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Is Marriage Still Relevant? Pg. 3 In 2011 are people still wanting to get married? Is it as important as it was back in the day? Grown Woman Mentality in a Little Girl’s Mind Pg. 4

Diamond Hustla:
Hustlas we don’t sleep, we rest with one eye open!

The 40 Most Influential Black Female Authors Of Our Time
Ok so I could not read this list of intelligent black women authors and pick one for my Diamond Hustla. I’ve read a lot of these women's’ work. They keep inspiring me to continue to write so I can be on one of these lists. Looking through the list though there is one that makes me raise an eyebrow. I would not consider putting her name on any list unless it has ‘hoe’ in it somewhere. I’ll let you figure our who I’m talking about. Here is the list of 40 Influential Black Female Authors: 1. Alice Walker 2. Buchi Emecheta 3. Chimamanda Adichie 4. Gloria Naylor 5. Grace Ogot 6. Ida B. Wells 7. Karrine Steffans 8. Kola Boof 9. L.A. Banks 10. Maya Angelou 11. Nikki Giovanni 12. Nnedi Okorafor 13. Phillis Wheatley 14. Sister Souljah 15. Sonia Sanchez 16. Terry McMillan 17. Toni Morrison 18. Chika Unigwe 19. Zadie Smith 20. Zane 21. Zora Neale Hurston To see the rest of the list go to www.Blackvoices.com!

The affects that we as young parents are putting into our daughters. Are we doing more harm than good when we teach them the realities of their world? What kind of views are we putting on them and will they grow up attending the G.H.E.T.T.O. University with honors? Cover Story: In This Corner—Female Hip Hop Beefs Females and Their Raunchy Verses What Makes A Man A Real Man? Pg. 5 Pg. 6 Pg. 7

The controversial topic of what really makes a man, a man and what society’s perception is. Black Women and Reality Shows Pg. 8

As the ratings began to rise at an alarming rate what price will black women go to make money—ignorance, greed, ghetto antics? Random Ish The Chris Brown situation—again! The Things We Do For Love, Attention and Affection Diamond Hustla for April Pg.10 Pg.11 Pg. 9

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Diamond Publicationz

As a fictional writer I am always looking for ways to make my characters believable and memorable. For awhile I took the bus because my car was down for the count. Let me tell you I saw a lot of crazy ish on those buses. The one trend I did see was how people acted to get attention and how they talked to their significant other. I came to the realization that people do some crazy, incomprehensible things in the name of love or what they assume is love. I do not think anyone know what the true definition of what love is or know what it looks like. Because if they did, people would not run around acting a hot mess. Love is never to be about material ish, yet people walk around with nice clothes but an apartment or Section 8 home with their lights, wa-

ing to talk all loud please sound like you had home training! Love is to compliment a person, not turn them into something they are not. I have fallen under this one in more than I can count. You see someone you are feeling and you go into ‘please’ mode. Everything that person likes, you all of a sudden have an interest in. You keep doing it until you look into a mirror one morning and do not recognize who that person is anymore. It is just too much to let that person see the real you because you just know they will not like what they find. People have changed religions to impress someone. How are you explain that to God? Belittling + a beat down does not = love. I do not care how you package it no one (male or

Is Marriage Still Relevant?
Does anyone get married anymore? Pretty much everyone I know is married (shout out to Danielle Knight and Terrance Holiday for tying the knot this past Saturday! I love black love, it’s so beautiful) so if I had to go off of my situation I can say yes, people are still getting married. However on a larger scale getting married does not seem so appealing. With over half of marriages ending in divorce no wonder people are not rushing to walk down that aisle. Why though? velop. Like everything else marriage has to be instantaneous. Two, people move in with each other and play husband and wife so what is the point of going through with a wedding? Three, people are postponing marriage sometimes indefinitely to focus on a career. Nothing is wrong with that, handle your business—nuf said.

The Things We Do For Love, Attention and Affection
ter or heat cut off. Women, not all, assume that if a man is paying your Section 8 rent, government assisted utilities, nails, shoes and car he must care deeply. Men have it misconstrued too. Those toys you buy (i.e. big body trucks with the nice shiny shoes, latest shoes, iPhone, etc) you can argue until your face is blue and say it is not for the ladies, but it is (but I know how you have to keep up your thuggish appearance so I won’t tell). female) deserves to get beat by the person that is suppose to be their partner, best friend and lover. I’m seeing it more and more, especially with teens. The abuser convinces the abused that if they beat them it’s love. Ha, you going to hell for that one—real talk!

