perceive and reciprocate in the world.
These guide us to deal with every aspect of any opportunity, issue and challenge we may
encounter in our personal and professional lives. These values help us grow inside and outside,
personally and as an organization.

Values Explanation

Leadership The courage to shape a better future by showing leadership to take

challenges and make them happen.

Collaboration Leverage collective genius and harnessing the advantage of collective

wisdom through encouraging top to bottom and bottom management
Integrity & An unshaken commitment to integrity and ethical behavior both as an
Ethics individual and as an enterprise. In addition to realize and fulfill the
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Accountability If it is to be, it's up to me.

Smart We are committed to running our business successfully and efficiently,

Governance providing long term benefits to our employees and shareholders, and
enriching the lives of those whom we serve by fulfilling our corporate
responsibility to the best of our ability. We expect excellence from all
processes, whether they relate to policy formation and accounting
procedures or product development and customer service.

Passion Committed in heart and mind

Customer We are customer-driven; we go the extra mile to make sure our clients'
Satisfaction expectations are met and exceeded on every issue. We partner with leading
companies to arm ourselves with the latest technology and provide
customers with innovative solutions in the most cost-effective manner

Quality What we do, we do well

Be the Brand Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun

Focus on the Focus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise partners
Market Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn
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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Possess a world view

Focus on execution in the marketplace every day
Be insatiably curious
Work Smart Act with urgency
Remain responsive to change
Have the courage to change course when needed
Act Like Be accountable for our actions and inactions
Steward system assets and focus on building value
Reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve
Learn from our outcomes -- what worked and what didn’t

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Board of Directors
A graduate from the National College of Arts, Lahore having
Mr. Azhar ul Hassan diversified experience in the engineering sector. An
Chief Executive/Director entrepreneur willing to take challenging assignments with a
can do attitude to solve issues.
Currently managing the IKAN Engineering Services.
IKAN Engineering Services Private Limited is now one of the
top Engineering services providers of Pakistan.

Today expanded our services have expanded from fabrication

to erection, from construction to turnkey solutions, from
buildings to roads and airports, from electrical to telecom and
from trading of Engineering materials to office furnishing.
The vision of the founders backed by solid perseverance was
to set up a successful Engineering company that would meet
international quality standards.

Starting 1991 from small construction job, the entity has taken
giant strides over the past decade to be a world class
organization and amongst the top most Engineering firms of
Pakistan, all achieved within a short span of just 16 years.

IKAN Engineering Services Private Limited is an ISO

9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 ISO 18001:2007 certified

Our Group

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Mr. Muhammad Farooq Dar is the Vice Chairman of

Mr. Farooq Dar Credence Group. He is a seasoned businessman who brings
Director nearly two decades of banking experience to the Group. He is
a dynamic, well versed and a strategic thinker. His journey as a
businessman started in 1996 when he left his job in the United
Bank Limited and then started his business of remittances and
currency exchange. This business was a big success and his
company is considered to be the pioneer of foreign exchange
kern market in Pakistan. He soon diversified into other
businesses which led to the creation of Credence Group. With
the help of his business acumen and vision, Credence Group
rapidly developed into a progressive business conglomerate

The Credence Group is a progressive

and rapidly growing business
conglomerate of Pakistan. The Group
has a diversified portfolio and operates 10 companies in 7
business sectors. All Group Companies are the major players
in the sectors in which they operate. These include financial
services, education, charity, stock trading, real estate &
construction, information technology and poultry industry.
The credence Group has a history of success and innovation
which spans over 30 years. The Group which made a modest
beginning has now grown and currently employs over 800
people. The Group has a team of experienced and dedicated
professionals, excelling and exceeding customer's expectations.
The credence Group is managed by competent professionals
endowed with a wealth of experience that has propelled the
Group to the forefront. The growth of the Group has been
propelled by its performance ethic pegged on value creation
for its multiple stakeholders including customers, shareholders
and employees.

Dollar East is one of the premium

exchange companies in Pakistan. It
has a long history of success and
innovation. The company is one of the pioneers of foreign
exchange KERB market in the country. This pioneering spirit
is present even today and has seen the company grow into
many branches which offer new and improved services to its
valued customers.
It is a full service exchange company and deals in the business
of Telegraphic Transfer, Demand Drafts, Home Remittances
and Currency Exchange.
Dollar East Exchange developed a unique customer focused
work system that set it apart from its competitors, by virtue of
its swift, trustworthy and superior level of services.

