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A Rugged and Reliable Solution for Power Quality and Extended Power Outages

APPLICATIONS: The RMG-i™ contains a Written-Pole® Roesel Motor-Generator (RMG®) and an integral engine. It is designed to supply continuous clean power to sensitive electrical loads in commercial and industrial installations. Loads such as computers, security systems, machinery, medical devices, communications, controls, instruments and lights are provided the ultimate isolation and continuous protection from spikes, sags, and other variations in the utility power. The RMG-i also prevents load harmonics from feeding in either direction between the utility system and the load through complete electrical isolation. In addition the RMG-i can be use for peak shaving of power during high demand periods as well as being used for distributed generation under emergency conditions. Precise uninterruptible power is generated by the patented Written-Pole RMG even when utility power blinks out for several seconds during bad weather or utility switching. These "blinkouts", voltage surges and sags cause more than 99% of power problems. The rugged reliable rotary energy in the RMG is designed to use flywheel energy to ride through the longest utility "blinkouts" or sags and absorb even the worst power surges. Some cases need continuous power for the few times when the "blinkout" becomes a blackout. The RMG-i supplies enough time to start its own engine with No-Break in power to the sensitive load. The integral engine included with the RMG-i starts by using the RMG flywheel energy so there are no batteries needed in the system. The RMG-i is packaged with all controls including a make-before-break Automatic Bypass System. Standard engines are LPG (propane) or natural gas.
RMG-i is a Trademark of Precise Power Corporation, Palmetto, Florida, U.S.A. Written-Pole and RMG are Registered Trademarks of Precise Power Corporation, Palmetto, Florida, U.S.A. PPC-MKT-DC-401-05 Page 1 September 15-2003

0 Current: PF = 0.9 Leading to 0.+ 85% Page 2 480 VAC (277) 32 0. F u l l L o a d ( M i n ) OU T PUT V o l t a g e : 3 .270 75 dBa 4°C to 40°C <100% -40°C to 60°C 89 W x 83 H x 50 D 14. 4 .9 Leading to 0. 14. 4 .8 208 VAC (120) 32 0. (Min) 208 VAC 60 Hz 105 Amps 263 Amps .+ 85% September 15-2003 V o lt a g e R e g u l a t io n Transient Load Condition (0-50 msec.i int o se rv ice .P h a s e .95 480 VAC 60 Hz 67 Amps 168 Amps .590 19.95 Current: Full Load Starting Inrush P o we r F a c t o r .) I N PUT V o l t a g e ( + 1 0 % t o 1 5 % ) 3 . N o n .RMG-i™ SPECIFICATIONS Model Identification PHYSIC AL Dimensions in inches (W x H x D) Weight Shipping Weight (approx.210 CF/HR See Engine Manual See Engine Manual See Engine Manual F l u id s (*A lw ays ch eck f lu id s b ef or e pu tt ing R MG.000 lbs 3.) (< 50% Load Step) Transient Load Condition (50-500 msec.C o n d e n s i n g Storage 80 W x 83 H x 50 D 13. PPC-MKT-DC-401-05 .wi r e Frequency (Nom).520 lbs.117 CF/HR See Engine Manual See Engine Manual See Engine Manual Ford V-10 6.P h a s e .250 29.8L 34 LB/HR 56 LB/HR 720 CF/HR 1.95 480 VAC 60 Hz 45 Amps 113 Amps .) Cooling Air Flow (CFM) for 5°F rise Maximum Heat Rejection (Btu/hr) @ 85% eff. 5.) (< 50% Load Step) Steady State Harmonic Content (Linear Load) THD L oa d Co ndit ion Ride-through time at 100% load Efficiency at 100% load Specifications are subject to change without notice.9 Leading to 0.000 lbs 13.8L 23 LB/HR 49 LB/HR 523 CF/HR 1.820 lbs. Noise Level.8 Lagging 60 58 72 -15% to +10% ± 8% ± 5% ≤ 3% 8 Sec. Measures @ 3 Ft (No Engine) Ambient Temperature Range M a x i m u m R e l a t i v e H u m i d i t y.wi r e kW L o a d P o we r F a c t o r ( L e a d i n g t o L a g g i n g ) Frequency Current: PF = 1.+ 85% 480 VAC (277) 48 0.8 Lagging 60 38 48 -15% to +10% ± 8% ± 5% ≤ 3% 10 Sec.000 75 dBa 4°C to 40°C <100% -40°C to 60°C 40 kVA 60 kVA E N G IN E Type Rating F u e l C o n s u m p t i o n ( Ap p r o x i m a t e ) LPG – Steady State LPG – Max NG – Steady State NG – Max Oil Coolant H o u r s b e t we e n o i l c h a n g e s Ford V-10 6.8 Lagging 60 89 111 -15% to +10% ± 8% ± 5% ≤ 3% 10 Sec.

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