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7 exclusive matching ea -ring p oiects

OiJwd bar (inks CrtffJte bridges fJitU,.I!t''n crystDis in lit} airy set by JfHntjl Va"'.


772 1 I

ake this

easy necklace tonight


Stitch a beaded bead ard embellish it three ways P" 2,8

St1rin,g ,8 light and Ileafy necklace, p'. 78

IBrick stitch CrossweaveWirework

bracelet p. 47 bracelet p. 058 'findings p, 20



Stunning bead .. embroidered nec,kla,ee p, 40 Thfes-di'm,ensional peyote bracelet p. 32 ColQIITul kurnihimn necklace p. 64

August 2010 Issue 9,8

321 Learning ourve

18rib@liish a. pey:ole brBCille1·wiH1 sul'boe acoents tor a rippled effect.

by ABsta ,LfMiid

47 1 Enchanting rings

Wo.rk. brick s1ilch olli'Gles ard &irnidrcles for a mosaIc-like l~

by l3Ul<l Zener

58 I Pealrls ,and lpagodas

stitch 1i1ifY ~ril1es Q1,cI')IstfIb and 5&I!!d ~s on top of <!: right-angle ~ bracelet

0)' Oa'thy i..atnpaIe

64 I Come togle,ther

WetiNe &I spind rope in and oul of a klJO"ttiilWJ Md~lace ttl show ofIliber and :II fnc:a1 bead. b]l1is8~

751 Beaded dusters

String aJ'Id1Wist bU!!1ches of beads on Mr8 to 'form iIlIi i3erecm:: Ibib necklaoe. byJeanAnn~

781 Autumn garland

StriIlg 1L.1.I~1.e Jeavss and 1klwrs in. sea~ wclesWI" a Ii~iyht I'lecfdeoe.

by Mrui.I; KffJ.:

82 ~ Quick SIliltc:1\'II

INuts f« pe,yote PU'! a: peyot'e bracelet ~rtto ',;lear \"':ilih stBeI flub from the h~ st~_ by,Ma~M~


These r;t(OfaCts will fiIr y(U jiil'Mi3lry dls81 ..... ice as, f35.1 with 15trJCtiOrl$; for matching earrlnQsl

141 Chic '& Easy

As)'nVT1e~1 a~ Mak'13 E1I mul 5:trarid n.ed<Iaoe' pop 'I.I.<Il:1h gemstoneacoel'lls. and 1iJ~ I~ wmpooonl'5 fOl'eartings. bySlacy~


24 I Clearl:i ,Crystals

Peacock fan ,Join 00Wd inPo;s and crystals Ifli Cf093WUVBJ tBdlnique tor an airy neck~d-earri1gs set.

by . .lenn_v Van

281 Plum blossom beads Weave' III varietY of de!octable beaded ~. 1hen Sllftng a necklace and e..m1ngs with

the 'fruil$ ofYOllf!aOO~

by ,'Qitn}r. BI:Mm.;n

313 I Curry eue

Frame gei'l'$ooe beads. er pea1s with Wlnwmrk ooils in a neckJace and eaniii'lgs. by~BatfJn

40 I Moonlit garden

Embroider flcnil C{]fJlponerM. 1henadd swags fOra r"I~ or fringe,rot eartr1'il9!S. by hfBlls:sa Gnl'kowskl

521 Fall fsscin.fition

Aote~t;;l heningbooo laiat with an organic le~tuliI, fr8il-;form fringe, and oopper leaves ~ttioh roo_ke for great earr'~s. too),

by f.fabsttct ~'

70 I Rivollitwisl

Center 'bel~ SMn~ in a l'looklaca of ulldl:JJEilir'l9 ~018 ~nents, 0; dang e' them from f.'anin~s,


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:201 I Expert AdVic,e M'alUng ,endiB meet

Greale ON findings Il[ke th8)f do in Ghana_ byMBb:o/!~

sa I Basics

A guldetotoohniq,ues in ttIs isslJl!l'

Speciall features 61 I Taldogl ,8 ,stand

fali Greeves aPPlies I~ beac:IWotk tQmodem~' rneccaslrs - , 5~and heels. by G..,'SS18 F8t ..... IJiemy


bead embroidery , , 40

bead ~ing " ,28

brick , _ , 47

orOS'S!Nea'lle , , 24-

fringe " so, 52, 78

herringbof"le' , 52

kumihfmo ' 64

ladder 47

nettinlQl , n ' 71l

[peyote 32. 40. 47, 70. 62

l'ight-angle weave 5i3

spiral rope " 64

string in g ," 14, 28, 36, 15, 7 B

wire\vork " 14, 36, 75




~relpare fa'r orbit

What 'h'OUld seeds rook like if they Game from sonlS'Nhere other than Earth? What ifthey weren't tiny brov.'I1 specks. but in5~ead were huge, shiny, bumpy. fabulous, and colorful? Those are the questions Karen Emqutst pondered as she designed the beads In lrier "Seoos and Pods From Another Pfanef' series over the past t:vJo years, Each bead in the collection works as an indMdual pi€IC9 and plays nioeiy

with others. You may have seen her beads in Beao'&Button's 2009 and 2010 Bead Dreams oompelitions Karen aves making 1he beads in 1hls series because sl"le can experiment with sdzes" shapes, colors

and textures, so each bead 18 a fresh

end fun nEMi' acventure, Karen is 31 SQ, an entieues dealer. Visit nGt websites ats),. caml~hopJkarenalmqujsl and,QorrV shoplkarene1mqllistvirrtage,. and fead her blOg at karenelizabetheJmql.lis.t. b logspol. com, Necklaoe desrgned by Too 6enduhn.





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dAr ..r:to !.,J

· i den' to watoh a demonstration of' the kumihimo technique used in Lisa Phdl(ps'

~Come together" necklace, p. 64.

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Download Pemy E;spiritu '8 "VlG1arian ) ... _

wave" pall'ern at BeadAndButtnn.comJ. . '

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Use ~eftover s..1 mm round! b&ads~ sxtra chain link's, spacers: tQ make cute eamifl:gs.

Chic & E.asy Stringing I Wirework

Asymmetrical amethyst

Pair your favorite metal and gemstone in


a, sWingy



[1] Cur a 2~1·.i.n, (6.4 em) piece of 2,Z-gau,ge wire, ~U1d make the firs! hall nf a .. vfapped loop ('Rm;,ics.j p, 8S). String a 6~7mm rnundbead, and make tile: first half of So wrapped loop. Make

rig,hr bead lm~rg,.

~2] 01ile !M'p of ;t bud unitto

a 30-32 mm hili'ftrrl,ti'ed fir~g., rind ~Omplete the wr:;tp~. An1!ch~~.e (lithe]' loop 'UO

materiiaJs Mckla.ce sa In. tOO em)

I :2 8-in. (20 ern) wands 10-l2 mm

ru..;nt:l tl@I8ds

I S 6-7 mm round beads t 88-46 S--6 rnm spacer'S

• 2 3D-32 rrsn h~mmere-;j rings

~. 41 il"l. (1 m) 22-~l,Jge ""fire, ha)f·h.;,;,rd I' 1 EI ifl. Nfl ern, chain" 20--22 mrn

(large) link::;

• 12 in, {30 oml chain. &-€I mm

(amall) inks

• 2· ..... {5 (:ITJI head pin I S 1--8 mm ~mp rings I 2 crimp beads

• k4J~ beading '.vl~ •. 014~.015 I .:i'"Jai~ plif:r'S

• c:rimpi~ plLers

• r'Qum;ln05e pliers

• wil'e CUitteJ'$

TO find a bead stt!rii'e, WJt 8eadSI'IOPFiildef.oom.

the end ot a 12-in. ~30 em' pU[:('t: of S'lI:lit~ 11·1 il:!]I.: eh ain, and cQmplerc the wra ps, Open a. 7-8 mm jump [mg

~ lasi~:>.). and! attachthe other end of dle chain !O annrhcr hammered ring. Close me jMtp .ri ng.

[3~ Ar .I'lilng~ thr bead units a.long ~be chain 3S desired, For eaeh bead unit, tilt and eemove a chain link, aJt~adl the I(H1I,'lli of [he unit ro dhc unareaehed cham links, and completethe wraps,

[4~Cu~ all H·in, (46 em} piece of beading wire. Center [3 in,

133 em) of 10-12 mm round beads and 5-'f1 mm ~[l'J[~rs. On each end of thewi re, srni ng a crimp bead and a hammered ring. Go oock tluQughrh.e I::rimp b~;I!J and eM last i~w beads oneach end, uhnp the 'nmp beads (Basi,s). and trim t he e :iCesg. "Ii re.

[:&,1 o.n a 3-iUl. p.6 em) PJ«:!! of wire. and make the first ba.if of 11. ..... rapped loop, Srli'ing l ~pacer~ (I 10-12 mIT! round, and a SNeer. Mca~ tnt first hal r of il wrapped roup. Make seven

1 0- 11 mm bead units,

['6] Cut an ~ 8 -in, (46 o;m} piece of large-l ink cit.'! ill, a nd [~pL::at step 3. U~ iump rifliJ:~ eo !l.i\~a~h each end of the chain and Q hammered ting.

[7] On a head pin, string 11 spacer, a 10-..12 mm round, anti a spacer; and make tn e fi rsr ha If of SI wrapped loop. Attadi tilt: jump ring hum step 2:, and 'r:omp~ele the u'TaIH. 0

Starzy Werklleis:er !S tbe copy !?door {w Jk-aJ &Jll.uttt>lt (JIg BcadSt),k: mog.tzh,es. Com~j.£:~ her ar swerkln!iser@beadQ,~JhlOtwl1.,wm.

Expert Advice i

Making ends meet

No metal findings? ' No problem. Beaders from Gh,ana show you how 'to make your own.

For most of my jeweky-makilog life, I rook for granred th~ ,H',aiiability of metal com ponents, Pewter spacers, sterling chandelier flndings gold- . lied shde la, ps - they were all mine ;tQr the ask illg.

My perspecti ... e underwent a sea change in N nvernber 2007 whe n I ~pe.nt five weeks teaching btadlllg to <lrUS:UH in the rural town of Suman)" ill Gil· na, Wr '!' Afric.;!, lr's an area famoll.' fm Krobo rec)'cled-g1<lss beads, bur metal

is ~n;;1.:. S[Jdd~nl)' l found m~'selH]1

.1 slm:'uiol1 where 1 could I"IiJT obtain

e ren the most basic findings.

Sub.5Ilmrnng other materials for meral made nr possible 00 !;t~m SO'\Jlnr Sornanya, an organization r'Jla.t helps disadvanragrd Ch.liIruili:;m yuuth develop handmade jewelry ro marker overseas, Stiil, 'we be'gall to era e the aesth~nc nptions th.~t on.~y mEt9Jl can give, Nut l.vanring re import findings, to 'make Africall je,",velry we de ided to mlll_k~

our own . And since wire 1."'a5 the only metal available W us, that B whar

we used,

Fraim functlonall to, fane, Perhaps the moot elemenral 1l'S1:' of l'm:til.l in jewel." d!!'s.ign J:5, TO ft1m.-ti.oll:~o attach ill, necklace around your neck. ro stack bf:ldR [or ,alll earring d.angle. or to h_ang Will: dangle from "your ear, During m finE trip to Aflica.~ my Ghanaian friends enncentrated on ream ingto ma ke these basic necessities.

w~ fuund tMi ],6- or 18-ga1.1ge deadoofr \'.:1U work h r for clasp and

that hammering hardens thtm. 'or Mad pin s and. C3U-i ng findo rigs, ., .... ·e !iel:t led on 2C1-g<lug'c: dead-sofrwire. Head rim don't equire hardening Met fh~T rued rn remain dcxil}Ic fur making plain or wrapped loops. Earring findin-ic~ howeyer, require several hours ill 11 r'Q!al1' rumbler; This hardens them and rounds (Iff ;ln~' sharp ends.

lEiarn, to maille, "'accIlTidio,n" beads. p. 2111.

Ol'f spacei' bars mean )'0111.1 can sbill1g a,s, man!,!' strands as you lik,e.

Om;!; \1,c1: rna 1leJ'cd making basic findings, 'we beg.. a n playing: with ornamental versions. We quickly found rha clasps can OOCUrni.: focal points with a few decorari ... e loops a'ilo coils. Lik£l""igc,

an earring finding is tnh<1n.:M b)' a snake-like: sq L!l.1gg:le. and head. p ius rise

ro a. whole n~ level with tribal.looking tiiangle. mcrlls.

Findiin'!Js witt! meanllng

The evoluelon of our findings was

fa no from crimp lctc .Wh.eri So ul of Scmanya fIT~ starred design iTlg jewelry for p:wdLlction, re made wirework 11uerpR't<l(tiom:; (If Ghana':; traditional Adinkr;) sy.mbols- visual repl"e!'ll!l'lulion s of words of encooragemenr,

such as "grllCE under han.lship"

and "'God's prorecden," Ar. fint \ e made the symbols Into pendants and da~le.s on some of our a rtisans began using them as ii fhks for wirework chains.

To reatl our OcildOer20M, f68.tme story on ,Sou of Somanya. 90 to' BEl8dAndElutl.on.,oorfi and search 1'01" "Somanya. ~

Al:Iorned with sQllJiggln. Wiballllilotll'<1i, andl U'aditiol'lal Adinkra: symbols, th~~ ~ WlO ordinary 'findings.

IJ'I 20.09. "'IE began urn;mporating Adilllkro symbol!; inm some of OUI" fund· i liig:£; as ;, ell. We are very pleased ro offl!!r rhese "finding:;> withmeaning" through ow- , eb ire, soulofsomanya.ner,

BreakJing the paflSl'nI

'Om desire "lOr metal accents left ~1S crowillg more than iU50t findings. ' spacers lend interest t'O beads that .might otherwise be too plain by themselves and when used at regular inrenral!i. the~' ~sl:3bli5h a pleasing visual rhythm.,

EaIly OIl." wI!' discovered rbar inrnp ril1gE make perfectly good flat spacers. Buras the yonng al'ti~ano; became mure ,P10fident and increasingly advenrurous,

Soul 01 SOITIMrya"S first handmade, findings.

they began making more decorative

m :l:al beads to work \vith; double and rrjple jump ring spacrn, lon~ coils 0'.1: wire, and spiraling, wire bead caps,

Our most recent project has been designing larger metal reach. for OI.U" "acccrdion" be ads, we 1ilS'~ a s.imple enil of wire as a base, men decorate th~ $\Jrfare wirh verrica] lines, spirals, or curlicues to add tt;;;turt and irueres'~, .our fancywire-bead techniques are :ilaning TO influence OU[ fil'ldi'ngs as t¥rll~ Tlte

] l-sjraud speeer bars in rhe cobalr blue bracelc t art': c:r,:a.l11I ples of this.

I hOllor rhe rradirinnal Krnbo icwdry that has been made (or generarions without metal, I find tile work incredibly beautiful, and rhe handmade heads speak for themselves, At rhe same rime, ~'tning:!ll in my lifl: ha'l/e been as insplring, fttlftlling, or JUSt plain fun

as working with these young artisans

ee [lind !lllstaiml.blc ways. of cr.e~dng

the rnetal ccmpertents 'rhey so IQl1g

fOr. ... and desee e .•

To learn more t1botH, SOld of SOJniJWjVJ" visit :suu/o/sQrml'l'j'i.Ulei.


AH ofSoiJll of Somanya' metal beads and findings are made with basic wiren'orkin~ tools: "\fin: cutters, roundnose r1il!rs, and chainnose plie. s. You cali do it too!

[1] With roundnase pliers, grasp rh ~ end. of J. piece (if 18a fir 20-gaugt' !..Iead~uft wire. Wup the WII'~ around rhe iaws of the pIK'Ts, O1o ... il1& the complered portion of the coil roward the rips of the pliers< so char you are alwal's, wrapping around the same place on the jaws (proto' ,aI. Wru::n the coil is the desired size, remove it from YQl,Jlf phers, and trim an)' exeess wire,

[2] String the eoil on (I lengrh uf 24-gauge .... viee, and wrap the rids of the wire vh'l'Tlugh tnt: inaide or [he coilin opposir directions, Pnll riglu Ip.lho:to bl'. "Wid! rhe 'working 1,1; '[e. begin wrapping around rhe coil, Aft:er .. few wraps, trim the short tml inside- me coil. (',orninuc wrapping wilh the working ~ ire

!photo c).,

[3] When you h;l'~ finished wrapping rhE! coil, trim tile working" 'ir~ iMide rhe coHo Insert the rip of )'uur ruundnose pliers eo press down the wwe tail~:J.fldI widen the bc:nll ho!e (photo d).

Ahdody MacD-uffei!t tt {ol1g-tirl:Je bMd~r and wjrewnrk.f!r,. rs thf' ;7W-/'or of thrill! houks an bradmg and crochet. l't1d/~diltg Lacy Wii"e' Jeweler. u.'/,iJ;/t win hI! ami/aUe

il1 Nu,,"ember {rom K:aimb(1~hStore_(Om. She -Sp'lmds mnsl ofl er rime UlOrking on Semi ufSolna'1)'tl and tr.wels tAJ Gh'ln.d ,;j~ r;,ofWt ,:1;; possible. CO"1ta(l' .\1doJy I'll (151J 3'42-907,6 or w:giufsmmmya@grnaif.,WM. or ~ isit i-oulo{SO!1U1Jt)la.niI!1!.

\wiW.E3eadAm:JB1i¢ AtrguSI2010 21

Peacock fan

Bright colors make a bold statement in this fanciful necklace-and-earrings set.