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Today the ever expanding Dollar East Exchange network is

making its presence felt in major cities and towns across
Pakistan and is committed to being closer to the doorsteps
and the hearts of its valued customers. At Dollar East we
value trust and go extra lengths to ensure that your money
transfer needs are met in a secure, timely and convenient
GIFT University has emerged as a reputable
institution among the frontline universities of
the country.
The mission of the university is to help
students realize their career dreams. It has
established a reputable image both within the
region and in the country, with its qualified academic staff,
competent graduates, and wide range of study choices, well-
established teaching, learning and research facilities. The
University was established in July 2002.
It is the first Chartered University between Lahore and
Islamabad. It has been granted charter by the Government of
Punjab and all its degrees are recognized by the Higher
Education Commission (HEC).
Darson Securities (Pvt.) Limited was
incorporated in January 1998. The
company is primarily involved in the sale
and trade of equities. Darson Securities (Pvt.) Limited is a
corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange and Lahore
Stock Exchange.
Currently the company has eight branches with its Head
Office located in Lahore, the corporate office in Karachi and
regional offices in Gujranwala and Multan. The other Sales
offices of the company include one at Lahore and three in
The company is committed to provide excellent and
personalized professional service to all its clients. The
Company believes that quality research is vital for the success
of any brokerage house and we aim to provide objective and
unbiased market research to our valued client. Its product
range has been structured such that a sustained growth in
revenues can be maintained.
ADG LDI (Pvt.) Ltd. is a recent venture of
Credence Group. ADG LDI previously
known as DVCom LDI is licensed by
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
(PTA) to provide LDI services. The Company provides
nation-wide long distance and international voice transport
services to leading international carriers.
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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

ADG LDI is based on Next Generation Network and

incorporates state of the art technology with a view to
servicing clients at their utmost satisfaction. Our pliant
network architecture ensures that we will have the flexibility to
offer a full spectrum of services to meet the demands of our
customers, both today and tomorrow. ADG LDI has planned
to provide wholesale IP interconnection, transport, and call
completion of packet-based voice traffic over an integrated IP
and TDM platform.
The product architecture provides both inbound and
outbound call flows that are secure, carrier class quality and
scalable. Therefore, the Company offers high-value,
competitive proposals for the international termination with
international calls being terminated at all POPs (Point of
Preference) in Pakistan. The Company believes that voice
termination is all about quality. The demand for it is getting
stronger throughout the industry. Competing in this market
means making no concessions whatsoever to the quality-of-
services, whilst maintaining the flexibility to offer competitive
The Companies network configuration radically reduces the
element of congestion with a resultant increase in call
completion ratios and improvements in quality of service. It
currently deploys 14 POPs all over Pakistan and is planning to
deploy the additional POPs to further improve the quality of
service. ADG LDI has signed direct interconnection with
PTCL, Mobilink, Warid and Telenor. The Company is in the
phase of establishing direct interconnectivity with Ufone and
ADG LDI is striving to become a leading, profitable, service-
oriented organization that consistently delivers innovative
solutions and reliable services. ADG LDI is aggressively
moving forward into a digital revolution with its ability to
seamlessly connect and enable smarter, faster, cost-effective
and flexible communication solutions for its customers.
It is an established fact that the
world is faced with a tremendous
shortfall of energy, which
particularly holds true for Pakistan. Eastern Energy has been
setup to tap the true potential of the oil and gas reserves of
our country. The Company is in process of working on
collaboration and partnership arrangements with international
companies to explore the oil and gas reserves of Pakistan.
In its endeavor to make the most of the energy reserves
Pakistan has to offer, Eastern Energy has started working with
a renowned Canadian firm towards assisting its presence in

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

Pakistan. The company has adopted an aggressive strategy to

position itself as a key player in the global energy market in the
future focusing on Pakistan and building the company through
partnerships, liaisons and collaboration.
We at Eastern Energy firmly believe that Pakistan has
abundant energy resources, which need to be harnessed
through an institutionalized strategy for optimum utilization.
To achieve this purpose, we have set out an action plan to
achieve exploration and maximum utilization of indigenous

Bio-vet (Pvt.) Limited is a complete

solution provider for the poultry
Industry. The Company started its
operations in 1978 by importing
veterinary drugs and vaccines from
world-renowned manufacturers. The
company has grown and expanded its operations. The
Company comprises of 3 divisions i.e. Animal Feed, Animal
Health and Automation
It presently deals in poultry feed ingredients, feed machinery,
poultry processing machinery, further foods processing
machinery, Food Ingredients and environment control
systems for green houses poultry and dairy farms. The
company is exclusive representative of many world-renowned
manufacturers from ISA, Belgium, Holland and China.

Cure Pharmacy is a full service

pharmacy with a wide range of quality,
genuine affordable medicines, trusted
by healthcare professionals and patients across the country.
Cure Pharmacy is a dynamic and growing pharmacy chain in
Pakistan .We are engaged in providing wide range of
Our mission is to become the easiest pharmacy retailer for all
to live healthier and happier lives. We continuously strive to
add new products to cater the needs of our valuable
As one of the emerging and progressive chain, Cure Pharmacy
is managed by professionals having intensive marketing
experience and knowledge of medicines. It has been
established with a commitment to flawless execution of
highest standards of customer care. We also offer our
customers competitive prices, unrivaled
service, and professional information.