I can go on and on about what people perceive love to be and the tricks and cartwheels they do to lock a relationship and say the have someone at home. You don’t have the plague if you are single, it is ok. Stop allowing the media, Being loud gets you nowhere but maybe your environment and ignorant ass Simpletons cussed out! I am tired of women turning up the tell you how to act or love. Listen to that intuition volume on their mouths once a man is within their that keeps tapping at your mind. It will save you a vicinity. Girls blurt out how good they can give hell of a lot of heartache, stress and time if you head or how flexible they may be among all their do. other business in public. Look Simpletons, stop putting your business out there and if you are go-

Lastly men and women want too damn much! Chilli comes to mind. People focus so much on this list they create that this barrier Here’s what I think. comes between that list and reality. No matter Marriages are not looked at in the same what, even if Jesus came down and pointed out way as our grandparents and family before their soulmate, they will not be happy until a them. It was more sacred, respected back then. person fit every criteria. Love ruled and everything else fell in line. Not Whatever flaws or hang-ups you have, saying there were no problems in the marriage do not let it deter you from happiness. A person but couples back then knew how to ride or die should not complete you, you should already be for each other. These days marriage is apwhole going into the relationship however in the proached the same way as a business contract words of Madea ‘Don’t get to the end of your life is. The word prenup is thrown out of lips before and realize you haven’t experienced love’. the ring is warm and fitted on the finger! With *sidebar* Why is it that when I Googled ‘why more materials being obtained forget about unity, oneness and sharing; it is about ‘getting’ aren’t people getting married?’ all the articles and keepin’ mine!’ Why get married if you com- that came up were about why black women are not getting married? That sounds like the begining at it already as if someone is trying to rob ning of an article. Maybe next month. you? What happened? I can think of four things that might answer that question. One, no one dates anymore. Couples immediately go from 0 to 60 with a snap of a finger; not giving time for a love to de-

Grown Woman Mentality In A Little Girl’s Mind
Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris! I’m still shaking my head and this happened two weeks ago. Just in case you have been living under a big ass rock let me catch you up to speed. Chris Breezy visited GMA the day his new album F.A.M.E. came out for promotional purposes—interview, performance, etc., etc. Both him and Robin Roberts were sitting on barstools, the dancers waiting patiently in the background. Ms. Roberts started the interview with the dum-dum-dum, the Rhianna situation. Immediately I noticed Chris Brown’s demeanor change. He was stiff, dismissive and did not, I felt, address Ms. Roberts in a respectable way. (Call me ol’ skool, I don’t know) Now as Ms. Roberts is asking the questions, she is laughing thinking that this little boy is being funny. All is good, he goes on to perform his hit song and then off the stage he went; he even signs a few autographs. Then all hell breaks loose. Allegedly (cause God forbid I have Breezy’s people coming at me accusing me of slandering) Chris Brown stormed around backstage into his dressing room and started his lil’ temper tantrum. He threw a chair at the window overlooking the downtown NY area. Obviously it broke and shards of glass landed on the sidewalk below. Now granted the incident did not hurt anyone but Chris’s pride, the situation was a hot mess. How he responded to Ms. Robin Roberts’s questions led me to two conclusions. One, he does not have the right people around him and two, the fool has not changed. Look at everyone around him. There are a lot right? And not one of them stopped him from throwing that chair and having a case of diarrhea at the mouth? Everyone around him works for him; they all have families with big mouths to feed so they are not about to pull this cocky little boy to the side and say ‘hey man, you need to chill the hell out before you hurt another person or end up locked up’ (*inmyAkonvoice). Why? Because they run the risk of losing money. I get it, a person gets a small sample of the good life and they are hooked but it is sad when money rules over common sense. And obviously the way he responded meant he still have blatant anger issues. If he did take classes after the Rhianna incident then he needs another round of it—asap. By the end of the week he apologized (not on GMA but on BET). He spewed out a half ass excuse to his actions. He made a point to say that he did not direct his anger toward anyone. Also he said at least he waited until he had finished his performance before going off. Let me explain why I am pissed