These delicate links work i.lP easily desplw tMir inbicate lock. Any color com,bil'1latilln willlijlok grem. butAB 2>: c'rvstals liaaJl-!JI make 't.~js d'Bsign shilr"iE!.


Cur apart the chain lmks before beginning,



[t] Thread a rlftd~e on 'e{!ch end ,ot 4 ft, U.1 ra) of fireIi ne. Ce rue, JI. color ,e 4 rnrn IOLm d or birco ne C[y!lu.ll <.I H.:! seed bead, ill. color A

4 mrm bicone crysvi1Il. a Hill, a1l'l. A, Q 15~~ ,HI AI and iii! 1511• Sew rbro ~Il the C 4 111m 10 (orm a rin_g ~hoilo a),

[2:]1 Wjth O~ I1ic(cll~, p.ic:k all' a 14 mm link, a. 9' mm link,

:'! 7 mm link, a 15".,.1. color D :3 rom bicene crystal, a Uili.

a D. and til H<I!" St:w through

dlt r¢mainuogbol-e oftihe

7 rum liIl k ,(photo b). Pick ~ a 15~, .j color R 4 mmb~cone. cryStal, il~d a 15i1• Se'w through the n~nmirung hole of tih·~ 9' mm link 'pho1o c). ,Pkl up .<! lj~.~jjI.[l A, and a lS~, and ~ew thraugh the remainlng, hale of the 14 mm link (p'MW cO', Repeat this step w~d] till' lither m."t.~k. [S]IWirh one needle, pick up iii l .. 'P', ;ii, e, a U{r. an A. iii 1..''11. a B., lind <I ]j!l., and M:W ~ruongh rhe nexr 14 mm link, U~, and A (photo e). With

[h£ mile. I1ITdh, s€w thrrm.g:n rile bead .... 'Ork ro exit the srun~ A in the QPIXb.i~ direericn. ~41 WlEh nne needle, pick llIp

<11. H~, ~:nA~ and a 1511• Repeal: wht. the other ne-edle, Whh one needle, pi ek Ulp .. color C 3 It! IT! 10 un d .;{ystoi~~ a nd cross dl~ other need Ie ~h.ro1Jgh ·~t (phot,g. fJ ..

(5] Witb oneneedle, p,kk lUI' a 9' mru lin k, 3, 7' mm link. ill. lS~, a ~ a H~>a D, and <I H~, and se« tiHQ!ll.ghthe eemaini ng hole of l:I:u: 7 m rn link (photo 9)1. rick up 11 H~, iii. I., and! a lS'II> iii rid sew theoaghthe remaining hol~ of rhe :9' mm link «photo 11). Pick up iii 1.5 ~ and it B,. R.epeal the entire step with the other needle,

[I]Wir1 one needle, pi.,,k up an A~ and CfU!'iS '[he other

materjalls IbQtilmI,~f(ljoot$

• Plffiine 6 Or EI ID. test ~, beading needles, R12 •. 2 ~Jrs of Pli~

.' win3 (:uthm3.

[lLsck!a'Ce l' ill, (4e em)

• 4 mm bic:me c:rysIEls. 100010(' A

76QOlor B

• 4 mm.rnum;l er t;rit;:on~ orystal. color C

• 16;] mm bioone oryQtals, C\l'lor 0

.~ :20:J mm romdI ci)'SlaJs, colore

.~ 4-0 9 15" eeen bs~s

• Ol,JrJe(i bar lin!-is (ookI as cha;n. jjbead.oom)

.2' 14 rnrn


ss 7 rom

• clasp

!i! 2;.<1 mm jJ.mP ring$

!X!ir 01 Mn1l'!g!ll,

!i! ~.4 rnm bloOlie: C!,!$ta/$. 101 eaCiJ1 012 0003. A. B

• S 3 !'1'1Ir;I bicQn~ cryst., ooIorD

" .2:3 mm rOUIId Ct)lStGJS. cOOrC

~. 4(1 ''5~ ooecI boods

• cur¥'OO bar' Ifl~ 491'F11T! 41mrn

'Ii pair·of ~arrinQl floo.ngs

To find a bead store ... iSit Elea(j$hQpfiindi3r.rom.

· ~ Clearly CrystsJ:_____l


t '


tle-e&e [JU'Ol.l,g,h it ~ph 0110 i}. [7] Repeal: gtepf>: 41p'holo I)) 5~ and. 6 until yOll have a. eoeal of n iae u nits on (me side of [!he neeklaee,

[8] Wkh ene n~~d~~} up 3 15~" an A. and II 15~. Repeat wi!h the Q¢ner needle. 'Wii;1M one needle.pick 'l,Ip ;,q. C ], mrn. and cross the other needle thro~t'lll it, Wjih one needle, pick tllP a '15~,;in ~ a rid a U{>, Repeat with [JiB: otber needfe.Wll'h one needle, pick up all At and "LoiJS:5< the otht:t lIl"td~c thmugh it W.ith ont: needle> pick up 10 U~s. and cross the other needle through, them, Retrace the: theead pad" ~hrough rhe 15l!s, TO ninfo1'ce~he loop, retrace

the thread path through the: last few t1 mrs. and! end dre rhread s (Bra sics, p, 98).

'[9'1 TbrC3 d ;] need Ie 011

each end of 4 fro (1.2 m)

of Fireline, and oeuteJt it in the side Aoppo:!! ite the fint half ,0£ the necklace, Repeat


Stitch up a ban dl or !imam camponan.ts far a bracE! let to cal m pletB ttli s :spa rid Ing set. ~Alflna

~'Ii~p~ 4-8 N) complete 1he second side of rhe necklace. it'O] Open a [ump ring (}j arraeh half of the dasp <"1M. a loop ru 15!2~ on OfL1: end of til eneck lace, and d 08£ ril-u! jump r il'S. Rep€:l:¢ GH'II the other end,

Ealr ... illlgs

I[ 1] 111 ~<1Id ;l n ~~dI~~ on ~Ch end of 2h. (61 em) of Fice-

1 i ne. Censer " color C 3 min round Cl';~'~ta]t" ]52 ~ bead, a color A 4 nun bicone crfstll~j a t5~, (In PI" a J.5~, an A~ and a 1511'. SewthF;'Qugh the C .3 mm to Eonn ari ng, [2] Wj~h ene needle, pick lJP a 9 [ll_Dil bilk, ii!I '7 mm link. a lS~. acolar D'.3 mm bicone cr~l~lr~l. a ]5 i\ a D~ and a 1j,;i. Sew throUf;h. tile rem;~jning hu it: of rhr 7 rnm I illlk. ,If'i,b:k up a lSI!!, a color B .ii' mm. bicone crystal, and a 1511• Sew through tht: remaining hole of rhc 9 nun lim:, rick lllp a 15~ and a B. Repeat rbe ennee step with the other needle. (8]IWi!h OM needle, pick

up an A, and cross rile othee I11:!::d.h:: thrcugh ilT.

(4~Wi'1!h 0 no?' needle, pick

up eight 15'Ot::;, ami cross the oeher needle thmugh.rhem. Conrinue wlrh ,on.~ need I~ thtough du A, and end the thread ~iBa~ics} p. $8). ReF~!IJI: with me odt>il'c .U'1~lt"

1[1,1 Open rheloop I) r all

earri ngilnding t Bas rc$}, attach ir ro rhe seed bead

100 P. an d dose tile loop"

1[&] R.~(le;'lt &tseps l-,l [(!I make a second earrmg. '0

JtmNY VQ'Jl!I ~ !:1 freque'l'rt ((.mt,j~rN r of {J fJpular kad&B utt{!lI ~~J'ga{ dj~ign$. ("'.(mtact jaml'yat (7i4) 848- 5626, d-JU.~lr 'jtr at jl'!lmy@b.ecldsj.cQm, (Ill' view her website. iibuul.oorn.


Jenrl'!" Van's; ostn Inllire hag takien. her lrorn her native \/\atn;flff! to the United Stiltes and back to Southeast

Asia. ,,'.rru:!re 9 rffi i1 dsr.g8' or tIlJman traffickilg are learning the Je\Nel'ry business using Jem-r~'s designs.

A Je~ry desIfJnef and (JWI'ie!'" of .J.JEIead shop F'I .. I wl'tingron Beach, Q;jf., Jenny came- te tM U.s . .as a IJl'tivars ty studeot. After ghS gral1.Jsted. and began working in tJiochel'llislry. 1_ ~rkets ~ he.- Jewelry SO nY.ICl"I that J6T'!r'I'f began her 0IM1 jew-wy Oo.JSIrlISlSS ill :2004.

In .,I1,J'i9 2009. Usa N~. host of 'Die TV variel)o sl10N Asia. En!ertalnmert. Inc., asked Jwiny if she would design jewelry 00 he!,p 9 rts in Carnbadi::;l. Jsnny didn't hBSJ!&t-e. and Ql,JioJ.jy 91)1 to \IIIOi'k creathg more lilian a dozen hfgM-9nd piec€t!i 10( sa~ 10 the pUblic, w.ih the p~s SIOlted for SerTII:IEl, 03· nonpruiil iliIg~fh;:i.t ~Un~::i 'fidims of hurllau IJafftcKmg.

lJ.'la lau,)(:hoo Senhaa in J<fluary 2G 1 (10 a5 an oo5hcd oflhe Wash"ngton, D.C., orgarm:tiGfli VOICE. forv.tidh st.. t1ad prt<'lo'iOu~ty WOfked. ~n~'$ admlnistra'li\Ioe office is ill HUfltfngto, 1geact1 .and liS (OCIlS JS on Cambodia, whEfE! it su pports a shelter for gt1s, a preschool, ccmmlJf1ily C8IlIEil', and "locations) fnIIlIng p~ .)rony is r)OW drector for Senhoa Jeweby a..'id her d&!llgm .a:e senooa,org,

lisa <)~ Jenllll to use the theme of the phoenix. the rrryttIical bird lhel rose from IJ1e ashes, b her rateS! Samoa dss:gm. The 13"piece coIectIon ool@b!!!Ile.s81ldurar.ce, sU"'JivaI, sr.r:l r8b1th. JE!Ilny se:l9cteCI CRYSTALLIZEID'T~ - Sw~ Bement!] aM opals 8S'lt'It3 pril'iflafY beads (or the PIEceS. .. "The jewelry ls IRfY high encI, very 'wr::M/' - you .. von't fly away wh~1"I you we:'!lr ltl" Je1'Iny:sa"fS.

"There is a perfeot hai'mony batMgell s!rengln ;~!I'ld elsgance gn Jenny's de:sigl1S. Usa S3ys. "mr pi~ are stliMg and bold whilt'! capturing the ~ of aTllrimty .. "

Jenny also taped, a ooaching DVD that .~ girlS io Cambod"&a use to make thB jewelry. Thirty.fMEi !JIrIs tlaw petllClpai:ed ~~ the 'WOrk$hOpS SO far, .A..,d,as (his article wool to pres.s. Lisa W;JS raisirl£l [unds fo( Jenny to teadl eli \IIIO~p"n Cambodia. "'11'$ groot for mtl to 1I:ftj.a hand," ,lsnITf :says. "I lived U1 a poor CO'Urll.~ fIIlQ, l've had 00 many opportunitfes nere that 1'1""1 h<l.ppy to help lhese gi1:3. We htl~ a iQt of gilt.;; ;n need but we don't howtl oooug~ m0l16'l to 188CUe! aIIlbB girts, SD we 1'1' 10 co OUr tlf:1it ••

Senhoo !ilia teecnes the girlS! lang wage, math, and ~e :skil s: how to US6 computers: l'llI:ln8Y rTHlaijsmElntj hsal1ti: Md self s,ufficfeocy. For more nlCfIi"!a'iicr. about Senhoa ccrrtacl Usa at im~enhoa c.y - Ann DeeA1I€n

This beaded bead offers four design options for embellishment: basic plum blossom bead, plum blossom with seeds" embellished plum blossom, and double-embellished plum blossom, Play with bead shapes and sizes to create an endless variety, Then, make your beads into .1 simple strung necklace or earrings. Where you take this design i~ up to you.

steiPoystep Beaded beads Ba!5ki plum bIOiii$C!m,

The iIlu!i"tratiOIi'i~ show 3. diffurel'l'f onlor 4 mm fire-polished bef.ld fur each 1l'fifrh [0 help 'you keep tl''3Icl: of the st itches. ~t may be helpflli,to mak~ are r bead in t'hi s om anner, Tu make your own beade d beads, use 4 mrns in a !lingle cuklJ; ..

['II] Place QUI: btads III £0",'"5 as in fl,gtllf6 1. Each row contain the beads needed ro complete a :O:!:lteh, ~nd the}' are arranged in the order fh~' should be \ ol'ked., from top to bottom. These wall hdp yOu keep tuck of each stitch ..

[2~ On 1 yd. (-9 m) of rnonofilament,

~nfe'r !ii\·c.:I mm fire-polished! beads, and cross rhe tan t'MQ\!Igh the last 4 mm p i~ked Lip 10 form dID-i; 1 (fi9,ure' ~ a-as), Color om: end of the thread red and the other end black.

ra1 To make ring 2, use the red rbread to pick up four.:l mms, and se through the 4 mm your thread exired and the

. next 4 Trim in ring 1 (a=b).

1('1] To mo'like ring -3. use the red thread to \-">i k up thre~ 4 fi'I:liilS. and SI"W 'rhl"ough the a djacern: 4 nUll ill ring 2, the 4 m m yonI' uhre.1d triter! a'[ the Seta rt (lOr tbi step. and. the first 4 mm picked up (fig!lnl' 3" a-b). [&,) Tu ulak.e ring 41, use th.e red thread ro pick tlprhree 4 m rns .. and iii!:W through the J1Iex:~' 4 mm in ring 1 the

.:I mm )'UUl thread exited in []Dg 3~ and rhe 4< rums j1118'f pickE!,d IIlP ~).

~I] To make Iiflg 5~ USf'! The red thread to S~1I' dU:lJllgh tht: 'Ilen 4 mm in ring. 1. pick up three 4 mm!l, and &€w thwusJh the last 4 mm picked up in ri:l'li 4 3i"d ,the next four 4 rnms (c-(o..

[T] To make ring 6 use the hlack thread ro ~cw through the next 4 mm in ring 2, a no pick up rwo 4 mrns, Sew truou:gh the adj;1lcem'" nun in S,trhc next

4- mm in ring 1. the o1mm our thread exieed in ring 2, and the rwo 4 rnms [usr picked ll.p ,~fi9L1re 4)-

(8) To, make ring "7. use tll ~ red Thread ro sew rhrnugh the next 4 mm ill ring 4t and pick II p rhree 4 mms, ~'" tbl'mtgn rh r II dj,n:cnt 4 ram in ring Sand rhe

,q mm )'QUr' rhread exired .in ring 4 (rrgulile 5.a-b).

1[91 To rna ke ring 8. use the r~d thread 110 se\ d1rough r:h I!. next 4 mm ill ring 4 and the a.dljaoem: 4 mm in ring 3,(b.-c). P'irk up rwn 4 rums, and S~'W through rht adj3coor4 mm in ring 7. ,the last

t;,: {I'" mois }lour thread exired, the next 4 mm in ring l, and. the adjacent 4 rrum_ in rillS 2 {c-dJ.

[10] To make nng 9, usc rhe red thread to p~ck up rwu 4 IIlInS, end sew through th~ fiB[ '" mrn picked up in ring S, the ne E 4 rnm ia nng 3, and rhe 4 mm 'il'll ring 2. YOl]r thread exited (d-e') •

[11] To make ring 1 0, use the black thread (0 sew rthro~gh rhe nat 4 mm ill1 ring S and the aJja.cerH. ,4, nun in ring 7. Pick up rwe 4 mms, and sewthruugh the 4 mm 'our thread e. ired in ring 6, rhe 4 [)'1m in ring 5., me 4 mm in I'ing 7, ilnd rhe 11m 4 mrn picked Ulp {tigul'le 6l'. [12 Rin~.s 11 and 12 will be completed wirh the remllil1irll; bead. l.ook at the op.ming myour beedwork. You win :.rr that it has eight 4 mms - tWO pair

m, [ a e up high and rwn pain; d at

3ll e down. With me black: rh read ['iJmin~ our herv een two high beads,

lip ~ 4 mm, c-t'oss o ... cr the ope. ing,

00 GO





11 ~

! I

and 1iEW thrflu~h the correspondmg high brad ,of rhe Other pail (figure,?. ,~b). This wiJ1lllrnth..: lillFg!ll opening inro

r v oJo ringt". Sew [ruollgh fJru~ beads of each ring ro stabilize them (b-c)., and end the threads (.Ba.sta, p. Sa).

PIIum blOSl!ION with iOOeds

These inst ructions call for 4. rrmiI. fir-o-polish,~dI beads. bur you nUll)' sub5'l:i!1I.11M'Q:~,bglas~, d lsks Or fringe &rQPS if desired,

[1]1 PI"u:::eYOllI beads i1"i. r(l'W$ 1tlgme' 8. These lIviU help )'OLi keep track of each stitch. The seed beads at the bottom nf rhe fig~m~ sh:ow~he beads used eo fill in the gaps between the srirchex, [I:] On i yd. (.9 m) of monoiilamtnt,

pi ek up J [I alrernarin g p attern ot a

.. nsm fire-polished bead and an 1 ~'il

seed! bead fio;'c times, SI;:W r.hnmgh tilt first 4 mm picked UPI and center tho: beads; to make ring 1 (lUQIJf'e' '9. Si-ii:)}, Calor ffhG threads as m. ~;i'r~p 2 of "Basic plurm blossom," On the red thread, pid 1..1 P an ahem aring pattern of !l11 11 ~ and a 4 mm four times, and pick tiP all l l~. To make ring 2~ ~ew thEough the 4 mm your rhread exlsed in ril1g. 1 a nil rhe rU::xt[WD he:'!ds (b-c)..

