PHYSIOLOGY AND ANATOMY 1. Carotid sinus reflex 2. Renal blood flow 3. Coronary circulation 4. cerebral blood flow 5.

Describe bony structures in relation to spinal and epidural anesthesia 6. Describe subarachnoid and epidural space 7. Describe the formation, circulation, and absorption of CSF 8. Describe applied cerebrovascular physiology in details 9. Myoneural junction 10. Discuss the secretion of bile and function of biliary tract 11. Factors affecting the regulation of liver blood flow 12. Discuss physiology of thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion 13. Oxygen cascade 14. Oxygen therapy 15. Reticular activating system 16. Anatomy and physiology of autonomic system 17. Regulation of systemic blood pressure 18. Regulation of cardiac output and venous return 19. Measurement of cardiac output 20. Fetal circulation 21. Microcirculation

22. Pulmonary blood flow and distribution 23. Control of ventilation 24. Respiratory physiology of newborn 25. Pre-operative evaluation of Autonomic function 26. Role of kidney in acid base balance 27. Oxygen cascade, Oxygen transport and Oxygen dissociation curve 28. The factors influencing tissue oxygenation 29. Write down the physiology of sleep. How does it differ from anaesthesia?

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