Random Ish...
off at Chris Breezy. I do not condone any type of abusive behavior however the last two years he has managed to stay under the radar and out of trouble. He has grinded his ass off musically and continued to put out hot shit to reclaim the top spot in what he does best. I feel though in that one instance all that hard work he has been doing kind of went down the drain. Maybe if what he did was something other than beating a woman the world or I would not have thought much of this particular situation, don’t know. I will say this, if he is frustrated about journalists doing their jobs and asking about the Rhianna situation now he should be even more frustrated because he will not live this incident down either. I did feel him when he protested on Twitter that it is bullshit that he is persecuted still for bullshit that happened years ago while Charlie Sheen is being glorified for his outrageous, violent, and misogynist behavior. However newsflash Chris, that is how the wonderful world of celebrities work. The quicker you get that in your head the better off you will be!

Are We Sending Our Young Girls To G.H.E.T.T.O. University?
Being a young child in this world is brutal. So many have to grow up quicker than they are supposed to unfortunately. Peer pressure and bullying is not what it was back in past generations. Now children are committing suicides, doing harsh drugs and acting wreckless. But it is the mentalities that these young girls are rolling around with that concerns me. Parents are producing babies before they themselves can get a chance to grow. All are not emotionally equipped to handle such responsibility. The majority grow up in the system, in a single family home or with relatives other than their biological parents or in a situation that is not suitable for them whether it is abusive or being homeless. These parents do not realize the effect this will have on these babies nor do they realize the anger, guilt, lack of love, and low self-esteem they carry on their shoulders is embedded in their kids’ attitude toward life. It becomes a vicious cycle that kids are not equipped to stop. Now these kids, girls especially, will grow up with a skewed outlook on men (because most likely the daddy will not be around; sad but true), they will not want to achieve anything other than Section 8 Housing and food stamps; school will not be an option and their expression will stay frozen in a scowl. Look around your hood, you know what I’m talking about. Do not send your daughter to that G.H.E.T.T.O. University before they have a chance to scope out better opportunities. Children sense our emotions and emulate our behavior and demeanor. Just because you may be in a dark situation and have been pushed around and beaten does not mean they need to as well; it is not fair to them. It is easier said than done but nothing worth attaining ever is.

*sideeye* I know I just went in on Chris Breezy’s temper tantrum on GMA but I honestly can’t get mad at his hustle. He did an amazing job on DWTS and congrats on the fact that he can now say ‘I have an app!’ Yes Chris Brown has his own app! Damn, that is what I call him shittin’ on em!

Reality Shows and Black Women
Reality shows have become the hot thing on television. Millions of people tune in every week to watch other people’s lives turn ugly, vicious and a hot mess. I’ll admit it I am too. I have become obsessed with Love and Hip Hop. However it was at the end of the season of Basketball Wives that I noticed how black women are portrayed in these shows. Granted these women are grown and do sign up for it but it still makes me wonder how much ghetto behavior is worth the lifetime of embarrassment. It has taken years for black women to be something other than what everyone perceives them to be which is: ghetto, promiscuous, freaks, loud and money hungry. Oh and not worthy of being respected or loved. With the rise of reality shows, the work put in to prove critics wrong, including our own black men, have been minimized to a joke with the outside world laughing at us not with us. Every stereotype is magnified on each episode. It is not cute to witness 30, 40, and 50 year olds fist fighting in restaurants, clubs or in the middle of the street. It is not cute to show your two faced side and get grimy on your friends. It definitely is not cute to trallop around, fake everything, making chasing a baller your hustle. If that is who you end up with by coincidence, cool but do not set yourself up to think he will be your ticket to the good life. Yes I will continue to watch reality shows, call me a hypocrite if you feel the need to. I wonder, though, most of these Simpletons have kids and even though they do not allow them on camera they have to know the kids will eventually see the foolishness that their mama gets in. Do they even think about that when they sign up?

