1. discuss Autonomic Nervous System. 2. Discuss the cerebral blood flow autoregulation and factors affection intracranial tension. 3. Describe the neuromuscular junction and write in details about neuro-muscular transmission and monitoring of neuro-muscular function. 4. Describe the anaesthetic problems and management of post. Fossa surgery. 5. Discuss the Peri-operative Management of Cerebral AVM (ArterioVenous Malformation). 6. Describe the effects of various positions given during spine surgery. Discuss the anaesthesia management of patient for lumbar laminectomy. 7. Discuss anaesthesia management of a case of meningioma. 8. Discuss the effects of different positions during anaesthesia. How will you prevent peripheral nerve injuries during anaeshtesia. 9. Describe the anatomy of myoneural junction. What are the factors affection its transmission. How will you monitor neuromuscular transmission. Give a brief account of newer muscle relaxants. 10. Describe the CSF circulation and physiology of CSF. What are the different methods of control of intracranial tension during Perioperative period. 11. Discuss the anesthetic management of a case with myasthenia gravis for removal of thymus gland tumor. 12. Mention various neuromuscular disorders. Discuss anaesthesia management and postoperative care of such a case of myasthenia gravis posted for thymectomy. 13. Discuss anaesthetic management of a case of meningioma in posterior Fossa. 14. Discuss the role of anaesthetist in management of a patient of head injury. 15. Describe the physiology of CSF and its contribution to the control of intracranial pressure.

16. Discuss the anaesthetic management of adult who sustained head injury and taken up for emergency laparotomy due to intra abdominal bleed. 17. What are methods of prevention of rise in intracranial tension. Write short principles of anaesthesia management of post. Fossa surgery. 18. Discuss the preoperative evaluation, preparation and anesthetic management of 40yrs old female patient with myasthenia gravis posted for thymectomy. 19. What is intracranial pressure. How is it regulated. Discuss the management of intracranial hypertension under anesthesia. 20. Discuss the principle of peripheral nerve stimulation. What are the different modes of stimulation and their interpretation. 21. Describe anesthesia related problems in a patient with injury at the level of 4th cervical vertebra, having quadriplegia. Discuss Perioperative anesthetic management in such a case. 22. Describe scoring system used in trauma care unit. How will you manage a case of head injury with femur fracture in TCU. 23. What is Glasgow coma scale. How will you manage case of head injury in ICU. 24. Discuss anesthetic management during interventional neuroradiological procedures. 25. Physiology of neuromuscular transmission and neuromuscular monitoring during anesthesia

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