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BUILD ABETTER| ROWA DANBURY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2021 ROBERTO ALVES FOR MAYOR > Date O) Lean. DEMOCRATS ROBERTO ALVES Mayor Roberto Alves grew up in Danbury. He met his wife aat Danbury High, and when it was time to decide ‘where to raise a family, they chose Danbury. I's no secret that our city is ata crossroads, but we also know Danbury’s best days are ahead. We need « a collaborative and innovative leader to bring fresh ideas to solving old problems. * Longtime Danburian * City Councilman AtLarge + Graduate, Danbury Publi * Technical Sales Engine * Trustee, Danbury Museum & Historical Society * Member, Long Ridge Neighborhood Association. * Married to lifelong Danburian, Robyn Wicks Alves, 2 children in Danbury Public Schools HENRY H. HALL City Treasurer + IT manager for Market Pros International + Member, Danbury Democratic Town Commintee ** Justice of the Peace * Longtime Danbury Resident * Graduate, B.A. Beloit College, Government +30 Years in Software * Development for multiple Fortune 500 companies and local businesses * Wife, Caroline, three grown children raised and educated in Danbury ANDREA GARTNER Town Clerk + B.S. Government, Georgetown University + M.A. History, Western CT State University * Danbury Democratic Party Chair + Former Zoning Commissioner + Former Executive Director, CityCenter Danbury *+ Member, Arts & Aesthetics Committee, CityCenter Danbury * Former Member, Danbury Main Street Partnership mer Member, Main Street Renaissance Task Force *+ 2018 CT Entrepreneur ofthe-Year Recipient *+ 2018 Michael Seri Citizen-ofthe-Year Award Recipient * Board Member & Former VP, Cultural Alliance of Western CT + Small Business Owner + Member, St. George Church + Proud mom to George, Mechanical & Computer Science Engineer WARD COUNCIL CANDIDATES ec error Poa) ee ere etn 7* WARD ee ae Peete Pea) Zz 3 Oem nr) earns n estoy rey peste Peer a " oe ere ey creer eee ae ect emia Pa 7) renter ZONING COMMISSION CANDIDATES = Mouse 2g Longtime Danby sect eet ‘mela ea Estate fpr Secs Member Portuguese ‘Saracen “Tesi Network Marc wel 328 ratte. FFE, ai ae fot tee emer Coil yard ‘wer Heth meget rg “Marie DPD Oe * rfesinal emi caregiver “Zing Somsen Groat Woot ‘thot muy cr BA Pla Scene, "Merch Group Pot Marae. ett Netto hrc NEISON MERCHANT ZONING COMMISSION PRESENT 20506 + INCUMBENT Zoning (ormsonCerman Chmssonr . rate Nate Loong free eae Danson (irmssen Grade Oabury art mero Fond ibe Schoo Sate - Ban Ste Sxdorkoes A A ne Mente. Pantene. ‘Sten Sena on Asa = Act Nurs’ ion Maer St Aeris nba sn ‘heh Coue Gratiot ero ng arty ‘Sen es Para Te See mnt Danbury Retry -ncuMENT Zon Csmmescnr ative Oanrin cade Soe | Zerirg cammasion ea Etat nestor m Reaege Stunner wort en -gsiht ie = Bayle a “ag ot ——_ te Set Sy “ten Sens our + yreetomney + casters nua St ie Seeatinat - Src rg Siig Sevier Ser ein Saat sae Geet thr keane eee RUE A Say ~ Gre anc “tenn aay Bree Fn ‘Srvmunty + usb, PousFather of 3 " pandmether ALTERNATE CANDIDATES Longtime Darsuian + Bnes enreprencu trie PLT toma ney eos a ae “comma re ‘scereecerts oo) Matron 08 Sininretegto Peto Danbay m7 + Giada rom Danbury Pubic -WoSU graduate Bachelrs Inauotes roger Steen MGA en arpahee + Techical ann Special 5. ee BUSTEOARRA COUNCIL AT-LARGE CANDIDATES ; Lange ny Reset 5 raat of Darby High Sete! * Smal snes One nd Owner ‘freed lene Servo Comm Voter “Maret tra Doran, “Mert rae o agar DAVID CANES, SIIVIA MERLIM. Nees ofa Danbury ewlass. + Edategat Petr Stl nd Irmactte Meh Scho. +8, Pia Soenee on Cage *AS Fe Prtecon ‘Naty State oo + Sra Buen Ones Propet Frees faut Wooster Hoses #5 * ast Present Dau Veer Fremens Cosa ast Pree. SiteFremens esoaton ily MCALLISTER RANK SALVATORE JR Pastor. fete Seto fren tena she Lelong Cty eset {Proust to 38075 “Ay Coch ett Paice Ate League Board Hat iy Yan spats "hatred Park and Recreston Director owt Easton ‘GARY SIMONE. ROBERT TABORSAK Longtime Danby Reset ae Mae Stet act = Corp Ser & Geo mee CTIttte SER Coren bg Head Coch Dnt Robt, EILENVANDYKE BELL i 4 “atts nha Erna “eA ne Former Bore eb HRD Fourdton + We Matar of DS Cl of 20 acute Senor ABD nh Hater eas 8 > BUILD A BETTER DANBURY Por by he aru, Joh Gopi, = 2s ent “cat Gath 3h Paras Stes WC Gilg tes Soe) sore Sea eadetsHP Facing ste “Gian Socal ates aa en ‘ert rt rather of etme ert Noung sindite MB ‘her of Perc "Senses Cornet Heath former Manage, ry spt "eer Wich Hose FreHouse * Meroe: teat fie ft + Pan Prescot ren ‘tector eae Cae ‘incuneen tag Cueiran “est. O48 * Gott UCOME BAMA Singer Contete -fetes ech ety nd ‘Sst Ses ear Ratio i Senet Case oe oy rc crs Carty Former ert, a Bes ot auction 1 are + Community enter ROW A ee

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