SOFT SHACK (Software Solutions Provider)

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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

was established in 2000 with an aim to provide IT services to

the industry particularly to Credence Group. The company
works to develop leading edge software’s, design and install
complex systems and projects, and tailor a wide range of
individualized services as varied as our customer's
requirements. By harnessing the innovative technologies and
comprehensive know-how, Soft Shack provides a wide range
of solutions, to their customers in order to meet their business
We aim to benefit mankind and utilize resources effectively.
The company has expertise in Distributed Software
Applications Development, LAN/ WAN structures and
implementations, Advance web-based Applications and CGI
scripting. Its clients list includes all sister concern companies
of Credence Group.

Kan Energy is an enterprise engaged as a

distributor of a wide range of Power
Generators. The Company was
established in the year 2004 and is dealing in all major brands
of the world like Cummins, Perkins, John deer, Volvo, MAN
and many others. Kan Energy has well-coordinated network
purely run by the trained and skilled professionals. The
products (From 5kva to 2000kva, Gas, Diesel & Dual fuel)
and services are highly-acclaimed for their quality & reliability
and the fact that they are available at competitive prices. The
company is run by a team of professionals and skilled
personnel who put immense efforts to achieve success by
giving full-satisfaction to the customers. It offers complete
household, industrial and commercial power solutions with
assurance of reliable and fast services of international
standards. We have in house facilities of AMF / ATS panels,
battery chargers & canopies for all ratings.
Kan Energy is also proud to harbor service contracts with
numerous companies, industrial units, residential and
commercial installations. A sizable SILENT fleet of different
ratings for rentals is also managed to meet any kind of
immediate emergencies of power failures at critical sites or to
cater any other temporary requirement.
Kan Energy is committed to work proactively to encourage its
business partners to build and uphold highest quality after
sales standards and become
competitive in the market.

Roshni Homes Trust is a volunteer,

non-political, non-sectarian and non-
profitable charity organization
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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

established by the Credence Group. It is an unconventional

place of shelter for orphans and children without parental
The unique system of Roshni Homes aims to provide orphans
and abandoned children with the best education, motherly
care, and home like environment
So that it can lead to the balanced development of their
intellectual, moral and physical traits.
First Roshni Homes model complex Gujranwala is today
spread over and area of approximately 7 acres of land. This
model can accommodate 150 200 children and also includes
resident blocks of Senior and Junior Management with Guest
Houses, Libraries, Paying parks, etc.
The objective of all these efforts is to make these deprived
children highly productive, responsible and integral members
of the society through Higher Education and Character
An Electrical Engineer from UET, Lahore and MBA McGill
University, Montreal, Canada.
Prudent businessman who has honed his skills in areas of
strategic business management and administration. Currently,
Mr. Mansoor Haider serving as the director of Rudolf Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Jawaid Rudolf GmbH & Co. KG is one of
Director the top ranking producers of textile
chemicals. Based in the quaint town
of Geretsried in Germany, Rudolf
boasts of over eighty years of
contributions to the textile industry.
The quality of Rudolf products is known worldwide and
indeed, Rudolf is a partner in R&D projects with
manufacturers like Hugo Boss and Olymp. Rudolf offers a full
range of process and effect chemicals that add value to
textiles, helping customers meet the exacting standards of the
market place. From the initial pretreatment to the application
of high-tech finishing effects, Rudolf can provide a textile
company with solutions that will make life easier and the
product, an international trend setter.
A retired Government Officer with a sharp acumen for land
Mr. Mushtaq Hussain development and housing projects initiative. Currently
Bargatt rendering services to various non government organisations
Director (NGO’s) in senior capacity.

A banker, who carries over 29 years, diversified banking

Mr. Shafique Ahmad experience. He served in Allied Bank Limited which includes
Director 16 years as manager in various branches of the bank. During
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Company Profile
PRD Private Limited

his last 13 years he served in senior management positions via

as Zonal Chief in Gujranwala, Manager London Branch in
UK, Area Regional Chief Parkton Khawa (Then NWFP), AS
Circle Executive Mardan , Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Regional
General Manager Faisalabad, Multan and Azad Kashmir.
Before getting premature retirement in 2004, he was holding
the newly created portfolio of Small and Medium Enterprises
wing of the bank in Central Office Karachi.He left the bank to
venture in the real estate and housing development. Apart
from his business he also acts as free lance financial consultant
to various known industrial houses. During his distinguished
banker carrier he won many prises which included but not
limited to the best Zonal Chief of the bank in two straight year
in1991 and 1992. He was declared best Circle of the bank in
the years 1998 and 1999. He attended numerous seminar and
symposia both local and international, ranging from Project
Financing , HR Management, International trade, SME
Financing etc
Our People
Our people are our greatest asset. We seek and retain people who feel there is no compromising
on excellence, and a corporate culture in which our family can grow and thrive. Heading our
multi-talented team is our leadership of experienced senior management. Together, we know how
to combine our skills and knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

Project Manager Manager Accounts & Finance

Company Secretary
Ahmad Nawaz Ahsan Iftikhar Qureshi

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Company Profile