Typhonie Monique Hubbard Street 2/ Glenn Edgerton th 6 Big City Swing David Rudman Class Tues. 5th Tues. 6th Tues. 8th Tues. 8th Cancelled Dance Studio Moved from Wed. Wrestling Gym A342 Cancelled Closed Master

Moved from A101 Out of the Box Records Presents Super Sessions (Open to all) Tues. 9th Auditorium Session added

Farrell, Zats & Horwitz, Shorr & Wein Wed. 2nd to all) Amethyst Piano Quintet Hubbard Street 2/ Glenn Edgerton Student Commons Moved from 7th Wed. 2nd Student Commons (Open


Wed. 6th Dance Studio IM Gym

Moved to Tues. 6th Room change Room change Cancelled Leslie Replace

Giordano Jazz Wed. 6th Moved from Aud. Stage

DanceWorks Chicago Wed. 7th Moved from Aud. Stage John O’Connor Stella will Leslie Stella

Wed. 8th A322

Wed. 8th A322

Session added


Mark Schimmel

Thurs. 5th


Sue Castorino & Randy Minkoff Moved from A217 Skinwalker

Thurs. 6th Thurs. 9th

A240 Exh. Gym

Room change Session added

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