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With more people using PVRs or the Internet to watch TV shows and movies, the number of people watching advertisements is going down. Will companies focus more on product placement and less on ads?
Average number of brands shown in #1 box o ce hits
22.2 17.8 18.1 13.4
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

22.1 21.5 20.7 19.6

17.5 17.9

Top brands in 2010’s box o ce hits
Apple products were shown in 33% of all #1 box o ce movies in 2010.

What is product placement?
A company pays fees or exchanges services to ensure a prominent display of their products during a movie or TV show. This advertising technique has become quite common since the 1980s.

How many times have these companies been shown in #1 box o ce movies since 2001?
144 112 96

Most products in a single film



Valentine’s Day (2010) Apple Coca-Cola The Other Guys (2010)

102 65 56

Driven (2001)

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Did you know?
Sales of Reese’s Pieces rose 65% after being used in the movie ET.

Did you know?
Coke pays about $60 million for a season’s worth of product placements and ads on American Idol.

Did you know?
102 86

Within a month of The Firm's release, sales of Red Stripe beer grew more than 50% in the U.S.



On TV: Most product placements, by brand, in February
38 30 27 27 25 23

On TV: Highest number of product placements in February
63 57 45 42
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Oscars Red Carpet Live

The Biggest Loser

19 18
American Idol

The Academy Awards

35 32 29 27 27
Mike & Molly The Grammy Awards NCIS: Los Angeles Undercover Boss 90210

P.S.: Pepsi is also paying $60 million per season to have products on Simon Cowell’s The X Factor.
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