[3] To ma~ ring J, use the red ~!u'Cad to 'pick upar. 3ht"m3.til~g p;;1!,,[I;:m of an U,Q 11 nd a 4i1'llufl~rull: e rimes, and pick up an n ~. So!w dll:-ou~11 the tJdjtr:'-lent:

"1- llID.I in :ring 2. pick up' liT'! II ~. and sew th.roughlne next: 4 mm YO~T~hread

if' xired in ri~g 1 an d the fill'st 1"1 ~ and

4 mm pickedup ~c-dl.

[4] Cnnt:inue following the steps; to make a "BilSic plum blossom," but pioJ:k. up:ln ] 111 he !:Weerle.'1ch. pai r of 4 mrns illS ~11 steps 1-3 abo""~, m:;].k~tlg Sme to add an 11 Ii btl\~·ten the 4 mms of ;a:djuiniIlg rings,

.EtmbeUi~~d p~Ylm b'1~550'm ['II,],r-otiow the steps 00 make <I. ;"&5;C plum bloesom, ~

f:2] Cenrer l'yd, (.9 ml of meaofilamenr in a 'if mm.Wi !,h each thread, [lick tIP

an 1] III Stt"J D£3.d [figlure, un. a-b and aa-bb). cross the roo thread til rough tbe 1111 00 the b1a.cJ.: ~hrea.d, and &e\,v through the: l'I~:.:t.4 mm in rhe ['ill!!; (~). [3] W'i1'll rite ~d rhrea d. pick up an 1J!l lo-dJ. Cross the black theea d .~ hl'rotlsh

the lito, and. !lew d:UiJltgh the next 4 Irml in ... h e ring fbb-{lo}. ReptiH around the

materials all b;@.OO'8(I bead~

" morrlO1iament 6 10- test ~, red and blac'" ~

bask: plum 1b!1~~ Yllin. (1.3. cm~ (lIi3me~er

.. &I 4 rnm flre-polished bs;;;rds

pllum b!ossom with ooeds ~. m, (1.9 em) d[ameter

• 3D 4. mm fire·periShed beads, Q:ech grass di&ks, or fringe dr~

, ISO '1~ seed beam

embellis!'1ed pl!.!lin blo~ m ~ il'll. I' .9 em) diame

• 3[) 4 mm !\le-l>Qlished beads ~ 'fi'C)l 11~ sood ~

dOllJblo·emt!eUiShed pli,J in bl@~MI11 ~ In. (1.'91 om)1 diameter

~ 130 4 rrsn or 6 mrn~illI·mllsl!@d beads ,~ 603 rrrn or 4 mm ~!i!3~poliehM MOOS • 60 1 ~ m sood beads

1!11 edi':laoe 2t In. ,~59 IGmj

., 13 basic PIUll'libioosoms (IIIIittt aplir:JriBl ,,[lllelionsl

.~ "f}1UIi1 blossoms wi'th seoo\iil

• :2 embellishBd plum bfossoms:

• doUble-ernbel' is,lied ~li.I"i"I blooSOfiT! i 12: e. rnrn fire-~liSihed beads

• 144 rnrn fii~.pdlished ~s

• 28 4 mm Czech gIM$ d'PSks .~ 28:;: rnm fife-pOO~ed besds -114 3 x 5 mm rond~

,~ OO~D

.. .:I crIDp beads ., .:I CJIITrP DI]',I'IjI'S

• :2 wire guard~

+ II'elIi bIe beadi~ wire, ,012 • chainnose piers

.' crimping pr~,

'i' wire ounsrs

pair Q,tl eamftllg$

.. 2 beaded bead<s of vour choi~ ,~ <4 4 mm Gz8dl ~S5 cIsks

.. 411~ eeec ~d$

~. ,2, 2;I2-n. (6.4 em, head pms •. pg 01 earring findirrgs

~. cMail"nooe p 'ers

I rcrundnos€' plims

• v. ~1'8, cl.Jtiters

To find a bead store, ~ ~dShopFiooer.c:om.


ring. alternating rhr threads that cross. through the bel ds (d-e and ·cc-dtij.

[4~ When you reach the first '11 -, cross rhe red thread through the 1]11 and die 4 rnm rhe black thread ju!>t exited (e-I). [5] Repeat around the whole bead, sewing rhl"o ugh the bcadwork as needed, and end the thread (Basics, p. 8S',.

Dl;lulbl.ii:MHUish,ed p~Ulm blossom Follow the ~~ps to make an

"Ernbelli hed plum blossom," but pic IIp J 3 mm l'I'I'ld a seed head in e,ach embellishment, or use 6 mm firepolished heads in read of 4 nuns, and pick up a 4 mm and a seed bead in each. embellishment srirch, then cross rhrough the J rnm Or 4 nun (~iguro· 11).


[11) em 25 in. (64 em) of beadiog wire, and cenrer a double-enrbellished plum blossom.

[2] On each r;jdt:'. string 116:tUm fire-polished bead a basic sryle .~ l!ii~e Editor's notes) plum blossom. a 6 mm, a pi 11m blossnm with seeds and disk be-ads. a 6 rnm, an embellisbed plum blossom, a 6 rnm, a basic style B plum bloSliOTll, a ,6 mm, a plum blossom 'Nitb seeds and 3 x 5 mID rondelles, <II 6 rnm, anda basic style C plum blossom, then

['r:ine 4.ih in. (] 1.4 em] of 4 mm firepolished btad!;, 4 mm Czeeh glass aiF;k;", J mm fire-polished beads, and .3 x 5 rnrn rondelles in.:l ple3~ing arraTl_gcmt:Ilt.

[~ On eacb side, string 3. crimp head; a romldlc, a cri mp bead, a :3 mrn, the first hole of a \10' i,re gu ard, lIa If of thu clasp, and ,the other ho!~ of rhe wire guard. Gu bad through rhe last fe .. v beads and c:nmp beads added, and "e!<;[ the fit. Add or remove beads as d(:;i~~d. crimp the crimp beads (Bll~CS, p. 881, nd dose cnrn p OO"~IS over t 'hem,


It] Ma1:~ me beaded bead of ro~1' i;;h.oice. [2] On a head pin, string an 1 III! seed bead, a 4 rnm Cz'('-c;h glaas disk, a beaded bead, a 4 mm, and an 1 I Ii_

[a] MillIke a wrapped loop (Da~u~s.p. Sa). [4] OFen tbe lnop ef an L<ilrriIl{; finding (Bni(sll attach rhe wrapped loop, and clese the loop.

[5] Make.Ji secnnd earring. 0


• I used Fireline e Ib. res;,t and 112 beading needles to Imake my beads. They turned old ill little less stiff, but they were a,as·y to embelltsh because .he beads could take multiple ·thread! passes.

II Follow the instructions for "Basic plum blossom," and experiment with diff&rent sized and shaped btlads to rnak·e beQded beads like 1h ose toot 'frame Katl'lrytli's tocal bead in her necklace. To make the

d .... fferent bead stYles noontloned in the neckJace iln$truc~on.Si •. layout the beads as 'follows:


.. Ute 3 mIT! fiJ"e-po.tished be,ads

• 4 mm fi e~pdisliledl bead, two

fringe dJlOPS84 nlOl

• 4 mm, two 'Frlnge drop!:> ill two fringe, drops, 4 mm

• .. mm. itwo '"inge dl'l)ps

• two fringe drops

*' 4 mrn, 3 nlll1l. ,4· mm II 4 mm,3mm ·4mmj3mm

• 3mm,4mm

.. 3mm

Style B

.. flva repetitions 01' ., a Ilemoting pattern of a 3 mm iI1re"jpOlished bead and an 119 'seed bead

• 11~, four 3 x 5 mm ~:ndelles.


•. 11Y, three rGndelles • three rondeWI!5, 112 It 110, thl'H f\'ofKletle.5

• two rol'liChlln

• rondelle. "11', 3, mm, 11~,


•. 1111, 3 D'lm, n"'" rondelle .. rondelfe. 11111',3 mm, 11~ • iI1\ 3 mrn, 1111, rondelle .. 1111',3 mm.'1{1

StYle, .c

.. five 11 II 8Hd bead's.

.. 3 mm 'ire-pol ished bead, (wo·

fringe drops, .3 Rim

.. 3mm" fwwo 3 mm frunge·;ps

• two fringe d rop5, 3 mm

• 3 Mm. two fringe drops

• two fringl!'!' d'~p.s I 3 mm, 11~f 3 mIT! •. 3 mm.11~

It 3. rnrn, 11\!'

• 11°,3mm

• l11J

KatlnY'''' Bmvml1n has been betiding (or 10 },l"11rs. She. pic;kM up sNtchmg as a .:hiM, which U~$ a natID'a{ fit whell sfJe later ~·t(lrted w(Jl'kln.g wit'b iuar:is. Tn addit.Km,sm: also works with ruf!tttl to create comp O.Ncnt$ (or her jewelry, 1<.11.r"I)'/1 u,.;rm th(Jl h'Ql' J;>hm: hlmsam beads are addiC!;qe to

mke. See more of h.e"r UlOrk ~l. 1 betldwe'lI.r1ll'r.c:xm!, and e-mail beT at

1 bth rynhnwJniln@g:fwil.cOJt.!.

Bead selection alia s for' 91"eat V3ll8ty in making be-aood beads.

Somerimes all you need is a little spark of ami dea u) 12 unch a design, III this bracelet, I wanted to bye r hex -cut beads 0 n the surface of a ·peyote band. I djdn~1[ expect [he bracelet eo rake the ["ippled shape it did, which begged for a second layer of pearls to accentuate the clIH'ves ...

base, cenrered under the first set of hEX-C:Ut: cmbcUisrumms. [7~ uk t!b.c firsr '!:WO hex-ene beads added in step 4. Floek up lI. 3 mm pearl •. and st.w dn.rough rbe n~1G[ rwo hexcut beads. Pkk lip 3. pearl and ~ ].')9 seed bead, lind S4:W ihrough rwo cubes. onthe edge and the firn rwo hexcur b€aJ.~ i III rhe next ![QW (figure· 3J. add rhe pearl e.mbeillsfunent to dlel·Q rows nf h~x-cJ.Jt heads. s.:,,,. ~hrOllgJhd'lI~ cnbes ro ~:cit the fiur pai r oJ bex-cut beads in ebe ne.xt set of 10 rm .. 'S, and repeat the pearl embelhshmeru, Repeat for eacn set, and endrhe mrt"d.

[811 .I\dd z yd. (1l.8m) OfM~ iinl:UI1 the beadwork, exiting an edge cube at the decrease end. Pick up a ] 5~ ~ <1. pearl, and 1iII 1LSJ. SI:W wHkr ~be thread bridge beeween ~he f~rf<t .t'I¥O cubes and back throogh the last Hi:! (figure 4, :a-b).

[9] Pick up a pearl anda 15'2, aoo sew W'lA:k""I the thread bridge between the :lic:{t t .... ,o cubes and bad:. throughche fast H~ ~) .. lwpea~ to (Jrnnp!>!!tc: l1h>l': cd.g~. :>cw d'lit,ough dt~ cubes alongilil! end rows .. end coatinue on

!:hI; remai [[tog cdgs.

[1,0] When yoo1'c,,_ch rhe decrease end, add a pearl embEllishment [0 each decrease cube: Ptd up a pearl and a t:}iI.;.k ip the l511> and sew bOld, [in rollg.h me pCo1.f 1 and the cube your thread C'_"it.r:odl. Sew thmugh [he

next four cubes, and repeal (photo ib)- Ad d three m Ott Pl:31:rI cmbd.iiilih.m!:nts,. and end rhe rh rend II!


['I] On 1 yd. IU! ltl} of Firtline, pick up six 3 min cube besds, ie.1~ing:a 12·i'li'l. (30 em) 'eil ~L. W91king in even-counr pe-yote st.itt:h IBa£ic.-s,p. 83), DHlkt a band 123 ro'I~ long, with 62 cu:be$ on each waighl .edge. iErI.d and add thread [miles) as needed,

~ \'V\uk SI decrease rum

by ~\"\i'ing under the lhrc;ad bridge between the JlIst [:';1.,1) cubes along an edge, and th'rough the twtl cubes on the ~ndl'tfigum 11 a-b). Worlo: rwo stitches (b-<:). Work 3. decrease turn (c-d), :lind "vork OIU.~ :stitch (~) .. End dill! [MMd. 1[3] Usfng the tail, st itch

rhe 111 al e end i].f the. srl.:J.p

to the top surface of fne. base (pholo a). ~nd. end the ~ru:ead.. (4] Add 2. yclt {1.8 m) or Ftretint in the headwork ;!Ir.

the: decrease .end,and exit

the firse eu he i'rI. an ed~ m~v, with the needle poinring toward th.tbt:adwork. Pick lip 'MO it ~ hell:-Cl!t: ~OO bead s , and sew through r:h~· n~Xir rube 'lfigll.lm 2, a,..b). P.ick up [lim bee-eues, sew dt..rotligh th~ nexe l\VQ cubes, then sew ~hHI~gh the next I:clgJl: bead (H).

[5·m Repea( me bead p~~nj h:om step 4 (c-:iI) u[ltil ~'Ou

ha 1;'£ completed '10 .rows oJ hex-cur embcllishmenr. Zigz~£ chrou,gh the neXII: three edge [;ubes to PO!"i.rlIJl1 the needle 00 begin me ntxt: set of 10 rows. of hex·<;ut embe·J!is.hmcrm. R~pe"'l for a total of SCVCll sets. End the d"Jttad.

(6] .Add 2.1!d. (1.3 Jnl of fwe~ Ii ne at me decrease end. 5ritc.:h the oth er ~ndi of rhe snap ro the bottom. surface of th.e·

'FI~lIF1El 3


materis'ls lbraeetgj 1 in. ('IB em} •. 261:3 mm peatrls

.. 1 6. g :3 Il"lI11 C\.lOO beads

• 10 9 11 II! h~-rut 'Soodl


• a g '5{1seed beadS

• f Q-"15 mm (siz@ 3) snap ~ Fireline &-10 Ib test

• beading needles, n2:

Ami:reJ. H~mi'd has beml n"Ultil1g jeU/wry {or rh~ p,ad six ~r.:. CunM"t {jN ell (48m 586-18'43, (Mti(l@a.fJ~ iajc:wdry.c:om, or ~iew her w.:b~;u ;:U rJdsJ{lJ€~~/ry. c(J',n,

To find a tIead store. vtsJt i3B.<idSoopFLflds.oom.

Copper wire aocantuates bJ rquoise beads.

rnaterlala both ptQjects

• § mm m;:iln.d'r8!

.. metal fie or wire rounde to pencil


'. o~innooe- pliers '. !{!tire Gutlfr:r-S

II'IBelll:laee UI il'll. (olll em)

• 1310 mm getnSOOfle looacls 01" paai'ls

• 24 8 rnm beads to match the to mms: -14 B mm l;:Irg6-hoo oJ'XIPper beads,

ger'1S'!G1~, or poo.rfG

• 22:3 mrn D€ad:;. to f'l1a.td1 1tt6 e mms. - clasp

• 7 fl. (2,1 m, 16·g<il.!.!Qe round c:Jpper

cr siwa WiF@, h81f·tUlrtl

• 4 criTItJ beads '. .:II cri"np covers

,~ tle)(iblB beading wire, ,019

'. orVTipirrg oIeffi

Coiled components add texture to a strung necklace

designed lJ)' Kimborty Bedln

p~ir 01 e.ruting:s

~, 2:'0 mm gem~~ne beEids or peBJ1's

• :2 6 m rn farge.1"Ictfe copper beads. gern$"lones. or pearls

.. .2 3 rnm ~ads to I1'l.B.tdh the 6 rnms

• 24 in, (51 em) f6·gaoge round CQPP6r or silver wire, haIf·ha:nJI

!iJ 8 in. (20 cm)20'gsLJij@ IDlOO copper or siver wte, Iiatf-tlard

~ pair or ~og IlrIdings,

• rtll!tJt:Inose p'iers

To find !iii boead store, vislt 9@ad5hopFinder,com.

S,ring OUt rhe best in yOllU favorite chunky beads when you pair them with coiled wile. Using beads in graduated sizes addsto rhe flow of this necklece, The cuiled components make elegant earrings.too,

stepbvstep Nec'ldace

[11DCur a 12hn. po em) piece of 16-g11.ugt wire. lind filethe ends ur 1iIiOC a wire rounder tn smooth them. con the wire aroand the,) mm mandrel, keepJllg the coils ~lraight and ~,alUgging them 'right aga inst each other, bur nor 000 tight arennd the mandrel; Using chainnose p'1;.t'-rs" flatten the ends ;jJllJiru.r lih~ mandrel, Siid!e the coil off dhJl'! mandrel. [2] Using chainnose pliers, ge,lltly

hend anend coil perpendicular LG the remaining coils, Repeat on rhe other end, makiOg sure the end co ils ate

para I.M (pharo, ,al.

[3] Gr:ndr stretch the coils aparr so rhe coil unit measures n,;. in. (4.4 em) from end (1) end (lphOito b). ~r needed) II$!! chainaosc pliers 1lO neaten t:h~ coils,

[4] WhIp the coil unit aruund the pencil to hl.l'ifll a U sha pI! (p,ooto t::).

