IT Essential v4.

1 Chapter 1
1.Which type of ROM can be reprogrammed with software while it is still physically installed in the computer? *ROM 2.Why are solid state drives reliable and therefore suitable to be installed in computers used in harsh industrial workplaces? *They consume less power and have no moving parts. 3.Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.) *headphones *monitor *printer 4.Which three system resources are commonly used for communication between the CPU or memory and other components in the computer? (Choose three.) *IRQ *DMA *I/O address 5.Which two activities are normally controlled by the Northbridge part of the chip set? (Choose two.) *access to the RAM *access to the video card 6.Which expansion slot would be used to install a video capture card in a new computer? *Peripheral Component Interconnect-Express 7.A technician needs to back up 4 GB of data using a single storage medium. Which medium can hold the entire 4 GB on a single disc? *DVD+/-R 8.Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory? *DRAM 9.Which type of RAM chip has the fastest clock rate but consumes the least power and generates the least heat? *DDR3 SDRAM 10.PATA data cables are available in two different types. The types are distinguished by the number of conductors. Which two types are available? (Choose two.) *40 *80 11.Which two characteristics are determined by the chip set on a motherboard? (Choose two.) *maximum amount of memory that can be installed *type of connectors that will be on the motherboard 12.A technician is helping a customer compare two hard drives. Which unit of measurement is used for the hard drive speed? *revolutions per minute 13.Which important feature is offered by the USB standard? *It can supply power from the computer to devices.

Which type of memory is unable to have the contents modified? *ROM 16.Which technology would be best to use for drive redundancy and data protection? *RAID 18.) *size *shape 19.) *4-pin .) *CISC *RISC 24.Which two form factors are commonly used to build a new computer? (Choose two. Which type of cable is shown in the graphic? *Serial 23.Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.Which type of computer resources are direct lines to the processor used by computer components to request information from the CPU? *IRQs 22.) *BTX *ATX 21. Refer to the exhibit.Which CPU architecture uses a small set of instructions that are designed to be executed rapidly? *RISC 15.What are the two connector types for the 1394a interface? (Choose two.What is the function of a capture card? *enables a video signal to be recorded to the computer hard drive 20.) *biometric authentication device *digital camera 17.14.Which two categories are used to classify CPU architecture? (Choose two.Which two characteristics of a motherboard can be determined by the form factor? (Choose two.

Refer to the exhibit. nonvolatile storage device that uses low power. Based on the advertisement that is shown. has fast access to data. and is reliable. What RAID level should be used if the criteria include that data be written and read simultaneously and that all data be duplicated using a minimum of three drives? *5 26. what is the native resolution of this computer system? *1280 x 800 27.A company employee has very important data on a computer. What is a suitable storage device that meets these requirements? *solid state drive .A customer orders a new computer and specifies an internal read-write.*8-pin 25.How many conductors are found in a SATA data cable? *7 28.

The technician discovers that the heat sinks in the computers are very dusty. which is usually caused by lightning? *spike 8 A technician has a room of computers which are running very hot. Which three tools could be run to try to improve the performance of the computer? (Choose three.) *batteries *monitors *printer toner cartridges 2 A technician accidentally spills a cleaning solution on the floor of the workshop.) *Anti-virus software *Spyware Remover 12 Which Windows XP command-line utility scans the critical files of the operating system and replaces any files that have been corrupted? *System File Checker 13 Which characteristic defines EMI? *electromagnetic fields that are used to reshape weak signals that are affected by external noise .) *Spyware Remover *Defrag *Disk Cleanup 11 Which two types of tools can help protect a computer from malicious attacks? (Choose two. What should the technician use to clean the heat sinks? *compressed air 9 Which tool in Windows XP gives a technician access to initialize disks and create partitions? *Disk Management 10 The performance of a computer is reduced after it has been using the Internet. 7 Which condition refers to a sudden increase in voltage.1 Chapter 2 1 Which three computer components contain hazardous materials and require special handling for disposal? (Choose three. 6 Which step should be performed first when servicing computer equipment? *Turn off and remove the power source.IT Essential v4.) *antistatic wrist strap *antistatic mat 4 Refer to the exhibit. Where would the technician find instructions on how to properly clean up and dispose of the product? *the material safety data sheet 3 Which two tools can help protect against ESD? (Choose two. Which type of tool is presented in the graphic? *Phillips-head screwdriver 5 Which precaution should be taken when working around electronic devices? *Avoid using magnetized tools.

