Kanhai John

Kanhai ohn

Jane Califf Teacher


Rich Spiegel

. Barbara Fisher co-directors Thomas Perry Assistant

Lois Rekosh, Director

Janet Mann, Center Administrator Frederick Douglass Literacy Center

Stephen E. Phillips Superin ten dent Alternative HS & Programs

wi th funding support from

the New York State Council on the Arts

©I997 Ten Penny Players Inc.

The Way of Life

I see so much murder in the city It makes me feel sad

To see people lose their dignity

Homeless in the street begging for money Y'\Thile the rich man in his house eating honey

Oh what a pity!

I t is awful to see young people in jail It is sad to see teens get pregnant

I t is dreadful to see blacks get rejected Husbands mistreat their wives

Parents neglecting their children

The world is full of prejudice But God is not prejudiced

He is understanding, peaceful, honest Trust in God, obey his words

and you will be blessed.


My Tender Care

My love and tender care Will always be there

Full of joy and happiness My love is everywhere

Some people may ask Why I am so kind

But my love and tender care I'm willing to share

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'



When I feel pain I lose my mind

I feel that pain

Is so unkind

A time will come When I will ponder

My mind, my body will shiver

The pain is winning day by day. I ask a question, Why me Pain? I was feeling so intense

I cry agony, agony, agony

It may be too late When I awake

I still feel the pain at the gate


I Crave Your Love

All night I had you in my mind. I was really thinking about you I try to keep you off my mind

I just can't stop. Why cannot we be together like we used to be?

I don't know what else to say, baby, but I miss you .. I miss your warm lips I want to feel your soft tender lips

one more time.

I am yearning for your love and your special touch.


The Crack Addict

Oh! Crack, don't you cry

I gonna take you until I die. Crack, I love you from the bottom

of my heart

Crack, you and I will never part. Crack, you and I are best of friends I want you to promise

You will never leave me again.

) ,



t ,

Crack is like a game I t feels no pain.

The people who use it are all insane. When you get high

You think you can fly

But sooner or later you all gonna die.

When you get low please don't ask me so

Why you're gonna go six feet below. Young people, stay away from crack Oh! crack will lead you to a trap.


My Dream Girl

Every time I see you in my dreams I want to hold you closer.

If only you give me a little of your time To tell you how I feel

I f only you could give me a chance

To prove my love to you. My love, what a splendid moment that would be.


I Met My First Love

I met my first love in school

It was the best moment of my life

We got to know each in a very special way There are a lot of things, I have to say

I asked myself this question,

Will it last? Will it pass?

Will it come to an end?

'XTill there be a time like this again? This is a question no one will know The reason why I love you so.


My Best Friend

My friend how special you are.

The time that you and I have spent

together talking

It just makes me want to be your friend. I want our friendship to be perpetual You touch my heart in a very special way There is a lot I have to say.

When I think of you~ I often cry, Wondrous memories fill my mind. Through the day I often remember,

The lilies, the moon, the stars, the daffodils The lush vegetation

\Ve have shared together.

Oh, my friend, I cannot complain. We have had such splendid moments One day we will have to share

Tha t happiness again.


My Sweet Heart

Baby, I hope you realize

that you mean so much to me; to hold, to touch,

to feel your body next to mine. You are my world, my every thing,

my all in all.

You are the only girl I ever loved so much.

Baby, you bring joy to my heart. With mutual love

No one can tear us apart.

My love for you will always sustain. Oh baby, I cannot complain.

That splendid moment that we shared will always be there ..


In Search of a Song Volume 274

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