(5] ~p~a:~ steps 1-4'ro make a to~1 of seven coil units.

16] ell!: 3. 24-in. ~61 em} piece of bil!ading Will. Center a coil unjt "",i~h a 10 111m gemstone bead! or pearl


sandwic hed berweea rue ends (plOOto d}. [7] On Each end, srriag a 6 mm large'. hole copper bead or gemstone or pea d. a 10 nun, <Ii <6 IMI, and a c Qil unit with a 10 rnm sandwiched OCn,lI'5en the ends, R~pt:11: rwi~, and srri1ilg a 6 mm.

[8] On each end, stl:ing an a[~i!'nat1ng JXItt.~m fir an R mm g_emllmne; bead

Or .~'1rl:1111 dI <."11 J mrn large-hole copper bead or gem seon e 0.1' pearl to the desired ~fjng(h.

[9] Test the fi!~ and add or n!1nOW beads as needed,

[11 0'101'1 each end, Sltril'l~H'Vo crimp beads and 11 alf of the clasp, Go back ~hmllg.h the crimp beads, crimp the nimp beads [Basics, JI. 8g)~ and trim the 1!aJls, ClClS(' 11 crimpcover (lVl!r each crimp,


[1 ~ Cu~a 12-in. (30 em) piece of ·16"t!Jt!ge wi'lie) Sind make a coli unit M m ~e~ ].-4 of "Neekhice."

[2~ em a 4- in. no ern I pi ece of

20'1!" uge wire, Center 11 coil unit wirh a 10 mm gemstone bead or pearl sandwiched between tbe ends.


1[3] both ends of the 2o. .. gauge w.i!\12 Ill', andl . cross the w.un: ends over tbe rep of rh.(I! ~o mm. Bend one end saa lght up" wrap tile othec end a round it wire, and. trim the rail (ph~Q e).

1[:4] Sfring a 6 mm large-hole wpper bead or gemstone or pearl and a J mm ~arge-hnll! copperhead nr g£IT!8ton~

or pta .. l. Make a wrapped loop (&s.ic~. p, :83).

[6] Open 'I he hlOp of a Ili earlrillgfimd unE: (D~!:ic;,l! attachthe wrapped loop. and. close the!oop,.

[6] MOl ke a ~~Dl'Ld ea rri ng .•


If tihe ~dI CQils !!Ire not lP .. ralll!tl~ use pile rs to tighten tile col I until the ends, are aligMd. Take, care' l'IIot :to 'clhallg:e fl'ie' ISh;,pe of the coileod piece.

Kimberly Berli.ff~ an (15:;15 (ant

'fJ rincl'Jmf, bas bee» tefJchillg

for 2:8 Ylr~r-.j;' and b~tltiing s ruu she U~ .'1 high school. Her jew('/ry Je:sign5 are i~flllelu:f:d U-I' hj$!ory, nfjfl1inl, ,and Mo!lyan dfld Egyptian cu[ruroi an. Site teaches ieuMil'}, ffltlkir<g in Scm Anfo~iQ, Tex~ .. in thE' U.S .• mul .in h ~r SPli.M ti'l11ll s blJ gpei. rod~ ~umji1g - lJ$unlly 011 her dirt bike. ConraCJ Kimber.iy In! p"mne ,at (110) 174~9396. or ,~H1:1.tiil h!'!i' m bef{dt.@flat.h .. tJ~t ..

_....__ ~ ........ -Li.'IOf""...,..lI.M.lOIij ... t!"... " ...... I IIHru",12liUfI ~~ •

lals oa:tch too light in m1$ lin,g desrgn. draw:lng th€llilye ~ m focal flower.

Embroider. an elegant necklace for


evenmg wear

Drape a path of twinkling light from two embroidered side components forextra panache. Make a pair of earrings out of single components to match your necklace.


Ne€:ldace F'ocaIRoW'e1i

[1] Trace an outline of the defl~1le onto a piece of b~lIcling fuundation, leilvillg about 11,4 in. 0-2: em) arnundall sides. (2] Tie an overhand knot ULsics. p. 88) ar the End of 3 yd. {2.7 !TIl of Fireliue or thread, and S!!W' IIp rhrougn ,the back of me foundation along the outline. Using an eVeTII. nusn her of 112 ,t:yli ndeI beads, work a round of beaded b~ckstltch

(Ba sics l around the outline.

(3]1 U ; ng qliIld~ wurk four rounds oJ peyote stitch (B3.51(5) off ohhe be a ded back tile Ii ruund to creare it bezel.

and place rhe dcntelle in ide it. Work a round with IS!.! seed bead and 11 round with 13Q Czech Charlotte, pulling the beJ.d~. r,lIIH tn kee.p rhe denreflc encased .. [4] S!!'w through rhe ~:](l,wod:: ~O' exit ~ crlinder jll a middle eound of rhe bezel, and pick up an S mIll round CK-ci1 ~~!j!>

or fire-polished bead. WorkDng~\fith the hQle o.t the::: 1L'IJTl perpendicular

00 the heze], sew down die ooundarl.)n, hack np, back thmugb

the 8 mm, and throughthe next f~w cylinders in the bezel ,(photo,a). Repeat to add ill rn[al of 10 :r 1· B 111m!': around [he bezel, making SI.1Jt they

are evenly .. paced.

[5]1 XW through the beadworkm e!{ir ::10 mm nex~ (0 the bezel, Pick up two J mm IU.1I.gabm:u:, and sG"\li.,th:rollJgh an a d acenr .8 mrn, rite 8· mm. yOUI'" rh rea d

_:.t exired, tile pair of 30 Hum, and the

materials both projeels

• FireJinaSb. test or Il}'lcn beading thread, size D

• bead l1g rtasdle-s. #1:a .' E6O(I(l adhesr\lEi

neddl.ace 1 ,S ~fI.. ('46 c m)

,. 9 14 x 1 B mm {alasSl leaf beeds or otheru.ape

•. 14 rrm d'.enteIe

.. '91 8 mm round Cz.edl ~SlS or rre-polished beeds

.. 13 4 x 6 mmlmge drOCl beads

• 411 4 mm bicon8 crystBi3 in a mLX of a colors: C. D, E

. ., 45-55 3 mm mag.atOlffl3S ~ ~, ~ seed beads

$-0 9 colorA

2-3g color B

• 1-3 9 11~ bee.ds .. 1 9 1311 Czech Charlort~ .. t g 19:seed beads

" .5 x 5-in. (13)( 13cm} PIBC8 of bead g roundaOO

II' 5 j( 5- fl. (13 x 13 em) piece CJf UllJtlsu!ld8

pair c,f' eanirn,gs

• 214 X 15 mm glass leaf beads or othe!- 5hape

.' 4 B rnrn tau lei Czech glass or f. e-poliished btlad5

• 38 -4 rm1 crystaJs. in a mix of:3 00 O!'S:

C, D,E

.. 3~ 3 mm 1'l103ga1amas

• -.-2 Q 1'; seed beads in each of

2~ (:Colon;;: A, B

• 2 Sr-4 mm solclered Nrr.p nngs;

• palr 01 earring flndings

• 2)i: 2-in_ 15 x 5. em) piece of beadl g fouf'\OOtfon

.. 2 x 2-1r1. (5)l. 5 em) plcce (if lJ~r.aSI)E!de;

• 2: pah or pliers

For color and 51JUrOB inforrnatim, S$$ 011.1" Resouroe- GlJde at I3e8dAndlBunotl.c.ornir6'WLJrCe$_

li\.rwv.;.Be31dAndl!!uffilru:nm I AlJgust 2010 4'11

adjaccm:8 rnm again (fJiguJire 11, a-bl'.

.it. [Of of thread will show be tween the

8: mma, hili: it win he h idden larer, Sew ~hrl]ngh m~ following S 111m" and pick Ll.J!l' two :) mms, Sew back tll]"Qugh~he pr-r::vi.mJs 8 mnl and the t'Ollm!"'ing;8 mlTI ~b-c). Contin iJ:~ t1tmllltd, twO

J mms next to the bezel between paiits af S rnms,

[6] Se'll!' duongh rhe beadwork to h:irt the fU'5!t :> mOl of a Plll~iI' (I f J mms, Pick UpO!. 4 s: fi mmfri n~~ drn:p, and !'ie_\'if rhrough rhe neKII: rwo 3 mms IJ:;Ilho11o b}. Repe:al: areund h) add i1. 4 x. 6 mm between I!![ery or her p.:l ii dTf J rnms,

171 S~W through t'h t ~(:!wor k to ,~,tit

a 41 x 6 m rn, Pick up a cobt C .:I mm [Olefine C!fji'snl~, aria sew 1;hi{iUSh ~e neXf 4, x 6 rmn, ~Pt;1i(: o'Irol:l'll.d to <:1M a

4 mm between each pai r of 4 x: 6 mrns, End the t~relld ~BIli!j,i~g;)_


['II] Tie :llfII {nH~r'ha1'lld knot at the end 'OIf a comferrable length of Fireline or thread, a nd sew Lilp til rough the hack of the ~nl,ll]d"fion lle)C[ to fan 8 mm, Using celor A 11 ~ seed beads, work a round ·of beadedbackstitch close so rhe 8 mm:o, ,oormE!<l~in.gthe ebread between 8 mms ;1ddM.ill iit-ep 4 of "Meal flcll.~,er.'·

1[:2.] Ex it dust: to the edg~ of the As, pit:k up a 14, ~ ~6 ron glass leaf or other shape, and sew down. dll!:uugb. the ioundtHion. Working I.D beaded back-

:uiochf work J .. round of As aroundthe leaf. Exit between dl.e ~eaf and [he local 1<1 O~VoE! r. zn d wOik jn 'beaded '~ch~ln::h to add [hr~e:.3 rnms, Repeat with iI. second leaf adjacent to the first, aud add a 4 'I( 6 mm berweenthe ~wo s;r(lL!lps 'Of

3 m rns (pho,to ~).

[3] Repeat step 1 on till e other si de of Ilh~ n9\~rro creaee a miml:'Qr image. End the thcead,

[4] Trim the beading oounda>tiQn close to the be<l!d work ,. "ta k+ng eare not to elm tlrle thread, v.1t i1: ptect cf Uhrasuede 1:0 match the I:ic;adLDg fouudaticn, and, glue them oogethetr. Let the glue dil'-

(5] Tie an overhand blot ,~I; rhe end of! ft,. (61 em) ofFir.eJiirae Or thread. Sewi"s: between the beadins: foundation aJldW.tE'l~:u:ede, bring the needle

up through the top of t.he bCll.d.~IlS £otlnd;1inan close 00 rite ,edIge. hidi'ng fhe knot between the t'\'{Q pieces, Pick up t'i'I'u colcr ~ 'll ~ 1it.1.."<i ~d:;, 1iIIt1.d. st. • .". down rhrou,sh rhe b~1td ing rOll ndarion and Ukrasuede and beck up throughthe last B added Itigrul'e 2, ,a-b). Wurking in modlfied brick stitch (Basics), pid: up

iii B., sew d own WOug,il the bead ing fouM:arcl0n and U~t:I'.a::su~clc, and batik up rhrough ehe B (b-c). Repeat around rhe fuca! piece, and end the duead.

A'OOent m~d alllQn~

11'1] lie an overhand knot ~ ilie 'end of a enmfortahle I.~nglh of 'firelil1-E or

thread, <lind sew up rM01.i1gh rhe back o~ a piece oJ beading fm,mdatio.ll. Wwkin81 ~[1 headed ha,ekstutcl!i, <Ittllm au B mm

J nd a 14 x 16 mm. Conti rau~ in beaded backs ti tch to surround the E mm and tor of the 14 s: U;; m.m. wn.rh a pleasing 11'rnngrunil!IDr of 3 mms, Surround [h.@ bottom of tile 14 x 16 rum 'It'l~ith Bs, WQrk a r'l;llJlrld of its eo encirele the beadwork, and uim rhe beading rm,mdl.lti,on dose to the edge, takillli: 'care [lot B) cut the thread ,(photo dj, [2] CUt apiece of Ukr;1:sue~ romarch the beading ffm.J..ndation. glue them ~ogevher~ J.f1d1 tel: dH! gI Lie dry. Ilsi I'Ig

Us~ work ,1 roUt'ii.d ofmodifled brick seiech !l:Iol.lnd the edge, as in :>l'ep 5 of"Embdlislul1~nr.'· End [he th·re-:H:I. [a] Repea t Sle~ ] <iLrtd 1 to ii''Iol to!- ~ seeund accent f1ile"dall ion.


To cannect til';; fO!.'tIl flower to the aecem medallions, 5£W .hrough ,UII edg. bead 01 an embroidered piece, pick up seedbeads and .:I mm crystals (phato e) u ,('xp]a ineoJ below' ro c:re31:e a bal.n.ceq drape, and sew tiuough <lill edge bead! of the next embruidered pi,e",::, End

and add Fireline or thresd (&s.ies~ <IS needed. :and make the S\"i'ag a mil.:l'QI image on c:1Ich !>idt:.

For [he des ,gner's neckla ce, the swag and bead. eou nts :afe il.:l. fOJlQWli; Between the, two bQil1iom 14.x '1I1il fiI1ffi ..


of tMtocalllower. a 61 194 mms, and .11 Ti in the LOp SW.Hg; 11 .0" 24 4 mi11S. au d a B mthe second: ,(I II. 25' 41 mms, and a B ~n the third; and a J!l.. 16 4 mms, ,HI

B: !TIm, 16 4 rnms, :lind a .8 inthe fourth. Frdm RI'II actiem mediamll:r:'I to ~hla, $p;!liOO 00iw'OOflM014 x 1 6 mms: s.; x 4 mm.s in tne mp !i\\'1Ig:: seven -4 .Il!illlS in the second; ~ighL 4 rnms in [he nezt dU'eei and two lis. and eight 4 rnms inthe :sixth.

'filUm an aecent medallion to tile bottom (;'(JII'I"IeI" 01 ti:le rlJc~dl fkll,IV$r:: a 'B and 20 4 [rum ill the top swag; a H and 23.; mms in the sac:u[ld~ and 17 -4 mms in. rhethkd, All me swag:!> m. rhe third group s hoi.lild oveela p me swags CORne«ing ifhe 14 x 16 rnms of the fm;gl flower:.


[t] On l1h)'ld. (L4 m] of Jir"Clim:. s(:w cluougn an oo.~ bud arrhe '[0]' of l'Il'i accent medall ion. a ad pick IJ p a ~ 1]

4 'mmg; 11'1 <Ii mix[ulr~ oJ colors C, D.. and B; an A; and an. 3 mm {fie~m g, a-<b). Pick up i'I repeaf n.g pstteru of 12 As and a C ~kl,fivefi ITU~~, ~hI;:n a IlJ S rnm and three As ,~)_ Slap the three As, ana Se1111 b1ll!;.4:. through the 3 rnm and C (di""€1)\

[2], Pick tlp 12 As., a nd sew rrl:imL!Jtl,h Ithe: next C (e-f;I, TtepeOl.1! fOour tim I! s, sewing theuugh Ifl'l: S rnm in the fUiJiuh repe at


[3~ Pkk up an A, 11 4 mrns, and a B.

11 nd sew rhruugh an tclgt B on the aocrm: medallion (g,..h). Sew through 'i:hc next t'dge B, pick up a B} 114m rns, and an A, ;;m.dSL.;V' through the 8 mm Ih-i).

R&rao? rhe thread pam t!oll'~irlfor'(ol1 the besdwork; and ellid! the dI read,

[4] R~pen !;[o!1:PS 1-3 0..1'.1 the remaining s~dji!.

[!~ To creete die connecting ,cI<l$p ~tl1IpOrH!'llJt~ eenter three As On 1 yd.

1.9 m) (If Fireline or thread, Over boib '~Itds, st.rlng aH X 16 mm and an 8 I'IlIm [ii9i,1~~ 4" a...:l':l, and aa--:bbl. On each end, plck up 18 A$ (b-c and bb-ooc). Over both ends, ~,tr1tl!il1Ol4 mm {~ ~nd (l~d). On each end, pick up six As.

a 14 x 16 mmtand. three As, "'DO 5eW back thro~h t:he 14 x Hi rum (~ and dd-ee) .. Rerrace the thread! path 00 reinforce the headwork, and end each tbread .. "[:'0 clasp die necklace, slide each rap ]4· x 16 mm thmugh an end loop of true necklace "hQto 1) ..