In This
What is wrong with female rappers? No really, what is wrong with them? Why is it so hard for them to get along? It is not like male rappers do not beef with each other (i.e. Biggie-TuPac, JayZ-Nas, Luda-T.I.) however female beefs seem ten times more worse. Apparently there is not many spots allotted for these females to reign like in the male rap game so they have to do what they got to do to get and keep that spot— including going H.A.M. on each other. has become is all from that damn doll. Lil’ Kim has focused so much on what Nicki Minaj is rapping about than regaining back her spot in the game. She has attempted to bring Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole on her team but they were not trying to hear it, they are grown and have better things to do, like make money. Lil’ Kim should be happy that Diamond from the group Crime Mobb does not think so highly of Ms. Nicki Minaj, calling her Hollywood which is There are very few collabos among female the equivalent to being called a ‘bitch’ in the rappers. If there are one it is usually rappers and streets. R & B singers. Why? Lets look at the current Being on the outside looking in the whole beef—Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj. thing is stupid. Do they not know how much They are both talented rappers and to me power they could have if they collaborated on have clearly made their mark on the hip hop com- some tracks? Maybe male rappers would respect munity as a whole not just in the female industry. a female rapper more if they would grow some Do they share similar styles? At the beginning balls and handle their business like boss bitches yes but Nicki Minaj has managed to come into are suppose to, not getting all emotional on every her own style and flow. Lil’ Kim, though is oflittle thing. It is already a male dominated world fended that Nicki Minaj did not give her the credit when it comes to the rap industry; the females that she felt was due to her since Ms. Minaj did need to pull out their notepads and Blackberries seem to take her style. Who is to say that Lil’ Kim and take some serious notes. Accept a beef for did not copy off of someone? If I was Barbie I what it is—just a beef and pull their hearts off of would be mad as hell because all of what Lil’ Kim their sleeves!


Sex sells. A person cannot listen to a song is the primary reason why female hip hop artists now without hearing about have not lasted long. After they ran out of ‘bending ova and making that raunchy lyrics they had to fall back. A few ass clap’ or ‘givin’ good head’. years later another female comes along Surprisingly those came from and lace 16 bars full of nasty, sexy, raunfemale rappers! Long cry from chy epithets. Only to fall again. back in the day when the original Queen sung U.N.I.T.Y. and MC Lyte had to get a what...Ruffneck. Now in order to get put on, a female must be as raunchy as they want to be in order to be represented. And then if they can do that, they will be put in an all male crew. After all this time someone should have been able to come up on a higher level than what they are on now, right? Can women really complain about the way they are viewed and portrayed in music videos if every female rapper uses their cookies to get acknowledged for their spittin’ skills? Or is that called ‘sexual liberation’? Where are they crossing the line between taking ownership of their sexuality and just plain being hoeish? There is only a few ways to say how freaky they are or how good they suck dick. That

Men everywhere are getting a bad wrap. This will not be an article dogging men, I’m all about positivity and empowering people with the right knowledge. You are probably wondering what I, a female, could possibly know what the definition of a real man is. I do not need to have a penis to know what it means to be a man. I have learned quite a few things in my 31 years of living. So let me speak on what it does mean to be a real man.

time. Too many young men run to guns to solve their problems. I get it when someone messes with your fam; I would do it if someone looks at my kids cock-eyed, but to me the way these young minded boys shoot these days it makes me want to shake them and ask them if it is really worth it? Especially black boys; we need you here safe at home not in caskets! You are becoming endangered species.

Being a real man means you know how to Being a real man starts at home. I hear a lot accept responsibility for your actions and not always of parents, mothers in particular, say that a son be- play the victim. ‘I date white women because black ing raised in a single parent home cannot raise a women are too much’, ‘I can’t find a job cause the real man. Even though it is unfortunate that a man white man is holding me down’, ‘she made me beat may not be in the home, it is possible for a mama to her ass’, ‘my father wasn’t around so why should I?’. raise a respectable gentleman. I’m living proof. A All excuses. Quit playing yourselves and man up! mama is fully capable of teaching a boy how to reSo many more things makes a man but I do spect himself and others, to accomplish anything not have all that room to do so. However I will say and how to love. this, a real man when he is with his soulmate comToys (i.e. trucks, cars, jewelry, and cash) pliments her. No more ‘behind every good man is a does not make a man. A real man will know that. great woman’. Stop saying and believing that! LaThe media and gold digging simpletons makes it dies listen carefully, having a real man will want you hard for men to distinguish this statement. No mat- to be a better person, if he does not there should ter how much stuff you accumulate you can still be not even be a conversation! an ass. A real man has self worth in themselves not How did I do? Any more you want to add? in toys. Women are not the only ones who have self Email me at diamondpublicationz@gmail.com and I esteem issues. might use it in a future issue! A real man knows how to protect his family and I do not mean running behind a gun all of the

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