1. Describe anaesthetic technique of transurethral resection of prostate in patient with severe hypertension. 2. Discuss anaesthesia management of 25 years old patient with mitral stenosis coming for elective LSCS and discuss post operative management. 3. Discuss anaesthesia management of 10months old baby posted for blalock-taussing shunt. 4. What are different types of anemia. Discuss the anaesthesia management of a case of sickle cell anemia. 5. A 75 years old hypertensive patient is posted for total hip replacement , write the management of patient. 6. What are common causes of cardiac arrest during anaesthesia. Describe the management of cardiac arrest with recent advances. 7. Describe in details the pre operative evaluation and anaesthesia management of 55 years old patient for coronary artery bypass graft surgery. 8. What is DIC. Describe in details the causes and investigation to confirm the diagnosis of DIC and its treatment. 9. Discuss the Pathophysiology of shock and recent trends of management of shock. 10. Describe the preoperative evaluation, preparation and anaesthesia management of 30yrs old male for closed mitral valvotomy. 11. Discuss the anaeshtesia hazards in a patient with myocardial infarction of two months duration scheduled for definitive surgery for fracture neck femur. 12. What are common causes of cardiac arrest during anaesthesia. Describe management of cardiac arrest. 13. Describe the various causes of bleeding during surgery and discuss the methods of inducing hypotension.

14. Discuss the preoperative assessment and anaesthetic management of 8yrs old child of tetralogy of fallots, posted for BT shunt procedure. 15. Describe microcirculation. Discuss the Pathophysiology of hypovoluemic shock and its management. 16. Discuss the preoperative evaluation and anaesthesia management of a patient undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. 17. Describe the arterial circulation of the heart with the aid of a diagram mentioning the unique features of coronary blood flow. Explain the Goldman s cardiac risk index and its importance to the anaesthesiologist 18. Discuss the various types of arrhythmias occurring during the anesthesia and their management. 19. Discuss the anesthesia management of a patient with ASD for repair of cleft lip and palate surgery. 20. Discuss the management of patient with pacemaker posted for total hip replacement. 21. A 25yrs old female pt is posted for closed mitral valvotomy, discuss preoperative preparation and anesthesia management, intra and post op. complications, and modes of post op. pain relief. 22. Describe current concepts of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 23. Describe Preanaesthesia evaluation, preparation, anesthesia management and postoperative care of 60yrs old pt. with diabetes and ischemic heart disease posted for major colorectal surgery. 24. A 60yrs old female with hypertension and ischemic heart disease is posted for abdominal hysterectomy. Discuss anesthesia management of such case. 25. Describe anaesthetic management of 30yrs old patient having mitral stenosis posted for emg. LSCS. 26. Describe the hemodynamic changes in PDA. Write Perioperative management of this patient posted for surgery. 27. What is central venous pressure. What are method of its measurements. How is it helpful to anesthesiologist.

28. Discuss the various methods adopted for autologous blood transfusion. 29. What is blood pressure. Write factors maintaining normal blood pressure. Enumerate various methods of hypotensive anaesthesia. 30. Describe anatomy of internal jugular vein. Describe the technique of its cannulation and complication of cannulation. 31. Describe the Pathophysiology of shock and discuss different types of shock. 32. Discuss the recent trends In anticoagulation and Homeostasis during open heart surgery. 33. Discuss the current perspectives in blood transfusion therapy. What are the complications of blood transfusion and how they are minimized. 34. Discuss the anesthesia management of a 4yrs old child posted for PDA. 35. Anaesthesia management of tetralogy of fallot 36. A ten year old child suffering from tetrology for fallot is diagnosed to have brain abscess. Outline the per-operative management. 37. Anaesthesia for multiple dental extractions in a child with tetrology of fallots

38. Discuss the management of patient with SEPTIC SHOCK in ICU. 39. Discuss the Perioperative management of patient with coagulation disorder. 40. Enumerate the various hemoglobinopathies. What is the anesthesia problems in a patient with sickle cell anemia posted for surgical correction of fracture tibia. 41. Describe the Perioperative management of cardiac arrhythmias. 42. Enumerate various types of coagulation disorders. Discuss the anesthetic management of hemophilia patient for tonsillectomy. 43. Discuss Perioperative management of a year old cyanotic child for BT shunt. 44. Describe coronary circulation and discuss various investigations to know effective cardiac function.

45. Evaluate a 60yrs male operated for total hip replacement with excessive bleeding through the drain. Discuss the management in PACU. 46. Discuss current consideration in Perioperative management of a patient with coronary stent on antiplatelets therapy for noncardiac surgery. 47. Describe anesthetic management of transurethral bladder resection in a 45yrs old patient with aortic stenosis. 48. Guidelines for management of anesthesia in a patient with coronary stent. 49. Discuss the diagnosis and management of Perioperative myocardial infarction in a patient undergoing noncardiac surgery. 50. Discuss anesthetic management of 70yrs old hypertensive with CAD scheduled for TURP. 51. Describe the regulation of blood pressure in body. Discuss the antihypertensive drugs in relation with anaesthesia. 52. Anesthesia management of full term pregnancy with mitral valve area 1.5 square cm, posted for elective LSCS. 53. Anaesthetic management and postoperative pain relief in 80yrs old male with diabetes and hypertension posted for total knee replacement. 54. Central venous pressure monitoring , discuss its physiological significance in anaesthesia. 55. Role of anesthetist in the management of a case with thromboangitis obliterans 56. Clinical features of Infective Endocarditis, principle guidelines to use antibiotics as prophylaxis against, during surgery. 57. Problems and management of pregnant patient with dilated cardio myopathy on treatment for emergency LSCS. 58. A patient who has undergone Heart Transplant requires non-cardiac surgery. What precautions must be undertaken by an anaesthesiologist for this surgery?

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