EDITOR'S NOliES: • You may RHd ,to adjust your bead

co unts to fit !lour' deSign •

• To make a simpl ified' ..-..rsion of this necklaoo, skip the acoent m&dsllo ns and swag, but lengthen tha·s:ideSi. or work an e:ctra two to three repeats In step 1 of "Fjnishi ng. '! ~ Tea

The C,ys,a! Limi, presents:

2 O· '1 O· BE~t\.D

..... r- SHOWS

JULY i.'7& lill .•.•.•.•. VAK.IMA., WA 11[11'0. ... • r.»tIWE..~ r.o..~

Al~ V n'l'& rnA ....... CHAMP'AIGN, [I_ 1-/N1U

JUL\' Z4 & 2S a s . -.,~~ro~, W)i., "U.I1.ITI' ~"""

iJ'UL't 24 & 25 DF.C'A1'iJR. It J:lEC"jrul: 1/OO"E1 oJ! row:

JULY 31.8: AUli, 1 •• ElI!l..Ui"'rQ~" ~rr HOlllMf JJi/N C'h"2) '-IT

A~:G. '1 &. :!I •••••.••••• nQlHA. tL l«JUrurl>'I;N"

'Yours OUl"OO .f:IJr the unique & new WIV'W" .. b.a~ubl .. dbA!ds.i!FDm

AI{;G. 14 S U .. " .... " CQLI E;R D AlEI"' E., ID mJ:TV!.'E.~N

JI.IUG, II & ~:z ....... '"Roc:KfORD. 1L ROl'lMI'/JI;"


AUG. II &:21 ...... __ .POCATE.LW, ID nOllru r lJ!!,V

1I:il"(; stilaH:uu:;k Ave Berk:e.'Iey CA 94709 ti1013M-BEAll)

~ '\ 04 4th SIre8t San Rara;sl CA, 94'90 ~ 41-5 457 ..a.S'.3'1

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406A 'Nest 6th s.treet, ,was Mg,etes, CA 90014. Tel. # • 213 438 1409 ema1l :: I1le'g~ewel.5laoil$bcgloML net


~1.11 WOt.k m:p~ ] 3:11d. 2: of~Ao:tn~ meda Uiolls:"

m2m TQ add Jrin,ge, Si:\'.' n:hrougha bcuom edge H) andpick 11f> a B.;

the de !;iu:d number of ,010[s C. D', and E4 roms; :and a ~. ~)kip rhe B, rand sew back IDfOUgh rhe 41l"1m5} D, ;] nd edge B. Sew rho ugh tJ1:l e next edge ]3 (fDgUIf$ 5)<j .. nd repeat. Add fi'lC ffillgt~ with three 4 milill~ in rh~ OI1t1H friIllges., four 4 mms in the second and fotmb fringeEl, nd fHVe. 4- mms in the middle fJ:mj§;e.

[3]1 St:w thre uSh a eop edse &,~nd! piek npa B~ an S mm~ !'{ &l and. 11 3-4 mm ~old,ered j ump ring. Ski p the last fU1I''tBs. 11 nd s~~", tim] ~ the nexr B,S rnm, B; and edge B ~i:gl;llm '6). Renaoe tile litre-ad [:llldn to rei nforce the GOn nection, and endthe thread masics.. p- 88).

[4) Open the ]oop of an earrmg findi~ (B,!i.5ilcs}. atrn!,';h. rJ1.e soldered jump ring, and dose tine loop,

[5] Make a second ea:rI!:Jng. 10

B,~ading i~ . .:1 1I!lQ'lurni fit fur ~lis$a Gmkioulsky, woo j,tJ8 a .B.S. m ph)!,da acnd a B.F.A. in pal'.uing. T'he croft (:cm.lbm'6S scien>u', .in thll' Wli}" that bwd$ {il u~g.~d,~r, mid "r~iJ~ m

a r;.u.-aliFe outlet that is less rne5:S}' tJ~H p(!int, JIIM two ~8 .:wu, MelisM $t.(wt~d beadjltg after ,~·i5.rling Be.:1ds lEan in Man ,he~ re". CCnlU_. 1'1 tbe U.S. Cmdact Melissa bJ' ~.mr1jl 4l g,mkawsb.y@gmail. ~um, iJm:i viiS;l her websjle.~ gro1kowshy..1:ti!t.

This bead-stash-busting project "1'~iU have you going io circles as you make lively rings radiating from center beads. The circles are aU created in the same manner, but you'll switch the style and site of the beads to make everyone different from rhe next.

st,epbyst,lep Full c trc1,as

[11) On 2. ~'d. (1.8 m) ulthread, pick lip a 4 1111111 or ,6 mill round bead, leaving a b-m. (15 em) tail. Sewrh_rough the bead again in tile same direction. )lTIa.king a duead. bridge around the; 4;rom or 6 mID bead, Repear, ,then p05irioo the thread bridges nppusire each other (figure 1). [2) Vide \1 II t,'o'O C)' linder bea cis, sew undee a thread bridge, and hack dU-OltSh the ~cond r;~·1illdt[[ (figure 2). Continue in circular bride stitch (Bll ics, p. 8&)" picking: up OM cylinder poeor slitch, sewillJi: under the thread bridge. then ~winS back thrmJgh tht qrlinder liiglJl'e 3) .. Rtpeat to compleoe the found. Sew l1hrnuSh ml c~ linder, ufideI

[he dwe-ad bridge and hack through the tint ,t;'~·[i nder (figum 4),

[3] Pick up two 1 it t! seed beads, and :!«:, under tht.· thread b'l'it1ge bMwelrrl the next ~o cyl~del':!i In the previous round, and, bark lhnll.lgb rhe ~cooo

t 1°. <..;oruinuc ill brick stitch to complete the round \uin~ 11 ~s, and R~W throngh the fiut 1 p. under the tbI~ad hl'idg~1 lind back through the Ilist IP.

[4] Repeat 5rep 3 'Llsrog a differelU STyli: of bead fur each of six rQunclg~ or until YIUI achieve the desired number of rounds, [hot] switc:h £COrll a luger bead to a snn.'1Uer one in th.e ne r round, you may end up adding ['1"'0, beads ro a !:mgh:: thread bridge to ensuce the br"ds sit right next to each othet and the circle lit!; flat. If Y011 add 11 much larger bead in the 11 ew round. you rna r ,e-nd lip skip pm g a threa d br idge. End tlll: tl1il {B:Jsjcsl bUI; nm the 'working thread.

[I] Repeat Steps 1-4 to make !t ·ven

bri k snrcb circles, substituting differell f beads for each round.


(t] layout the circl.eli in ,3. pleasing tin angement,

1[2] Withrhe thread e 'ring a bead in the ottl:er round of hrick litircm. of ou~ circle, sew through an tdg~ bead ill another ci'rde. Zigzag through several beadis ill the two outer munds to connect the 'two. cirdt.5 ~figure 15). and end the rluead.

'(3]1 Conneer the [emajni:ng,circb ali in $lrcp 2. bUll: offset rome of them S(I they do nor [ie in a (~mFI'l:ttely $[:l"aight lint. This wiH create spaces fO fill with pa.nlal ~OlTlponeIlts.

Pa.r1ie~ Clllmiponents $elnl,ciro'les

ttl Add a new 2-)ld. (1.8 m] ihrtad (ll.a,o;ic:s)in a circle, And exit a bead in rhe outer lQorul .. Pick up a 4 rnrn or

6 rnm round bead, <lila sew rhr{lu_gh ir in the same dir,ec:tiQl1. Rcpellt, creating t'IN'O thread: bridgt:s around the bead. Sew through two beads in d1e outlet round ohhet"ircle (figure 6). up 3i s:e.W head, and sew under the thrtad bridge, ~nd back 'Cilrnllgh the seed btad.. (2] Wo]'k rows ·of b rid: ~titc'ht burwhen YOLl reach tht outer round! of an acija.cent circle, sew through two beads ~lolIg the outer round, and back Thn.mgh the end ~a& in the ntw row.

[3] Co,nfll.1Ue adding rows of b~ad IJnrii y,QU the desired number of rows, andend the thread.




materials braoolet 't in. (1 B em)

• amiortm6nt of round or t.flCl3!ed beads, tliOOflEl Cl)'stais, or pearl'S 7-155 mm

3Ll-15 4 mm

.. a.seartment of :;;e€d beads, cylinder beadS, cubes. triangles. he~ cuts, or oli1er ooed baa.ds. 6-1 [} 9 In each, or 5!~es !)i-15¥

'I nylon beading tinIad, s.\ze D • beading neBdies, fH 2

Semicircle ,","nemo""

[fl Add a ne .. thread in a cirde, ~I!d exit a bead i 1'1 the onter round, near (he cOfl'nI!{.'tioll point to t'ht' next ~mnponent. (I] Pkk up a 4 mm OJi ,6 mrn bead, and !re\-\' trn:O\lSh the 4 mrnor 6 rnm bead ag.,in. Iflaking 3. thread bridge around !the' head. Se\v ,rhrough two corresponding be-ads In the !)11[\C:r rmmd of the next component, bad: dm:!II.~gh the'" ntI1'I or 6 nrm, and tbro1!gh two beads of thefirst, com.pOllcm I~fjgure 1).

[3,1 :)c" t1rol1gh me 4 mra or 6 mm bead a,~a'i!rl, and .hnmgb rwo beads on t'hc outer round of ri"Ie other compunent. Pick up a seed m:lJd, and 8£.~'" under [he tim.'ad bri.dge- and back through mif' nI:1JiI seed bead (:figure B),. Comp'~rc tbe row, sewing dtrough beads in the outer round of the adjacent components to rurn (figure, 9).

'[41 Ad.d 4 mm or 6 nun beads between circles rn fill in any spac('$ that are too srnal] for a semicircle,

'ClaIP' Toggle bar

[1] On 1 yd. (.9 rn] of thread, pick up 16 q·lmdu be a ds, and work 16 rows of even-count pE!yo~ srin:h {Ba~ksl leaving it to-in. {2.S em) tail. 1 here should be eight cyii nder along CiH:b srrs i ght edjg.l!. ['21 Zip up tne end (0"..'''' ~Basics) 'to make 3 tube. and exit 11n. end cylinder on tht end opposite th,e tail.

[3] Using. HilS, \ ork a roUiud of brid.::

tloch nff of the t'h"ead bndl}Cli between the qlwden; .. RtpMr un rhe other end U51T1g the rail. End t~ r-'l'~t

(4] On the work-Lng du:eadJ pick up a

4 nUll and rhree J5~s. Skip the 15~sJ and sew back through tlw- 4 mm, crearing; a



pilot wi~h the 15115. Sew thro~lgh 'the 1iIoggie bar, <\ilildrepe;ilt onthe other end. Rerr:itcethe thread pa,th severel ti me~~ ,1I!nd exit hMw~m tl'i'O cyUl1dcrs in t~,e ceaeer 011 the t"Oggle b:;l:r.

[5], Pick opa. 4 (ill", and sew t'~rQ!,lIgh .a bead in 1!;h~ Ol!lJt~r 1:'01:100. of an end'elrele ~pholo a)1. Retrace the th Nad IMth. '110 ~.e~IJJl'~ the j oiu, and end the thaend,

1'o;gg,le I~OiP'

['II] On.2 yd" (L3 I'i'l) of thread,. work in ladder sritdl (Bas.ics) to milke a udp of 30 cylinders, Join rhe endsto fO'.!;JfI1

OJ! rimilg (Basics),

[2ll Work !Iuee rnl!Jlndsof cilfcu~~![ brick s.titiclt ~sii!lg any beads df'sjn:d~



.ia"~a Z.e.iflet.'I' "~be:~n beading for l.2'borJi!; 1.0 }ltl1i'S. She iives a~d t(JtJ'.:;h'C'S in A~,ti~> Texas. it:. tJJ'(,! U,S.,

!vi,t.h iN!.f husbtlnd, Joh~!. a

~'fj"CO ctlt namil:ld MiUiboh,. ~~J'd Ginge~ her spoirQ.d-"iOtf£~ sf)dft. {~ l~~r sfMfe' time, t(l!~M ~rain$ for' lirimhI0111s .. (;Qlltactwura

~t la:uMZshJi'lJ'@)ltIhOO.OO/.n"

or visit $ti&'lU:lilfddesigI15.6ts)~ COIn or s''ickJiXtJrddc~ign$,. biogspot.cO.ffl.

111£1([ exit 111 bead ir:! d'oe Ol,ner !{lund.

~3~ Pick up a4 finn. <lad sew tihll:'01I!gih

a. bead j[lthe outer round of eac:h .of two end eircles w!lte.e du: circles :me,.~~ (ptD.ow bj. ~~tt~re tille thread path to SJEc;IlI~~he join,. and exi;~ the lIIe::!i:.t1Dc3d

ill the outer round {)if ;i'n,e toggie loop. [4.] Pick u.pthree l511S~ and sew thro~ the next twO beads in. the O1i.!;~er l"QllI.lil.d. ''I'1;~k~ng a picot ,(ptlo10' C). R,cpel1it

a round the edg;e ofthe w~le I(.H)P" ti!el'1i 5~W through d~e 4 mm aud repea,t around the oQlll:rred,ge (If the bracelet, adding pieces 110 all the'e'xpo!ieci Olrl:~H roun ds. End the .. bread. 10


Copper-dipped leaves contribute an authentic fall motif to this, vine-like lariat

Free-form fringe dusters disguise a branching herringbone rope - a stylishly practical way to raper rhe thickness of this lush lariat.


lall'ia,t HerrlngbolillO II"Ope

[ t] On - 1'1. 0;0]11 fO~fl ble I{:ngl:h Qf th,re:a.di. use 8"1r seed headsm work a row of ladder ~[tifLh. CB;;'Jsics.p. 88) eIght beads long. les a 6 -i u .. (lS on) t:lli. Join tn e .ffl d~of ~'he 101 doe:r 'InfoilTl 3. ring (B;lslul, and ~x:il: I:h~ first bead,

[[:I] Working. in euhular herringbane scitd'l: fB..1sic5l~ mtch ,five mlllfHI ... usin~ ,8ils.

[3] CO'.luin~ ni,cl'ii:rig roundsusing 6!l

seed beads, 8~s, afl d ]}1i seed! heads to create ~ bUfflpr ~~u~ if! 'the [lOP'! (photo a~, End and add thread lBasks) as needed,

[4]] When the herringboae rope is ahoat 7 111. US em) loll,g, reduce the fOlltil'"3:tioc.h rope to a tbree-seitc h m£i'~:

Begi 11 by add mg two beads for the

fir.£[ i!itit~h. Skip two celumns, and

~ up dm:mgib rile rop 89 iD1 eh e fo.llowing stack (photo b}. W,,;rk two rnoee stirehea ro complete the round. You will remrn eo the t'W,o roluml'l~ 7011

sk~pped mo 1i;rlwh a branch aftclr -yOUl

ha ... "t ,omp~~h~d. rhe he:llrrn.gbone [ope. [5] Contin!.li e stioching jhree-etitrh rcundsfor 3-5 in. (7.6-13 ern]. F;:.t;dut-c rile' theee-stbeh rope' ro .1 two-stitch rope as .in. stcp 4.

(6] Cantin ue &1!:irching, t\!ID-stitch eounds for OlifiCrher 9 in. (23 em),

[7] Rcpe!Jirt steps 3-6 to the other half oft.he j,~rringoone :rupc.


I[t] Add <l ne\\V lbii~ad near a. prnl[n where yoo reduced rhebeadwork from four stitches to three, and exir a bead in the- !:kippOO stitch, Th~s stiEhl will be referred to as me base ~rirc h.

(2:JI Pick up four S':ls. aad sew rlu-ougb borh beads ,0£ me base ~.i1!'~h ~o form a ,.i fig l[ph 000 c), then :;;e,v through m@; firstc ~d [usr add,cd.,This, ri.ns w:ill be file basis fur:a new hen~ingbol'le tuibf. [3] Pick IJ p t'it'l'Q S~':l, and sew th.rou~ the: nexr rwn beadsin the ring: ~hOitCl ell. This, is duo first herringbone sriD;:h~[1 rhe


fQr' a lbudge<Hriendly Otll'thmro' coppe .... coat:ed Ileavas, tli'Y !!.Ising leaf d\3ng,les m'ade 11'<!1m sh,eOs.il5s'hoYotn pit right. Otlilell' options i!'ilQI~de resin Ileay,es, Cz:ech pres:s;ed-gIMs leaves. alild base: metal charms er sta:mpinvs. - Ju,lIa

brancb, Pick up. tv."(!I 8~:s" and sew through [~e fOliilEth bead, if! .be ring ami ~ht1: fill"&'I; bead ill the: hase !<t.irch (p,oot.o e), rick I:!P ewo 8"'5. and sew throughthe nexe bead iOi me base stitch and, rhc mp t'i,'fD beads in .he tint h,erringbone srirch (p:n1otQ ~I, [4]Wmking Il,ff the beads added in

step 3, condnuein hcningoone fnr The desired number of rnands, If you want, raper dw: hr<llIlll:h by replacingthe 3~£ with 1111:;, and then the 11 !l.'i with 15~ seed. beads for four or fi Vi! munds.

[5~ Sew back ro the J!'~<Iuction poil'lt, and secure the unattached p.all'li; of the fin;:t rou nd I) f '~he bra neh eo the TOpe.

[8J Repear ~te~ :1.-5 at ll1e remain.i:ng reducnon points.

E 1111 bell ishft1efll'la

EnlUU1C'e the ends !:If the rnpe ii!lml beanches, ebe {Column reduction points. and any other desired spotS using one {IT inure of the fdlowul'Ig embcl~ ishmenes.

S!IlIliface e:Q1!bellllshme nt

Pick lip a COm hill arion of five ro nine seed beads and crys.r<1ls!.and se« through a bead hm.the herringbone rapt' tn create a r.idge (photo gi" Repeaeas desired,'l@: bell d ,ooun1lS to )lOlu liking.


Pick up a combmarieu of seed beads, rondelles, pearls, or bicunes, 'iilnrling with rnH~ or r'h [lee _B 11 ~. SkilP~he

II 11 ~5~ 11 rid 5-~'W b'H:k tucrUli;h the rest of the i.l'i nge beads andiueo the rope (ph otto h). R~pe.:ltJS desired, .JIN'!:ring bead counrs 00, }four lilting.

l.eait-$lha ped fringe

1[1~ Pkk up fouf to H A U~utld

H B n~s, skip the end E lV, and sew back rh rough rhe SOOOl1d)·tO- ]<1S;t B 1 P ~figure 1 , a-'b), Pick up nine U. 1 n lis, and sew back throughthe last I:'W(l It 11 Qs picked I1p in this srirch (trli).,

[2] Pu;k up It\wA, ll~:; and 11 'B tl~, skip the end a.11~~ and sewoo.d ~hrough rth~ second-to-lest J U~. Pick up nine jl. 11 ~~ and sew bade duough the two A rI!Js picked up in tbj!\ll'id~ch an:d!rhe nexr twO A 11 "s U1 t:h~ srem (~.

