How to create a HAWK rule base. First right click on the server and select Get Configuration \ Rulebases.

Then click on create. Then create a Name for the rulebase. Next click on Create. Click on Edit. Then select TIBCORuntimeAgent and getComponentInstanceStatus. Deployment and Component Instance variables are dependant on the component you are trying to monitor. After you have filled out the information you should click OK. Next you need to click Create next to Tests. Click on Edit. Then select Parameter / Operator and Argument(s). After you have those fields filled out click Compound. Next click AND and select Parameter / Operator and Argument(s) and click Apply.

Next click on Create. Click Edit.

The only information that will need to be changed is the Subject and Content line to match the component you are monitoring. . Login to TIBCO administrator using your credentials. Click Create again. After that you should be done.arr suffix. Generate Rulebase according to previous steps. Click OK.par suffix. Next Click on Send Selected To. Then click on Apply Changes. 4. Select Email next and fill in all information. 7. Click the Monitoring tab. and expand it.Then select Method For Deployment and Component Instance insert the same values you had earlier. navigate to the directory where the rulebase is stored and select the rulebase. click the service or process name for which the rulebase has been defined. 2. 3. 8. 6. A service is named with a . How to add a TIBCO Hawk Rulebase to an Application? 1. When you deploy the service. Click Browse and in the window that appears. and select the server that has the component. In the Rulebases panel. Now click ok until you get back to the screen below. A process is named with a . TIBCO Hawk Agent saves the rulebase file in the <install-path>\tibco\tra\domain\<domain-name>\rulebase folder. click Add. 5. Click OK. click Application Management. Click Save. In the Configuration Builder pane. In TIBCO Administrator. Select the application for which the rulebase has been defined.

1\bin tibcoadmin_domainname. it runs more then 1 hour kill process and send notification to user . Example of hawk functionality: For example: A process is tacking 30 miniutes in idle situation. this is functanility of HAWK. There is another agent which i continuously monitoring which process are runing on system.Start this agent when process started. which provides details/controls to that process.When the conditions specified in the rulebase occur. The monent you start process agent activates that process started and monitoring starts. now we have configured that if it runs more then 45 minutes send mail to administrator. micro agent is simple program that is for each process that is running the tibco world. where hawk agent utilizes all these micro agents. Difference between microagent and hawk agent.exe Save the file as StartAdminServer. administrator.exe . How to start Tibco Administrator using Hawk Rule First create a batch filec Below is the steps in the batch file @echo off cd C:\tibco\administrator\5. the results display in the Resource Management > Machines View Machine panel.bat Next Step is to write a hawk rule Click Process Mircoagent and Select getInstanceCountByCommand() Method Enter Your domain name executable click ok tibcoadmin_domainname.

Then go Test Condition Click create Process count < 1 Click oK Action1 Click High Level Alert then type as Tibco Admin is Stopped. choose allways radio button Action 2 Click Create Select Execute Button cmd /c start C:\lOCATIONOF BATCH FILE\StartAdminSserver.bat Action 3 Click create Select Notification button and set message as Trying to start Administrator server click Advanced and select Always ok Create Test 2 in the same hawk rule Process count >=1 ok Create Action Choose Notification Type and say Tibco Aadmin is Running click ok Adding EMS server to Hawk display and Monitoring it from HAWK DISPLAY The following procedure should be used to Add Ems Server to Hawk display .

You may also need a custom microagent called Ems-ping for this .hma copy these files to desktop Edit tibjmsadin. Next step would be writing hawk rule bases .hma change the username of Ems Server change the password of Ems Server change the url of ems server which can be found under <arg>-server</arg> <arg>tcp://ITLP012A:1020</arg> Remove the commenting. Common Mistakes while doing this are coping the files from desktop to the location /apps/tibco/tra/domain/domainname/plugins You will encounter permission issues So you copy the files from Desktop to /var/tmp/ Then execute this command chmod 777 tib* Now you can copy files from /VAR/TMP/ .jar Go to c:\tibco\ems\samples\admin\hawk\tijmsadmin. Note. since you have added succesfully Ems Server to hawk display.check where Ems Server is installed Go to Tibco admin domain and click service instances check for Ems server and the machine on which it is installed Go to c:\tibco\ems\clients\java\tijmsadmin. if not then it would be pointing to default url which is Tcp://localhost:7222 Save it and exit Copy the jar and hma file from desktop to the machine where Ems Server is installed Place these 2 files in the following directories <<TIBCO_HOME>>/tra/domain/<<DOMAIN_NAME>>/plugin <<TIBCO_HOME>>/hawk/lib Kill the hawk agent and restart it Go to Hawkdisplay and you can see all the machines that are added Go to ITLP012A Right click on it and say get microagents You can see a Microagent called JMS_controller(tcp://ITLP012A:1020) Select the above agent and select the methods and do invoke them .

4. Operating system. 2.responds asynchronously each time a new line is added to the log file.gathers information in the TIBCO Rendezvous daemon activity on the current machine.gathers the basic information about the system ie. 8. Rendezvous microagent . 6.cp /var/tmp/tib* /apps/tibco/tra/domain/domain-name/plugins. IP address. Another issue would be starting hawk agent which can be done as nohup hawkagent_domainname & then press enter again press enter Hawk agent should start To kill ps -fu username (The username under which /apps/tibco/tra) is installed You will get all the process running under this user Search for the hawk agent you are looking and Execute command kill -9 hawkagent_domainname Default hawk micro agents: The TIBCO Hawk Agent interfaces the managed objects on its local machines using microagents. Log file microagent . Each microagent provides the agent a set of methods it uses to collect information and take action.gathers the version information for the local agent and available microagents. 7. Custom microagent . 5.executes any command-line executables that can run on the current machine. .gathers information on a disc file or files on the agent machine.counts the instances of the process on the agent and returns the process usage statistics. The default micro agents included in the installation of TIBCO Hawk are: 1. FileStat microagent . SysInfo microagent . Process microagent . the system name. Self microagent . 3.gathers information about the rulebases and takes actions on rulebases that affect the TIBCO Hawk agent. RuleBaseEngine microagent .

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