Portland Public Schools Grant High School Syllabus

Instructor: Matt Kabza School Year: 2008-2009
NCES/eSIS Course Number: 03021 Subject: Computer Applications 1-2 School: Grant High School Days of week offered: M-F Contact information: mkabza1@pps.k12.or.us

Prerequisites: None Type of credit(s) earned: Elective Pathway: Business and Management Course description: This hands-on course has been designed to help students develop computer and keyboarding skills that are needed for college preparation and personal use. Students will learn word processing skills using Microsoft Word, spreadsheet skills using Microsoft Excel, presentation skills using Microsoft PowerPoint and publishing skills using Microsoft Publisher. Students will also develop skills that will help them explore and develop content on the World Wide Web. Throughout the course strong written and oral communication is emphasized. Knowledge and skills gained in this course are applicable to subsequent business courses. Learning objectives: At the end of the course students will be able to: Enter data to computers using touch-typing technique. Navigate, save, and organize files and folders using windows XP. Search and find information using the World Wide Web. Develop and create content on the World Wide Web. Create, edit, save, and print Word Processing documents using Microsoft Word. Create, edit, save, and print Spreadsheets documents using Microsoft Excel. Create, edit, save, print and present presentations using Microsoft Power Point. Create, edit, save, and print publications using Microsoft Publisher. Intro to creating art with technology. Integration of Microsoft Office applications. References, text book(s), resources: South-Westerns’ Microsoft Office Applications Introductory by Pasewark and Pasewark. Various touch typing keyboard support programs. Supplemental materials as developed by the instructor. Assessment/evaluation/grading policy: The grading scale is based on a percentage of total points earned each semester. Letter grades are determined as follows: 90-100%= A 80-89%= B 70-79%= C 60-69%= D 0-59%= Fail Student opportunities to meet state benchmarks for work samples: There are a variety of opportunities available to students to meet state benchmark work sample requirements. Behavioral expectations: No Food or Drink in the computer lab. Students are to maintain a cooperative and respectful attitude towards their teacher, classmates and school property. Students will be expected to attend class every day, arrive on time, and be prepared. If students have an excuse for a prior absence or forthcoming absence, they must submit the excuse to the teacher within the time allowance outlined in the student handbook. It is the students’ responsibility to check the class blog @ http://grantcomputerapplications.blogspot.com/ for the work missed during their absence. It is the students’ responsibility to complete and hand in work missed during their absence by the deadline set by the teacher. All student rights and responsibilities for Grant High School and Portland Public Schools Apply. Safety issues and requirements: Students will be expected to abide and follow the safety guidelines outlined in the student handbook. Additional opportunities: Check if appropriate/support requested ( x ) field trips ( x) work shadows related to curriculum 8/28/08 Page 1 of 2

( x ) paid or non-paid internships ( x ) project-based learning Schedule of topics/units covered: 1. Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2000 2. Introduction to Microsoft Office and the Internet 3. Keyboarding- touch typing 4. E-mail and Blogging 5. Microsoft Word 6. Microsoft Excel 7. Google Earth 8. Microsoft Power Point 9. Microsoft Publisher 10. Integration of Microsoft Office Applications Student Accommodation(s)1 and support available: (e.g., tutoring, differentiated instruction): Student accommodations will be provided on a case-by-case basis with approval from the student’s parents and counselor. Students will be given the opportunity to move ahead of the class and to work on supplemental projects as needed. Signature of instructor completing this form: Effective date of syllabus: 9/6/08 Department Head Approval (if applicable) Administrator Approval: (by signing this form the administrator verifies that the course code written on this form is accurate and that this code has been correctly placed into eSIS by the school’s data clerk and that the teacher listed on the syllabus meets the endorsement requirements as set forth by ODE and NCLB) 1 “Accommodation” means an alteration in how a test is presented to or responded to by the person tested; it includes a variety of alterations in presentation format, response format, setting in which the test is taken, timing or scheduling. The alterations do not substantially change level, content or performance criteria. The changes are made in order to provide a student equal access to learning and equal opportunity to demonstrate what is known. For student with disabilities, accommodations may be stated on the student’s individualized education plan (IEP). School Year: 2008/2009


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