~a] Repeal: step 2. tor.n the stemwith leaves ,~), SLlnsfitIH:i,I'IG a 3 or 4 mm bicene crysral as. rherLtxt-oo"iasl' bead. if desired, and !lilter ingbe!'l.d counts to your lilil1~


Piek up a ff'pe.a~il'l$ pa~ern of 8J 1I.~ and (!. B 11!t Uflnl you bOll,veme desired lell~,

and endwith iii H9. Skip the end 15'!!, and sew bac.k th:n.n.agh only rue 11,g.g (fi9IJi'tI' 2). Ti~l:uen the mn.1d ro make the tendril cuIl,(p'1t'Ioto ij. Sew inN the henr:illgbol1e rope, :II nd tic :3!. hllItf-b itch 'knot (B~sics I,

Peatll illbeffll~ lcluster

~ t] .Pick up fi!.lEl tu ] o 898, two eerhree l~s"a pearl, and t'V.'IO' or three B'~s. anc sew back th rough ~he last S~ ,~p~ri1;o j). [2] Pick llpl!'Wfi or Irhree- Hils) ,::I pearl, and (wo Of 1!hn~ 151'~ ~ and se« back through the next sa. Repeat to :iliad. one ur mare ~onps~o eae n. 8Qo in the 5rc:m~ alft'ring bead CQUln~ to YOUI liking.

Leat dan,glill&i ",e

Pick lip two to foy r 8,~~, fhre ro nine A 1 lI:1s. a I,etl.f. a rondefle, and flv·r to nine A 11~, and se\V back through clt~ 8~" ~~oto Ik)" s..~ moo the [.ranch. and eIDI another column. Rcp~~iI: as de1i:ir~du) add m o~e lea ves, ::IJf>t':ring Mad. counts te yOUT' lik~ ng.


['1] On U. }'d. (.9 .m) of th:read.pxck up ::10 S" seed b-E.a.d" fi.V<!Pl lit Q &eecl he~&;, a le.<l F, .; 11 d five 1 PIS. S<!':wrhWlIgh the 8~ ~Q rorm a l"QP (1J:g~ 3, a4:l).

ill Pl..;;;k up right 1 i ~s, and ~ew dilroUgh

~ Lariats a~ iilII'l ever-popu'i., ~'ace style.lo ma'ke more ~8ria!ts,. visit ~dAl'lldlB\, 8Barclh on ·the word Oir.uiat"

the .~ ~ ag;a.i n 110 form a loop· 3 bove ,he fi.r.>r loop (b-c). Sew through the beads of the lowe', loap 'i'n exit an ] 12 on tire feenr of tht ] ~a.f (c-dJ!.

[3~ a.s~Ll "Em bellimments; Tendril," pick tip ~ fepeati1l]g pattern efan Ll q i1!'I]d a lS~ sud bead 11 times. then ~l::wb,a..:k tb [o!J#I the 11.;is. r'lll1 right eo make ~hl:: serand curl. Sew dU'Qugh the next 1] L! 0 n the (;rOOt of the leaf,

~4] Repeat step 3 tvtice~ subninuing a :3 mm 0,[ i mm 'r:v~tal fur the last \l1~ on one of the tendrils, if desired.

'[5] Sew [iluough rhe S~ and the Imlp of :1.1 ~s above it, aM ·e'nd ttl:JiI! rhrlM!i: (;, p. 88).

Eell Open ill 4 rnrn i llmpl'i fig li~llF.ics:)~ a uach. the top loop of 1 Ps and rhe lcmp nf an earring .finding, and close rrh¢ j!.lmp ring;

1[1'1 Milke .;i,l second eau:mg.. o·

materials Ibllti"l pmjects

.. rr;kln lJeadDg tiTOOd, SlOlE:l D ~ boo.dhg needles. .lI! 1 2:

1001 at: 46 [n. (1.2 m)

.~ 2iB-8S 2&-01 n;m. one-rete copperOOB!ed iei3\IBS (ShipwrE!Ck B€:acb. sI"Ilp~d8~com)

II 2-3. 1 eHn. (41' em} stm.nds

:-7 I'nm pearls

.. 90-95,6 mm cryst!Ji1 ron dell 6:9

;I' 7(J..,8S 3-6 rnm bicone Cry.stars. • 1[)"'1 5 S (3Q seed beads

" 7~ 9 8-;> seed; 'beads

• 11 ~ sood ooad$ s-ro 9 color A 5-10 g ooro; E!

it 3-5 s 15" sood ~s

pal!' of eilln1ngs

... 2 25--3'0 111m cne-noie copper-

GO"ted h;!i1iI\.I\I53

.. 2 s--.4 rrrn crystals ,., :2 8~ seed beads

.• i g11~ seo;Klt)e8ds, ooIor A Of B ·i 1 9 15~ seed bead;";

i .24 rrm jump rings

~ paj, 01 8<Mring"iQs ~ 2: pi1l1rs (If piers

To nod a bead :;;tQI'B, visit BoodShopA1der.oorn,


f:~', .~. ':~'. ~

,._, I

1 .

,~ -

·11 .

B,Iil.ltette DOnlani of Salll!11tr1ab> G(1 .• nr tbr!!. [1.5., h{js bC'ill beadhJZ for abQf! r six yems. SiJ!) »tAae tf1iJ ':Mddlice, ~i!h"r;b ~ws jm.p;reJ ,b), the glorklus. f~l' 0':'1).1'01'8 'liJh~ StlW un a trip to teester» 1!t~ut~ylvania, with 3(1mie fJi thg {ir-s,t seed $he ~Wf p~ rc/'a5ed. Conta.:;t Bilbeue "t borsfflti@oU,,'1e~'.

Te fro ~ ~ store, VISit ~FilOC!.com.

Subtle structures, define a right-angle weave band

desigMJtd Ii). Cathv Larnpole

MuUld ,eOlors and seed bead embeUishment'S lend a delicate lOOk to th~ S'tun'dy bracelets.

materials brac-Bl4tt 7~. iN. (19.1 em) • 58 6 mm pearls

" 44:3 rr m pearls

• 76 ~ mm biconr,t uystals

• 5-7 9 152 Japan.sse se8d bsa(lg: , clasp

• ~ beading thread, SII!:!l D

• teadir'9 ;~, "" 12


thethread parh ThrOugh rhe repring of L5i1s. and sew through rhe beadwork tuexit the 6 mrn eermecting me

next li':ight-ang!e weave stitch. [1 O~ TOo work eseh suhsequenr "paJi;Qd .. t" i!lIci'l: rhe eonl1~g 6 rnm, aud repest steps 2-9, ~'fi(iillg ('Lno ~dding thread (Basics) as needed, End with :u lea..~~ a ·yd. (.9 m) of thread, [111 ~ 1'01 "mach clIe clasp, exit III edge 6 mill in the last SEitch. Pick up two;) nun pearls, three 15Qs, half of the clasp, and three 15W~. StW haoCk !hruugh the two.3 rams ;l!tld lM end 15 mIn ,(photo h~. Pick up two 3 mmS alld rhret 1 $'15, &e\'" through the S3.111e haJJ of the clasp, sndpick up three lSQs" Se\.,.. back through rhe f'.110 '~ rnms, retrace the we a d path severel tim I:Sj and exie an edge 6 mID. nexr to the end 6 m rn,

[~2~ Pkk up a J mID, and Sl"W tI:J rough t he next 6 rmn on rhe ssrne edge (ph:otQ'ij. Repeat along this unnl YU1.1 eeacb the last 6, mm, Sew Through rhe end fi mrn, ami repeat step 1 [0 attach The mocr half of the clasp Oil this i!!nd. Then coorintle addint;

3 mms along the remaining i:d!gL End the threads .•




Right-angle weave provides all sorts, of opportunities for embellishments. I took full advantage of this in my bracelet" building up from rbe base row and filling all the spaces in berweenl


1[1] On 3 yd. ~2.7 m) of ebread, leave a 6 -in, (15 ern.) tail. and use 6 mmpesrls to make II r.igh[~ang.!e weave :>tJtip (Basics, p .. 38) that is 19 srieehes ~ o'ng.

[2) W~th ~.h.~ thrud ,L';XI1:mg the end 6 nun in the last sriocn, pick 1iiIp a 4 rnm bieonc crystal} five 1$11 seed brads. and a 4 nun. Sew 'chrou~h the end 6 mm and t'i'te fi'l'ii 4 rnm IlgSlm ~hoto a),

[3]1 \Vorkillg in right-angle wtne. pick up fi ve L~.!I and a" mm, and sew through 1M n(!Xl: 6 mm in the stJtcll, the'

4 mm yOUl' thread just exited, the Ii e Hils and 4 mm jus'!: adrled, and the next 6 ,min in rhe stireh ,'phQto b).

[4] Pi!:'" up a 4 mm and five L'iilS• SL. .... through the previous 4 mID and 6 rnm, lhrough me- next 6 mm in we ~tild'L~ arid the adlj:u,'Cnt 4 nan th!llt wars added in srep 2: (photo c). [I] Pick up five 15P I and :i~1'J

through the 4 mm added j fI the previous Slit h mit 6 mm below the ]5~ just add.:d. the rB~::a 4 nm, <lind the fim fow: 15'l!~ of the set just added (photo ,11).

[16] Pick up five UOiS. and StYo' t:hro~jl the last three 1t5~s yOOl.r ,thread exited at the st'ar(' of elli ~ Srtp and the U;:1:1.te( three [5l1s ill the next.

nreh ~pha'to e}<.

n7JII?kk up four '15 ~s> and scow tmoosll me end 1j(1 m, die previous mtdl, the renter three 15Vs your thread jUS[ !, and the center three 159S in the next srirch. R~pc:u. [8] Se'W !hroogh the end 15" in the firsr stitch, pick up three 151!'5" M1d sew rh ro Ilgihrhe en-dl 1511 in the last titch and Iii!! three center 15 ~ ),'OUl thread ius'~ exited, Step up '~h1'Qllgh the first three 15 50 in the ne stitch (photo t).

~9] Pl~k up a IS~. a.Tild S~W through 'the center lSQ in the next stitch. Rrpr.:lIt three more rimes note g). Rerrace




Cat6y J~amp(Jlt:

owns the bead $hap Th~t Bead Lady in Newm:arke.t. Oldarjo, Qmadu, Conwct C4th)' at thll,tbell.dkldy.'Dm"



Weave a spiral rope through a braided cord to set off

an art-glass bead

iluigl<o'Jd by Usa Phillips

EDlTOR1S INO'TE: You eaf! USB :aO'-gauge wife instead 01' 11 .... ga uge to hang the 10 cal bea til, as showl"ll MfiO. Mak.e a hOGk ait tile end" Ml'ting 11:e 'if(lC~ bEl" and a fav.' spaeers,and lIt!ake 31 wrapped ~ (Elasics) s , After joining the- splml rope' and braid. add a new Uiread (Btl!iic:5I) at the midclle of tlilte spir.all ro,pe, and ew the!OOp 1.otne· b-eadwcdt. Cover ttle jotn wttIIlh1nge. Art~91ass bead by

Cathy Lyba l'lgef. ';Uiu'dvarkat1g1oss. neil. ~. Julia

c c C
work ~ wort! ccunl8r- C work
,~ clodlwi~~ oloW"'J~e ~Ioq:l\'ji~
, -,
.. 1,(tURE 1 FKiURE 2 fIS~R= ;l FW!JIflJ;; 4 If you love kumihimo and are looking for a new way to incorporate ,~t ioto your headwork, look 00 further. This, clever combrnrnrt]on ,of braiding and stitching fits me b~IL

cords, i 1'1 pairs: A and 8, Cane! D,. E and l~, and G and, H for the stdes.aad C and H and II and ~ fm rheeungs, [f you are world ng on ::t maruda i, gnsp the nrsr cord mentioned with you r d,gbt hand

KUIn~h1mo ladder w pe

1 ~earJi.ed lm:l :rope from. Ja!cqui C".fe}~~ rook Bw'ds anil ,HraiJ:s., ~t creates 11 :flat rope 1i:har hes openings in it, like rhe

g .. ,p~ between the lungs. of a laddes

['1]1 Cm twu l%.yd. UA m) pieces of «:.1 ch '(}'pe of cord l for a f(n'l'alorr hull' COlds. 'Wind eachend of each cord around a bubbin, leaving lQ...l1 in. 125-30 ern) berweenrhe bobbin,",

~ f'Osition the two style A cords on d10:.:: merudai or kumihimu disk. 50 thy art: perpend:icui;1Jr and cross in the middle (p1oo:to ;1)1. ~'VIQV,e one notchto th.€, and positina dU:tWll st:r!c: B cords so they art perpendicular and ~JlO:;$ in the mldd le '(Ph~, b). TIe or tw.isrr <I, piece of scea p cord orw~!l'e arennd the middle of all toll!" cords where they cross, kttadl yo III counre rwei,g'ht to the cord Ill' wi.'!!:.

[3] Position themarudai 0.1 disk. sothe cON:;' sre ibtr~ nged as i fI fi,gUN1. The cOM. POllhtiO'll!i;JIm indicated by .:1 letter, and YOl1. will tl.lways !;vorkwith !hiil




materials nsdlf!iDi': 1 8 in. (48 om)

.' !amD\'.moo foc.a~ bead

.' .;a. 4-6 mm c~'" gbss OOMS, rolorC

.' 12'=15 4,..{l mm Czech gl,a£s b8~d8

il each of 2 (;olors: D and E I~ :5 9 ev SMLI 0010r A '" :3 g 8'J" seed b9atts, color B ... 5 9 " ~!OeW iJoo.ds

,~ 3 9 15~ seed beads

,~ o1asp

... 2 OOrt9~ or bead caps

• 3 in, rn5 I;Illl 14·~{j wire ,~ Flrelirle 6 or a b, 'l55t

• 3 yd. t2.7 m) fiber cord in e:a-ch

of:2 sty18:s

j beading needJeg,lt12 !i! anJiI 01' bercl1 blbcK

~ G-!:) rtypo Cement

~ tlamm~

• marUQ8I or kum.himo disk llllith

8 bOObl'ns ane! Wllr1i(sIV'/Bi!;t1ft ~. metal file

.' scrap wire or cal.1 + l'OUOOnOSB plitlrs ~ wia cutt€lf'!S

To ''h:I.:I beadl s~, ",isit,


A p'tayful bMd by Me1anie Mo~IW!, melafiliOO100IU!L com, make,s<ll great focal piQl;:'8 10r this Mcklo1Ge.

and me other cord with your l'l::ft hand, and move them simultaneously in the direction indlC3.!!Ci fer r}<lt ~ovement. lf yo u·n: wod:i:nli: with s: d ~:;;k, rp ick up tle first cord uf the p!lil',molo'e i1l inrhe ,d~ reetion ind tC;lIredro trne fi-twposirion. then pick up rhe second cord, and .move it in tilt· diJr'L'!orim!Hnd icated '0Ci the new

[)o!~lrro!llI, Begin '!the ~d~ :r.ope :3iS Jollmvs:

M O'Vem 001 1: Working dod. wi.!ic~ move ~~""""~-,j. A to thecord 'R pasirinn, and move

_ 0000 B mrM ccrd A j:i osi,rion (tiguro ,2). 'OVEmerrt 2: Working: cu~nllmc:ln('k-

. move col'd D ro The cord. C pesition, and move cord C tel the

~~I;tIW ,I) pOii~don (ftgI.!lNl' .3).

_Movemen~ 3: WQrbllg. eleekwtse, mO"T~ tQN E tel the (o:rd f ~(l:>ithnt. and. move CQN ,F eo the cord E j:H}shinn ('Fi9U~ 4), MO'Vemen~ 4: Working counterclockwise, mow cord H tothe cord G pesltiou, a ad move cu.rJ G In the

curd H position Ifig iDe 5).

[4] Repeat movements 1....':1 threetimes. T11i5 creates two parallel braids that form the sides of 31iiJ. openlng.

[5~ Make a ladder rung as foIlows:

MovemE!lflit 5:, ~m1: iIl{!: dot:kw~gej. move cord C m the cord H p:I~itilOIl; and move cord 1HWthe eordC position (figlllffi 8). Mowment 6~ WIU'kin~ coumereleekwise, m nve cord B 1:0 rh,~ w'[d .lE position, and move cord Eu) th.1t

cord B. pusitian Vligu~'7J,


~6] Rel"~;II" :mO\le m.enfS 5' :m.d 6 rwice. ~7] C.olilri f1il,le- as in ~t~ps 3-6, unt i] the b.r:aid is HI jn. (46 !l:m). ReJ'D'J.u"'L'!"~he hr.8Ji(l i'r,f)m ~he!'lIH i!: adai or disk, and

rie tht ~.nd~ tOgemtl" with a tight Sq'LI&"c knot (Basks.p, 38) .. CU[ tlc l:n.rJ.~ clol'le to the 'knot" appl}' glue rorhe krror, and ~~l' dlie braid ;'iside.