. Refer to the exhibit. 21 What is the proper way to dispose of outdated CRTs? *All of the components should be disposed of in compliances with local environmental regulations. because it is about your opinion - .to 3 questions the answer is up to you. What is recommended to remove dust from inside a computer case? *can of compressed air 17. Which type of tool is shown in the graphic? *digital multimeter 18 Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive? *Format 19 What are two significant sources of EMI? (Choose two. Which three precautions should be taken? (Choose three.) *infrared mice *electrical storms 20 A technician wants to limit the chances of ESD affecting his workspace. *Wear an antistatic wrist strap.14 Which computer components must a technician never try to work on when wearing an antistatic wrist strap? *CRT monitor 15 Which condition refers to a reduced voltage level of AC power that lasts for a period of time? *brownout 16.) *Ensure antistatic mats are on the workbench and floor. *Keep all components in antistatic bags.

the POST discovers a problem. At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program? *during the POST 3 A technician is troubleshooting a computer that has a malfunctioning floppy drive. Which two types of wireless NICs should the technician have available? (Choose two.11g NIC in a computer. How does the POST indicate the error? *It issues a number of short beeps. 6 A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. 5 Which action is recommended to prevent the motherboard from contacting the metal base of the case? *Use standoffs to keep the motherboard above the metal base. Which type of port is shown? *RJ45 2 After a technician has assembled a new computer.) *CPU *memory 11 A technician has just finished assembling a new computer. The technician observes that the floppy drive light remains lit constantly.) *PCIe *PCI . Which type of hard drive uses the power connector shown? *SATA 14 Which port is typically used for external wireless NICs? *USB 15. it is necessary to configure the BIOS.25-inch bay? *floppy drive 9 What is the most reliable way for users to buy the correct RAM to upgrade a computer? *Check the motherboard manual or manufacturer¶s website. How should the technician attempt to repair the problem? *Connect the data cable making sure that the colored stripe on the cable is aligned with pin 1 on the drive and the motherboard.T Essential v4. 12 Which additional 4-pin or 6-pin power connector is required by some motherboards? *AUX 13 Refer to the exhibit. When the computer is powered up for the first time. 10 A technician is assembling a new computer. but is unsure about the expansion slots available. 4 What is a convenient way that a technician can tell whether a ribbon cable is for an IDE hard drive or a floppy drive? *The floppy cable motherboard connector is normally gray. A field technician has been asked to install a wireless 802.1 Chapter 3 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which two components are often easier to install before mounting the motherboard in the case? (Choose two. Which type of power connector should be used to connect to a PATA hard drive? *Molex 7 Which solution should be used to clean a CPU and a heat sink? *isopropyl alcohol 8 Which type of drive is installed in a 5.

