Philippine Marine Corps

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The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) is the marine corps of the Philippines, and is part of the Philippine Navy.

Organized on November 2, 1950, as a Marine Company of the Philippine Fleet.

The Philippine Marine Corps is organized into three maneuver brigades, a Combat Service and Support Brigade (CSSB), a headquarters for a reserve brigade, and independent units such as the Force Recon Battalion (FRBn) and the Marine Security and Escort Group (MSEG). The three maneuver brigades provide administrative and logistical support to the units assigned to them, while the CSSB acts as a training and administrative command for the Field Artillery (FABN) and Assault Armor (AABN) battalions.[1]

Marine Battalions
The Philippine Marine Corps has ten active Marine Battalions designated 1st to 10th. Three battalions are assigned to each of the three maneuver brigades and a single battalion is rotated back to the Marine headquarters for refit and retraining for at least six months. These units, when supported with assets from the CSSB and the Philippine Navy form the core of a Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT).

Field Artillery Battalion
The Field Artillery Battalion (FABN) is currently organized into a Headquarters and Service Company and several howitzer batteries which are attached to the maneuver brigades to support their operations. It is equipped with both the M101A1 howitzer and the OTO Melara Model 56/14 pack howitzer. The unit also provides a limited air-defense capability through a token number of Bofors 40 mm L/60 guns.

Assault Armor Battalion
The Assault Armor Battalion (AABN) contains a Headquarters and Service Company, an Armor Maintenance Company (Armor Mnt Co), an Assault Amphibian Company (AAV Co), and a Light Armor Vehicle Company (LAV Co). It is tasked with providing the maneuver brigades with armored assets to support their operations. The unit is equipped with LAV-150s, LAV-300s, LVTP-5s and LVTH-6s.

Force Recon Battalion
The Force Recon Battalion (FRBn) is organized into a Headquarters and Service Company and three Recon battalions, numbered 61, 62 and 63.

Marine Security and Escort Group
The Marine Security and Escort Group (MSEG) is responsible for security on naval facilities, vital government installations and protection of VIPs. The unit also fills most of the PMC's ceremonial duties.

Marine Drum and Bugle Team
The Marine Drum and Bugle Team (MDBT) is the prime musical unit of the Philippine Marine Corps and the only Drum and Bugle Corps in the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines that provides band and musical services in support of the ceremonial and morale activities of the Corps.

Marine Scout Snipers
The Marine Scout Snipers (MSS) were the first unit in the Armed Forces of the Philippines that was dedicated exclusively to sniping and marksmanship. The Scout Snipers are notable for being able to effectively neutralize targets at 800 meters using only 5.56 mm rounds. The Marine Scout Snipers are also known for the development and manufacter of their own weapon, the Colt M16A1 based Marine Scout Sniper Rifle.