,Sp~ra~ Npe

[11m.o02 yd. (lJ:llll) oj Pirellue, iea1i'f:' an 8-l:1il. {2:.0 em) ta il, and Fick 1[11[:1 (\QUI!: color A 8~ seed ib¢~d5. a 15!i! seed bead, rwo nil seed beads, a color ! SI:I! seed bead, two ] '1 ~:;, .ilnc. a 1 Sli. Sel ... thr\(lugn the g~s again ~pl'll.otJj c}" The As, are ehe corebeads a nd the rest of the heads Form a loup, Flip the loop to ,tthe left. [2J Pick up an A, a H~! tw'!) 11 "s, ill B, two 111l~, and a ] sa. and sew through the top three A:;; fromt'lll.e previous sthd a nd due A j usr added (pi hom COl, PuU tight to create a. ne wioop. 3I!i.d .:I1ip it UJ the [eft so it SU[S Oinl I'!Op of dre previous. loop. This bead ~f!'qutru::e will be referred to as panern 1.

(3]' Repe~t step 2 t3~imes to make a pattern 1 ~~gment with 15 ~QOpSi"

[4,] Continue i n spiral rope for three stitches, bur pi de up tM foHo"",ing ~d~ which wLJI be ~red toss pattern 2: [Firsts-met!: an A., a 11. S~! an 1l1';', a col (I r C 4-6 mm Czec'h_ slasskad~ an n ~~ iilM:;I 1511,

S~l)nd stitch: an A, a lt5!ii! an l1~j

a co]or D 4-6 mm Czech glass bead, an 1 P, and a 1.51".

TJhllld .I;;:tTtoh: am Ala 15~, an 11~> a color C 4-6 rnm Czech glass bead, an 1i F, and a H~.

(5] 'Wo{k P;llltl!f,[[ 1 for Jom: stitches, ~I] CuntillJue in. spital rope JOt three snrches as irn pi! t.te:rl'l 1, hut Kuh;timt<:::

a color E 4---6 mm Czech glass bead ror e .... ach D. T'liis head sequeuce wiJ1 be referred 'to as; par-r-eTn, 3.

[:'1] Work four pau~rn: 1 srirches,

[8] Wmlk a, repC:!l.ting sequeece of three

p~ttern::! ~t rehes, f'Ol~r pltuem ] nutehe~1 three 3 stitches, and fo,ur p~H~rI"I 1 srirches unril )'rll.l have "11 sets of both pattern 1 and p.;l'tum 3, ~d the !lope with D, ectal of ] 5 pattern 1 stutdbes. Do Do'r end rhe drrE!ad.


1[1] Cn[(I ~-i 1"1. (7.6 em) P[occ uf

14-&01 uge wi re, PI ac~ one endon ehe anvil Or bench block, alld hf!l]1JJ1uelr tIh~, end IA, i n. ~ 3 mm ~ tn flamm i1I (photo 9). Use ,,1 meta I m~ ro sm oorh the edges, [2] Stril1g the focal bead 00 tbe wire, '~hen p l('Ice the o~her' end. of the wire 0]1 the ,<l11'1'i1 or bench block, 3ntl hammer it flat, being c,:trdJU,l not 'to hilr rhe focal bead, Smoorft the end with rhefilc.

[3,~ 'Use tb!? wjde~r part of 'Y0nr round- 1lI0000C pliers to turn the end of the wire lmo 3.l:U~ loop (ptnO'to fl.

[4] Center the pend anr on rhe ~h(li~ll g~.

[5] W~'Ve ,he sri rs l rOl'l1 ~hl'o1.J~ the

o peil1mgs in the braid (photoh:lllnril cl:1!!.~y

3.IIr<! cnmpknely illterl:'i.vined. Sew each end of the spiral rope to the md .. of the braid, [II] On one end1pkk up J cone, ~n 8~.

a 4-6 111m Czech glass hea d. seven 1i 5i;iS" and half of the cbsI" .':;e ... back duou,gh. the' 4-6 mm, the 8~~ and the COIliC~ and ~ew intothe !!I],d of the bmidtphoto i). RtuJcf! the rhread pa:~h to xeoure the clasp conueencn, and end lh.ol' thread (Basi[:sl. Repeat at the other end. "

=Wartoh a '!tldeo damc'ooll'Catuog tn,e bra idirllijliiiil,[J WeMl~n i;I 'for fI11IIis p~~t at BeadAr'ndButiton.conlNJ neos,

Lisll fih1.lli-ps btl:; bee« beading for 11 years tlJ'l.d csp.e.cJally 't1M}Ci)lS p.airhrg beads and fiber. Her lUNe'nl ('Jb$e$~'OH it bead kIt]t1.i~. Contact .Lit" tit ik<>adtoom.m@hcrf:1Futil.(011L


.nFiH,g .• ····· r~ele~SuppJy~

~" .. 'lf'~ ~ .

"WW'W •. filigreesupply .eom

YOr.HI" .so:u,r-cejor l'inmg,e" style brass' stlnnp,fngs! Flnweni, tJlI1i1:1:!iual eharms, COnnectoll's, & lll.1lIIch HI,Ole. In d~l\ee fini5he~. H.1!iIge sele.ction •. Lmtr Plrh:.lils. Al1 made jlJl. tTSA.

Nov,ember 12-19-, 2010 H.E. S .S. Cllu'b

5430 WeSUU!iWliflrer Re"ad Ho,uls;ran, 'TX 1705,6

Ffiid:llJ)'. No.yarri!er 12: NQIQfI .Q 6: 001 SaluM::!:y, fIIo¥eml)e.r 1IJ~1(]:OO le 6:DO S,uWlCay. N~fojmtJ;eF14: 11 :00 10 5: 00

Over 60 Vendors Open to the Publi;C

FOr Vendor Illformabiolil:

Contact Shirlie,), Nowlin at 713-294 .. 9a8&

The illusicfI of a twist is ach laved by altel' nating colors alongl the neck ~strap.


Use two versatile stitches, to create an elaborate necklace and a classic bracelet


designl?d b)' ~ Cave

70 8Aad&Bl.IttOCl I

Stitch up a. wlnnmg combinanon of netting and peyote stitch while capturing six rivolis as a centerpiece for this stLJ[][}~ng necklace. The peyote design twists and [urns throughout the necklace and. can he adapted to' makea matching bracelet, Fashion a pair 0'£ earrings to round out the set,



Riwli oerrterpiece

~1~ On i yd. (.,9 m) ofFaelillie,. pi!!:k \lj:l a repearing p"(~1"1'1 of 1I. eolOE A i1~ seed bead and five color A [5t1 seed beads. eight t.umt~, St:w througli ~he tim il. l]m and three A 15 "sm 'fOl'm .'I ri rig, 11::111 .... :11]& a 12-in. {3Q em) tan (fielulle 1. a-b)!. [2:llPk:k up Emu A 15"$. and Se\V -

through the L.C[l1_cr A ] 5 ~ in the next group of fiv,e H\l's (k). Repe;;l!t :;uuLJnd (c-d). Retrace the thread ])aIfh througb the {"~n~e::r rrn.g., and. sew through the b~a,f"''IIork re cxir Ml A 1111 in rhol:o:riginal riag, Do not end the! duud.

[9] U~Lng the rail, pi(;l up fiye A ]JlI's,

a 1110 lie'lY 1!hI'ough the Ile;!:'r A 112 in rh c !ring. Repeil.t around, and step up d~~gh t'he first three A 15~ (fIgure,2,a:-b),

!(4] l~ick up three A 15 "Sl .:l1i'ld sew

• 0 .... :;; ..

• •

• • • •

• •

o. 0.

• •

• •

.. - .

., .

•• 0.

s », .-

".e·· .. O. • •

,[MOUgh the center A 15" inthe nee"'!: stitch. U~i]j_g medium tension, repeat eronndthe ring ~b-c)" [l]a't:a color A rivoli face dOI\vi'i iii1ro the neteing, <lnd retrace theehread path tbIoug}i the oC'~ilL(er ring, pulHiTilg li:ight. b.d the tail (Basics., p, S:!:n. b-ut [lot; !he-l,1;,'Orkiogrh.l"eao,

[5] F..tpt;l]~~~epll ] --"1. 00 make .... toral

of six r.ill'olli CJ)mpo[lf[!tll, usingcalor A seed beads with color Ii rJvolis and eelor ~ seed beads \vir:h color B ~iyolis.


[1] Using the working thread of a rivoIi componenr, pick up fu'O'e B 15~, and se« rchrougll the next] 1 ~ li'il.M dng. Rep.ea~ (figuM 3, e-,b).

~:2] TJirl; 1I1p a color El gr lira der bca d. 1Ii.T1ld sewback cluQ~_} thelast B 1511 picked up. Using B Gy~.indc[s. work back itC'tOS$ the row In peyote stitch (Ba,s.iGll and b-e), for Iilielast stitcrn, pick upa B CY~~'f1der~ and woek an odd-count tU!l:f.I (1:hu.i:cs and 0-<11. Work 3. row of B t:)'.I:Ll'ldern, eheu work iii tl)~lf ·of B l:U_?s urilt"h ~I'I ndd-cOimt turn. Work :a.oorher row of B 1 n_ I!s (d-e).

[3] Sew thrO'Ll~.h the ~dlwork m ~xi! rhe next 11 ~ in rhe original (ing. llick_ up fh~~olor A ']5&1 s~~di b-eiilds:);!m::I :!'l~W i:hwugh the next A 1111 in the ring. Repea;r three times (figure 4, <o1:-bl).

[4] Repeat step 2~ but use color A I::Y.lindcu and ] IllS Instead of B:;, lb-c}. ~5] Pick up <!in A. 15~. a color A 6 mm

materials '~ookIaC€l17 il'l. (43 arrQ

• 3 14 mm ril.!'lJis in ea~h 012 oo'lorn:


~ '9' 6 rrm bicoroe crystals. cob A

.. 'TIIO e mm bicon8 crysta~ coIofr B ·~134, 2' mm rol.Jnd Oi)'$tm in each of

:2 eoiors: A. B

.. 5 g 1 1 ~ cy1t1ld8r t:Ieads in eooh of 2 colors: A, B

• 5 9 11 ~ :::.eed beads 11 each of :2 COlors: A, B

~, 5 g 15S! seed beads i"l ooch of

2color.,o, At B

• clasp

~, FlreIrle 6 tl,lest

,~, blooding needles, ;1;112 ,~ bcb!Jir.;s

but in step S sew through 3111 existing 6 mm frurn rhe plil~''''OUS, component msread of picking the first one up tpho~o b,'.


[1] Attach a stop bead i Ba1!iic::;;;') a~ the center III 3 yd. (1_7 m) of fire.I:illie. Wjnd ~]f of the thread on a bobbin, Sew ~brough an end 6mrn «Jf the <:en~flrrieoe. [2] Pid, up an A B~ 3lild [2 B nils. Pick up a B cyl irtd er, slip a B 111.

and !lew bock th rough the [,U: xl: Jj 11 2 (1I1gure 5, a-b)" Conrinue in p@yore ro complete til e row llS] Og B cyl lnders (k). Work ~ seeund ,row ofB ql:uflder.s (0""'11)" 'W!o.k a row nslng B 1511s (d=e).

ln [h~ first ~titch of the next row, pick IIp rwe B 15Q!i.thm comF~~te the rnw !Isil16 one 'Po 159 per stitch, Work one

sri f(iI1usilli.g all Pi H III as if to begin a

uew row (e---1)!. Do Il nrcorn plere ihe

m\lo\ bu r zigul.g throughthe end of th-:

C~OC~l to exit the end B ] 1 fl.

[3] Pick up a B, Hiland! a P." 6 moo (poo.t(:I C'l'- Anach a stop be .. d, andwind

mt:;ul1l~ ';;:.I')'5M]~ a I'll d an A. :1.5 ~. Sew rhrengh rill!': opposite B U ~. Sew through the edge B 1 l !lis On du:mp bn" rick up

11 .8 1S"'~ a color r. 6 mm. biccne (rY!iul.l" and <lJ J3. IS!II. and sew thr01lgn the edge A 11I1S on the b01ltOIFl [an ~ph(lto aJ.

[I] 'Work Meps 1-5 with d~e l"emaming five rivolis, altemanng colon A and B,

the thread on a bobhin eo keep i~ nut ur the: w.;t)'.

[4] RcmOll'r [h.!-l:Iobbilii arid $OOp bead b:on1L~he other balf Q f the th:read. Pick up an A 152, 14 A l'~~s, and an A qiin:dl1!r. Skip the ~as!: A l'~I1~ and sew through the uext, Col1ltLnu:e ~n pt,)'ote to complete the row using A cylinders. Work another row Iil$ing A c ~~inde!1:s. 'j,!goIk a row using A [~s (g~h)" For the bit .nnv., MJ.W I:hrolJlgrn~he second B H'i' ofdre first sd rch in the 1,;1J$! complete row of the oPposl1iie crescent.Pick up a!'l A 15':' ~ and ~I!\:V~ hrnugh the ne'Xf A ISJ in [ih~ Pt~\I1 (I I:lS row ltH~. Complereshe row using A 15~s. Sew llh,[{)u~] the ccl~~ A 1l5~ added on I'm e opposite crescent ~i:-j}. Zigzag rh rough t:he end of the cresceee to exit tile end A t,

I[,fi,] rick up an A 15~. Remoll'r the STOp Mad added afte r rh e 6 mra in step 3, and sew dl.£ough ~.he ,6 mm so th~ lhreOids exiT~f in nppesiee dM'0Cn nns, ~6,] Rl!I)!.~t $!~P~ 1-5. alt,ernatilll':: colon A :and Band t'nding and adding rheead {O<J";cs} as needed, fur a rotal ot !Oil( pair> of crescears, but don't add me 15· to. cunnecttheend ofthe last pa ir 0 f crescenrs. b.sre.ul. eXEr di.:l end 15~ Oil each crescenr, and pick LIpan A ISS! with each thread, wutn. both ~hre a ds together, pick up ;3 n A ,6 mrn.

[7] Pick up duet" B 15i1s., h;9i]f of ebe clasp, and [HL'!>12 B U~. Sew back through [h~ A 6 mm, rmr!1!.ct rill!' thread path, and end the~hrtad. Reeraee the thread 'P:l:tft. us;ing the ath er 't nIle.'! d j and end rhe thread,

(8] Repeat steps 1-7 onjhe other side (If she neeklaee, all'ernalins: colors.

c: rysUtl' ,emile I~ish mel'll

[1] l.el'lrer 1. rd. (1.8 m) of L~ireLine in rhe clasp loop ;;H one ,end,Wi~h both thread ends, sew ,through the 6!'l1m.

__ '-IILJ...___~7._.. ~ __ :Ele:ad8:8utto.a:tJ 'I'lIlI'!W_BeadAnc!l.ButlDi:U::[fflI ~ _.

W.lth one thread; zjszag through the end beads of an end crescent 11'.0 exit the first edig,e 1111", wi th the needle ex itillg tcward th'f centerpiece.

[2] Pick IIp a ,C"uior A {II B :1; m rn round ':l1' shill ro match the 111' you r tn ref HI 'is e~utitlg. and. working in peycte, sew through '[he next up-bead. O:mtinuf along the edi~, iiLdding one 2 rom per stitch, Sew through the 6 mm md the nesr fWO edge beads on the inner edge of tlle next crescent, Cominue in pe lOft, adding a, 2. mm foe each stitch, and alt'~mam.J.g between colors It a'I'Dd ll. 'to maech the edge beads,

1[,3] Wh,rn fOU reach the censerpiece, conri nue in the !;J me manner; btl t pick up a rna tching 15~, a 1 mm and! a I ~ for fach stitch. Switch back to on e

1 rom pe stitch when ),(II;t reach cite other ne k "ITa. . End the duead.

[4) WIt'h ~ orh r 'fh'read repeat to coaiplece t rem.unin& edges, and end the thread.


[t] To make earrings, £0110'1'.- steps 1-:> of" Necklace: Rrvoli c(!nte'l"piece." u sins 1S in. (46 c ) of thread.

m2] On the workL[J~ thread, pi,[.; up 11 A or B 1.)11 seed beads, and ~ew thrnagh the 11~ your rhread exited at rhe starr of this step, Rei nfon;~ the ~ uop, and end the rh read Cit"! ics, p, 88)-

[3'] Open the loop of ill'! earring finding (, and attach the loop of 1 SWs;. C1o~ rhe loo p,

[tim Make asecond earring.

Carolyn Y1.-'6 tooes C"lMting oInd tI!:.r:perifmmt.~ in.g lllit'h m'w de:stgns, be~1J t'oJOf".5, and ti?'X'ft, res', Cmll4'ct her at (4OJ) 71?2 -7365, or e-mail b~ .. at ccMtnn@l1;udgm.a:Dnl.


" ,,"~


10 make a braeek), foHow sW'P~ 1-7 of "Necklace: Ne\:k straps" for a rotal of seve'ri pairs, of czcscerus, but pick Lip 14, 1]~s. insrep 1 so borh crescents <Ire th~

sa me length, '.'

Schedule of Events

. J N 5 .. 7: NE 1,0:

M<lslcr a~:;I:~. F'mdam~ni.llls, in TI>'I.b.nlqtl..-$, Olnd Pn!-.;:mJf'~T@flc~ "l'IrlUhcp~

Pick YOUR Master - Thrte Mostel' di1Hf'-S for 2011!