What type of account is created when you select Next after entering a username and password? . How many pins are in a SATA data cable connector? *7 20. Where should the user look to find a server attached to the network? *My Network Places 7.1 Chapter 5 1. A user in a large manufacturing company uses a PC that is connected to the company network.) *hard drive *floppy drive 19. What is the primary way of securing the CPU in place? *load lever. 2. Which solution would resolve this issue? *Roll back the driver. When troubleshooting a printer problem. Refer to the exhibit. In which two situations should a technician create a restore point? (Choose two. you are prompted with a screen that asks for a username and password. the Select Your Computer¶s Current Location screen fails to display. Which type of power connector should be used to connect to a floppy drive? *Berg 17. A technician is installing a new CPU in a ZIF socket on a motherboard. In which Vista mode should the user try running the application? *compatibility mode 6. 3. IT Essential v4. Which three settings are available to personalize the appearance of the desktop on a Windows Vista computer? (Choose three. a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. Refer to the exhibit. What could be a possible reason for the absence of this screen? *The network card driver was incorrectly installed. which two components are normally installed in 3.A user is running Windows Vista and has an application that runs in Windows XP but the application fails to run in Vista. Which internal component of a computer uses a 3-pin power connector? *fan 18. Screensaver and Mouse Pointers 4.16. During a Windows Vista installation.) *before an operating system update *before installing a new device driver 5 .5-inch drive bays? (Choose two. During the installation of Windows Vista. When building a computer.) Theme.

17. 10. Windows Vista has a feature called the Sidebar. Which set of guidelines is used to ensure that programmers develop applications that are compatible with an operating system? *API 12. This will allow for storing the operating system and data files on separate partitions. 8. *A clean copy of Windows Vista is installed.) *games *sticky notes *clock 18. When a computer boots from the Windows Vista disc. The technician has decided that it is necessary to attempt a repair of XP. Which Windows XP utility will check the file system for errors? *Chkdsk 16. The technician completely configures one master computer and makes an image of the hard drive. A technician has a computer that is unable to boot Windows XP properly.) *Changes to disk partitions can be made. What is this process called? *disk cloning 15. and make changes to other user accounts. Which utility will be run if the technician selects Repair XP from the XP boot disk? *Recovery Console 9. 14.*The user account that can change security settings. Which software can be used to achieve this? *Windows User State Migration Tool 13. What is the maximum number of primary partitions per hard drive that is supported by Windows XP? *4 . This image is then installed on the other computers. Which three types of items can be contained within the Sidebar? (Choose three. While performing preventive maintenance. How can the technician enable automatic updates? *Run the Automatic Updates utility from the Control Panel.) ± Windows 2000 applications and settings are kept. A technician has many new computers to set up. ± Upgrading to Windows XP is quicker than a new installation of Windows XP. A technician has finished installing Windows XP. What should the technician do to verify that all hardware has been installed correctly? *Use the Device Manager utility to ensure that all the devices are operational. A technician is attempting to create multiple partitions on a hard disk. a technician notices that the operating system is missing updates. 11. A user decides to install a new version of Windows Vista but needs to retain the configurations and customizations of the current Windows XP operating system. *The location of the Windows installation can be selected. install software. What are two features of upgrading Windows 2000 to Windows XP? (Choose two. A technician thinks that the file system on a computer has a problem because Windows XP is reporting data integrity issues. which three functions are performed if the Custom (advanced) option is selected? (Choose three.

Which quick fix can the user implement to return to the previous working state? *boot to Last Known Good Configuration 29. Which operating mode is used by Windows XP to run a DOS application? Virtual real mode 25. 26. 21. . A company with 40 computers needs to reduce repair costs. ± It organizes operating system snap-ins. 20. What are three features of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)? (Choose three. A technician installing Windows Vista has come to the point where the product activation key is requested. Once minimum hardware requirements are satisfied. Which task will meet these needs? *Develop a preventive maintenance plan. Which command can be used to start the upgrade? *winnt32 30. What occurs if a product key is unavailable? *The user will be asked for a product key. A user installs a new sound card driver in a computer that is working properly.) ± It can be used to create customized MMCs. 24. A technician has installed new video drivers on a Windows XP computer and now the monitor shows distorted images. After installing the driver for the new sound card the computer fails to boot. press and hold F8 until a menu is displayed. What would be the result of having a corrupt Master Boot Record? *The operating system will fail to start. How can the technician advise the user to boot into Safe Mode? *Reboot the system.. As a user attempts to boot the computer. and then select Safe Mode. the message ³NTLDR is missing´ is observed on the screen. What startup mode can the technician use to access a new driver on the network? *Safe Mode . and improve reliability.19. 22. A user reports that a Windows XP system is unable to boot properly. 28. the setup wizard fails to start. 27. decrease downtime. A technician needs to upgrade the operating system on a computer from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP Professional. What will result from this situation? *The operating system will fail to load. but the installation can continue without a key. When the technician inserts the XP disc in the computer. A technician needs to upgrade the file system on a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to NTFS. ± It requires administrative privileges to access. where should a technician look to determine if the computer hardware has been tested with Windows XP? *the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List 23. Which course of action should be taken to upgrade the file system to NTFS? *Run the Microsoft Convert utility.