Seam· eml! Wll~.!-Wclli; Mcllll~ - Micli;1ei Bo:>yd

SpKla1 4"d.a'l ~~(lj'h (Bqiru; r."" ~,1 Glau - Anma Guaril:l'lll-~~1l1mDnj

and Midtad E;ulty

:JU 8:

:J E 8 12:

JU E 10 12:

Bead aJlti lewdry ~rklpl ace - ,70 ..... mdo:r~ - P\JblJc Sh()1l_"

JUNE 11:

flead 5£.cial ,md Au~lJon Nlp)n


Please all loU-!T,ce 1-800-554..o]97ot e-mall cUHomergervice@bgdandblJll ton ,com

C l;dog)! aec $5..00 plus a:ppl itable (;'IlC and • ~hiPPU\g. 2~l)g-20J 0 d~,,-" l""!Ii;;.tnill~ r«.el~ : 3 cllmp1l~1ili rYeilpv.

~JUNE 9:

: Pn I"iilre Sl"IIOfPll'tg P'w.iew fOr Jtqi£'tranu


11"1 Bc!klBce ,20 in. (511 em)

• 140-1804-10 mm IfIl:!OOrted

glass beads, Cl)'5t:11S and pear'ls ,_ 5-7 8 6{o se€d beads

• 5-7 9 B~ seed ~3

• 5-7 g '111 seed beads

• iogglB c:lasp

• 6~~yd, (5,9 ml24·gaugewlre .. 4 crimp boods

• 4 cnrnp roverS (optionsQ

.. fte>:.ible beadir-g '...,q, ,018-.020 .. channose pliers

• crimping plilllrs

.. round nose pb's " wire cutlers

To flr.d a bead store. viSJI 8eadSnopr:,

Create at bead soup with beads in pleasing shapes, sizes,

and colors for a necklace rhat displays beauty and variery; Choose ,~raft wire in a color ilia~ coordinates with the heads, or use a precious-metal wire that will stand out.

steptvstep IFocal1 cluster

1[1] Cut a 5- ft. ('] .. , m) piece of 2:4-ga uge ""free, .and fold if in half Stfing a

+10 mrn bead, and twist the wire together three rimes (photo a).

[2,]1 On one side, ~trifi_g three to seven ,6111' 8~! andJo.r 1]" seed beads and a

4-10 mrn bead .. Twisr the wne around tlJJE hase of fh·f: 4--] 0 rwn bead (pnalo b). [3] Rep'!:at ~tep' 2. seven timr:s for a 'lora~ of eight units.

~4]F()ld!!M btaded [portion of wire in halt~ and l\'{Hllhe beaded 1i ll"'e mgether to form 11 dlll!iter. Bend the larger beads to 0'1"1 e surface to create the front uf the necklace. This allows the sel!'d beads

to set e as the background support ~n'1ucture (photo, I;;;).

[5] Weave the I.mbeaded wire .Mough the bead cluster to exir r he opposite endl an<l repeat sttp~ 2.--4.

[6.1 Twist the un kadGd wi re ends round beads in borh clusters te

hold till: dusters tugerher (photo dJI'. 17m 0[1 one wire. repeat steps 2-4. Weave the working W1[1;: a round

the beads in. the new chJf:t:er :tnd [he peevious duster ro CCtfli'i&~ tn dusters logi!'~h~ ~photo (1)1. Repeat ro' the end of the w ire, a lId "VE1l1'!! the rail ineo

the he a du·Q'rk.

1[8] RepeOit step 7 on the lfi:ffiliIIming wire, 1[9] Cu.t a S-ft.ll.5 rn] piece o$24·gang~ wire. and "'I"'.~,Wt one end im:o tile bea.dwork to anchor the wire, Continue adding bead clusters J~ before,

[ 1 0] Repeat srep 9 on the o the ide of me beadwork. lf needed, continue cmriT'll~ new wire lind adding bead clusters (in

<11 reT Moring si d~~ of the original cluster until the bead cluster . measure aoout

6 in. (15 em) nr your desired length.

Bl'ij,dging cilu'Siel"s

[1]1 1R-in. 146 em} piece of 141lange WITt. and fold it in half. St[ing it through an end luep of the tocal eluster, and twi« ehe wire I:Ogtffirhl!r (photo '0.

[2] Dill each half of the wire, make fi ... e to seven units as in steps land 3 of "fnC'al elusrer," TWlSt the beaded units 109.~Mr ~oto g). Bend the farge bead .. to the front of the necklace.

1[3] Repeat steps J. and 2 on the

temaral ng end of the focal cl usrer,

1[4] CUlt aIO-in.ISl em] pilE'ce of 24-glluge wire te reinforce th~ structure of '~h~ necklace. Leaving a 2-.111. (5.em) tail, Wt:llvt: mt:" ~ ire through the bead clusrers from one end of the neckl a ce U. the other. Add beads to conceal the w.ire as desired.

[5] On one end.rwisr rhe tails of the bea lied clusters 3.l1d the re inforr.:il1g wire together (photo 111). With aU three wires twisted rogeeher, make a plain or

wra pped 100 P (Ea :ia;, p. S 81. REpca t on the erher end.


[1] Cur an R-iTn. (20 em) pieoe of beading wrre, S[rin_g a crimp bead, six 11, fI eed hea d '. 11 nd rh r loop ·flf


SIring your beach in a Il1lIndom order for an organiG look.

Use dark craft w,~re with moody 5Mdes for an e1lelfli Alg' look.

a br~dgi nliJ clu ~t":f. Go back th rough ehe crimp bead; and c!'ump ~t (Ti .. s~~), [2~ Del:ermine the nll;'ll length CHi you.r necklace, and iiiu.btrilct, the lengeh oj the clasp and focal and bridging dUSl:I!'I'!l. Dividethe remain del" in twa~ <l rid srnng assorted 4-10 nlrrIS and seed beads to rhat len,grh.

[3] String a C"ti~~d and ha li of rhc clasp, Co hackthrough the crimp bea d and rile D.eXf few bea dg~ Crimp the uimp be a d. and trimthe w,i rei.

Ff desired, drn.c: <I t.r~m:p COvel' over each crimp .... irh cMilmose pliers_ ~4]Repeart steps 1-3 on the remaining end, la'

Je.:m.An~ .lUlW~s. [145 b€em beading I "OSt of her hfifJ~ iR.'gil'lning witf1 !l.t1'ingjn;B buttons (rorfJ ~et n'iOl),erj~ burto~! bo«, Sh'e st,;U bUls!he box end a few .$lp¥!nd$ of tf.~e. t;tJ1'o'!(ittry slnmg bUUOl'f:i- Co,NMCI 're, b)! e--'mail

at hu}'aiuU\@aoLcwtz •. Of vietIJ

her website, e.tsy. rom/shopl lew.dry,'(t.rlit'bYitan. ,

M.3s[€r~ti.e secrets or m ~king awe~ liis,pi n n'!;i (mations with

Met." em, Jewefryl Th is. new ~peda II issue brings yuu some of our 'f~vorite projects mm.m rh,e pages of An Jeweity. plus brand-new pro] ects, Learn to make 'fabll'lbus necklaces:, bracelets! ea ITing~.

ri n gs., and broach as in sitver. ClOp pet and bronze.

~ Get an~wers to 5ucoe~$fully creatfl"lg comfortabl!:' metal-day rin!J51hat fit ~ Add wire today pieces to c:re;atejelo\lelrytnitlllil§; peeple

ill5king ''HO\I'Id you d (I tl1i11t?"

, Use p.1~r punches to c.ut OU1i: interernng clay shapes

• Develo p you; skills. in mak 111 9 hoi Jaw form 5

• Combine bronze and ccpper clays in one- pi~w 1,;1 ~in9five d iffen~'l1t i!'ll i\iIy tech r)iq ues

~ CUt through the conrus:io n of wor'kln g wilh different brand s and rype~ af dlav

And much more!

MetQJ C}Qy./elwehy arri'lo!les in lme-October 2Q1 '0',


Vintage-style flowers heraldthe colors of

" - - -

This, M~"'lace \Mol'1k* i,lp quickly, 5Ci !!lot! 'II hav'E! fil0 too uble fi11 in!.'! rt: into 'yoU)' faillwardrobe,

mate- ala

n&ekl.8.l::B 2<lI in. {51 ern) 4130-40 mm It!Oite I~""es ... 1 26--;30 rnm Lucire nowere

.. S5-4O 1 4-30 rrrn lLJOO:a leaves

• 2&-30 7-26 mm Luclfe 1Ia'.','BI'S

• 1- - , 3 g 611 seed beads. oolor A .' 1-2 9 W !IQe(j bead3, color B

.. 2~ 9 1111 seed beads, coor B .. 2-3 g 1 1 ~ sood eeeo s. color C

II, s-s 91 , fI seed beads, color 0 .. lobster cJaviI clasp

.. 4 5-61l'1'1'1 jump nngs ,OJ nylon ,bemding ~hread

.. bsadl"lg n~, #1201"1':1.:3 .. 2' Sead Stoppers

OJ 2 pair8 of piers

NecMace kil available: from NostalgIa Beatls,

Having worked as a florist fur many years, I find that most of my designs reflect my love of flowers and foliage., These Lucite flowers bunch beautifu1Ly around your neck, and the:ir featherlight drape won't weigh you down.


(1] On 31 in. ~~] ern] of thread, attach a Bead S.WPPCf, 1C:!Iviliga 6-ill. OS ern] tail. Srrill,g 60) ted beads tor the desired necklace length and attach :l:B '3d .~mrp~r, leaving at least 6 in. (IS em) for rhe second tad.

(2) Tie a I-yd. (.' m) length of thread to rile 0(1: nrcr u.f the: beaded s [La nd with <in overhand knor (Basics, (I. :-IF.i)_

[3] USJIl" one end of the thread, pick up one to three ~ or 11 Q seed beads,

a 26-30 mm ±lower, a 7-26 mill Hower; and! one to three seed beads. Sew back rh rough [he. flowers anti tile firs[ seed bead" picksd up (phoilo ajI~ then sew uuuu15h the next 14 6(1~ on tht strand, [4] 1Xorl:ing ajj, in step 3, atrach three more flowers to one side oJ the central flower, v;,lrying the size, number, and

co lor of seed beads pid,t,-d up. U i ~ the

other end ohhe rhrcadcartach three more flowers to the other side, WIth each end of the [h read, '5eV.r through rile: [,'I!mainmg 6rl' s Ofl rhe str:mtl,,3nd secure the rails with the Beadi Stoppers.

[51 Rep-rat step 1.

[6] Wirh OI'Ie end. of the thread, exit

a 6r1 a few beads a ay from rhe eentral

ower. Pick up three to Five seed blilu:h, a 0-40 rnm I es f) and two to fu 11£ seed beads, Sew bark through. in iet'lSi; one (1f the first seed beads picked up (Photo Ib)~ then '!;ItW l:hrougi1 rhe boilS to exit one or tw 0 beads from. tht nexr flower.

11 'I) nrking :15 in step 6, and using both ends of rhe thread attach a leaf for em: h flo.wer. V<ll)"IDg rhe size, nurn ber, and colm of :!It;~d beads picked up. With ea h ~T!d of the rhre.'ld) sew through me remainieg ,oils QD the s,tr;!Jnd, and secure me t a ils with the Bead Stoppers.

[8] Repear step 2 and randomly attach



the smaller flowers llilol1,l,l: the rrand, Rt: peartn srrach mil! sma lie. lea ves, End] these thread (:Sa ics],

[9] Test rut: necklace foT' fir, and add or r...::m fin ·605 if necessary. On one end.

r ;move the J3ead Stopper. With one rail, pick lip 12-.15 11 j! se~d beads. 'i~ back into rhe beaded strand, and end rhe thread, Repeat with the remaining rails,

ewmg through the same loop of beads.

RepeJ t 011 the: orhee end of the necklace, [1 OJ On one end. open a jump dng (Basies], and atrach tble beaded loo['!. Close the jump ring .. Aeeach a eeend jump ring and a lobsrer claw d:asp (plio'to cJ. 011 the other end of {he necklace, attach twojlll!'l1p rings .•


• Be10m attaching the sma Iter flowers. and leaves" dlvide them into two groups of

t'DU 9 h 11 !!he. same' number and :size. Tihen divide too groups

in hall( a~n.Attachona group till hatf of 1he neelleJace at a time ISO that the overall Ilook

of the piece is

.' You can mill up the eolors of tbe flOw'ern al1ld Ileaves. 01 gradate lihe ,eoiors along the length (If the necklace.

" If YQl! find a ~PPY' flo,wer or reafi by sewing th~gh it agpin fw add\'ld :stability. Or add ill ~maller flow,ef" leaf, or loop Qf ,seed be,ads, behind fl.

j~riJ11{jfk of NOf1iMghafl1.. &tCJc'Jn:i'i, has bectl desjK"ing and 1eliing kits. fQ1' l7:ore tJ'r'2n 15 ycars. In 1999 DIU! of bu be4J$d Orlklmf!;ri.s UI:']:i selected /.Q' adnm t11e ,Ro}'411 Chr,i$i:ma5 Tree at B~ckmgham Pr;J}au.l1fJd in 2007 ~/le de:oignli'd a neckl(J" kit to be ~old ;n gid of Ike IVJ¥i1 Britilb i.(!giOI~. Contaa A1arki orr 0044-1 77:1-7122140 or marto@ 1t()$14igiar!fJbon.cutn, 01' visit her web;iUe, K-'fCw., . .oo111.

Instant Inspiration

looking 10r a creative ohallenge?

Longing 10 expand your jewelry-making :skiU5? HILl ndre:ds ,of fantastic pr(Jjec1s are avallabl,e tor purchase on our Woo site. Com~e:le wj~h step-oy-step instructions, photos, and a materials Hat, malking the lewelry you 10\19 is only a few clicks .awrry. Jvs1 downOOdI aflGlllet thefLJIiI bagin!

More Than 800 Bead&.Sutton Projects Onii,ne!

.. Stitching

• WUil!WQnk

• Me"l:al cfay

• Seed bead~

• IButloc.lntS '!I Stri rig

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Visit www!!IBeadAndBuHon.,CQ,ml and click on :Plro'jects,.

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Quick Stitch r Peyote Stitch

materials braoolet 1 111. l16 em)

• 125-'1135 5 x 2' mm stainless stmiI hex nuts filem #FA-268-2829, greenboaWluif .CQrf1. 8~35-1el0)

.. M3 1 pI seed beacs

• toggle clasp Mth perp!ll1CliclJar loops OJ e:.<tr'<l Jump rirtgs

• Fire ina 10 lb. t~

• bead ng nl3!!, JJl0

B2: Bead&8utwn , 'W!N\" BeadAndBUlton,C(lITI


m1] On Z yd. n.s ml of Fireline, anae:h a. swp bead (Sa sics I p, 8 S l, 1eaying ::I 6-irn. (H em) tail. [licit LIP four hex"5.

(2] Wnrking in flat even-count peyote scircb tBilSlcs:). pkk up a nut, :;.kip a nut, and se back through. The nexr nut ,(figli,J~8, a-b). Repeat (b-o).

[3.) Pick up a nut, and sew through

rh~ ne:->:f nut In the previous ro v (c-dl, Re poeat" to complete me rm ... (d"-e)., keepingyoLlt tension as nghe as possihle. The stifC'riing may (tell bit loose a~ crus point. but don'r worry - YDn'I.] reinforce the hJFa~lelt later to tighf~n ir up.

[4]1 Conrinue as in step .3 until the band is about \1 in. (1.3 em) shoer of the desired k-;ngth. Retrace the thread path through rhe entire band to tidwm It: up. 111 i ma r s horren rhe hand a bit, so chock the fit, and 3 dd r ()W-; i f noca~~ 11'. !i;l!ntOl,re rhe sto[l bead, and end rot threads ,Basin).

nS] A.dd rz in. (30 em] of Fireline (lkl~IC5l ar one end. and e it bet ... v~~Ji. the nuts in th~ end [0\"'. rid, up duet,

1 p' seed beads and the togglt loop (lnd sew through The next tv 0 nuts (photo).

RI.: ace rhe thread path through a few end rows and the i'O~lc luop ·COlmeC.'I:IOr several rimes, and end dlC rhread, Rcpea: at me or her end wi ~h t he toggle hal,

add a Jump rmg or two If needed

ro allow the roggle bar [0 pivot .•


Shoppll"lg tor hell: nuts can beeon1usill'!g because they ams.iz.ed and classifred according to the bdts ¥llilitl wfili;;h tJi1ey are lIIS:ed. The rwts MiaFiilyn wa-dai'$ $i:lle M3n .. 5, which indicates a metric size CMJ wi"', a:] rnm Inner dia~and a,5 mm (01' .5 erm~ outer diaIMe!et'. 'four 10<::81 hardware, or home-improvement ~tore mar nQI ~n'Ythis!![lWi in tile QlIarUil:y (:~Ied 1of, i~ ai. alii. If'oulld stali\dard UlS (Unified Thread Standard) he); nutiS to be mora readil¥ altailable. butth.e smslfest I foond WH 8 l( 3 mm (s'jze 6~32~, whloh is, what Marilyn used in her bang.styta brllllcalet (shown above). In UliS tlno first number tells fihe o_ell' diameter of the thread and the second Inumbertells the humber (!If threads per Inoh. - Jr.dia

Marily.n Mut'iJ:r~ b.eglm ber.7d;IW $iW211 yea"' .:JgD Q.{IitT she snit' Q ,ute br':H;elet in ~ deJ)l1!'tiM"U $tOn! ~nd thcm:sht to bt'T'J.tilf, "ThJS am't bg thar hard to mahs:"

C onMU Mari!yJ,t at m~.rily,t.m !dlins@yrnlld. c(U~, Of" m~i/' be-r rll.mtite. m(Jri{}'n. 1 OOOmarket;.S .,om.

e Wa1ci11 a h~ vidw h,l1QnaJ of tla1. peyote stik:h ,at 18eadAndButton..comlvi.:!l oos.

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