4. and video? *third 5. A laptop has these graphics on specific keys on the keyboard. Which name is given to the collection of settings that control the power settings of a laptop? *power schemes 6.IT Essential v4.) *mobility *size 13. What is one possible solution? *Obtain an updated display driver from the laptop manufacturer. which option can be double-clicked to configure an IP address on an Ethernet NIC? *TCP/IP or TCP/IPv4 14. Which three components are interchangeable between desktop and laptop computers? (Choose three.) . Which generation of cell-phone standards was the first to deal with how to send and receive text.) *printer *scanner *USB flash drive 9. Which type of interface do current laptops use to achieve similar expansion capabilities as desktops? *PC ExpressCard 15. Refer to the exhibit. 3. Which Windows XP or Vista control panel is used to reduce power when the computer has not been used by anyone for an hour? *Power Options 12. 2. What is the correct order of steps to remove a laptop battery? *2. Refer to the exhibit. 8. What is meant by a laptop device being hot-swappable? *The laptop does not need to be powered off to install or remove the device. What is the proper way to clean optical drives? *Use a cleaning disc for optical drives. Which two characteristics make laptops a better choice than desktop computers? (Choose two. 1 7.1 Chapter 6 1. photographs. 3. During the set up of a network connection. Which two actions should be performed to clean the surface of CDs and DVDs? (Choose two. Which key would be used in conjunction with the Fn key to connect a laptop to an external monitor? *F8 10. A technician is responding to a helpdesk ticket for a laptop that has a distorted image of the Windows desktop. 4. Where can a technician change the power schemes on a laptop running Windows XP? *Select Power Options from within the Control Panel. What power mode is commonly known in the Windows environment as suspend mode? *S4 11.

26.) *Ethernet *modem 24. A technician has been called in to troubleshoot a laptop that fails to power on. A technician is replacing a laptop SODIMM. *Wipe the disc from the center outward.*Use a lint-free cotton cloth.) *disk drive *monitor 17. Which two laptop ports are used primarily for communication and network connectivity? (Choose two. What feature is provided by an auto-switching power supply on a laptop? *The laptop can switch from AC input power or battery-provided power instantaneously. 21. Which option within the Windows Control Panel is used to install a modem? *Phone and Modem Options 22. 27. What should the technician do next? *Attach the AC adapter. 16. Which two devices can be individually configured within Windows XP to power off after the laptop has been idle for a given period of time? (Choose two. Which internal laptop component may be designed as a hot-swappable device? *optical drive 19.) *34mm wide *45mm wide . Which display technology is most commonly found in modern laptop computers? *LCD 23. Refer to the exhibit. Which two form factors are supported by the devices shown in the graphic? (Choose two.What is the major difference between desktop and laptop motherboards? *Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchangeable while laptop motherboards are proprietary. Which three components commonly connect to USB or FireWire ports? (Choose three. 25. Which two devices are commonly hot-swappable on laptops? (Choose two. The technician repeatedly pushes the power button without any results. How should a hot-swappable device normally be removed from a laptop? *Use the Safely Remove Hardware systray icon.) *PC Card *USB Drive 20. With what component is the technician working? *RAM 18.) *camera *printer *scanner 28.

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